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Sun 11th May 2008

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MisterSmith commented on Sales for Dementium Remastered Have Been Much ...:

"Would you miss Renegade Kid's eShop releases?"
Not particularly.

"What do you think is the problem behind the studio's sales woes?"
Well, let's look at their current & future(?) 3DS eShop line-up: ATV Wild Ride 3D, Moon Chronicles, Dementium: Remastered I & II, Mutant Mudds & Super Challenge, Planet Crashers, Bomb Monkey, Xeodrifter and Treasurenauts.

1. Mutant Mudds was their success story on the eShop. Right mixture of right quality & price? Right release at the right time? I'm not sure. Speaking for myself, it's the only game of theirs that I own...and the main reason why I bought it was because it was on sale during a time where sales weren't a regular thing. I think supporting that interested me about as much as the game (if not more). Come to think of it, I don't think I've even played it. beyond the demo. Huh. But maybe Super Challenge will be lightning striking twice. Then again, I can't think of too many sequels that get touted as more challenging than the original and end up being more successful, especially with a 3-4 year gap.

Fun fact: Moon Chronicles, Dementium I & II, ATV Wild Ride 3D represent 40% of their 3DS eShop output, and (in their original forms) consist of 100% of their Nintendo DS output. I get the appeal of unearthing lost gems, but when it represents nearly half of your output on a platform capable of playing the mostly similar might not make for the best business sense. Factor in the bungled 'episodic' release of Moon, the limited appeal of handheld horror (let alone trying it twice) and an ATV game...I'm just not entirely sure where the high expectations would come from. Also, I'm just going to mention Planet Crashers in this section, since it's their only other 3D game besides these four. I don't think even RK diehards have much else to say about it.

3. Bomb Monkey, Xeodrifter and Treasurenauts. Bomb Monkey is a puzzle game on a system that is Full. Full. Full. of puzzle games. kind of a shame really. It's probably the one title that I can see as questionable in terms of low sales. Personally I haven't bought it since everything I've read about it suggests the playtime/price ratio is probably not quite ideal. Treasurenauts? I'm kind of presuming is barely in development, if at all. I think by the time Super Challenge comes out, that'll be the fourth game by them to come out since it was announced. Perhaps focusing on one thing at a time and making that thing actually stand out would be beneficial to Jools & Co.

But who knows, maybe his Goat-toting game is just what he needs? Guess we'll find out.



MisterSmith commented on Midora Developer Admits He Knew Kickstarter Fu...:

This is a really unfortunate situation all around. It's not cool that this guy would set his goal so low that he had half of what he actually needed. I know some projects end up getting either way more than they need or get some additional publisher assistance. Maybe he was hoping/expecting one of those situations to arise with this game?

Possibly worth noting...we've seen quite a few titles get released primarily or with support of the platform. We've seen Shovel Knight (and Plague of Shadows), Cloudberry Kingdom, The Fall, Adventures of Pip, Freedom Planet, Giana Sisters, Armikrog, Pier Solar. Octodad and Hive Jump are out on non-Nintendo systems and slated soon. Citizens of Earth's release was the result of Atlus noticing the title, despite not reaching its goal. The Deer God missed it's Wii U stretch goal, but it's still coming out anyway. (And this is just a cursory glance of titles for Nintendo systems.)

And largely these seem like well received games that benefited from developers setting out to make the kinds of games they wanted to make for the people who wanted to (financially) help make them. It'd be real shame for a Zelda clone to mess this up for everyone else.



MisterSmith commented on Nintendo Reveals the Final Club Nintendo Elite...:

@Isaggi I think there is still a demo available for Mario Golf on the eShop. Since there's still plenty of time between now and when the codes stop being valid, it may not be a bad idea for you to give the game a try on your own to see if it's something you'd respond well to.



MisterSmith commented on Nintendo Reveals the Final Club Nintendo Elite...:

@Paintfrog Between the two Zeldas, I've always preferred Ages over Seasons. As for Pushmo/Crashmo, I own both but Pushmo is the first, and it might not be a bad idea to start with that just to get a feel for it and see if you'd be interested in moving on with the sequel. You really can't go wrong with any of them for to be honest.



MisterSmith commented on WayForward to Celebrate 25th Anniversary With ...:

I'll get MSF2. I own the first one and like it well enough that 75% off for the sequel seems like a no-brainer.

I'd consider Shantae, but I haven't tried the first one yet. I'm surprised it's not part of the deal. It seems like Game Boy/Color games rarely ever go on sale.



MisterSmith commented on Renegade Kid and Nicalis Titles Reduced on eSh...:

There's also quite a few more sales including Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures for $19.99 ($39.99), Project X Zone is going for $14.99 ($34.99), Witch & Hero for $2.79 ($3.99), Sword & Soldiers 3D for $5.59 ($7.99), Hometown Story for $29.99 ($39.99), VectorRacing for $4.89 ($6.99) and...well 3 pages worth of items listed on the 3DS eShop.



