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Detana!! TwinBee (Wii Virtual Console / TurboGrafx-16)

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It's the popular vertical-scrolling shooter renowned for its cute and comical world. Here come TwinBee and WinBee on a mission to save the planet from evil alien invaders. Standing in their way are six stages full of goofy enemies. Play as TwinBee in single-player mode, or team up with WinBee in two-player cooperative mode.

With powerful attacks like Big Shot, or Twin Attack and Burst Attack in two-player mode, there's plenty of sting in their arsenal. Use your Shot to transform Bells into items with various effects. Stock up on these bad boys to expand your attack range and really have a blast.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

It's the popular vertical-scrolling shooter renowned for its cute and comical world.

The Twinbee series of shooters hasn't seen a lot of action outside of Japan, so it should come as no surprise that this PC Engine version of Detana!! Twinbee was never released outside of Japan and marks yet another import release for Hudson on the Wii...

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Chunky_Droid said:

Never played a Twinbee game! Would like to see how much Japanese is actually in this game, from one of the screens seems to be quite a bit



Corbs said:

Rainbow Bell Adventures was a side-scroller. Good game, but not great.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I think I'll wait for a review on this one. Either that or wait for impressions from anyone here who got it. :)



Syr said:

20 blocks, really? For looking so much like Star Parodier it sure is smaller :P //

I know I'll have to dl this, being a cute-em-up fan.. but has anyone else gotten it? Is it on par with Star Parodier? Better than Fantasy Zone, I hope? ..But what I really want to know is.. where the heck is Parodius?!

@MexicanJonny10: Yes, it's 2-player co-op, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqcVAFT7iII



slangman said:

It does look good. And judging from the video the music is quite decent too. Looks like I will have to download this when my WIi is online. :P



Industrialgothic said:

I just downloaded it, It's decent, maybe a 7 or an 8 since it offers 2-player COOP and both players have their own lives and continues, however it is short and you respawn right where you died even if it is the start of a new continue, making it an even shorter game. The power up system is nice, as well as the charged shot. Star Parodier is better solo though.



Adamant said:

@Syr: "20 blocks, really? For looking so much like Star Parodier it sure is smaller"

This is a Hucard game, they're much smaller than CD games. The CDs didn't really do much for the detail level of the graphics, but instead allowed for more animation and better music, so the Hucard games looking similiar to CD games on screenshots like this is no surprise.



dcast1 said:

From looking at the screenshots I thought it was going to be too cutesy for me, not so it's very challenging even for myself. Highly recommended if you like shooters!

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