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Nintendo Download: MUSHA, Smash Table Tennis, My Life as a Darklord and Puzzle League (EU)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The Hanabi Festival delivers the 300th European VC game.

Nintendo's official UK magazine has once again spilled the beans on the upcoming Wii and DSi update. Surprisingly enough, Nintendo has not chosen to make Kirby's Dream Land 3 the 300th VC game, despite it being a planned Hanabi Festival release. At least the game which is now #300 is a great one!

MUSHA, also known as Musha Aleste, is part of the popular Aleste series, of which most games were not released outside Japan. This particular one was released in North America, but still never made it to European shores. It's not hard to see why it's usually called one of the best shooters on the Mega Drive - With great graphics, an awesome soundtrack, a ton of powerups, long stages and a whole bunch of varied enemies it's got pretty much everything you'd want from a shooter. That's also why we gave it a whopping 9/10. It'll run you 900 Wii Points like all other Mega Drive imports.

Smash Table Tennis is, however, on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. It's a Famicom Disk System port of an arcade game by Konami, which was appropriately titled Konami's Ping Pong, and it suffers from exactly the same thing that makes almost every other NES sports game so bad - It's just so incredibly boring! The only reason you'd possibly want to buy this is because there are two Nintendo cameo appearances, but overall, for 600 Wii Points it's not worth the price of admission at all. At least the game's finally off the coming soon list - It's been there for almost a year! We'll review it very soon.

WiiWare and DSiWare offer a combined total of two delights this week. For WiiWare there's the previously announced Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord, which is of course a "sequel" to the WiiWare launch game My Life as a King. This time you're not the good guy - You're the bad one! In a neat twist on the term "tower defense," the game's objective is to defend your base of operations, which just so happens to be a tower, from the invading good guys. To do so you'll have to place traps and familiar Final Fantasy monsters on its various floors to stop their advance. For 1000 Wii Points this will be a lot more affordable to most that King, but keep in mind that there will once again be DLC, which will cost you extra money! We'll review the game this weekend.

DSiWare this week offers another "little bit of" a retail DS game. This time it's A Little Bit of... Puzzle League, which is a cut-down version of the DS game Planet Puzzle League. Like with Dr. Mario, it features all single-player modes - But all multiplayer features are gone! For 500 DSi Points you can't really complain about this though, and if you don't have Planet Puzzle League it could be a nice, cheap alternative. We'll naturally review it soon.

So there's the third week of the Hanabi Festival! There's only two more imports games, which should be released next week - Detana!! Twinbee and Kirby's Dream Land 3. On top of that, two WiiWare games are confirmed for next week as well - ColorZ and Heracles: Chariot Racing, so all you can try to guess is next week's DSiWare game(s)!


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Dazza said:

MUSHA is a great shmup. I recommend you guys check it out tomorrow if you like the genre.

I'm interested to see how good Darklord will be. Should be a good one.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'll get MUSHA on the Japanese Wii at some point and save myself 300 points. Otherwise I can save my points because the My Life As... series doesn't do it for me.



Metang said:

Alright! Awesome update in Euro land. MUSHA, FFCC: MLAADK, and Puzzle League... lucky bastards.



Rum_Rapture said:

I have Puzzle League DS and have never played it in multiplayer but I can heartily recommend it, considering that it has a lot of single player modes to keep you going. If you really do get all of them for 500 points that's a pretty rad deal.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Congrats on getting Puzzle League, Darklord and MUSHA guys! I would love to get Puzzle League when it comes here.



Sage_Joch said:

@10: wasn't drift also confirmed for a July european release by Konami (and Contra rebirth an August release)?

on the update, might check out MUSHA, the rest I hold no interest in



blackknight77 said:

Don't miss out MUSHA! It's a great game if you enjoy Soldier Blade and Super Star Soldier. Also Planet Puzzle League is one of the best most addictive puzzle games out there. It's a steal for 500 points. I would get it but I have the full version.



Knux said:

That's awesome that you guys got MLAAD and MUSHA! I can't wait to play MLAAD!



Terra said:

I've been hoping for an original, WiiWare Puzzle League but I don't have the DS game so this'll do nicely. Just how much better is Planet Puzzle League with the Multiplayer modes though?



