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Final Fight 2 (Wii Virtual Console / Super Nintendo)

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The Mad Gear Gang has emerged once again, and this time they want revenge! They'll stop at nothing to bring Haggar and the entire world crumbling down. To prove they're serious, they've kidnapped Guy's Master, Genryusai, along with his daughter, Rena, who is also Guy's fiancée.

Now Haggar must travel far and wide to search for Genryusai and Rena. But he's not alone - helping him are Rena's sister, Maki, and Haggar's apprentice, Carlos. Together, the three set out to take down the Mad Gear Gang once and for all!

Take control of any of the three heroes and make use of their unique abilities in a fast paced adventure which will take you to all locations of the globe. And you're not alone, either - you can also have a friend join the heroic fight to bring an end to the Mad Gear Gang!

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Wii U eShop Review

Europe PAL Version

Posted by Damien McFerran

The Sophomore Slump

The SNES port of the original Final Fight may have successfully translated the gameplay from arcade to home console, but it was missing some key elements: the third character Guy, an entire level and — most important of all — the vital two-player...

Game Review

Virtual Console Review

Europe PAL Version

Posted by Dave Frear

Final Fight for two

The Mad Gear gang are back and out for revenge. This time they’ve kidnapped Guy’s fiancée Rena and her farther, so it falls to Haggar and friends to rescue them from the gang’s evil clutches. The original Final Fight was a classic side-scrolling...

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User Comments (18)



Drake said:

Rolento is in this one, probably to make up for his exclusion in the SNES version of the first game, Sodom isn't though. The only enemy from the first game besides Rolento that's in this is Andore.



Bass_X0 said:

I'll get this one just because I like Capcom fighters but I have played it before and this one is quite average. Final Fight 3 is quite a gem though - but it is kinda easy. I've only been able to play that one via ROM (since it was never released here or if it was in very limited numbers that I've never seen it) so I am looking forward to paying for it to own it properly. I want NES Mighty FF too.



JaredJ said:

I am very excited about this. The beat em up is one of my fav genre's. After this Capcom needs to bring on Final Fight 3 and Saturday Night Slam Masters.



Bass_X0 said:

I hope we see the arcade game "Ring of Destruction: Slammasters II" some time.



Mixer152 said:

I know Streets of Rage owes ALOT to Final Fight for its existance. But that boxart is a blatant rip off of the Streets of Rage 1 cover. and the Title screen looks exactly like SOR2



Kurachi said:

yay, the best final fight i had, for me that is
i saw this kinda late, maybe i buy it once again, together with Street of Rage 1
those 2 games made me kickin butt and i could throw it all out by... FIGHTING :p
Haggar was always my favorite
then Golden Axe II was the 3rd i had to fight, but these 2 were more like reallife, GA II was more killing dino's, monsters and mages
SoR and FFight II were, for me, more real fights, cuz they have humans to kill
cant wait, but next games will be SMK, MiM and Bub Bob
after that i have to try those fighting games again
i was afraid this one wouldnt show up, cuz FFight 1 is out for a while, but time gives more than expected

EDIT: ohhh, i didnt have it, a friend had it, but i couldnt buy, but loved to play it



Bass_X0 said:

And now thats its here, I can't decide whether I want it immediately or later when I have few games coming out...



Shiryu said:

Ah, another of my videos ends up here! Really like this Final Fight, because it made up for all the faults of the original SNES outing. No more ROM memory restrains!



CanisWolfred said:

I think I'll stick to Streets of Rage. Not that this doesn't look good, it just doesn't look 'good enough', nor different enough to pry me away from the best of the best - why should I settle for less?



MarioFan1985 said:

I have this for virtual console, and I also remeber this for the Super NES, this game was better than the first (for the Super NES, not the Game Boy Advance remake) because of the difficulty level and it is done better and had whatever what was left out of the first game for the Super NES. I like this game a lot.

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