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Sun 6th Sep 2009

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gabikun commented on Dragon Quest VII And VIII Both Confirmed For W...:

Great!! I always wanted to play Dragon Quest VIII!! (Never had a PS2). It is unbelievable that they release BOTH dragon quest the same year... I thought they were releasing VII and, if sales were good, VIII on 2017.



gabikun commented on Video: Check Out These Delightful Pokémon Mys...:

How is "randomly generated dungeons that change each time a player enters" an enhancement? Wasn't that a staple on the mystery dungeon series?
This said, I have high expectations about this game and hope it's way better than Gates of Infinity.



gabikun commented on First Impressions: Basking in the Glow of Atlu...:

I played the japanese version of Legend of Legacy, and I had mixed feelings about it. Visually and musically it was gorgeous and 3D was very inmersive in this game. There were some dungeons (near the end game) whose designs impressed me. I wrote a review of the game in february 2015 after beating it for the first time.

First thing is that the (japanese) game is difficult. Regular monsters can beat you anytime if you are unlucky. There is an option to save everywhere, so use it often! I'm curious to see if difficulty is modified in the western release.

About gameplay, surely there are lots of options about party formations, but in true, the game seems specifically designed to use one party member in every side (one in the attack side, another one in the defence side and the last one in the support side). At first it's not hard to beat enemies with other formations, but bosses at the mid-end of the game are very hard to defeat if your characters are not raised properly (I am one of the gamers that think there isn't anything impossible in a game, however ). Again, this could be tweaked in the western release, so we'll see.

The japanese game also had (what I think is) an unfair mechanic. For example, to use magic you need 2 turns unless you are near a temple: one to call the specific spirit to your side and another one to cast the spell. Monsters can do the same but in only one turn: everytime they use a spell, that specific spirit goes to their side automatically so you can't use those spells until you call them back again to your side. Imagine what could happen if there are several monsters at once in a battle...

By the way, despite its flaws (in my opinion, of course) I ENJOYED the game.



gabikun commented on Atlus Shows Off Terrific Launch Edition Extras...:

@Action51 Shiren the Wanderer for the Wii was done wrong for a roguelike and is the worst of the shiren series. In a roguelike you are supposed to start always from level 1, and if you die you should start from scratch (this makes you, the player, smarter to avoid past mistakes). The wii version of shiren had persistent levels (useless thing in a roguelike), several short dungeons with little improvements over the last completed one, and the possibility to start from your last save in case of death. The only valuable thing of shiren 3 were the boss battles and the post-game level 1 dungeons.

The best of the shiren series are the first one (called also shiren the wanderer for DS -in english-), shiren 4 and shiren 5 (both in japanese), all three have the same formula (one big difficult dungeon -if you die you start over from level 1 without items- and when finished several more difficult level 1 dungeons appear).

As the gitan mamel of my avatar shows, I'm a shiren fan.



gabikun commented on Rumour: Villager, Marth & Wii Fit Trainer amii...:

But probably there will be a second release of those amiibos, when the 3ds is adapted to recognize amiibos in their games. Nintendo wouldn't leave the possibility to milk money from those 3ds smash bros users that are not interested in amiibos right now.



gabikun commented on Dragon Quest X All-In-One Retail Package Will ...:

Like above posters say, they are not wii, wii-u and 3ds in one package. The video is divided in 2 parts. The first one shows images from the first (the original) dragon quest x, and the second part of the video shows the "version 2" (expansion) dragon quest x. After that, they show the 3 boxes (wii, wii-u and pc) and they say both, the original and the expansion, are in the same package.

Edit: This news in spanish explain it all:


Square Enix will put Dragon Quest X with its expansion, The Slumbering Hero and Sworn Guiding Ally, together in a pack that will be called Dragon Quest X: All In One Package.
Designed for new players who want to enter the world of Dragon Quest X, this All In One Package includes 10 balls Health 10 Lottery Tickets, redeemable for 20 days of play in a new account code. After those 20 days, the subscription price is 1,000 yen per month.
Dragon Quest X: All In One Package will be launched on August 7, Wii, Wii U and PC at the price of 4,800.



gabikun commented on Review: DotMan (DSiWare):

I thought that dotman was the red car driver, and that you collect all "coins" to impress the woman in red (according to the scene you see after the 5th stage).
I agree with the review. I'd add the point that there are no continues, so if you lose in the 9th level, you need to start over.
By the way, the score is based in the coins + specific power ups. No time or wasted lives are involved, so you will have the same score everytime you finish stage 4, for example.



gabikun commented on Review: Magical Whip: Wizards of the Phantasma...:

Is worth mentioning that you can move faster and do longer jumps by holding the "B" button, and that your magic gradually decreases when you have an enemy in your whip.

By the way, you start with only 2 continues, but you can collect some hidden items in certain levels that give you more "credits" for playing. There are a total of 14 credit-items to collect, but you can only keep a maximum of 9. If you want to check the hidden "continues", take a look at this japanese page of the game, where there are some "hints" about where they are:



gabikun commented on Review: Magical Whip: Wizards of the Phantasma...:

I've played the Japanese version, and I must say that, when you reach the further levels (level 40 and upwards), the difficulty sharply increases. The level 49 is crazy (I didn't beat it) and level 50 must be insane. On the other hand, once you reach those levels, the first 30 ones are so easy that you get bored easily trying to reach the insane levels again.

