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Kirby's Dream Land 3 (SNES / Super Nintendo)

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Kirby, Dream Land’s resident hero (and everyone’s favorite puffball), must once again save the day when the mischievous King Dedede starts causing trouble.

Kirby must travel through an assortment of levels, battling an exotic array of enemies (both new and familiar) determined to stop him from completing his mission.

Always armed with his trusty ability to swallow enemies and gain special attacks, Kirby can also unite with some of his animal friends and make use of their particular talents. Featuring detailed graphics, challenging boss battles and the distinct charm of a Kirby game, it’s no wonder this title is considered a classic.

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Wii U eShop Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Stephen Kelly

Third time's the charming

Kirby’s Dream Land 3 is the epitome of a lovable gaming experience. Carefree and popping with irresistible charm, this SNES platformer builds off the two previous Game Boy entries in the series and fulfills the potential they introduced. That doesn’t...

Game Review

Virtual Console Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Kirby for beginners

Kirby's Dream Land 3 obviously had a lot to live up to - It was released not long after the amazing Kirby Super Star (Kirby's Fun Pak in Europe), which is still regarded as the greatest Kirby game ever. The game returns to the gameplay from the second...

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User Comments (134)



Mendez said:

What was this game like? Was it as good as the other Kirby games?



Don-Bon said:

Ohhhhhhhh, can't remember. Is this the one that had the co-op? Or was it 2? Or both? So many games jammed into my memory.
All I know is that I love Kirby games, and I will download this one, co-op or not.



Mendez said:

Which will come out first? This or Kirby Superstar? I need at least one of them very soon but Superstar most of all.



Rydonne said:

Yeah this one had co-op in the form of a blue glob with a long tongue. Its pretty good but superstar is better by far in my opinion. All the abilities only had one action, though the animal companions make up for it by each having a different action with each ability. I think supperstar, or perhaps more acturately hope, will come out first as its a more anticipated game. But this one is much more... simple I think so who knows.



Fieron said:

ever since kirby superstar came out... all of the kirby games that followed just didn't live up to it



Meydon said:

this game is far better than kirby superstar, but a lot better, kirby superstar was only a "super easy game" and short except the "treasure quest", this is an authentic kirby classic game, and yes, you don't have your lives at more than 20-30 like in kirby superstar, i'm not saying that kirby superstar is a bad game, i'm only saying that kirby dreamland 3 is a lot better than kirby superstar.



Mendez said:

Super Star probably will come out first actually, seeing as it was originally released first! I wil be a bit dissapointed if this one does come first.



dualj said:

This one had an interesting art style but i never got to play it when it came out. I am glad we have the VC.



Chocobo said:

This game was amazing. It's art style was unique to the series, and it holds a place in my heart forever. I actually enjoyed this game more than Kirby Super Star for some reason. Maybe it was the fact that you could ride the animals and that would alter the current ability that you had. I'll definitely be downloading this.



Juice_Lee said:

I'll definitely get this when it's released. Hell, I'll probably get Kirby Superstar too, just because they are both great games.

Kirby Superstar was a little more fluid and for that reason many consider it to be Kirbys best, but I like Dreamland 3 just as much. It has a huge amount of pets to match the still sizable amount of powers, so there is a ton of versatility in the game. It is artful and is the perfect game for a summer afternoon. Totally classic.



DonkeyPong said:

this game is by far the best kirby ever!!! I would say the next best was canvas curse and then amazing mirror for the multiplayer. This one is classic kirby all the way the art is amazing the gameplay is simple yet fun you can play with a friend and there are plenty of animals to ride.. on top of that each level has a secret goal and if you complete all of them you unlock the real boss at the end of the game and it is an amazing battle I can't wait for this game



Spore said:

Of course I rank this highly in my collection of Super Nintendo games. Though it is trumped by Kirby Superstar, it had its own appeal. Graphics were colorful and portrayed the picture book style nicely. Yes, this one has Co-op as well, but it seems a little flushed out compared to Superstar. Maybe it's because only one player can have an animal companion and there is only one move per power (multiply that by what was it? 5 animals, each different powers for every power). I did like the notion of objectives in each level to make a specific character happy. Like little puzzles I suppose. Anyway, if you like Kirby and have 800 points, give it a spin.



Razor61289 said:

Fantastic. Never played a Kirby game until I downloaded Kirby's adventures for NES on VC. Definately going to download this one. Kirby is very underated



ASR said:

Great, great game. One of my favorite SNES games from back in the day. My brother was terrible, though, so he kept getting behind as Gooey, constantly getting dragged back into the main screen as I controlled Kirby.



nme said:

this game is ok but its nothing compared to kirby superstar.



