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Nintendo Download: Clubhouse Games, Paper Planes, Platforms and Warring States (US)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Nintendo of America's DSiWare push continues.

The pattern continues this week - Two new DSiWare games and one new game each for WiiWare and VC are available once again.

Both DSiWare games are cut down versions of already existing games. Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics includes five card games from Nintendo's DS game Clubhouse Games, but be warned - This version seems to not include Wi-Fi multiplayer, whereas the original game did. If your purchase depends entirely on whether it has online, it might be best to wait for our review. At 500 points it also seems a bit steep - The DS game can be found very cheap now, so you might want to get that and get a whopping 42 games instead of just 5.

Paper Airplane Chase came out in Europe as the launch title Paper Plane, but just like Pyoro/Bird & Beans, also from the original WarioWare, Nintendo of America has felt the need to change the title to make it seem like a new game. Unlike Bird & Beans though, it actually is somewhat new - Aside from the main game, in which you try to glide as far down a tower as you can, there's a new multiplayer mode and even a time attack mode with a bunch of seperate stages. At 200 points it's also one of the cheapest games available, and much better value than the Master of Illusion titles. Read our Paper Plane review for more.

Europe got Adventure Island: The Beginning on WiiWare last week - But North America has to make do with a different platform game for now. Cocoto Platform Jumper is the second Cocoto game to be ported to WiiWare (After Cocoto Fishing Master). It's a bit hard to find reviews of the original PS2/Gamecube release on the web, so we don't really know if you can expect a good game or not. Just wait for our review if you're curious!

On VC you can try your hand at another classic Koei strategy game - Nobunaga's Ambition is perhaps one of Koei's most beloved series. In it, you play as one of many Japanese daimyos (A sort of warlord), during the Warring States period, as you try to conquer all of Japan. Many of the games in the series have remained Japan-exclusive, but thankfully, this one, which also happens to be one of the best, was released in North America and is thus now available on VC.

More from Nintendo's press release:


April 27, 2009

The table is set for card-flipping fun with this week's release of Clubhouse Games™ Express: Card Classics on Nintendo DSiWare™, while the new Paper Airplane Chase™ packs portable challenges for fans of airborne action. WiiWare™ users will find Cocoto Platform Jumper, a wildly imaginative new platformer populated by mysterious creatures. Last but not least, Nobunaga's Ambition, a classic strategy game from the Super NES™ system era, finds its way to the Virtual Console™.

As an added bonus to help celebrate the recent launch of the new Nintendo DSi™ system, Club Nintendo members now will be able to earn coins for registering, linking and providing feedback about their Nintendo DSi systems. They also will be able to earn coins for providing feedback about Nintendo DSiWare titles, which will be automatically registered on their Club Nintendo account when they link their Nintendo DSi Shop to their Club Nintendo account.

Nintendo DSiWare

Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics (Nintendo, 1-8 players, Rated T for Teen - Simulated Gambling, 500 Nintendo DSi Points™): Clubhouse Games comes to Nintendo DSiWare with a collection of five fun card games in Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics. Play familiar favorites like Blackjack and Five Card Draw, or test your ability in the fast-paced Last Card, Last Card Plus and President. DS Download Play allows players to host as many as seven friends.

Paper Airplane Chase™ (Nintendo, 1-2 players, Rated E for Everyone, 200 Nintendo DSi Points): In Paper Airplane Chase, glide your virtual paper plane through an increasingly tricky slalom course. Take it slow in Endless mode or zip through several Time Attack courses. The two-player Race mode allows friends to race each other using a single Nintendo DSi system.


Cocoto Platform Jumper (Neko Entertainment, 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone - Mild Cartoon Violence, 700 Wii Points™): A long time ago in a faraway land, strange little creatures lived in the depths of Abyss. Cocoto, his little devil friends and the mysterious Fairy protect the secret of the magma — the source of their power — in a magic cauldron. Meanwhile, Zaron, the god of lightning who lusts after this force, is up to something. He can count on the rulers of the other kingdoms that Cocoto must cross. The tragic kidnapping of Shiny, Baggy and Neuro has left Cocoto alone to watch over the cauldron. Refusing to leave his friends, he will set out to find them with Fairy.

