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2008’s award winning* ‘LostWinds’ experience returns to WiiWare™ bursting with major new gameplay elements and all-new, expansive settings and story, as Toku and Enril the Wind Spirit’s adventure takes them to the Chilling Peaks and Melodia City to rescue Toku’s mother.

Instantly Transform Mistralis between Summer and Winter
Sonté Spirit of Seasons’ powerful gift lets you instantly transform Mistralis at will between Summer and Winter – you’ll harness the brilliance of nature as you venture across frozen Winter ponds and waterfalls that become deep, teeming Summer pools and chambers in which to dive and unlock secrets, whilst freezing or dousing enemies and using the very air itself to form snowballs and moisture-laden clouds.

Incredible New Cyclone Power
Mastery of Enril’s re-discovered incredible cyclone power will be vital in your adventure across Mistralis, using it to transport Toku, smash powerful enemies and even drill through the rock around you.

A New Adventure Awaits You…
Your quest to rescue Toku’s mother becomes a race against time, taking you through picturesque Summerfalls Village, which has been beset by an eternal winter, and the Chilling Peaks in search of the magnificent Melodia City. You’ll come to realize that Magdi’s immediate fate has been entwined with that of the ancient Melodia people centuries ago by the shadowy hand of Balasar…

Explore Richly Interactive New Areas of Mistralis
You’ll need to use your amazing new abilities, plus all Enril’s power from the first game, to guide Toku through the diverse, magical and richly interactive new areas of Mistralis and protect him from new minions and a powerful, poisonous adversary sent by Balasar to thwart you in your battle to lift the curse and save Mistralis.

LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias offers a fresh, rewarding and explorative gameplay experience that makes exceptional use of the Wii’s controller, with quality to match the very best Wii disc games.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Is this Winter warmer as good as Toku’s first adventure?

LostWinds was one of WiiWare's launch titles, and is still one of the best games on the service. Now, almost a year and a half later, it has finally gotten its long-awaited sequel.For the uninitiated, in LostWinds you took control of Toku, a young boy who...

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User Comments (78)



AlexSays said:

Lost Winds was great.
Hopefully a sequel will be equally impressive, and a little longer.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

That's for sure. The game is awesome, is what I'm told, but the Replay Value could've been improved. Hopefully this one will be the one to do it! It's too bad that the brevity of the game is what is pulling me a bit away from buying it but rest assured, I really want to give it a try.

I'm definitely keeping my eye on this one.



Jona said:

i hope this game is longer and harder than the 1st 1 but, i think it will be as good as the 1st which is very good



DanAran said:

The only thing that kept me from buying Lost Winds is the length of the game. I hope the sequel is more Lengthy.



Chris_Davis said:

kl, LostWinds is great. If they both sell well I reckon Frontier will make a whole series of them (5-10 WiiWare games over about 2 years)



Twilight said:

this one should be longer. the first only took 3 hours(literally). and it was easy



Decus_Q said:

the first one was a great template, now they need to build on top of that to create an ongoing game of greatness.



Objection said:

Now that Ihave the first one, I will buy this if: I HAVE ROOM, NINTY, if it is longer and/or cheaper, and if it is not more of the same gameplay. If its exactly the same, then I'll replay #1.



RetroWare said:

I agree with some of you above. The game should be longer, but cheaper? That makes no since, don't you think?



mr_niceguy said:

Am I the only one who took like, 6 hours to beat the first game?! I mean sure, I only played it like, once or twice a week, but still.

I just want some new locales, new powers, maybe some more boss, you know, the usual sequel stuff. A cheaper price might sweeten the deal, though.



Objection said:

Yeah, I think so. I dragged it out over a weak to savor it, and my game time was still only about 3.5 hours. Episodic is fine, just needs to be a bit longer or a bit cheaper.



mr_niceguy said:

Yah, I got lost a lot(east is not left), tried to do things too early(turns out you can't bend fire with gust), and just plain obsessed with things(what is the point of these windmills!!). So, while the ending did feel abrupt, by the end, I just wanted to be done with it all.

