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Virtual Console games to be directly downloadable to SD cards

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

At a press conference in Japan today, not only did Nintendo announce a barrage of new DS/Wii games and a new DS, they also announced something Wii fans have been wanting for a long time - A storage solution!

Sadly, it's not a hard drive like many people assumed. Instead, you'll be able to directly download games to SD cards. At the moment, the only way to get games on SD cards is to download them to your Wii first and then transfer them to the SD card, meaning you have to create space first, but with an update coming in the spring (At least for Japan), this will no longer be necessary - Just download them straight to the SD card. Of course this still means you'll have to swap games, so it's not really that great of a solution - Oh well!

Note: We originally said games would be playable directly off of SD cards. Sadly, this is not true - Our apologies!

Source: Nintendo of Japan

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Will said:

I feel like the clouds have parted, and a beam of light has shone directly on my person.



Dazza said:

Next the geeks and otaku will complain about the 2GB limit on cards and no SDHC support

This is great news anyway, about time!



Drake said:

So much awesomeness today:

  • DSi and DS Ware
  • Punch-Out!! Wii
  • Sin & Punishment 2
  • Mario & Luigi 3
  • New DS WarioWare
  • Another Code/Trace Memory 2 (For Wii this time)
  • Picross 3D
  • Endless Ocean 2
  • Wii storage solution

This makes up for E3



juice said:

why did it take so long to develop? this is definitely good news though

(and in an unrelated surge of expressed rage)........DAMN U JAPAN.......why can't you just release stuff for everyone around the world at the SAME TIME.......why u gotta pigeon hold?!!!

-sorry for yelling



Ark said:

Mario&Luigi 3 was confirmed? And a new DS Wario Ware? Picross 3D and Endless Ocean 2? Heard of the other things you've listed, but never heard these ones. o_O

Finally, we get a solution. Too bad we have to wait a couple of seasons...



timp29 said:

I thought the transfer speeds of the sd card slot were woeful. This will be interesting. Can the wii speed up the sd data transfer speeds via software? Or does the wii have enough flash memory to hold an entire game?



WoRMaSTeR said:

Yay, finally some games to look forward to.

Is it 100 % confirmed that you can actually play the games from the memory card? A Finnish site ( says that is was announced that you can download games directly to the SD card, but if you want to play them they still need to reside in the Wii's on memory. I surely hope they are wrong...



BDPatVCR said:

But what will we complain about in the future ? ...
Oh yeah we always find something



Jockolantern said:

I'm one of the weirdos who never cared about having to swap games around (it doesn't take THAT long... good grief, you impatient gamers) but this will certainly be an incredibly nice feature to have. SD cards are cheap and hold tons of games... my 1GB card has almost a hundred games on it, so I can only imagine what it's going to be like with a 4GB card plugged into my Wii to play my collection off of. Looking forward to this update a lot.



slangman said:

About time. I hate swapping TurboDuo, N64 and big Neo Geo to my SD card.

Glad to finally see a sequal to Sin & Punishment and a Punch Out game for the Wii.

EDIT: Pikmin for Wii is announced but it's a gamecube port of one of the 2 games.



Ian_Daemon said:

Now let's see this update apply to ALL downloadable games, VC and WW. This sounds like a good idea. We'll just need some way to see what's on the SD Card. I agree with the new channel idea.

@Jackolantern: Depending on the game, it could take a long time.



i8cookie said:

Cool, perfect solution. Transfer rates will be fine, the Wii can store most VC games in memory whole, so no performance worries there. The long implementation time is probably so they can make 100% sure there's no way to share games over the net, or holes in their SD booting code (which there inevitably will be). I'm sure the guys over at Wiibrew are jumping for joy!



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Drake: You mentioned all that awesomeness but didn't point out the new Ace Attorney game I saw briefly featured in the DS trailer? Shame on you!

Anyway, with all these new announcements, I think Nintendo may have won back the "best game company" spot in my mind. My head ready asplode with awesome!



MarkyVigoroth said:

(Copied from WiiWare World)
"Yay! My SD card will get better use instead of going to waste! (The odd thing is that that solution was under our noses this whole time... )

Hn... someone said that the Wii should automatically add channels when we run out. I hope that concept comes to frutition."

I like your Chamander avatr, Mr. Angelic Lapras King! That Charmander is shiny...