LostHeaven said:

This game is sweet! It really shows some of the great capacities of the SNES, just check out the cartoonish effects of the game. A must download of the SNES games.



jota said:

where i can find this game?

sorry for my language i'm of chile



Drake said:

It means the game was rated by the ESRB but the rating is now gone, look at the top of the Coming Soon page.



Delay said:

Nintendo could release the game in the next Hanabi Festival, it is really great to play and the final boss is fantastic.



Chocobo said:

This game was awesome way back when it came out, and it still rules. You can get assistance from some of your buddies such as Rick the Hamster, Neko the Cat, Kine the Fish, and a few more. Definitely downloading.



WaddleWave said:

Wow! I remember this one. Great game and pretty difficult too, since each level there is a additional task to accomplished(to see the real ending) and you must do it properly with certain abilities that most likely are found in another level. I remember that you could exploit the Gooey's help by replenishing his health constantly with a certain way. Great when fighting tough bosses.



HiPNoTyQ said:

i grew up playing Dreamland 1 and 2 on my gameboy but never had a SNES so I couldn't give this a spin. Turns out to be pretty rare on ebay for the real deal so i'm gonna wait till it hits vc (hopefully soon!!!)



Rossi said:

Is there much gameplay change from Kirbys Adventures..? I am considering getting this when it comes out because i enjoyed KA! I am worried... it never come out in the EU.. would that stop it not coming out in vc version?



Pavetheway said:

This game is the best kirby game.(next to kirby's fun pack) I'm getting it the monday it comes out.



Rexy said:

I too am saving Wii points for this, but not Superstar. Maybe aside from 100% The Great Cave Offensive, there isn't much taxing for me to accomplish beyond an afternoon of gameplay.

Still, there was no sign of a European release, so this worries me. I hope Nintendo do the right thing and offer it to us across the pond as well as your NTSC-loving game players



MorriganIsHot said:

when the hell is this game coming out? damn it nintendo release this game already and stop releasing crap every frikking week. I'am still saving my wii points for this game.



StarDust4Ever said:

Kirby 1: NES - Dream Land
Kirby 2: SNES - Superstar [Dream Land 2]
Kirby 3: SNES - Dream Land 3

Good things always come in threes, just like Mario, Sonic, Bonk, and Donkey Kong Country...



DDR_Paladin356 said:


I thought Kirby's Dream Land 2 on Game Boy was Kirby 2? It introduced the animal friends.

Anywho, I didn't liek this one as much as SuperStar. IDK why though. I think it might have honestly been the art style that turned me off (something of which I find very interesting today).



Ricardo91 said:

Wow. Didn't know there was a 3rd KDL. The Crayon-drawn look is nice, and If it is nearly as good as Kirby's Adventure, I'll probably get it.



CanisWolfred said:

Wow, this doesn't look very good. Aesthetically, it looks like Kirby 64 only somehow less appealing. Those animal things look annoying and are really only their to make up for less powers, plus they don't even do what they did in Superstar, and give you all of the different moves for the powers at once, and that ticks me of to no end. I'm still waiting for Superstar and only Superstar... not that we'll get it as they're making a remake. Why is everybody making all of these remakes all of a sudden, especially now that the Virtual Console is around?



CanisWolfred said:

Great I heard Kirby Superstar is coming out on the DS instead of the VC, so I guess I have nothing to look forward to Kirby-wise these coming weeks. Thankfully, this remake at least sports new features, rather than simply a new coat of paint, but still, I wish I had known sooner before I got my hopes up so many weeks.

Edit: Oh no wait, I did know...



WaddleWave said:

I dont think Kirby for the DS is worth it... graphics are from the SNES platform and even with the improvements to some graphics, it just wont look like a DS game, paying around around $40 (price for a brand new DS game) just not worth it. Unless they do almost a complete overhaul with Wi-Fi, dont get me wrong, I support the whole VC thing but paying for a game that I could've gotten on the VC for just $8 with no improvement, I aint buying it.



BleachFan said:

Don't get me wrong, I bet this game is probably great, but what ever happened to Kirby Super Star/Fun Pak being released?



Super_Sonic said:

This is the final Nintendo game ever to be released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System! I'm serious! Anyone who own this will be surprise! Lets hope this come soon because we need to enjoy the final game ever on the SNES (At least in PAL region.)!



