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Happy Halloween!

Planning a Halloween party? Want to try something different and creative, to grab guests’ attention, and without licking a single stamp? Then here is the solution: create and send fun Halloween cards with this unique WiiWare application!

Happy Holidays Halloween lets you make fun Halloween-themed e-cards and send them straight to friends' Wii consoles!

Choose a character and a costume, add decorations and even music, and then write a message to friends registered in your Wii Address Book.

Try out this fun new software – you’ll be spooked at how easy it is!

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Posted by Sean Aaron

Take your holiday elsewhere!

The idea of sending greeting cards to your Wii friends isn't a bad one - after all you can already send messages with photos - so as a concept a cheap and cheerful greeting card program could easily have a place on your Wii, but a Halloween-focused one?...

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Pretty cool; considering i send lots of wii messages daily to friends. It would suck tottally if i can only use this in october.



Bass_X0 said:

I'm predicting a low score despite its low price for its low content.



Adamant said:

...so anyone believe the total downloads for this in Europe will exceed one digit?



cheetahman91 said:

Looks like Karate Phants, Incoming, and Hockey Allstar Shootout will have some more competition.



JohnshiBRPG said:

I wished there is a video that shows every possible thing with this once a year message so we do not have to spoil ourselves.



Bass_X0 said:

Nope. Its going to be released AFTER Halloween if at all. I'd really laugh out loud if this game got released next Monday.



blackknight77 said:

maybe they will wait till next Halloween to release it or maybe they will just forget about it all together.



imapterodactyl said:

Yep, it sucks. I wish your headline for Nintendo Download: 18th October 2010 reflected this though. You reviewed the game at 1/10, but your headline makes it sound like a very worthy download. If people don't take the time to read the actual review, they're screwed. Shame.

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