Mr. Drake, that WarioWare DS is due! I bet that Wario is supposed to release 1 WarioWare title a year! 9I was hoping for the Balance Board, though...)



Kultist said:

Well this is good news for some of us. Like jackolantern said, it was not that long to tranfer files. In the worst cases (LoZ:OoT for example), it could take 5 minutes or so, but is that unbearable? Oh geeks and otakus, how happy must you be
@russta : Yeah this will probably mean an easier way to get into the Wii (and, maybe, run Linux and stuff from SD without busting open your Wii... How cool would a Wii-Fii Liinux server in my living room be ?? )



Rodolfo said:

This is great news but has anyone tried copying an N64 game to an SD card? I copied Paper Mario over and it was brutally and painfully slow. I am hoping that a firmware update can indeed speed up SD read/write times. The only way it couldn't is if to cheap out on costs the internal SD slot is a USB 1.1 reader, and even then it should be able to achieve some half decent speeds. Still, games like Ys I&II could be a pain to run. My guess is that it is so slow because of some type of encryption or maybe it was just optimized for pics and small music files initially. Come on Nintendo, don't let us down!



DDR_Paladin356 said:

And there was much rejoycing.

I wouldn't be surprised if they put all of the Virtual Console/WiiWare games in one channel now where you could launch them.



Ricardo91 said:

I think I hear the hallelujah chorus playing...
And all this great news came just a day before my birthday! yaaaaaay ME!

@Drake. are those real!?

I think I'm gonna have a heart attack.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Mr. Drake, after seeing a YouTube video of that compilation, I know which games I want.

Mario & Luigi RPG 3 (You can play as Bowser again!)
WarioWare: You Made It!/Made in Me (I finally get another WarioWare! I hope that Wario releases 2 WarioWare games to make up for a WarioWare-less 2008... The odd thing is that a "You Made It!" WarioWare was one of my predictions of a new WarioWare...)
Kingdom Hearts: 356/2 Days (I always liked Kingdom Hearts...)

I may get the new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles...



Ricardo91 said:

A new DS Warioware is especially great, since I gave an arm and a leg (not literally) to find the first one, and never found it.
Still looking for it...



Cipher said:

Posting my comment from WiIWare World:

"...As far as I was aware, you'll be able to download games from the Wii Shop directly to the SD card, but I didn't know you'd be able to play directly from the SD card. If you can, though, that's fantastic, even if we do have to wait until Spring. Probably to coincide with the DSi launch."

As far as I understand, games will not be playable from an SD card. The Wii Shop Channel will merely give you the option to download games straight to the SD card in exactly the same fashion as the DSi Shop Channel.



North99 said:

Well, my life isn't so pressured that I saw such a big deal in taking five minutes to transfer games around when I want to play them or download new ones. But for the impatient, this is superduper. God forbid five minutes of your gaming time goes out the window. You'll just never get that five minutes back. Is there an eye-rolling smiley on these forums?



Satans_Therapist said:

The report on ign says Mr Iwata said "you can directly download games to sd card" and not actually play them straight off an sd card and if this is true is changes nothing as you still have to keep swapping games around. Thought it was too good to be true.



ness said:

@ Tony: 12 minutes? Then i think it is because of your sd card. The longest period i need to transfer a game like Toki Tori (with a normal sd card) is about 3 minutes.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@North99: For those of us who play a lot of games, five minutes a piece takes a LONG TIME! If you're forced to transfer too often, you could easily spend at least an hour a week just on transfers! That obviously adds up to unacceptable, especially when I have 41 downloaded games on my Xbox 360 and still have almost 100 free gigs left!

@Hellblazer: I noticed the shots in the trailer seemed of a different style. I don't really care, though, I'll still totally buy that game.



DarkLloyd said:




Jolted85 said:

makes me forget all about Cammy Dunaway breaking her wrist at E3, and that horrible conference, now I need to go out and buy a bigger SD card...



