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Dragon Quest Wars is a grid-based strategy game featuring all of your favorite quirky Dragon Quest monsters.

Choose from several modes and get ready for battle. While the rules are simple, strategy is the key to victory. The game features single-player and DS Wireless Play, as well as battles with foes worldwide via Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection. (Broadband Internet access is required for online play.)

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

It might not be a typical Dragon Quest RPG, but there's still plenty of fun to be had

It goes without saying that the Dragon Quest series has enjoyed phenomenal success around the world as an RPG series over the years, so placing the name on any game is going to automatically heap certain expectations onto that game, no matter what type of...

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Here is the official "Dragon Quest Wars" gameplay trailer for the upcoming DSiWare release.

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User Comments (27)



Slapshot said:

4real..... I cant wait for this to come out. Between this and Mighty Flip Champs the DSiWare is definately looking up.




Gosh, D.Quest on DsiWare. Not my kind of game, buy very good for the service if it turns out to be good



SSBFan_12 said:

I love a few types of stradegy and I love Dragon Quest this game is perferct for me.



SSBFan_12 said:

They will probly bring this game out near the release of either DQ9 or DQ6, but I do want it really badly!!!!!!!!!!!



lockd said:

lol it would be sweet if this game will be 500 but its probably gonna be 800...



infoterror said:

cool iv never played drogon quest though but if i ever get enough spare points ill probaly get it but it will be 800 almost likely



DSiFanCJV said:

cool i liked the DS remakes of Dragon Quest especially Hand of the Heavenly Bride. Hope this would be good



ballistikboy said:

With online multiplayer and fresh game play at only 500 dsi pts, can you go wrong?

EDIT: Wait. I have played this for over an hour and I have to give pause... Only d/l this if you truly think you like strategy type RPG board game stuff. I don't see myself playing this a whole lot, but the graphics are good and the general idea seems okay, just implemented a little awkwardly for my taste. After playing online and through tutorials and in free mode, I give this 6 out of 10 stars. B



RurouniTeeter said:

Is actually quite a fun game for $5, the training is short and simple to understand. I'm very glad they added WiFi. The game is excellent I think for $5.



Denkou said:

not the best game, but not the worst either. each game lasts around 3 to 5 minutes, so its the perfect game to kill some time. it is a great package for five bucks, with wifi connection and download play, this is a pretty good game.
i give it a 7 out of 10



The_Indigo_Effect said:

The game looks a bit too simplistic to offer any real strategic depth or maneuvering. That said, I like the idea, but restricting combatants to a small, no frills grid space seems like a recipe for failure.



gabikun said:

Wait...Has it download play? So can you play with a friend with a DS (and no copy of that game)?



DSi-user said:

to tell the truth, i thought this review was done very poor. i got the game after reading the review and ratings, and it looked pretty good. so i got it... and it was horrible!!! very short in story ( well not really any story, just 1 to 2 dozen fights, and 3 our 4 worlds, each only having three fights.) there was pretty much no custimization, only picking four team members. and they all look very dum and there's only five to chose from. No real bad guy. And overall very much so dissapointed me. I hope everyone takes my word. If you want a good game get the battle of giants: dragons- bronze edition, very, very fun.



xAlias said:

This is much better than I expected. Searching for opponents on Wi-Fi may be a bit laggy, but it's fun assembling your crew. It feels like Dragon Quest in a different way, with the basic aspects of personalizing your team, turn-based battles, loads of spells and attacks. I was surprised at how complex and deep the character system is. You need to choose wisely and keep it balanced, while packing a lotta power in the backseat. I choose a team of Slimes and the additional Healslime to keep fellow party members healthy.

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