MorriganIsHot said:

they should release this game the same week as kirby super star ultra releasing but that's really ain't gonna happened because its Nintendo of America. but whatever I'll be too busy playing that then have to sit here and worry about when this game ever coming out. Stupid Dumb Nintendo of America.



Twilight_Crow said:

I want this game "pronto", as soon as possible, it's the only Kirby platform game I haven't played, and I already own Kirby Super Star, but this one seems so awsome and diferent, release it pleaaaaaaaase!



slangman said:

I have a feeling this will come out sometime in mid 09. It can't come out soon since there seems to be no sign of a PAL release. So we should get this as a Hanibai Festival title than.



Kurachi said:

as a kirby fan i like to have this one, but i prefer Kirby's FunPak/ Kirby Super Star over this one, since i dont know this one yet
so hope that one also gets to VC
wont rate yet...



OoT_For_Life said:

I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY'RE GONNA RELEASE THIS CRAP INSTEAD OF SUPERSTAR! I know Superstar is sort of out for ds now, but I respect myself way too much to actually buy a ds. I don't even care that it's out for ds, they should still release the original for VC. It's definitely one of the 5 best SNES games ever ( the others: LttP, SM All-stars,SMRPG, Yoshi's Island), and as much as I have always had nothing but love for Nintendo, I'm starting to get a little pissed off after two years of waiting and still no Kirby Superstar or Yoshi's Island!!!
What the hell Nintendo?!



Kurachi said:

i too want kirby superstar, but nintendo has its own plans, if we all could do it, then i guess we'd have lots of other games here by now
anyway, lets hope both will be on VC
i myself dont like DS, so hope for super star on VC aswell
i'd buy both this and kirby superstar if i could



OoT_For_Life said:

I guess this game really isn't bad, but Superstar is just SO MUCH BETTER....I'm still not buying a ds though....



tatemon555 said:

This looks awesome, and I may want to get it to replace Kirby's Adventure. And to Kurachi and OoT_For_Life, Nintendo's never gonna release Superstar because of Superstar Ultra on DS. If you want Super star, than by a DSi when it comes out, then get Superstar ultra and maybe some Wario or Art Style DSiWare games, you little cheapos.



OoT_For_Life said:

Honestly, I'll probably download this game if it gets released, but I just can't help but be reminded of Superstar's superiority. And btw tatemon555, the fact that I'm not buying a ds has nothing to do with me being cheap (although admittedly, I am). I just don't care much for the ds, or most of its games (MK DS was good).



tatemon555 said:

There are actually 3 DS Kirby games out right now, and 2 of them were excellent. I too want more Kirby VC games, OoT_For_Life, but my main point in my comment was that Nintendo will never release Superstar, at least not until the end of the Wii's life.



Chunky_Droid said:

Superstar will probably be released around the Wii 2's time in the spotlight, when the attention is focussed on DSi.

And HOORAY this lovely game on this page has finally come to VC



Bass_X0 said:

This never did come out in Europe did it? It'll be one of the next Hanabi games then. I can wait. I have played the game; its not bad but I wasn't too impressed.



Bensei said:

I guess we have a Hanabi in March, hopefully with this, Star Tropics II and Earthbound



Stuffgamer1 said:

This review does NOTHING to match my beliefs about this game. For one thing, this game has GREAT music, and statements to the contrary shall be duly ignored as stupid by me.

Also, I vote that this game is WAY better that Kirby Superstar, which is HIGHLY overrated, imo. Obviously, I'm in a minority mindset here, but it seems that I love the least popular Kirby games as the best, for some reason. Anyway, this game is easily at LEAST a four-star, though I'll give it a five because I have a personal fondness for it.

Anyone considering downloading this: I beseech you to NOT take this review as final word, because some of it just doesn't add up.



Drake said:

The next Hanabi Festival will almost certainly include Smash Ping Pong, StarTropics II, Kirby's Dream Land 3, M.U.S.H.A. and two other games, if you ask me. Probably not EarthBound



Betagam7 said:

Am I the only one who found the original Kirby to be completely lacking in challenge then. I had assumed that was the whole point of the series.



MrLopez said:

Wow 3 stars. I thought this was one of the better kirby games... Oh well, never played it anyways XD



slangman said:

There will be quite a few Hanabi titles coming around sometime this year even if Hudson doesn't announce any Turbograpx games. Although i am not too sure about this game, I still need to play Kirby's Adventure.