Edwin said:

This may cause Nintendo to release more/better VC games before the SD card update takes effect. Since reading directly off SD cards will encourage more people to share their games with their friends, I think that there will be at least a slight drop in the number of unique VC game buyers after this update. So, Nintendo will want to make sure they can get as many unique buyers before the update and may choose to release some heavy-hitting games. Does anyone agree?



blackknight77 said:

I am not sure what I think of this. With out knowing all of the details, this SD card update seems kinda pointless if you can't play them from an SD card. Normally if I download a game, I want to play it right away to check it out. Why would I want to put it on a SD card just to move it to the Wii menu? Overall, Nintendo did give us enough to be excited about yesterday. A new Punch Out! I was not expecting that, but its welcome in my book.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Edwin: I think you have the wrong idea. Just because we'll be able to play OUR VC (and hopefully WiiWare) games off of OUR SD cards doesn't mean people will be able to share them for play on other people's Wii's. It's far more likely that Nintendo finally found a way to run encrypted games off of an SD card without it moving too slow or something. But I GUARANTEE you they AREN'T totally removing the security on SD cards.



LorD_SyN_DracuL said:

so, with the announcement of DS-Ware, will there be another sister site like wiiware world?
if so, I reccomend DS-Ware Dojo.



RadioShadow said:

That's their solution? They keep us in the dark for that? And requires an update?

I was expecting Nintendo to pull something better out of the asses?

At least the solution will be fixed although why until 2009 seems like a long wait.



Mayhem said:

Well it's something... not having to worry just yet as I've been copying off my old VC/WiiWare games to SD card already. But being able to run them from the format instead will be handy.



CanisWolfred said:

Finally we're finally able to download straight to the SD card! Sure I would've preferred a different option, but beggers can't be choosers. Also, they're releasing a new DS?! Good thing I didn't get the DS Lite. Also, I just read that a new Mario & Luigi game is coming out! This is the best news we've had in a long while!

Edit: And I heard a new Sin & Punishment game is being made, as well as new Punch Out!!, how can this get any better?



Bendover83 said:

I have 30 VC and 1 WiiWare, plus some channels and 10 game saves, and I still have over 5100 blocks left on my 1 GB. So I think I'll be fine transferring games until the spring. I'm guessing it will be around March.



Supermarioman said:

I think I just poo my pants big time. A new DS with VC and Wiiware Games!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!Plus those trailers were so totally awsome, in fact, this shoud have been part of E3, even in japenense even if no one could understand it, E3 would have been very great if this was shown, well we know what next years E3 might be like (prays that it is)



Rapadash6 said:

Just as I said over at Wiiware World, this is a lame solution. It only eliminates one inconvinience but overlooks the more important ones.



MrPoo6321 said:

I don't like this storage solution at all. I think it sucks and its a really cheap and easy way out. It's still a major inconvenience that there's only 4 pages of Wii Channels and I'm still going to have to transfer games back and forth. I might as well just keep doing what I have been doing and not even buy an SD card and just redownload the ones I had to erase if I want to play them again. There probably won't be much difference in the time it takes to download the game as opposed to transferring it from an SD card. Plus, why would you download the game straight to the SD card if you can't play the game from it? Isn't that kind of retarded? You're still going to have to clear off room from your Hard Drive (if you can even call it that) and transfer your new game from the SD card to the Wii Menu.... this is really just Nintendo taking the lazy, easy way out, and it's something that could have been done a long ass time ago in a simple firmware update. I still believe a hard drive solution is the best way to go. I really don't see how so many of you can be satisfied with this.



Sockapal said:

Wait, is the new Kingdom Hearts for the Wii or the DS? I loved those games on the PS2.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Nintendo's official conference website actually states that the goals are set, but how they're going to accomplish them isn't set quite so well yet. They hope to quote "make it so that software stored on SD memory card can be played on Wii console by going through much simpler procedures" (thanks for translating your news on your own Japanese site, Nintendo!). So basically, this plan SHOULD eventually end in games being playable directly off of the SD card. It definitely has NOT been stated that you won't be able to, anyway. Also, the "next spring" announcement is based on the fact that this is tricky work (because they were too dumb to do this in the first place and it's probably harder to patch now), and it's in progress now. If they finish sooner, it should be released sooner. We do want them to do a good job, though, right? Here's the page I got this info off of, if you're interested:



ness said:

Mmh, i agree with Stuffgamer1, i don't think that the solution around the storage problem is so clear, because i read a lot of news that you will have the option to start the game from the sd card directly.



Clayfrd said:

According to GameSpot:
"[9:23] "Iwata is addressing the problem of Wii storage," he says. "Soon you will be able to download and store virtual console and WiiWare titles directly on your SD card, and play them off your SD card. This will make the Wii download experience much easier.""