Virtual Console

Nobunaga's Ambition (Super NES, 1-8 players, Rated E for Everyone - Violent References, 800 Wii Points): Nobunaga's Ambition is a game set in Japan's Warring States period, a turbulent age when feudal warlords battled for control of the country. As the ruler of a fief, the player chooses his or her own path to conquest: Will you wage war on your neighbors or rely on diplomacy? Use economic sanctions or send ninja assassins? Use all of your ingenuity and resources to unite Japan under your banner.

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User Comments (119)



Eclipticalis said:

As one who doesn't own a DSi I can't help but be disappointed in the lack of VC games lately.



Mike1 said:

Nothing great about this update. Plus, only one VC game again, give us more than one a week Nintendo, is that so hard?!



Knux said:

WHAT!? No Super Smash Bros.!? What the heck is wrong with you Nintendo!?

@ Cocoto Platform Jumper:
Just what we need,another stupid Cocoto game!!

@ Nobunga's Ambition
Strangely looks intresting. I might get this.

Is Nintendo not planning to release Super Smash Bros. on the VC in NA at all!?



PhillaLoup said:

No, Moving Memo! then wikipedia was wrong and Europe won't get it this friday either...



Knux said:

Cocoto Platfom Jumper is probobly going to be awful. I bought the Cocoto Fishing game awhile back and it was awful! So I bet this game will be horrible too.



GMo4824 said:

I am so pissed off...

Worst streak Wii VC has had in i can't remember. GIVE US SOMETHING WE WANT NINTENDO

Why is Japan and EU getting such great stuff when NA is forgotten? are we being punished for bad sales or something?




i was expecting adventure island 2day what a crappy update hopefully our 300th game will b a good 1



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Wow. No Moving Memo, BBP, Drill Sergeant... Oh well. I'm glad Paper Plane's out so I was at least right about that. Too bad I don't have a DSi yet.



ReZon said:

DSiWare was as expected. Those were the last two games not yet released and shown in the DSiWare video on the official page.



jhuhn said:

Looks like we'll soon see Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Grey Wolf on the Virtual Console in a few weeks, since that game is from Koei and for the SNES.

Cotoco Platform Jumper originally came out on the Nintendo Gamecube for Europe, and wasn't available in North America, so it's been a long wait for that region.

Glad I have the DS game of Clubhouse games with Wi-Fi. Not worth downloading the DSiWare Express versions.



7th_lutz said:

I wouldn't be shocked if we get Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Grey Wolf within a month's time on the vc.



longtimegamer said:

Well this sucks. I guess it's back to trying decide if I should chance getting Crystal Defenders r1.



Chipmunk777 said:

@ Blaze

It seems like it would be a kind of "take your turn, pass the controller" 8 player game. From looking at the video, the game looks like it would play out kind of similarly to Risk (the board game, I don't know how its video game counter-parts play).

But at any rate, I have also been disappointed with the updates as of late. It's not a big deal though, good stuff will come eventually! I was hoping for cave story today, that would have been sweet.



warioswoods said:

This is disappointing. I might get the card game for $5, since that's not a bad deal, but paper airplane looks incredibly dull, and still no Majora's Mask.



thewiirocks said:

Yay! Paper Airplane!

Not so yay for everything else though. 500 points for card games? I could probably get the cart new for $10 if I tried hard enough, and a used copy would almost certainly be closer to the $10 mark.

I wonder what Nintendo's waiting for on all the cool stuff that EU has been getting? I hope they're not holding off for the E3 to "soften the blow" if the announcements don't go so well...



WolfLink22 said:

This is the most crappyist most underhanded thing that NOA or NCL or whoever adds VC Games and other Nintendo Downloads could ever do to VC or use to be VC Fans EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean come on Nobunaga's Ambition on the Month of SSB's 10th birthday????? come on How RUDE is that? Who ever is in control of the Nintendo Downloads needs their A** Fired rehired then refired then rehired then refired rehired just for jokes and then finally refired to finish them off with.