Oh and I could have sworn Super Turrican 2 did come out in PAL.



Thores said:

Whoa, whoa WHOA! How could my favorite Kirby game get reviewed so low? It is SO much better than 3 stars!

You seem to be giving it low marks for being too easy, and it actually becomes way more challenging if you try and complete all the objectives for the true ending. Other than that you can't just knock it for not being Kirby Super Star 2. It went and did its own thing, and I would admire the game for that instead of panning it.

Kirby fans, ignore this review. This game is one of the best in the Kirby series, and if "too easy" is a negative factor for you, then, well, you're probably not a Kirby fan. : P



Link79 said:

Oh come on it's not that bad. I actually thought this was one of the best Kirby games. Although I confess I've never even played Superstar. The thing about it being insultingly easy makes me wonder. Have you ever heard of a hard Kirby game?
I sure haven't. They are all pretty much geared towards 3 year olds. That's not the point. It's fun and that's what it's all about.



Corbs said:

I agree with this review 100%. They really messed up changing the control system up in this game. I like the cool look of the game and the music is solid, but the game feels very sluggish compared to other Kirby releases, especially SuperStar.



WolfLink22 said:

It may not be the best Kirby game.But i'd reccommand this over some of the earlier VC Games we got in 2008.



Link79 said:

Well I still think It's better than Kirby 64 at least. The original game on Gameboy Is probably still my favorite. I used to play through it several times in one day. Maybe I should pick up the remake of Superstar for DS and see what all the fuss Is about.



DjinnFighter said:

@Link79 : pick Super Star Ultra for DS. It's a most, even if I played Super Star on Super NES

And Dream Land 3 is an excellent Kirby game. They say the game is too easy and slow... All Kirby games are easy and slow... lol



03bgood said:

"Diehard Kirby fans will no doubt get some enjoyment out of this title, but it isn't very hard to see why it's usually considered the worst Kirby game."

Isn't that what they said about Kirby 64?



Bensei said:

Too bad Superstar won't come for VC (that soon). I hat what they did with the 'look onto your partner's DS' to play in co-op



Bass_X0 said:

some easy games are fun for a quick play through. sure you could reach the end without too much trouble but you had fun getting there. I'd rather play this than a Bonk platformer.



CanisWolfred said:

3 stars? Not surprised. Hell, if Kirby 64 only got 3 stars, why would I expect any higher from this?

Anyways, I've never been a big fan of Kirby, and I get bored with them incredibly fast. The only ones I intend on owning are Kirby's Adventure(the first), Kirby Super Star(the best), and Kirby 64(my favorite) - anything else would simply be a waste of my time and money.



OmegaBlacky said:

i think nintendo should of put kirby super star on the vc when kirby super star ultra (nintendo ds remake) was released



ouenben said:

Bass X0 thats exactly how I felt about it! I think the bonk games are over rated and far too simple.

This game looks lovely, the art style is beautiful.
It plays very well and has co-op and the new animal friends who enhance your powers. Many levels to play through, great music.

It was mostly a little on the easy side but I find most Kirby games like that. Seems crazy to give this only 3 stars. An insult even given Kirbys dream course got 4 stars and the NES one got 5 stars.
The problem seems to be everyone thinks Superstar is better, and that is probably the case but that doesn't make this one bad or redundant it's still a great, charming and fun Kirby game among the best of the series.



Draygone said:

I watched the video. Yeah, walking is slow, but running looks speedy enough. One problem I see, though, is getting hit does not always result in losing your power. I know that was also a problem in Kirby 64. Makes things somewhat easier if you're not worrying as much about getting hit. The gooey character also looks like an annoying partner to have.



Gamer1030 said:

Well it's out now. I'd say the game lies between three and four stars, very bland at points but has enough to keep things somewhat interesting. I don't know if it is just me, but the pits seemed to have decreased....



Kurachi said:

gz to NA for this one
i cant vote yet, cuz i never played it, but once it gets on VC it'll change
as kirbyfan i buy it for sure, just like i'll buy kirby 64 later
i do agree with mickeymac, that KSS was best kirby, as far as i know for myself, but probably we wont see that going to VC (yet)
i disagree with the opinion that its waste of money and time, since i like kirby most of all nintendo characters... yes , even mario

ps. it says 3 stars, but look at rating... thats lil more than 4



Link79 said:

If the music in this game is so horrible as stated in this review then why am I humming along to it? I strongly dissagree. Kiby 64 was more of a dissapointment than this. I need to see if I can find a copy of nightmare in Dreamland for GBA. That game looks sweet but I guess I just never got around to buying it.