Clayfrd said:

@Apocalypse - I wasn't discounting this article, I was just providing another source that contradicts it. I've heard plenty of both sides by now in my search for the right answer. Generally, though, this site is pretty reliable.



ttplayer92 said:

Wait, you cant play it off the SD card still after the update? WTF nintendo? How the ** is his better then a hard drive then? This is pretty much the same old sh!t you guys have been doing for the last 2 years and you are happy about it? I was hoping that by the time I had this problem that a true solution would of been announced by now.



Cally said:

The biggest file I have is the S&P at 283 blocks. It takes less than thirty seconds to swap it to the flash memory. I have a 2 Gig SD card.

I'm kind of amazed at people saying it takes so long to transfer games. Maybe it has something to do with the card size?



classicmike said:

Well this is some good news to me. Good thing I already have an SD Card.
@ Cally: I'm just as confused as you are. People say that it takes so long to transfer games to the SD Card, but for me, it doesn't take that long. Maybe we got lucky.



Waxxy said:


Look, HERE is what the article, straight from Nintendo, states:

"We will also make it so that you will need to go through just one process in order to transfer Virtual Console or WiiWare software stored on an SD card to the Wii console and then be able to play it." "[We want] to make it so that software stored on the SD memory card can be played on the Wii console by going through much simpler proceedures."

Why is everyone taking this one source as the word of God when they admit they posted it wrong in the first place?! Nintendo clearly states that, in addition to making it possible to download directly to the card, they want to add a more stream-lined method for people to play their games stored on their SD cards. What exactly does that say to you guys? Because to me, it means they're looking at ways of letting you do exactly what this article originally stated; allow you to play from the card. Whether this means a new channel that reads the game directly off the card (what everyone assumed at first), or the ability to view the games on the card and then copy-and-play in one step, the end result is the same -- you find the game on your card, you press a button, and it gets played. THIS is what Nintendo said right in their article that they are TRYING to do.

In either case, this is merely a statement of intent, with no specific plans either way, and everyone is taking it as an absolute "no we still won't let you do that." Why don't you guys chill out and wait until next year when they can give us better facts?!

To recap: The only thing they stated is that they are "looking for ways" to allow people to play games off the SD card. Their goal is to have it done by next year. They will let us know when it gets closer to actually becoming a reality. Stay tuned. And for chrissake, stop listening to the doomsday prophesier who are taking this as proof that Nintendo will never allow us to play games off the SD card.



Surgical_Precision said:

My guess is they'll kinda get the job done by setting up a virtual space (No pun intended) on the Wii itself where the games on your SD card can be temporary downloaded & played quickly & effectively...

Since memory save files are kept separate that should do the trick quite well...

The'll probably just update the virtual space's size from time to time to keep things constant with whatever the new file size standards are...



Modern_Legend said:

apparently thers more than just the download to direct sd, be patient people, the scoop hasnt all fallen out yet



CanisWolfred said:



Well, I'm a little saddened that you can't play games off the SD card, but the rest of the news is so good it really doesn't kill my mood. Now if they'd just confirm Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Sky Crawlers for the US, that'd really make my day!



CanisWolfred said:

@Surgical Precision

I was gonna, but I ended up having to move it to my back list, although I can't remember exactly why. Just something that always happens, I really want a good game, but I never have points when it comes out, and by the time I do get points, I can never figure out what to spend them on. Finally I just end up spending them on something comepletely unrelated.

Basicly I got Street Fighters instead.



StarDust4Ever said:

My SD card is a 2Gb Kingston advertised as 150x speed.

Yet the Wii probably transferes at 1x.


This first step is better than nothing at all. Let's just hope that we won't have to redownload update patches for all 250+ games that are already out... That would suck, esp since I use dial-up at home



I don't have any use for something like this. What they need to develop an interchangeable hard drive, so you could have as much space as your wallet permits. That I would pay for. I'm sure somebody has already posted something like this, but I'm just saying!



Surgical_Precision said:

Badknux what's so bad about transferring your games to the Wii first before playing? (OR do you just want a HUGE amount of space to work with?)

As long as they can make it go faster & come up with some kind of priority system it should work great... (Like that virtual space thing I mentioned earlier)

A SD Channel wouldn't hurt either instead of having to go into the minute each & every time but even then it's not THAT BAD...