I hope the new one doesn't come out any time soon, because honestly, erasing Lostwinds 1 freed up a ton of memory. Seriously, I had room for maybe one more Wiiware game(reserved for Gyrostarr, obviously), and now I can fit 3 easy. If Lostwinds 2 is longer than the original, I won't have room for nothin', and I was being careful too(only 5 NES, 1 SNES, 1 N64)!



Virus said:

Yep, I agree with all you people. If the game at least doubles its original length, I'll look into it. As for other things I wish to see:
1. A more diverse soundtrack
2. More dangerous enemies and boss fights (seriously, except for falling and hitting myself with a rock, I lost no damage)
3. A reward for collecting all those stupid relics (waste of my time)
4. More items (obviously)
5. Significance with messing around with things (if I move a tree or a windmill in the background, let it have a purpose)
The latter two are just nit-picking, but I'd still like to see these things. This game could be a very influential series if it actually improves greatly each game.



strade32 said:

it needs to be longer. personally, the gameplay was fun(except for at first) and i happen to like the soundtrack(ahem...virus). but if it is not longer, i don't know if it is worth it.



Virus said:

Heh, I knew I'd be contradicted for the soundtrack, so why didn't I explain myself? I found the music okay, but I wanted a few more tunes. Yes, the music added to the mood, you could say, but Metroid's music did the same stuff but had more variety. But heck, it's an opinion, and if anything, music is as subjective as it gets.



Objection said:

@virus good points...i liked the soundtrack too, its just too quiet for most of the game...and about the "let the wind have a point" i agree. too many of the puzzles had to do with switches or burning/watering/planting things. We want variety!



supermario2 said:

I heard that u might have to collect the other elemental spirits and use: wind, fire, water, and earth but not through wind but actual fire water and earth but still it is only rumour problem is I can't remember where I heard it???



supermario2 said:

Hey I'm back and more info you'll have to switch between elements and is for 4 players so 1 controls wind, 2 controls fire, 3 controls water and 4 controls earth and u can all switch between ur powers but unfortunately it's just the 1 character but 4 cursors and we might even have to go up against the big bad guy (I just have to remember the name) anyway Chow!

By the way who's downloaded MLAAK chancellors new outfit 2 HUBBA HUBBA!!!!!



chiefeagle02 said:

I took a week to beat the first one, but like a lot of people, I stretched it out over forty-five minute sessions. Looking forward to the sequel.



supermario2 said:

HI sorry about the info it was just these internet nerds who made rumours about the whole thing a bit like the excite truck 2 rumour sorry about that and your hopes being so high and then just being crashed down unfortunately the website has got rid of all traces of the rumour. Sorry about that.



supermario2 said:

Sorry but after that interesting rumour I got so enraged that I deleted it of my favourites I'm so sorry about the whole thing but I think we should only believe the information from the creators than these nerds.



MoneybagzX said:

the first game took me 2 and a half hours so if lostwinds 2 is longer ill get it no dougt



Gloves said:

Lostwinds was great, but too short. I hope that games of this quality aren't impossible to produce on wiiware without a stepdown in longetivity. Also, am I missing something, or does the promise of exclusive information on lostwinds 2 on the official website mean nothing? I still haven't gotten any mail from them about it. Maybe it was just a way of finding out how many people were interested in a sequel.



supermario2 said:

I heard that the sequel might be at a higher price due to its popularity so it might not be very cheap still I'll download, no matter what the pricing is. I also heard that it might be released this autumn-spring 2009



supermario2 said:

@ Objection_Blaster
Sorry about not citing the source anyway I think it was wikipedia or in the search bar type lost wind 2 rumours actually come to think of it might be at wii world not wiiware world just wii world u find a whols load of gaming rumours there.



Super_Sonic said:

I'll stick with supporting a Toki Tori sequel right now and bring it to the Top 20. Lostwind 2 would be too easy. I want a challenge.