MisterSmith commented on Chronos Twins DX Coming to WiiWare:

I had no idea this game ever eventually came out. I remember reading about it WWAAAYY back when it was a GBA title and heard they were transferring it to the DS, but I never knew it eventually came out. Guess it never hit the U.S. Hopefully that will change this time, assuming it's any good.



MisterSmith commented on Mighty Flip Champs! On Nintendo Channel:

I really hope this is 500 points, since I still have that many left from when I got my DSi yesterday. I wouldn't be surprised if it came out for 800(+) points, but it just means I wouldn't be getting it for a little while.



MisterSmith commented on Review: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (DS):

The main reason why I bought this game was because the developers (Rockstar Leeds) did such a great job with Max Payne for the GBA. The game had voice overs and 3D and so much stuff that pushed the boundaries for the system. Stuff you'd never think of being possible for a handheld. They pulled it off again with this game, and I really hope they stick around and keep making DS games.



MisterSmith commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (28th Jan):

I don't have World of Goo, either. I'm waiting for Cave Story right now before I buy any other WiiWare games right now. Since I have an odd number of points (1900, to be exact) I don't want to make any more purchases until I can even things out, y'know? But once Cave Story comes out, World of Goo will be purchased sometime soon after.



MisterSmith commented on Toribash Coming To WiiWare:

Between Cave Story, Super Meat Boy, Defend Your Castle and seems like WiiWare becoming the destination for the free indie games getting onto the consoles. I wonder how long until Desktop Tower Defense, the Knytt series, La-Mulana, or anything from devs like Cactus or Annie make it to the WiiWare.



MisterSmith commented on Nicalis Updates Cave Story Progress:

If it means more money for pixel, than I'm sold. As long as it's actual content (levels, items, or whatever) and not something like a different skin or something. If it's free, I'm sure I won't mind whatever it is regardless. The main game is my main concern anyway.



MisterSmith commented on Talking Point: Is the Virtual Console On The S...:

I think the problem with VC is that Nintendo seems to have no reason or pattern to release these games. Why no Castlevania release when Judgement came out? None of the Sonic titles that haven't been released for Unleashed? Will We see the NES Rygar come out when the Wii version comes out?

That and it seems like Nintendo likes to pick a selection of titles that frankly lack any real value for its price. I don't think anyone ever cared about Urban Champion or China Warrior back when they were originally released. Putting them out again isn't going to make them any better. I understand they can't put SMRPG and Vectorman out every week, but it'd be nice for them for them to put out the games from that time worth remembering.



MisterSmith commented on North American WiiWare Top 10:

LostWinds is getting beat by TV Show King? I can understand the other three being where they are...but TV Show King? This just bursts my bubble.

Although, for the moment at least, I'm just going to assume that LostWinds sold very well the weeks prior, resulting in some kind of drop-off in sales which would allow it to go that far down.

Unless TV Show King has been beating it all along, which will make me sad.



MisterSmith commented on Yudo Announces Aero Guitar For WiiWare:

Much cheaper than the alternatives, so I'll probably jump in.

I'm refusing to buy any Guitar Hero/Rock Band/etc. type game until they all decide to play nice with their controllers. I have no need to spend hundreds of dollars on several fake guitars, drums, and mics.



MisterSmith commented on Luc Bernard's Rose Princess coming to WiiWare:

I was excited for this game back when he announced it way back.

But I follow his blog fairly off and on, and Luc bugs me, to be honest. He flip flops between what kinds of games he wants to do and for what systems he puts them on. He hated XBLA when he went to WiiWare, but now all of a sudden (according to recent posts) he likes it again and wants to do an iPhone game. Or a PC game. Actually it was probably both. And then some.

Or something. He just doesn't seem to work with any of his ideas until they get somewhere (with the exception of the fairly underwhelming first footage of the WW version of Eternity's Child)

Of course, I love the concepts and such of EC and this game sounds great as well. It's just a matter if he stops blogging and thinking about all the different platforms so much and actually does some game making.




MisterSmith commented on North American WiiWare launch games:


Where did Nintendo confirm Dr. Mario Online Rx for the US WiiWare launch? Nothing was confirmed officially as a launch title until this press release was posted.

Where's Gyrostarr? Or Toki Tori? How about Star Soldier R? Critter Round-up? Where did V.I.P. Casino come from? TONS of titles that were speculated or otherwise 'announced' for launch on WiiWare aren't on this list.

Even the game makers are pretty much out of the loop, when it comes to game launches.

Besides, Nintendo DID say they were going to stagger WiiWare in the U.S. a little bit more, unlike in Japan. With the exception of the March 25th launch, only two titles have come out (Puzzloop in April and Block Breaker in April).

In Reggie's words a 'Virtual Console' approach

So Dr. Mario could be the following week, for all we know.



MisterSmith commented on North American WiiWare launch games:

I'm very happy with this line-up, I don't know what you people are all whining about.

I'll definitely be checking out LostWinds and FFCC. I'm on the fence about Defend Your Castle and Pop. I probably won't knock V.I.P. Casino or TV Show King, but it's not bad to have variety.

I'm also glad that Nintendo didn't release any of their games for launch. I think it's nice for them to give the other companies a chance.