Alejandro_Talavera said:

I was thinking about this press release and ...

It turns out to be that Reggie is the biggest LIER in a while:

"We are working on a solution better than a hard drive", when did 2GB (at most) became better than 100, 60 or in the worst case 20GB? not to mention the lower speed on an SD card.

"Redesigns are launched only when sales drop", and now a couple months we get a DS redesign just when "The sales are on their peak" (As he stated during E3). NOT that I am complaining about this new DS version in fact, I LOVE it, my point is that such a lier SHOULDNT be on top of the NOA staff.

And it wasnt the first time he does this, just remember his unfulfilled promise of "A big name game on E3" just to mention one. I know maybe I am not quoting exactly his words but those were the main ideas of his declarations.



You misunderstand me Surgical Precision. I don't need that much space, I'm okay as of right now. And unless a flurry of good VC titles (or Wii titles for that matter) come out, I won't need the extra space. And if I need any more space, I'll just get rid of Mario Kart 64, for starters. To me, it seems like the hard drive would be more convenient, that's all.



miletich3 said:

As long as you have a nintendo account, you could just redownload them for free. This won't be such a thing for me.



whalleywhat said:

Reggie never actually said "better than a hard drive," that was someone interpeting his comments. This is nothing, though. I don't see the advantage of storing games on SD rather than just deleting and re-downloading them. And I haven't re-downloaded anything, I'm just whittling my collection down to the bare essentials. If I get a whim that I want to play some Super Mario 64, too bad, cause I don't feel like going through the effort.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:


Good point of view. Untill we get more info on exactly how this is going to work, all we can do is guess. We´ll just have to wait and see what happens next spring. Before that, no big downloads from me



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Alejandro_Talavera: You didn't think Animal Crossing was a big name game? Sure, it's not Mario or Zelda, but it IS a big name. I agree with you about Reggie overall, though.

Hey, Waxxy's getting credit for re-stating one of my posts again! Not bitter, just makes me laugh because it's kinda weird. Oh, well.



Golgo said:

Not sure I understand how this is a new storage solution.
Isn't it just the old storage solution, i.e.: SD cards?



blackknight77 said:

Even if its not solved, Nintendo left me with alot of reasons to be excited yesterday. Lots of good new games, GC remakes, and club Nintendo Awesome stuff!



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Yup, you did have a similair statement earlier, but Waxxy´s post is the one I read so bad luck

I wish Nintendos statement was clearer though;

"transfer Virtual Console or WiiWare software stored on an SD card to the Wii console and then be able to play it."

promises nothing but enabeling us to load the software in a more convinient way than today. It´s the "then being able to play it" part that worries me, it suggests that the entire game data still has to be loaded to the harddrive. But it could be just a vague formulation. We´ll see.



Alejandro_Talavera said:


I am mexican like the interviewer magazine, so I read the original interview in its original language which happens to be my primary language, therefore there are no chances of missunderstanding its content. I could be easier that you have missunderstood me.


Of course I dont consider Animal Crossing a big name game I think Wii music could be 'bigger' than that crap, I hate being punished for not playing even one day that game full of polygons, and its not even fun, the game makes you see it as one more daily obligation (as if I hadnt enough already). BUT I AM SPEKING ONLY FOR ME, since you asked me that.



ShadowFlame76 said:

seems pretty pointless if all you can do is download them to an SD card and not play them from the SD card..i'm glad i gave up on the VC and bought the actual systems and games that i wanted. VC is now just used mainly for imports/wii-ware



Bensei said:

That's the storage solution? It's an improvement, but definitely not the solution. It's a drop on the hot stone...



PRP said:

I don't think that this storage solution only concerns the dowload location of VC games and that we'll not be able to load them from SD...that just doesn't make sense. Basically we can already do that manually, I don't think they will bother with a new FW update to do something that solves nothing. Nintendo has to clarify that statement



@ Surgical Precision

I don't really get your reply. Think you can you elaborate?



Surgical_Precision said:

Basically I meant I see where you are coming from Badknux... (I see the stuff your talking about...)

And more or less I do agree... I would rather have a optional upgrade to do everything I want rather than a makeshift fix even if it's free...

But as long as it works is all I care about really...

