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Thu 16th Jul 2009

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Bibberishly commented on Review: Incoming! (WiiWare):

Well, I downloaded this game via homebrew, and I decided to write a little review on it

The main menu itself works, but with some flaws. When you start the game, you are given a picture a one person, and a picture of two people below it, and that of course is the single player and multiplayer options. However, the option under the multiplayer button was rather confusing. I still don't know what it is a picture of, but when you select it, it takes you to a rather simple credits screen. You are not given any settings to turn down the music or sound effects in the game, or change the control scheme, and while this is not crucial, it would have nice to have them there. You are given the option to choose the color of your tanks, though. Overall, this game has a bare-bones low budget look and feel to it.

Ok, there is only one song in the WHOLE GAME. The song itself fits the game pretty good, But JV Games could have made it to where every three or four levels, the music changes. After ten or fifteen minutes, you'll probably get a headache from hearing the same song repeat itself over and over again. The sound effects are pretty basic, with generic "booms" and "clanks". For some reason, your tanks make a beeping noise when they move, like they're pretending to be a tractor or something. If there was an option to turn down the music, it wouldn't be so bad. JV Games could have put some more effort into this category.

Once again, there's just not much here. Your tanks, and all of their ammunition is animated well, as are the missiles. For every five levels you complete, the background changes. However, there are only three backgrounds. So after playing for a while, they start to get repetitive. And everything in the background is perfectly still. Nothing moves at all. For example, in the space background, planet Earth is right in the center, behind your tanks. It just sits there. It would have been nice if it would have rotated, or exploded, or grew a mouth and sneezed for all I care. Just do SOMETHING! Everything here works, but there is nothing special.

The idea here is to destroy the enemy tanks. You do this by shooting what look like cannonballs at your opponent. You can also move left and right to dodge bullets, or get closer to the enemy. Later on in the game you get missiles. Missiles do a lot more damage than tanks, but they can be shot down using one of your planes that constantly hover in the sky. The farther the missile is from your plane, the longer it will take for your plane's bullet to reach you enemy's missile. You can also shoot powerups that fall from the sky. When you shoot a powerup, it applies it to one of your missiles. Powerups have different abilities, such as causing an explosion, or splitting your missile up into three pieces. The gameplay works pretty good, and you can develop a strategy against the enemy tanks.

To fire, You Select a tank with the A button, and draw a vertical line towards the tank you want to shoot. To move, you select one of your tanks with the A button, but instead of drawing a vertical line, you move a little yellow flag to where you want to move. To fire a missile, you simply click on an icon to the left. The icon shows you which tank it will shoot. To shoot down a missile, point at it, and press A. To shoot a powerup, do the same thing, point at it, and press A. The controls are executed well, but it would have been nice to have been able to use the nunchuck to move, and the Wii Remote to fire.

For five dollars, Incoming! is easy to pick up and play. I definitely don't think it deserved to get a one out of a ten. If you liked Defend your Castle, I would recommend that you get Incoming!.



Bibberishly commented on Review: Incoming! (WiiWare):


Bomberman Blast has the option to play as a Mii, and technically, it is violent
And also, Chicken Brutus was simply stating that you should have added more control schemes. Keep debating, I could do this all day...



Bibberishly commented on Review: Incoming! (WiiWare):

Hi Corbie!

I've been reading your reviews ever since Wiiware World was still around. You're my favorite reviewer! Your reviews are really funny, and your avatar is awesome.



Bibberishly commented on Review: Incoming! (WiiWare):


"How many other Wiiware games only use the “A” button (World of Goo, Defend your Castle)? But yet Incoming is criticized for it. When you compare your cons with other games that were rated very high, they are the same."

The controls in those games actually worked. The controls in Incoming were broken.


"Can’t attach your Mii’s – Nintendo will not allow their Mii’s to be utilized on any game that depicts violence. – That is something every reviewer should know"

One word: Bomberman

And also, hi guys!
Im new here!