Objection said:

WWW: please contact Frontier and make them spill the beans on this highly anticipated sequel!



Dazza said:

Haha we do pester their PR company every now and again about LostWinds II. It's a wall of silence!



1080BOMBER said:

Do you have any news on Lostwinds WWW cuz I'm getting really impatient (it's so annoying) please pester PR a little more please (crying).



Crazynoodle said:

i never bought lost winds b/c i did not want to pay $10 on something i could beat and be finished with in 3 hours, but if this i might look into buying it and the sequal if the sequal turns out good



Yasume said:

LostWinds is overrated. It's a solid platformer, but that's it. Nothing special about it. I'm not expecting much from the sequel, but I'll probably get it.



Wiiloveit said:

As long as it's a good game and is not stretched out and tedious, this will also be brilliant, no matter the length. It will be as long as it needs to be.



Greg_Richardson said:

I believe that the second game, instead of continuing from the first game, should be a prequel with downloadable levels.



mojo25 said:

I haven't bought the first one because I'm planning to get World of Goo. The one thing that prevented me from buying this game was that it just seemed too short. I wish I saved my Wii points instead of buying My Aquarium and Defend Your Castle because I could have bought Lost Winds. Oh well...



Kamuki said:

Can anyone recommend any good wiiware games to play in the wait for this?

I already have...
1. Lost Winds
2. Final Fantasy
3. Strong bad
4. Strong bad 2
5. World of Goo
6. Megaman 9
7. Dr. Mario
8. Family Table Tennis
9. TV Show King
10. Star Soldier R
11. Bomberman Blast!
That's it so far.



soniczelda_dude said:

I never got the first, but if Lostwinds 2 is actually a decent length(10-15 hours, at least) I could consider it.

btw, World of Goo is probably the best Wiiware game right now. All I need is another damn points card!!!



Objection said:

@Kamuki-DYC, Magnetica, Toki Tori
@soniczeldadude-I doubt it'll be that long unless it was 1500+. It would be so much larger than the first. Personally, I'd be satisfied with another 3-5 hr game...if they'd only release it!!



Objection said:

I think what I shall do from now on is post every time I play through the game to show everyone that people like me enjoyed it so much and that it does in fact have some replay value. Next runthrough is #4!
@Apocalypse "LostWinds is overrated. It's a solid platformer, but that's it." Well, it'd be one of 2 decent platformers on Wiiware. And its much prettier than MM9 for the same price.



ScottishDude said:

I downloaded the first last night and finished in about 3 hours today... the joys of being off work! Is there a release date for the second yet?



IAmNotWill said:

What kept me from buying the first one was I heard that it way too short. If the sequel is longer, then I get this for sure.

@#54 Kamuki: The rest of the Strong Bad series I suppose.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

LostWinds IS a tad overrated but I'm hoping LW2 has more Replay Value. And it's not like it has some competition...



VenomTheEvil said:

With Lostwinds my only probelm was the memory size but SD cards have pretty much solved my problem I didnt mind the price or how long it was.

I look forward to number 2!



VenomTheEvil said:

Now with the memory update there is no reason not to get number 1 and this means I wont have any problems in getting number 2!




Lost Winds 1 was/is my seconf favourite wiiware title. This is top of my insta-download list. I don't think is overrated at all. In fact, IMHO, I think its underrated by some if not many



grnd2 said:

I´ll save my points for Toribash.
Now that we can play games from our SD-cards, why don´t they release game demos?
I´ll probably pass both on this one, as well as its predecessor until i´ve tried it out.



Fuzzy said:

Any news on when this will be released in Australia? The OFLC date was 16/10.



SKTTR said:

There's a "new version" of LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias in the Wii Shop.



Fill said:

This is a great game, love the graphics. I got confused and lost trying to travel back through previous levels, and got tired of missing platforms all the time using 'wind' to jump or move things. I didn't play the first one, is it worth buying the first after playing this?

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