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Nintendo Download: LostWinds, Happy Holidays, Final Fight, Wonder Boy, Dragon Quest and Photo Clock (EU)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Nintendo celebrates the 100th WiiWare release in style.

Last week saw the release of a single WiiWare game in Europe, which happened to be the 99th - Logically, we all assumed that this meant Nintendo of Europe was saving something special as 100th release. Thankfully, we were right - One of today's new WiiWare games is a sequel to a launch game which has been anticipated for over a year.

LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias continues where the original LostWinds left off, with Toku once again using his wind-controlling powers to try and lift a curse and find his mother. A new element in this sequel is the ability to change seasons - You can instantly bring summer and winter to the lands of Mistralis whenever you want, which will be a necessity to solve certain puzzles. The first game is still one of the best-reviewed WiiWare games out there, so we have high hopes for this one! We'll review it soon, in the meantime why not read our interview again?. Like the first game, it costs 1000 Wii Points.

Today's other WiiWare release, Happy Holidays: Halloween has got to be one of the most pointless releases yet - For 500 points, it allows you to send cards to friends to wish them a happy Halloween. Seeing as Halloween is barely even celebrated across Europe, and you can do this sort of thing on the internet for free, we can't imagine anyone spending money on this! We'll have a review up soon.

Even though it's WiiWare's time to shine today, the other services aren't being ignored - Virtual Console gets another two new retro offerings, both from major publishers. Final Fight 2 is the SNES-exclusive sequel to the original game, and while it fixes the biggest complaint about the original game's SNES port (The lack of multiplayer), the game itself feels a bit bland and isn't really as interesting as the first. On top of that, only Mike Haggar returns as playable character! If you really love beat 'em ups it might be worth checking out, but if not we suggest waiting for the superb Final Fight 3 instead. Funnily enough, we just put up a retro review of the game you can check out for some more information.

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap is likely to be the last Wonder Boy release for a long time - This one is almost identical to Dragon's Curse on the Turbografx, which is also generally considered the better version. The titular wonder boy (This time apparently not Tom Tom) is cursed by a dragon, turning him into one as well. He has to progress through various lands, defeating more dragons and turning into different creatures along the way, in order to eventually regain his human form. If you've already bought Dragon's Curse, then there's no real point in getting this, but if you haven't, the only clear advantage is that this one is 100 Wii Points cheaper. We'll review it soon.

DSiWare has two releases as well this time, including another good one - Dragon Quest Wars is a strategy title in Square Enix's "other" RPG franchise, Dragon Quest. It's fairly simple to get into, and quite fun, plus there's a Wi-Fi battle mode - What's not to like? It's also only 500 DSi Points, which is a very reasonable price. You can read what we thought of the game here.

Today's other DSiWare release is nothing special - The Photo Clock is yet another clock application. This one allows you to insert a photo you've taken with your DSi. We thought it was pretty bad when North America got it.

A lot of good to great releases this week! Will you be getting anything?

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Gh0stie said:

You forgot about the Photo Clock

Its a nice way to reach a milestone. Should be great and I'll be downloading Lost Winds 2 tonight at 11pm



bkdove said:

Great! I have to take Lostwinds 1 before downloading this new game...



gabikun said:

Dragon Quest Wars here at last!! I'm glad I didn't spare my last 500 points in Art Style Intersect... Although I will probably get it soon.



blackknight77 said:

Wow! Lost Winds and Final Fight 2 that is a nice update. The Halloween thing would be neat if it were for free. (which it should be)



Drake said:

@ Chibi Link: North America's 100th WiiWare game was Bit.Trip Core. Also, Frontier says Australia isn't getting LostWinds 2 yet, so if you want it for now you'll have to change regions!





Anyway, I'd say that the EU-ites deserve something special after all the broken promises with those infamous lists of upcoming releases as well as the huge amount of ware games we've got to catch up on!

DQ Wars is a strong consideration as well



SKTTR said:

Who would have thought that Happy Holidays Halloween is the 100th game?!



Sneaker13 said:

Damn, LostWinds 2 already, still need to get the first one and I need to get LiT at the end of October. Maybe time for another points card. If only I had some money.



Nero said:

Oh dang, that's a real nice surprise. Though Lost Winds was some time off yet, but yeah I'm getting it for sure.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Makes you wonder what took Nintendo so long with the Photo Clock. lol. XD

Next week, Super Return of the Jedi (Well, its very likely)! =D



timp29 said:

Still have to download lost winds 1!! I think I might get the double for me and the girlfriend when we move into our new place!



cr00mz said:

awesome i bought the first LostWinds just one week ago, so this will be nice having it still fresh in my mind. But still i might replay it and the conitune with the second one back to back, since the first is pretty short anyway.



suburban_sensei said:

Nice update! I guess we are getting LostWinds 2 here in the states soon. I still have yet to beat LostWinds, so maybe I will complete that in the next week or so to gear up for the new release.



