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Fri 9th Jan 2009

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Eclipticalis commented on Rampant Speculation: What's Nintendo Showing Off?:

Personally I'm hoping that a new Zelda for the Wii is what we're going to see shortly. The fact that Twilight Princess was originally a Gamecube game makes me think that they've been hard at work on a new Wii title. This is Nintendo we're talking about, however, so it's quite likely that we're all wrong.



Eclipticalis commented on Rumour: EarthBound Not Coming to Virtual Console:

I find it hard to believe that Nintendo would not be willing to do what it takes to get this game released on the VC. It seems to me like it would be one of the biggest sellers that the system has seen yet, seeing that it has such a huge following.



Eclipticalis commented on USA VC Update: Sonic Chaos:

Kind of a disappointing week. Maybe Nintendo is just screwing with us, and from this point on will release several incredible games per week.

Yeah right...



Eclipticalis commented on Ten Games We'd Like To See On The Virtual Cons...:

Glad to see that Earthbound made the list, hopefully it gets released sometime in the near future, it was rated by the ESRB quite some time ago.

Anyone think there's a chance of "Crystalis" for NES being released? There's a game I would like to play again.