It looks as tho i will be sticking with Super Mario RPG and Super Street Fighter 2 The New Challengers again for another 3 to 4 weeks.



Crunc said:

DSiWare is a disaster. It's pretty clear that Nintendo has no plans to do anything good with it. They're going to give us mini versions of existing games and paid demos and that's it. Maybe 3rd parties will make up for them. We can hope, anyway.



KDR_11k said:

Hm, it looks like the US and PAL WiiWare are diverging more and more. The US still has a significant lead though (I count over 20 titles released in the US but not PAL).



Link79 said:

I'm still not used to how this Nintendo update page is set up. The article starts out talking about the DSi ware like it's the main focus and then further down the page it's like.... Oh by the way also on VC you can download blah blah. It's sorta annoying. I just wanna know what's on VC. The DSi stuff means little to me. I liked the older style of the site better.



The_Fox said:

The VC has been on a sh*t streak for so long its becoming a running joke. We've only had a couple of good VC releases in the last four months or so. Sure, Nobunga's Ambition is alright, but has a very narrow audience.
DSiWare makes me glad I didn't upgrade to the DSi....nothing really good on there yet, just shovelware and stripped down ports (except for Dr.Mario)



Ho11oWxxMaN said:

What a lackluster week...I just want Adventure Island: The Beginning and Zelda: Marjora's Mask...sigh

@ Link79: I agree, I don't own a DSi, and could care less about DSiWare (it looks like rubbish anyways). I really hate how the VC titles are taking a back seat on a site I joined long ago FOR VC info...



Teppo_Holmqvist said:

Sheesh, whiny little gamers. I find it rather hilarious how "angry" people get over non-living things, and think that they are entitled to have something.



thewiirocks said:

@The Fox - I've been telling people to wait on the DSi upgrade until DSiWare comes into its own. After all, DSiWare is really the primary reason for an upgrade. (Do we all really need another camera?) No reason to upgrade if you're happy with your DS Lite.

Now if you don't have a DS at all, go grab a DSi instead of a Lite. You'll be kicking yourself in 6 months if you don't.



WarioFan63 said:


I think you're overreacting a little there. Its not really rude at all and noone deserves to be fired over this. It may be a bit of a downer that it didn't happen but its not the worst thing ever.



longtimegamer said:

When I saw warring states I was hoping we had got Famcom Wars. That would have been sweet! I've never played it, but I liked advanced wars (Though I never finished it.)



blackknight77 said:

I'm really not interested in any of these games this week. I think Secret Command and Clayfighter will lead us up to Majora's Mask on May18th.
(I hope)



Atlantis1982 said:

I don't know what to say, sure another week with no VCA/C64, but people been wanting more SNES titles too. Plus, this SNES title does look interesting, but not sure if I would really like it or worth the 800 points.

Sigh, I just want more C64/VCA titles to come out. (cries)



longtimegamer said:

@Morphballer - LOL!

I really hope next weeks awsome. Maybe we're due?
@Alantis 1982- I didn't realize this was the SNES version. I wonder if it's much differant from the nes one? Though the nes vesion would be cheaper, so that part would be appealing to me.



Chatham said:

(insert typical US VC/WW gripes here)

...I was really hoping it would be worth my time to spend some points today...



Rapadash6 said:

What the heck, Nintendo? So you're going to instead wait until the 20th anniversary of Smash Bros? I am in shock that we didn't get Smash today...



WolfLink22 said:


No i am not I was happy when we got Mega Man, Super Mario RPG, Mega Man 2, and Mega Man 3.When those 4 VC Games came out i had something to shut up about and go play.When December came and saw releases like PS4 i was like ok i can live with it because of 4 games listed above.January same deal same story.February and March saw Kirby's Dreamland 3 and other games that people liked and wanted while i have been waiting on.We now come to the last Nintendo Download update of April and guess what SSB's 10th Birthday gets ignored by NOA or NCL as if it never happened or like they are saying yeah we know so what so screw our fanbase and make them mad.I have been waiting 4 months now 5 for games like SSB, ClayFighter, or even longer for the likes of Tetris Attack or the way over due Super Mario Kart.