Rapadash6 said:

I don't mean to sound like a jerk when I say this but I'm glad you didn't get Super Mario Kart as your 300th game. What I mean is, North America should at least get Smash Bros. before Europe get's yet another most wanted first party game. I know you guys will get it first of course but we should never be more than one behind... that would be just plain unfair.



warioswoods said:

Puzzle League is coming to the DSi!? That's fantastic. Lately they seem to be hitting each bullet point on my wish list one by one (Electroplankton, Game & Watch, now Puzzle League...).

I do have the retail version of this game for the DS, so it might seem pointless to purchase, but I'll certainly be getting it (when it comes stateside), as having Puzzle League as a permanent fixture on my DSi menu at all times is well worth the five bucks. If I want to go online and play others, I'll put in the cart.



thewiirocks said:

@warioswoods - Actually, it sucks. Puzzle League (more-so than Tetris or Doctor Mario) is very much a multiplayer game. The fun of the title comes from the frantic saves, long chains, and massive garbage blocks being tossed around between players. The humans element is what makes these achievements such an incredible experience. (As opposed to the computer, which is actually quite dull and predictable.) Especially if you're in the same room as your opponent.

IMHO, this Puzzle League entry is a net loss for the series. For the simple reason that it means that we're not going to get a proper Puzzle League option for the DSi since we already have this. Worse yet, we're also unlikely to get another publishing run of Puzzle League DS because... we have this.

Nintendo, you're really failing at promoting your new DSi platform. Remember, it's suppose to be more connected with more downloadable options and better game experiences. Please stop killing your message with substandard offerings!

(As an aside, it seems like everything I have to say is negative as of late. Is Nintendo really dropping the ball that much more, or am I just getting more cynical?)



warioswoods said:


As I noted, I own the retail copy of the game, and I have to disagree with you; I find the single player experience to be one of the best amongst all puzzle games, with very enjoyable vs. CPU play, the mode where you just try to stay alive as garbage continues to fall, puzzle modes, etc. More than enough to keep one entertained for the indefinite future. I've gone online a few times with the retail game and had a great time, but I mostly just stick to the single player as it is. Again, $5 is a great deal for having this accessible on my DSi menu at all time.

Multiplayer might have been nice as well, but you should know that Nintendo has from the outset had little intention of making multiplayer a major part of their strategy for the DSi. From the start, the very idea of the DSi was to be more personal in distinction from the social experience of the Wii. If you read Iwata Asks, you'll see that everything about the system--the cameras, downloadable content--is meant to promote the idea of personalization and customization, making the system unique to each person. Their vision was that the Wii is shared, while every person will have his or her own DSi, customized to provide an entirely unique, private gaming experience to match his or her individual tastes.

Agree or disagree with that, it's been their stated plan all along.



slangman said:

Great update, MLAADL looks great. MUSHA is a fantastic shooter, although it's a shame the PAL version will be another 50hz fest.



Ricardo91 said:

Besides Smash Table Tennis, you lucky Brits are getting some good games! Even though a little bit of Puzzle League is yety another hacked-down port of a DS retail game, I'd still download it anyway. Puzzle League IS one of the greatest puzzlers ever created.



Adam said:

For 500 points I can still complain.

OK, I really shouldn't complain for that price... but I like complaining. The game is significantly better multi-player, so I'm going to pass it up when it comes stateside in hopes of a WiiWare version (please, Nintendo, PLEASE)... or else I'll just have to cave in and get Pikachu League on VC... **shudders**



Adamant said:


Nice Wii update - MLaaDL looks really interesting and MUSHA is awesome. Unlike most here, I've actually played Smash Ping Pong before (sort of, at least - the MSX version, but it's similiar enough). It's... yeah, it's pretty bad. Don't download.



TJtheHeretic said:

once again we get screwd!!!! if MLAADL becomes another ssb to us north americans im gona kill a baby!!!



Objection said:

Considering that Planet Puzzle League (DS) had a fairly small print and still goes for $20+ on eBay, this trimmed-down version doesn't sound too bad. Also, I REALLY want Darklord. Please hand it over.



fudgenuts said:

Planet Puzzle League is really good in multiplayer, but the game is still good is single player. For 500 Points you really can't go wrong.



Expa0 said:

NOOOOOO!!!! I have to wait yet another week for kirby! oo well I guess that's a good time to finish DKC3.