Don't fret... If people don't like the solution rest assured we'll all still be complaining about it until they finally do deliver what we want... (Even though it probably won't arrive until the next console)



WiiMan192 said:

Great Solution Nintendo cough cough

Seriously though, I hardly count this as a storage solution. I'd say it's more of a small patch to the problem so that Nintendo has more time to develop a proper one. And the time it shows up here is ridiculous anyway! The idea is excellent, and I am not intending to mock the update, but calling it a 'storage solution' is an insult to technology! Honestly Nintendo, don't over-accredit yourself on this one.



MrPinguy said:

"We originally said games would be playable directly off of SD cards. Sadly, this is not true - Our apologies!"

oh dear god... why the hell i would want to download directly to the SD card if i can't play form it? i buy VC and Wiiwares that i want to play, not to make a useless colection...



wedge554 said:

Thanks Nintendo for again for this piece of cr**. You dont give us games we truly want, there is no storage solution, you take ages to implememnt things and now you've even degraded the ammount of old games we get per week. well done! keep it up and you'll go bankrupt!



ColorblindMonk said:

Does someone need to spell something out for them? It's a nice way to solve the issue of not being able to download something 'cause your Wii is full, but at the same time, a way to avoid the main problem.



legend_he said:

i used to download 2-3 games a month. my wii was full over a year ago. i have downloaded nothing since. this better work because i want bomberman goddamnit.



Fulgor_Astral said:

i just downloaded bomberman!! fun as hell!!...

but i had to erase 3 N64 games from my console... and to make the backup files in my SD card took a lot longer than i thought... i just hate nintendo right now...



Clayfrd said:

I really hope the new Pikmin announced earlier this year is not the remake they just announced. I hope there's a Pikmin 3. When Miyamoto announced the new Pikmin a few months ago, though, I had a lingering thought that it might be a remake with motion controls. I really hope this is not the case. It would be another let down.



Chocobo said:

Oh man, you guys complain way too much. @_@
Just be happy with what you have, jeebus.

DSi looks amazing, btw.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Chocobo: I'm glad for you if you've discovered the secret to being happy with the piles of dung Nintendo idiotically keeps dumping on its paying customers, but for most of us, a better solution is NECESSARY! It won't be very long before I have to delete Strong Bad episodes one and two just to make room for the rest, and there's really no good reason for that! Like I said up in comment #33, I just don't see any excuse for Nintendo when I can save 41 games (many of which are larger than the games I've downloaded for Wii) on my Xbox 360 hard drive and still have almost 100 gigs left over. Nintendo could've just put a 20gig hard drive in the Wii (they're dirt cheap and would be WAY more than enough for almost everybody using VC and Wiiware) from release!

I've tried getting in the heads of Nintendo's top executives from when they were designing the Wii. It's comes out like "Hey, how about we give the Wii an amazing download service where people can buy all our classic games from generations past? We'll make SO MUCH MONEY!!! Ooh, and to cut costs (a little bit) on the unit, we'll only put half a gig of flash memory in the system. I'm sure that'll be enough and nobody will complain... laughs hysterically Well, if it's not, we'll just feed the customers some BS reasons for the issue instead of actually fixing what never should have been broken. Yeah, that makes perfect sense... laughs maniacally And if they REALLY complain a LOT, MAYBE we'll claim we have a solution and then take FOREVER to fix our retarded mistake! I'm sure we won't lose ANY money over THIS decision!" So I'm mocking them. Can anybody reword this so that it DOESN'T sound totally stupid? Because I'd really like to hear what they were REALLY thinking...



Nobarai said:

If we can't play the games off the SD Card, then this isn't a solution really, more of just a waste of time for Nintendo programmers....



Starwolf_UK said:
Two rights make a wrong...wait thats not right at all...

Anyway, how many days on and still nobody is clear what this soklution is if it even is one and all Nintenod is able to say is swing their arms arround with the same explainations that makes no bloody sense…
Looks like we'll have to wait for Spring for it to make any sense whatsoever.



Adamant said:

Well, at least it solves that stupid "This NES game takes ten thousand blocks, please delete everything from your Wii before downloading, then move it back once you discover it really took 20" crap.



Drizzt said:

I was reading some of the comments on the GoNintendo article ( )about this. Some of the people mention how it sounds similar to Guitar Hero song downloads.

The Wii channels (Wiiware and VC games) will appear in the channel menu even if they are stored on the SD card. When you click on a game that is stored on an SD card and play it, the game will transfer quickly to the Wii internal memory and play from there.