I like many others have waited long enough for games like those DSI or no DSI.So no i am not overracting not in the least.Nintendo's lack of care for somewhere besides Japan is starting to hurt NOA's and NOE's Wii Sales.I mean come on there are some who even would want games like Mortal Kombat that Midway has said would come out even i want it too so where is it?

As for Tony USA does not have ClayFighter yet or else i would not be boiling this mad like i am right now.



Sean_Aaron said:

Wow, I hope Nobunaga's Ambition is also coming to Europe -- was that a USA/Japan-only release meaning we'll have to shell out 900 or 1000 points for it?



Bass_X0 said:

It'll probably come sometime after Romance of the Four Kingdoms IV, Sean (which America has had since 2007). We only pay 100 points extra for import games. No SNES game would cost us 1000 points, why would you think that? Its unlikely we'll get a translated game.



KDR_11k said:

Maybe they just won't release SSB because there's no point in having SSB and SSBB on the same system?



WarioFan63 said:


I'm sorry but I still don't see it. The Japanese release being close to its 10th Anniversary could've been mere coincidence and I seriously wish it didn't line up that way so that there wouldn't be people exploding about it not coming today.

Also, did anyone notice that Clubhouse Games Express here is rated T? The original game was rated E! What changed?



WolfLink22 said:

It is no coincidence Japan has always been treated better then USA and the other countries.


If that were the case then Japan would have never received SSB on their VC on it's 10th Anniversary in Japan either.



thewiirocks said:

@WarioFan63 - Isn't gambling considered a red flag by the ESRB? Perhaps they felt that this version focused too much on gambling over the more diverse experience of the full game? That's all I can think of.



Rapadash6 said:

The more I think about this whole Smash Bros. thing, the madder I get... It's like, now what? We've passed BOTH the one year of Brawl and ten years of the original, so what exactly is Nintendo waiting for? Are we going to even get the game at all? What does this mean for Majora's Mask release here in North America? So many questions that Nintendo will undoubtably ignore as fans get more angry with each passing Monday. I don't see why we couldn't have gotten this game in January when Japan did as was the case with most of the N64 games before hand. I let it go then because I assumed they'd save it for the 10th anniversary which they obviously did not... DARN YOU NINTENDO!! YOU SUCK!!!!



JRSoul said:

Why do you suck so much NOA? Why can't you release more than one game a week for WiiWare and VC? Is it too much to ask?



Kenji510 said:

Once again, another disappointing week but at least we got Paper Plane Chase and thats all im downloading and the rest of them can pass.

I thought we was gettin Pop+Plus and Moving Memo too, but i guess the wikipedia was wrong.



Edwin said:

It is pretty surprising that we didn't get Super Smash Bros. today. I only hope that Nintendo doesn't decide to give us that instead of Majora's Mask for the 300th game.



Adamant said:

I love how you all get worked up about not getting one particular title today, when the VC is no doubt filled with a ton of great games you haven't downloaded yet.

Nobunaga looks interesting, are there any huge differences between this and RotTK4?



Twilight_Crow said:


ok... three LAME week upates... in a row...

Alright, I put myself together; nothing for me again, Nobunaga's doesn't appeal to me at all, but I'm hoping for a good score (which I doubt) on Cocoto's review, Wiiware needs platform games; and the only "good news" nothing I care about on Dsiware, I still don't feel bad about not getting a $350 Dsi .



Olimar_91 said:

Downloaded Paper Airplane Chase myself.

I'm bummed that Nintendo hasn't released Mighty Flip Champs, or much of any 3rd Party DSiware yet. But there's always next week.



warioswoods said:


The Lime Green DS Lite they are selling is targeted at mothers, who aren't likely to go online to download titles anyway, and who are even less likely to come anywhere near to exhausting the great library of "casual" DS games already available, so it makes sense to get them something like this with its much more reasonable price.