By the way, if you want to know about the secret mode, is only a "very difficult" mode, in which you have no continues. You must finish the game with Rank S to unlock it (that means, beating all the dragons and completing level 50)



gabikun commented on GO Series: Picdun:

I've played the japanese version of this game. In this action RPG you need to step on every floor tile to reveal an image and move to the next floor (it's possible to advance to the next floor if you find the exit, but if the floor is not completed it will show that in your inventory)
The pedometer is an item you need to find in every floor, and lets you know how many missing "tiles" are in that floor to complete it.



gabikun commented on Review: GO Series: Earth Saver (DSiWare):

There are 2 "earth savers" in the Japanese Dsi Ware, one is the main game (no extra modes) at 200 points, and the other one has 5 different difficulty levels and one endless mode for 500 points. Is this game the second one?



gabikun commented on Review: Everyday Soccer (DSiWare):

Pretty boring. I played the Japanese version, and once you get used to the controls (and where to use the special abilities of each type of player) you win all matches with ridiculous scores like 21 - 1 or 20 - 2. The problem is that you get used to the controls in 3 minutes.



gabikun commented on Everyday Soccer:

Pff... I've played this in a Japanese DSi and it's very easy. I ended the cup winning 21-3 in the final match. There are some cheap tactics to use.... depending on your player's abilities.



gabikun commented on Review: Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Star...:


Great Review, Corbie. It really doesn't matter a 9 or a 10 in a game, both are great marks. I need to say that there is a reason for enemies moving when you are in the menu, and that's the multiplayer. If all actions were stopped when you enter the menu in multiplayer, all people will be screwed because of that.
Yes, they could quit that feature in the offline version, but that would make developers to program the game in a different way, maybe taking more capacity... and they already took out some things because of its lack (the casino, for example, was about to be included in this game at first).



gabikun commented on First Impressions: 10 Second Run:

Interesting. There aren't many platformers on the DSi, so I may get this. At 200 points it should be a bargain (or is it 500 points?)

Are there any power ups? Any way to kill enemies, or you must avoid them?



gabikun commented on First Impressions: G.G. Series Throw Out:

I downloaded it before reading this impressions. I liked it, but I think it's very easy, even in the hard difficulty. There is only 1 team that gives me trouble in hard difficulty, the secret one (no selectable).

By the way, there is a way to score a goal directly. If you hold the shoot button while you are jumping, and you release it in the appropiate time (not for long time but also not for short time), you will do a great shoot that has a great chance to pass the goalkeeper.



gabikun commented on First Impressions: Sora o Kakeru Shōjyo Shooting:

I found a second-hand japanese dsi and the previous user didn't connect to the shop, so I had 1.000 free points to spare.... I downloaded this game because of your preview and I don't regret it. Maybe a little short in levels, but it's well developed. I will probably play from time to time, to unlock the rest of the gallery .

The other games I downloaded were:

  • G.G series: Throw Out, a futuristic hand-ball game I enjoyed very much... There are only 4 selectable teams (plus 1 hidden) and it's easy when you know how to score goals, but I liked the retro-arcade gameplay and it was only 200 points.
  • At Enta: Taisen Mahjong 2. There are already many mahjong titles in the japanese dsi-ware, but I wanted a basic game and this one covers what I need to play on the go. It's well developed and the AI is challenging. Plus, it has download play (if I find a friend with a DS and want to play mahjong with me) and it costs 200 points too.

I'm planning to invest some more points, what games would you recommend me, Sean Aaron?



gabikun commented on Review: 4 TRAVELLERS: Play Spanish (DSiWare):

I did like you said, to learn new english words and get used to the english language in those times when none of the released games in Spain were translated.

Disappointing. I think retail games are better to learn languages than download content at this moment. But I still need to see the "ultimate" teacher program.



gabikun commented on Review: Snakenoid (DSiWare):

I downloaded it before the review was out, and I must say that this game doesn't motivate you to continue playing.
I mean: there are games,like starship patrol/defense, that when you start playing, you feel more involved with it (and I'm not a fan of tower defence games), but when I started to play this game I felt bored.
All of us know that the main purpose of games is to have fun with them. This game doesn't accomplish this basic rule.



gabikun commented on Review: Sokomania (DSiWare):

I downloaded it before the review was out, and I agree with all the points of the review. I expected more of a Sokoban-style game. The game that came with my old mobile device (from 7 years ago, when most mobile games weren't java-based) had more levels than this.

I didn't like the fact that, when boxes were in the correct tyle, couldn't be moved again (unlike the original sokoban). Hell, even this game's developer copied some of the puzzles from the authentic sokoban.



gabikun commented on Nintendo Download: 27-28 October 2009 (Japan):

What happened to Japan releases?? They only received 4 wii-ware, 4 Virtual console and 3 DSi ware games this weekend!! And all of the games are pretty bad ones (castlevania rebirth, for example). Japanese Wii and DSi owners will start to complain if you, nintendo, continue like this. (ironic-mode on).



gabikun commented on Dragon Quest Wars:

Wait...Has it download play? So can you play with a friend with a DS (and no copy of that game)?