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United Kingdom

Fri 17th Jul 2009

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Auron586 commented on Review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My L...:

great review, i purchased this game and all DLC first day, and personally im very happy with both game and DLC.

Also, one thing i picked up on, the review says there are three types of floors, there is infact 4 types, the last being "Special" floors.



Auron586 commented on Nintendo Download: MUSHA, Smash Table Tennis, ...:

no joke... its really turned me off the game, as for content theres loads ranging from 200-600 points each, im yet to actually read what they give though, ill look in abit.

EDIT: just had a brief look and the content offers things like new monsters, battle items, increased NP (what ever that is O.o) new levels to play after completing the game ETC.

also DLC that allows you to use special characters from FF4:the after years.