Even after the GBA was essentially dead, with no new releases coming out, I remember Nintendo suggesting in an interview that they still would like to promote the system as a great starter handheld, after which one could always upgrade to the DS if they grow bored with GBA and still be able to use the same games. It's the exact same situation with the DS Lite; it still makes sense to get one, and you'll have plenty of great titles out there to choose from. If you eventually want to make the move to the DSi and downloadable games, you can do that and still keep all your DS games. It's a very reasonable option for some users; why start them off with the latest, more expensive hardware when they could have plenty of fun for less with the last iteration?

To say that the Lime Green DS Lite is somehow an abandonment of the DSi is absolute nonsense.



The_Fox said:

@ post65. Adamant
Of course, that is suggesting that those games you consider good on the VC is worth downloading and is to the taste of everyone. I mean, there are plenty of games on the VC that I wouldn't touch due to the fact that I've either played them before or that they aren't worth the price. I use the VC mostly to grab titles I've missed myself or that I can't really easily find in cartridge form.
Just seems to me that Nintendo is getting lazy (or overconfident).



Party_On_Dude said:

Well first off why am I NOT SURPRISED?!

You think NINTENDO WOULDN'T BE STUPID & release SSB64 today... but I guess they TRULY ARE STUPID!!!!!

Also didn't I say exactly that "if Nintendo decided to totally screw with us & not give SSB64 to us here in the US... then there DEFINATELY would be a TON of ANGRY NINTENDO FAN BOYS running amock, & sending a TON of HATE email to Nintendo"!!!

I hope you angry STUPID FANBOYS on VC-Nintendo-Life who said they're MAD with today's releases (because of NOOOO SSB64); aren't planning on ACTUALLY SENDING IN HATE EMAIL... or just throwing this random thing out there like banging down Nintendo of America or Japan's doors & planning on harming someone at Nintendo pretty badly for their lack of no hardcore VC service?!!!!!!!!!!



Actually its been more like 3 months now since January 20th, & you won't give us SSB64 but Japan still has it!!!!
And its actually been almost a month since you never gave us Zelda Majora's Mask; when EU & Japan got the game at the begging of April on the 3rd & 7th!!!!


So its a BIG OMG HUGE DARN SHAME Nintendo didn't give us Super Smash Bros 64 on its 10 year anniversary... & since Japan has had it since January 20th on their 10 year anniversary!!!!!!

As for Zelda Majora's Mask... if they're holding it for #300; its more looking like we will MIGHT POSSIBLY just may get it on May 18th with Punch-Out Wii... or SSB64 instead of Zelda, but who am I to know exactly what Nintendo is thinking?!!!!!!!

Come on... someone's got to agree with me; or at least comment on my I TOLD YOU SO ANGRY POST?!!!



alvieao said:

Oh come on, Nintendo... Release both Majora's Mask and Super Smash Bros. in America already! Not to mention new VC Arcade releases like Japan gets two at a time. This is UNFAIR!



Party_On_Dude said:

Also just for the record; who thinks this thread will reach way beyond past 100 or maybe 200 comments with tons of hate comments anyway?!

Also you wanna know why you people on Nintendo-Life leave moore than 100 comments in a single thread... its BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE HAVE NOOOO LIVES!!!!!!



Zweck36 said:

Ok we need SSB, Majora's Mask, Final Fantasy, and MM4 real f'ing quick. Why are they sitting on these games. These four games alone will stream in a ton of revenue.



Rabspat said:

Nintendo, stop pretending like there are no good games that you could be giving us right now. Not only is Super Smash Bros. the predecessor to Nintendo's greatest game ever (SSB: Melee!), but there's also Cave Story, Bubble Bobble Plus, and quite a few games I'm not even mentioning right now.

Also, what's the pointing of adding two new consoles to the VC if you're not going to give us any damn games for them?