Betagam7 said:

As Slangman says, avoid MUSHA as it'll be another butchered downgraded PAL version from Sega. Once again, why hasn't Nintendolife informed its readers of this?
What's the deal with downgrading a hanabi title that required no changes to be made to it. Sega can't even use the old "it was like that originally excuse".
Time somebody got some answers out of them over this. Come on Nintendolife, you say you have a contact at Sega's marketing department, surely they can pass comment on it.



SwerdMurd said:

MUUUSHA! Moneymode to the maximum.

Hopefully it'll be headed to the US soon....

Are we ever gonna get Twinkle Star Sprites on VCA? I know it's obscure....but I'll be damned if it isn't one of the most popular games to break out with the MAME system when friends are over....2 player competitive fighting-game shmup ftw.



Betagam7 said:

But as the PAL version is fundamentally different (borders, 17% slower, squashed gameplay) surely a seperate review or at least comment is justified. The North American game is not the same as the version SEGA has given PAL users so this means the review is fundamentally inaccurate or should only apply to the NA market.



Dark_Machine said:

Can someone please explain to me what the big deal about 50hz and 60hz actually is? I never notice much difference when playing and I have stuff like Soldier Blade and Star Parodier...I wanna get MUSHA, but would like to know why everyone's slagging it's PAL release off.



Betagam7 said:

Dark Machine, the reason you don't notice any difference in the games you mention is because all TG16 games ARE 60hz. The TG16 is (along with the arcade) so far the only VC console to be exclusively 60hz.

Basically there is nothing fundamentally wrong with 50hz except when a developer doesn't do anything to port the game properly for PAL. In the 16 bit era it was common not to bother and that meant games ran with ugly black borders at the top and bottom of the screen. It also meant they ran 17% slower and with squashed graphics.
Unfortunately the VC is hit and miss as to what is fixed with some SNES and N64 games fixing some of the problems but with SEGA giving us the same butchered stuff we got in the 90's.
The best example I can show you of the difference is here:
That clip shows the difference between Sonic running on NTSC (60hz) and PAL (50hz) as you can see the difference is quite drastic.

The excuse usually used by companies is "that's how the games were then" but with hanabi titles that ISN'T how the games were then as they are, or should be 60hz IMPORTS which we PAY 100 points more for.
Sega is for some unknown reason choosing to cripple its hanabi releases to make them look the same as all its other awful PAL megadrive ports. Many people would like websites such as this one to begin asking them why.



Dark_Machine said:

@Betagam7: WOW. I see what you're talking about now, I always thought the Sonic I played on GC (Mega Collection stuff was taken from the NTSC and ported well I believe) was faster and more responsive than the one from my childhood on the MD. That was the difference. I guess I've been lucky then, since I've only downloaded Streets of Rage 2 from the MD so far and have only gotten TG16 or adjusted SNES games (SM World, Zelda etc) or Sin and Punishment (Only runs in 60hz).

If we're paying extra, we should get extra service I think. I've been slightly disappointed at the lack of translation or optional subs on Hanabi games, this takes the cake though, you're right it's about time someone asked about it. NintyLife! We must campaign for change to come to the Virtual Mega Drive! YES WE CAN! etc etc.



Bass_X0 said:

"I recommend you guys check it out tomorrow"

Why is it always tomorrow? We British peeps can play the game later today.




Puzzle league is one of the very best puzzle games on any console. If you don't have it, get the dsiware immediately! The retail version is brilliant! Not interested in Final Fantasy MLAADL at all, but that is a good addition to the servie. MUSHA is interesting, but I may need to save my ninty points for wiiware downloads like Colorz (radar), Heracles (insta-download) and Overturn (insta-download). The nintendo April-July list is "officially" blown out of the water now I guess! ;-(



Adam said:

@ Adamant
I don't mind that Pokemon are kiddy. I like the normal Pokemon games, and I love Tetris Attack, which is even kiddier looking. But the Pokemon voices are grating. It's too irritating to listen to for extended play time.




I thought Adamant was joking.

Pokemon Puzzle League is brilliant. I don't care for the whole Pokemon theme, but the gameplay is brilliant. Some wierd people think Mario and Sonic are as kiddy as Pokemon, but that's all just stupid.

Puzzle League DS is brilliant too.

We need MFC or Mario v DK next week please.



RadioShadow said:

If you have Homebrew Channel on your Wii (or some other channel to run homebrew apps), you can use this "nand injector" which injects a video setting into a Wii Channel.