Objection said:

Ah, very nice. Hopefully, we will only have to wait until this Monday or perhaps the next Monday for what I believe will be one of the best WW titles of the year.



Super_Marty_Bros_3 said:

How is Halloween not a European holiday? 'All Saints Day' has its roots as a celtic holiday which was then brought over to the USA by the Irish.



Mach-X said:

Wow, great update, guys. Here's hoping Final Fight makes it over to NA, as I've been waiting far too long for some button mashing fun I can play with my girlfriend.



Bass_X0 said:

We don't go full out in decorations and stuff here compared to what they do in America.



Fuzzy said:

Good update. Just finished Lost Winds 1 so hopefully it won't take too long for the sequel to come here. Also playing Wonder Boy in Monster World now, so might play the previous one afterwards.



MrDanger88 said:

Don't you just love NOA? They love seeing Wiiware and VC get crapped on week after week.



madgear said:

Noooo third day of dissapointment on here in a row!!!! Your headline just said "Final Fight" not "Final Fight 2" - so I assumed I would finally be getting hold of the arcade version!! Seriously write your headlines clearer and stop getting my hopes up all the time.



Terra said:

Dragon Quest alone would have made this a worthwhile update but LostWinds as well is just fantastic. Shame about those other games though, but at least they're out of the way.



Omega said:

Wow! That was fast with Lostwinds 2. Just announced and here it is. What a piece of luck that I have still 2000 points left from my last 3000 card. But the rest is reserved for LIT, no matter what comes.



RadioShadow said:

While Streets of Rage 2 had blast processing unlike Final Fight 2, it looks better than the first Final Fight. I'll pass know although it will please fans!

Wonder Boy III is a nice surprise. goes and gets his brothers PAL Wii I wonder if they fixed the FM support to work (only worked if the country was set to Japan).



Bass_X0 said:

so thats how they achieved the effect on the background at the beginning of stage three of Streets of Rage 2. that was quite some unique parallax scrolling.



colmtheperson said:

Still no Worms, bomberman or UNO even theough they were meant to be September releases. Annoying, and nothng here really tickles my fancy except dragon quest wars. Wouldn't mind final fantasy if it were to see a release here in Europe!



Croz said:

The 100th game should of been Cave Story, just because its been on the coming soon list for ages.



Chunky_Droid said:

Not a bad update at all!

I had no idea that Europe only had 99 WiiWare titles, it seems so long ago that America had theirs



StarBoy91 said:

One small step for man (Final Fight), one giant leap for mankind (Final Fight 2). <_<
Yeah, I know what I said made no sense just now, but I'm very interested in Final Fight 2 (and 3). Hope it comes to NA soon.



Kenji510 said:

Well looks like u EU guys got a really good update today and u finally got Dragon Quest Wars and also the new LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias too as well.. even Final Fight 2 is a good game to have and play.. enjoy your games!!



Odnetnin said:

If NA gets LostWinds 2 next Monday, that will really take away from the specialness of Europe's 100th WiiWare game. For their sake, I hope we don't get it.



vio said:

Damn, you guys got Final Fight 2! Talk about a long wait for that one. I know it's not the greatest brawler ever, but I'm a FF fanatic, so I'll take all I can get. Plus you can play 2 players on it.

Now hurry up and release it here in North America, Capcom!



cheetahman91 said:

The halloween game (or whatever it is) makes me want to laugh. Looks like Lost Winds 2 is coming to NA soon though. And haha at the useless clock app!



Betagam7 said:

Awesome update, a Wiiware Killer App and 2 diversly different VC games. A pity one is yet another "alternate version"



Don said:

When I saw Dragon Quest on the announcement title for a second there I thought the NES Dragon Quest is being released on the VC LOL!



Bass_X0 said:

I thought the NES Dragon Quest is being released on the VC

It would be called Dragon Warrior here.



Jockolantern said:

Excellent day for Europe. Grats on the fine releases! I'm very jealous. Here's hoping we see the same releases stateside in just a few days. Can't wait to get my hands on LostWinds 2. Looks to be a terrific sequel.



Grumble said:

To all European gamers: DO NOT get Photo Clock! It's a waste. LOL. One of the worst games alongside Master of Illusion Express!


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