Party_On_Dude said:

@comment 80:

Actually nintendo has been screwing with us ever since they started this whole 1 vc release thing since far back in 2008!!!!!
And I say this for everyone on here; we've been sick of it since then!!!!!!!!

Nintendo needs to give the Wii MORE VC LOVE; & LESS LOVE for its lame DSiWare, (because it lame like WiiWare)!!!!!!!



Bahamut_ZERO said:

OMG!!!! That guy in comment #2 has my avatar

On the releases, I think Clubhouse is overpriced. 200 would have made it a good buy though.



Cheesy said:

Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics (Nintendo, 1-8 players, Rated T for Teen - Simulated Gambling

What? Rated T? What kind of crud is that? And although Paper Planes looks good, I wanna save my last 500pts. (Spent 500 on Aquia)



Cheezy said:

This has to be one of the most dissapointing updates, I was expecting Adventure Island or Smash Bros. or Decode or even Majora's Mask or Moving Memo but none of that happened. What a huge shame

Also, here's how I see it:

Japan: They get like 9 games a week and they're all fairly decent most of the time
Europe: They only get about 2 VC games every other week and about 3 WiiWare/DSiWare games the filling weeks, so that's not much, but at least the stuff they get is all the good stuff!
And then, there's us...the good 'n mighty US of ready?
USA: ONLY 1 (!) VC game, 2 DSiWare games, and 1 WiiWare game. That's all close to the amount of games Europe gets for DSiWare/WiiWare, and it's all stuff we don't care about, just mostly shovelware? Why? Because obviously, Nintendo doesn't really care about us in this department. Why?



Ferret75 said:

Okay, until Nintendo releases at least three VC games a week and starts releasing good games frequently, there's no way to assume any other week may be good. _

What the hell Nintendo.



Supermarioman said:

Well everbody there are two things good about this weeks dowloads: Paper Plane to all DSi owners is one. EXCEPT WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT DSi WARE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! #2 is that we can finally get around to dowloading games that we still haven't goten yet.

Now to my rant....
You and your good third parties have so much you could release and you give us crap!! Here I will name a few:

Donkey Kong 64
Super Mario Kart
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Super Smash Bros.
Final Fantasy
Mega Man 4 or X
Street Fighter (Arcade)
Dracula X: Rondo of Blood
Phantasy Star
Any C64 game that Europe has!!!

Thats just a few games we would love to see. I know Nintendo can not seriously think that we will like all the crap they are throwing at us.
Heck even great announced DSi titles could come out like Art Style:Decode and Pop-Plus. Also on WiiWare where is Adventure Island and Bubble Bobble Plus at for the U.S. !!!!

IF ONLY NINTENDO would realize how much money they could make if they released good games that we care about, but no they give us bullcrap. Well the game does sound good, but that is no excuse for the lack of any effort in this update, we got good games at the start of the year but now this year is almost worse then 08 and were not even half way through the year.

There my rant is finished, you happy now Nintendo!!!



Aenaida said:


I wonder which game will be #300? SSB or Majora's Mask?


The people with DSi's.



mjc0961 said:

Big pass on the Clubhouse Games (I already have the DS card with all the games on it), but it's about time we got the Paper Airplane game! I'll be getting that, especially since it's free (thanks again for the 10 bucks, Nintendo!)



Supermarioman said:

Also to add to my rant I realized that if we get Majora's Mask for 300, what the hell will Europe get. I put my money ona freaking awsome Import game or Smash, what the hell Nintendo of America, what the Hell!



Objection said:

Meh update. I think its stupid however, that a card game can get a Teen rating for "simulated gambling."



Vendetta said:

Ever watch the news and before each commercial they say "...And coming up, [insert news item everyone's really waiting to see]," but it doesn't air until the very last segment even after the weather and sports? Well that's what's happening here. They got us all on a hook waiting for the good stuff, and maybe just maybe we'll bite at some of the filler while we're waiting. It's not like we're not gonna buy Smash, Cave Story, etc. whenever they're released, so they might as well monetize the captive audience while they have the chance.