Link79 said:

@ Adamant

Haven't tried that one. Maybe I'll check it out. I usually like my Kirby games easy though. It's not suppose to piss you off. It's Kirby not Ninja Gaiden.



StarDust4Ever said:

@link79: the nightmare in dreamland for GBA was a remake of the NES game Kirby's adventure. And what ticked me off was that they messed up all of the minigames, they ruined the original minigames (swalow the eggs, a shooting game, and my favorite, the Kirby dispenser) by replacing them with stupid multiplayer games.



StinkDude1 said:

Unfortunately, Kirby Super Star will probably never come out on VC due to Nintendo wanting to sell the DS port. Unless they think that crappy, gimmicky extra minigames justify paying $27 more (or is it $22 now?) than VC. sigh



Twilight_Crow said:

Alright, I finally decided to DL this one, and I think is good, I've finished the first world and it was easy but really fun, I love the graphics and the music, the gameplay is a bit slow but is not as bad as the review makes it sound, all and all is a worthy kirby game 4/5.



Draygone said:

Okay, I downloaded it, played it, and I gotta admit, it really is the weakest Kirby game I've played. Which is surprising, because every other Kirby game I've played, I enjoyed (yes, even Kirby 64). But this, while it's not really bad, it sort of fell short of being good.

Okay, so what I liked about it. The level challenges. Fun stuff, especially the mini-games, and I kinda liked the levels that challanged you to reach the end of a stage with a specific animal friend. And speaking of animal friends, I've always liked their appearance in Dream Land 2, loved their cameos in Kirby 64, kinda miss them when they're not around. Same here, they're fun to play with, especially now that they each have a more varied set of movements (like Rick can leap off walls and the cat can double-jump, and the jelly girl grabs enemies and places them in your mouth instead of sucking), although it really baffles me how Kine the fish is one of the fastest friends on land. I'm glad they no longer have their own themes, as the theme inclusion in Dream Land 2 seemed like a poor attempt to make up for only one level song per world, and I'd rather hear the music of each level rather than be forced to hear a specific animal tune. And their animations are really cute, especially when they react to you choosing one friend over another. Level design definately felt straight from Dream Land 2, in fact at times it felt like I was playing a 16-bit Dream Land 2. And the bosses were fun, and this game's rendition of Whispy Woods is probably my favorite. Also, I was pleased to find that secret doors were still showing up in this game. You know, those doors that are either invisible or don't stand out as much as regular doors. Kirby's Adventure had a ton of them.

Now for my dislikes. Starting off, the power-ups suck. A bunch of them feel restrictive (the fireball attack) or were scaled down from Dream Land 2's (the lightbulb attack). Some of them were good, yes. Cutter, Kine's fire-spitting attack, Stone, Rick's fire-breathing, and Needle were my favorites. But most others, I wanted to avoid at all costs. This is the only Kirby game where I wanted to outright avoid powers (yes, including Adventure's suicidal Sleep). The controls also took a lot of getting used to. It's not that Kirby's slow (though his walking speed could've been a bit better, and his swimming speed is just terrible), it's that he tends to stall after various actions, like spitting out air pufts. I'm used to being in a constant state of motion in Kirby games, doing stuff and spitting air without slowing down, so this was really frustrating for me at first. And lastly, as I noted in a previous post, getting hit does not always knock out your power. Which I guess is kinda good, 'cause I got hit a lot. (The game may be easy with its many extra lives, but it still felt challenging to me. Mostly due to the broken powers. Stupid broom attack.) But I still liked it better when one hit from an enemy in older Kirby games meant having to rush after your power before it disappeared.

Oh, speaking of "easy", apparently you can get by without losing all your health at any point. When you're low on health, just bring out your gooey partner, then swallow him back up for extra health. As much as I got hit, it's an exploit I found myself using often. (Come to think of it, Kirby Super Star had a similar exploit.)

So there you have it. Good level design, broken gameplay. I give this game a 3/5.



Digiki said:

But getting hit doesn't always knock away your power in any Kirby game (that I know of), it usually takes 2 or 3 hits

_every other Kirby game I've played, I enjoyed (yes, even Kirby 64). _

Your not allowed to talk about The Crystal Shards that way, it was awesome



Draygone said:

Yes, it was. But a lot of people seem to fault it.

