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A long time ago in a faraway land, strange little creatures lived in the depths of Abyss.

Cocoto, his little devil friends and the mysterious Fairy protect the secret of the magma — the source of their power — in a magic cauldron. Meanwhile, Zaron, the god of lightning who lusts after this force, is up to something. He can count on the rulers of the other kingdoms that Cocoto must cross.

The tragic kidnapping of Shiny, Baggy and Neuro has left Cocoto alone to watch over the cauldron. Refusing to leave his friends, he will set out to find them with Fairy.

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Posted by Paul Schreiner

Will Cocoto have you jumping for joy or off a cliff?

It's no big secret that WiiWare could use more platformers, . Cocoto Platform Jumper may count itself lucky then that this genre is relatively underrepresented at this time. Is it worth enough to spend your hard-earned cash, though? It just might be.The...

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User Comments (26)



Wiiloveit said:

No idea what to expect from this. Hopefully it'll be a good addition to the tiny range of platformers WiiWare currently has to offer - though I'm not expecting anything amazing here.



AlexSays said:

Another Cocoto game?
No thanks.

Whoever thought that ugly little creature was marketable needs to be shot.



Yasume said:

Ah yes, Cocoto Fishing Master is a decent game. Let's hope that this game will be just as good (or better).



FroguinZX said:

Hmm, I wouldn't write it off as bad. But that just accounts for the fact that I am a sucker for platformers. Well, I hope to see this as a good addition to the WiiWare family. If not, I will unmercifully bag on it until it seeps from the top 20 if it makes it. :)



Wiiloveit said:

It looks okay, but it's one of those games that could end up totally failing.



tatemon555 said:

Oh, come on guys! It doesn't look that bad! Sure, it's Cocoto, but it still looks decent... doesn't it?



Wiiloveit said:

Right then: this has been rated on every different board now (USK/OFLC/ESRB/PEGI) - so it could spring on us at any moment. I'm going to hope that it is better than everyone is currently assuming, although deep down inside, I know that that isn't going to be true :(



Quimby said:

An interesting concept for a platformer; a 3D Rainbow Islands (Bubble Bobble 2) that rotates like a tube... I like the idea, but its cocoto.
I got burnt by the fishing game so Ill pass.




To be fair if Cocoto Magic Circus was a wiiware title, it would've worked better as a purchase. I'm not interested in this though.



IAmNotWill said:

I will only download this game if someone gives me the cash to do so. Otherwise this has no chance with me.



pixelman said:

Hmm, looks like it has potential for being good, but I'll wait for the reviews. 700 points isn't bad.

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