Stuffgamer1 said:

Didn't I tell people not to expect Super Smash Bros. today? With Nintendo, you can never, EVER count on ANYTHING anymore (at least not in the "what will be added to Shop Channel soon" category)!

Clubhouse games is still available retail, Nintendo. I'm sure there are some people stupid enough to download this title, but not us! Look at the facts, after all:
Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics - 5 games, $5
Clubhouse Games retail - 42 games, $20
I already have Clubhouse Games retail, and strongly encourage anyone interested to go the same route.

I'm glad we got another SNES game (three in the past two months is pretty huge, really), but why did it have to be another Koei game? I know they have a fanbase, but I'm not part of it! Stupid Koei...

I've come to the point where I actually PREFER zero PS1 games on PSN over one piece of crap week after week on VC. At least that way, we can't get our hopes up for a specific game because we know better than to expect ANYTHING...

I'm going on record now that I have ZERO expectations for the 300th game on VC. It could be Majora, could be Smash, could be wasted on Mario Is Missing. No clue. I strongly advise people to not expect anything from that release, so as to avoid likely unpleasantness when something else hits.



Party_On_Dude said:

@comment #95 Stuffgamer1:

Well you seem so possitive & so sure of yourself?! Are you too smart in the head or something?!

Like people want to not overhype for whichever (SSB64 or Zelda MM); being released or not, or for #300 game!

People like to complain; so leave it as it is...

I'm however sort of like you though... for I've kept saying wait until today & SSB64 might get released on its anniversary!

But looks like I knew I would be dissapointed with Nintendo... AGAIN like always! If anyone should blame anything of anybody... it should be NINTENDO for giving us LACK LUSTER VC RELASES & THEY SHOULD SERIOUSLY STOP WITH THE 1 GAME RELEASES!!!



LinktotheFuture said:

I have a DSi, but I am more interested in the DSi getting a VC for Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games than DsiWare, as I am also more interested in the VC for the Wii than the WiiWare.



marktheshark said:

Dang, no Neo Geo, C64, or Arcade games today, at least we got a great strategy game from Koei.



Starwolf_UK said:

It'll probably come sometime after Romance of the Four Kingdoms IV, Sean (which America has had since 2007).
The fact we've yet ot see any sign of that suggests anything and I mean anything Koei published in America but not in Europe (thats all of it, right?) won't come out. Think about it from a logical standpoint.

Game has niche market interest anyway, to publish in Europe you need pulbisher+PEGI rating. Since it is an import game Nintendo of Europe have even more control about when it can come out. It has to come out during a Hanabai Festival (what would contradict this would be an imporet game released outside of that). What kind of publisher is going for a big long term leap (you waste money on PEGI rating then have Nintenod sit on the item for age) like this especilly in today's eccenomic climate?

Yeah Nintendo really went into this digital distribution thing with a very simple idea of the world and also messed up writing the specifications about games having to be the same as the original (meaing Europe gets crappy 50Hz oh joy) and output at certain resolutions (which Hudson took to mean get a 240 pixel game to 480 pixels using some blurry emulator filter rather than the razor sharp pixels other systems use).



brooks83 said:

Nintendo really should have 60hz in all regions. There's just no excuse not to.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Party On Dude: If I sound so sure of myself, it's only because Nintendo has given me full reason to. It's rare they surpass my pessimistic expectations of them, so I speak as though they won't. I'll happily eat my words if we DO get something awesome for #300, though.

I fully agree with you about the 1-game releases. I e-mailed Nintendo to complain last week, but naturally received naught but a generic BS reply for my trouble. I welcome others to try as well, though. MAYBE our numbers could rise to audible level. Not likely, but worth the two minutes it takes to send off an e-mail, I think.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

Coincidentally, I happen to be taking a Tokugawa Japan class right now, so I actually know who Oda Nobunaga is.



Jolted85 said:

Nobunaga's Ambition awesome! I love those koei strategy games, glad to see a new publisher is supporting the VC like this.