So if you apply this to Pulseman or Musha Channel, start the game and hold the reset button. Then either select "Force NTSC" as yes ("Force HD" as yes if you want it to run in PAL60). Now every time you run that channel, it will run in the correct format. I've been meaning to make a youtube video of it.

Anyway, Musha is a great game, Panel De Pon is AWESOME! Although the single player mode is better so the multiplayer isn't a great lost.



Dark_Machine said:

@RadioShadow: Yeah but many people don't use the Homebrew channel (I personally don't trust myself to not brick my Wii, and can't afford a replacement.) and still there's the principle of paying extra 'Hanabi' price for a product which is inferior to the original.

Thread started in the forums by the way.



OldBoy said:

Musha for me thanks. Hope it's not too hard though.I can get to the last level of soldier blade ,is it harder than that game? I'll enjoy no matter what though. The VC has made me fall in love with shooters again and I missed out on all the TG-16 games when I was younger. I'm lovin me a bit of shooter action.



Megaace said:

The Megadrive Wiiware games in Europe are CRAP. I bought Sonic and it is slow and even the music is wrong. THE FIRST AND THE LAST I buy, Sega and Nintendo. Come on, there are free emulators that run european games at 60 Hz!!!

I want to buy the evil Final Fantasy but first I need reviews... Come on guys, reviews!!!



Auron586 said:

FF:MLAADK is on the wii shop channel now, and i am VERY shocked... sure the game is 1000 points... but if you want EVERYTHING youll need 6800!! points! 5800 of that being DLC... great, dont you think?



DaVeMaN99 said:

Are you joking Auron? 6800 points? Seriously WTF.
What do you get with extra points?



Auron586 said:

no joke... its really turned me off the game, as for content theres loads ranging from 200-600 points each, im yet to actually read what they give though, ill look in abit.

EDIT: just had a brief look and the content offers things like new monsters, battle items, increased NP (what ever that is O.o) new levels to play after completing the game ETC.

also DLC that allows you to use special characters from FF4:the after years.



XD375 said:

I was hoping Puzzle League was a surprise Hanabi Festival release of Panel de Pon.

Actually, I'm fine with Pokémon Puzzle League, my favourite game in the Panel de Pon series.



Auron586 said:

i suppose that makes "My life as a dark load" the most costly wiiware game to date hmm?



ToneDeath said:

After getting to play Sin & Punishment in 60hz AND pro-scan, it was disappointing to find that I had to play Gley Lancer in 50hz, and interlaced too (which is downright ugly on LCD TVs).
Also, the earlier VC Mega Drive games haven't been updated to feature the A/V interlace mode(?), so because I use component cables, they can't be played on my TV at all.

Am I right in thinking that pretty much ALL VC games in the US can be played in progressive scan? If so, I'm officially jealous. If they could somehow update the PAL games to run 576p@60hz, all will be forgiven. It would make N64 games look especially awesome; the VC versions already boast noticeably higher resolutions than in their original forms. I thought 1080º Snowboarding in particular looks much better, unlike F-Zero X, which I swear has broken graphics; It stutters when loading tracks or different menu screens, seams are visible in the track surface and I swear the tunnel textures that are now a dull grey were once shiny and metallic.



Machu said:

Sweet! Dark Lord shall be waiting for me, when I finally run out of games to play.



slangman said:

Yep it appears Sega has downgraded another import to run in 50hz. I second Betagam7's comment, there should be a section mentioning this. The PAL version sounds and plays different to the 60hz version. As I can see other people seem to hate 50hz too.

Nintendolife can do this. All it takes is educating people the difference between 50hz and 60hz.



Dark_Machine said:

I started a thread in the VC forums about this, we need to start complaining, em masse if we can. If we bombard them (or nintendo) with complaints about this problem (I sent one today) maybe they will fix the problem, hell adding a damn option would be good enough.



jhuhn said:

Download headline: There's so MUSH A list can be: Darklords, puzzles and even a little tennis at the table.



Bass_X0 said:

"i suppose that makes "My life as a dark load" the most costly wiiware game to date hmm?"

Only if you're really bad at games. A regular gamer will find much of the content wasteful since they just don't need it or makes the game way too easy for themselves. The amount of content available is just that - its available but you don't need to buy it all - just pick and choose what you feel like you need.



Betagam7 said:

Dazza, it looks obvious from the comments above which direction your readers want NL to go with on the PAL 60hz issue. Time for NL to start a campaign I think, or at the very least explain why they don't want to.

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