And in Kirby's Adventure and Kirby's Dream Land 2, one hit always knocked away your power. Although, now that I think about it, those were the only two Kirby games where one hit killed your power. In fact, I've played Kirby Super Star and I've managed to lose a full health bar without losing my power, yet I never faulted the game for it. So I guess it's not really as much a fault as I had thought.



Rapadash6 said:

Now that I've had time to play this one MOSTLY all the way through, I have to say it's not a bad game at all. In addition to the graphics and sound being really well done, I found the heart star system to add a lot of variety to the games levels. My favorite one being the stage where you have to help Samus kill Metroids with your freeze ability! Very cool!

Anyway I'm in the final area before the the dark matter zone and I only have one more heart star to collect. Unfortunately, and this is where the game got extremely frustrating for me, it involves me having to remember one of six different sound effects without knowing what the particular effect is ahead of time. GAH!! It might sound easy in that you can get lucky and guess but you have to do it three times in a row! What's worse is if you guess wrong just once you have to traverse the majority of the level over again just to get another chance. My plan is to set up my camcorder real close to the speaker and just record and playback the mini game in order to guess the sounds right. I can't think of any other way to do it really.

As for the rest of the game, it is pretty easy but very enjoyable at the same time. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.



Ferret75 said:

This is just my opinion, but this is game and Kirby 64 are my favorite Kirby games.

It had very nice graphics and the gameplay is fun (plus some replability with the heart items).
And this game isn't easy whoever said that, it's harder than the other ones.



Adamant said:

Yeah, a number of the hearts are horribly annoying to get. I really hated the one where you need to count spiky balls in a second or so, with multiple different faces appearing on them.

Also, the one where you need to dust off flowers is evil. You need to bring the not-too-manueverable Rick through the entire stage to reach the flowera, then dust them off and jump over them. If you step on a flower, you fail.



Linkuini said:

I disagree as far as the difficulty. It really isn't very hard to lose all your health, especially compared to Kirby Super Star, where the levels were simply LITTERED with food. Besides, all Kirby games are easy. I've grown used to that by now.

My problem with this game was the bland assortment of copy abilities (the most important part of any Kirby game). Sure, using Coo the owl as a feather duster is funny, but it's not very useful. Plus, I think a lot of the abilities are just too similar to each other, which cancels out the whole concept of having different abilities when using different helpers.



earthworm said:

This game is great. The only other Kirby game I've played is the old NES one. If, as some people say, there are others even better than this one, then I have something to look forward to. I think the graphics and music are both excellent.



Goomba2996 said:

3 stars is way to low one of the best kirby games. Lots of replay ability because of the hearts you have to get to see the secret ending.5 stars all the way.



Kurachi said:

gosh, wish i could vote, i never played it, so am waiting for it getting to Euro VC
i'm waiting for this one long enough now

quote from Mickeymac:

  • but both me and my brother are Kirby fans (post 54)
  • I've never been a big fan of Kirby (post 92)

So do you like Kirby or not?

i shall buy once its here in EU, no matter what



Kurachi said:

good to know i'm not the only one thinking like that
i just cant wait, but once its here.. i keep the points



Kurachi said:

i've been playing kirby's adventure many times back then
because of Kirby's adventure i actually became kirbyfan
i did KSS after that, but now will get this and Kirby 64



Ho11oWxxMaN said:

@KnucklesSonic8: Thank you for your feedback. Yeah, I will most likely do that for nostalgic reasons (used to own the 64 version as a child), so I was just curious if this one was any better...just doesn't seem like it.



Kurachi said:

i dont get it, why listen to ratings of a site?
i disagree with more ratings on this site
too bad we cant even vote here anymore, its not that its true that way, but the site isnt right either
i still will get it, it has a few things i like more than other kirby games:
1. not 1 hit to lose powers
2. can use animals to ride on and attack with
3. having a blue thingy which helps (reminds me of KSS)
i have kirby 64 and kirby's adventure (nes) and i like em both
although kirby 64 is new to me, since i never played it before i got it on VC, but is a nice game

ps. look at the ratings, only a few with the most known characters have a 10/10, and i dont even like some of them that much

i only have to wait, and hope it wont take em long to put this on VC in europe



Kurachi said:

finally it gets to europe VC soon
instant buy for me, kept 900 points for it
i dont know it, so will be new like kirby 64 to me, but hey, its kirby, cant be wrong



Rhombous said:

This is a great game, deserves a better mark. IMO this is as good as Kirby Fun Pack, just plays more like the older Kirby games.


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