Kevin said:

More one VC games weeks? Argh! Get with it Nintendo, Truthfully I can care less about WiiWare and Dr. Mario has come out for DSiWare so the only service I'm really expecting great games for is the VC. Where's Bubble Bobble?



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Party On Dude: Come now, do you REALLY think that was the FIRST post I've ever made that made sense? I know I have an unusual writing style, but not THAT bad!



Jolted85 said:

I don't see why you guys care so much about one game a week, think about it most months usually have 4 or 5 weeks, so if we get one game a week on a 4 week month thats 4 games, so then we have a 5 week month that's 5 games so 4 + 5 is 9 games in two months, how many months are in a year you add to that and that is how many games you get in a year.

It's really not THAT bad think about it, south korea only gets updates every 2 to 4 weeks EU gets one VC update every fortnight so it's really not that bad.



Knux said:

I agree. Nintendo is so unpreditcable! The way Nintendo's going,they might release another Wonder Boy game as the 300th game instead of Majora's Mask or Super Smash Bros. Whoever is over the VC loves Wonder Boy and Koei.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Jolted85: Personally, I only really care about getting more games a week because that's the standard Nintendo started us off with, and I'm not happy with it having been lowered like this! Especially when they keep releasing games I don't care about week after week after week. More games a week=better chance I'll want one of the games, right? That can only be a good thing for both the consumers and Nintendo. We'll be happy, and their sales will increase. Why they can't see that is beyond me...



tyrone said:

I'm a big fan of Clubhouse Games, but I already have the DS version. Hmm, it's nice not to have to take an extra cartridge around though.



Party_On_Dude said:

I think out of the heated discussion we're having this late in this comment section; @comment #112 Stuffgamer said it all pretty best that I would've desribed it in the first place... so yet again I aplaud him for a job well done!

Yet clearly I do got to say this... this is a sad day for all hardcore VC gamers who were expecting SSB64... its a OMG HUGE DARN SHAME!!



tyrone said:

You have to keep in mind that it's going to take publishers and developers a while to figure out how to make good, fun, quick games for DSiWare.

Also, some will probably wait and see how many DSi units sell-through. So far sales have been good, especially in Japan.



Jolted85 said:

I read that the reason why ninty lowered the amount of VC releases is so they can push Wiiware more, and I think they've achieved that goal, for me I'm happy as to what the VC has become, they gave us imports, and games that we would normally be unable to get elsewhere.

Sure ninty acts in strange ways, but I think they've done a good job with the VC, and no matter how you look at it 297 games is pretty impressive, and yes I do know Japan gets majorly spoiled with VC releases, but hey it's Japan >_>



Sean_Aaron said:

@Starwolf_UK: That bites because Romance of the Four Kingdoms IV and Nobunaga's Ambition are the only two VC games currently out in North America (which aren't out in Europe) that I'd really like to see on the European VC (I gave up on Elevator Action ages ago and bought it on the Japanese machine -- of course I'd rather have the VCA version since the Famicom one isn't quite as good as arcade).

@Bass X0: Eh, I cannot remember how much the Hanabi markup is because I never buy games through it (though these Koei games would be the first).




Not really a good update for NA IMHO.
Wiki said you were getting Moving Memo and Pop Plus on Monday, two of my insta-downloads. Never mind.



Adamant said:

@Sean: Koei's games have never really reached Europe before, and they belong to a very niche genre, so I'm not so sure we'll ever see them. then again, this WOULD be a good opportunity to introduce them to people, given how cheap VC games are.

But I wouldn't keep my hopes up.



XD375 said:

It's not like the Wii downloads would be any different without DSi.

We've been getting one Virtual Console game and one WiiWare game for ages, guys.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@LEGEND MARIOID: I'm still waiting for that to be officially announced. It's been way too long since we heard anything about it, and I'm actually starting to doubt it'll ever happen.



cheetahman91 said:

Ahhh, I remember this day quite well. The day NA didn't get SSB, and everyone thought the world was ending. Thankfully we finally have it. Took us years to get it though.

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