This sounds like it makes the most sense. Whether if it's the case or not, I don't know. But when Mr. Iwata says "you will need to go through just one process in order to transfer Virtual Console or WiiWare software stored on an SD card to the Wii console", it sounds like it is the case.



The_Indigo_Effect said:

Guys, you really need to lay off Nintendo; with their money troubles, they really can't afford a convenient storage solution right now. Many times Mr. Miyamoto doesn't even know where his next meal is coming from; if you recall, the only game he actually made for the Wii was Super Mario Galaxy, and he can't live off the money from that project forever! You people expect far too much from Nintendo; they put their britches on the same way you do! If you prick them, do they not bleed?



Stuffgamer1 said:

@The_Indigo_Effect: You're either joking (in rather bad taste), or you're an idiot. I'm sorry, but those really are the only options here. Nintendo is ROLLING in moolah right now with the insane sales of the Wii and DS, not to mention software for same, and you talk as if they were a bunch of homeless folk or something. Fact is, they aren't. And we have every right to demand a solution to a problem that was only caused by short-sighted stupidity in the first place. Also, Miyamoto is a salaried employee of Nintendo and NOT a free-lancer like you make it sound. He's been getting paid the whole time he's been working on Wii Music, and he'll continue to get paid as he moves on to his next project.



Twilight_Crow said:

Short-sighted stupidity allright.

I'm sooo mad at them right now, I'd have buy a lot more games by now without this stupid 20th century problem, it reminds me of the problems I had with my old 3gb PC, having to back up things all the time. I'm not asking for much, an add on 2gb flash memory would be enough for me, that ain't that expensive, and they could have put this on the wii since the beggining, together with the use of the SD cards as it is,



slangman said:

Wow you can download VC games to your SD card. Big deal you still have to swap games from your SD card to the Wii just to play one game. It's only partly a good idea



Waxxy said:

@Stuffgamer: Maybe I get credit for "your ideas" (I didn't see a patent number...) because your posts just come off as an upset fanboy ranting because he has nothing better to do?

Your previous post (in response to Chocobo) is a complete load. Yes, I'm sure they all gathered around the conference table and decided how best to piss off their customers. Or maybe, just maybe, they wanted to make a console that cost LESS than an XBox 360, and not having a hard drive was one way to do that? Hmm, which of those reasons sounds more plausible to you?

I'm surprised that you're completely changing your tune from "Hey guys they kind of said they're going to let us run off the SD slot" to "NINTENDO SUX I R GONNA BECUM A MS FANBOI ROFLSAUC." Ask yourself if Nintendo is really doing something wrong if you're still buying their hardware and games...

Also, in response to your next post to Indigo... SARCASM. Look it up!

@Marcel Van Duyn or any other VCR staff: You really need to change the wording of your update. There is no conclusive evidence here either way, but your article reads like you know for absolute certain that they're NOT going to let us play off the SD slot. At the very least just admit you don't know and that we'll have to wait until next spring to find out what's really up. This article in its present state is only misleading people.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Waxxy: I come off as an upset fanboy? Man, that hurts! I can see as it might look like that if all you know of me comes from this site, but I do the same kind of thing with Sony and Microsoft on other web sites. My overall goal is to point out the problems with every company in the hopes that at least one of them will actually do something about it. I have a Wii, 360, AND PS3, and I enjoy them all for different reasons. However, I do tend to get kinda pissed off when people start to seem like they're defending Nintendo's idiocy or just start showing how little they know about the situation. Not trying to say that I know EVERYTHING (I most certainly do NOT), just that I spend a LOT of time researching this kind of stuff (comes in handy when you want to be a gasp reasonably knowledgeable Gamestop employee). Hmm...just noticed that my asterisks tend to put the stuff between them in bold. Not the effect I wanted...
Anyway, my comment to Chocobo was part anger and part parody. I know dang well Nintendo didn't do any of that stuff! I just wish I knew what they WERE thinking, seeing as a 20gig hard drive would cost them 20 bucks at the most to put in the system. It was mockery. I said so at the end of my post.
I never meant to seem like I'd changed my view at all. It's more like I'm getting more and more annoyed at the number of posts here that seem to totally discredit my views.
I also know what sarcasm is. I ALSO know that it can be very hard to tell when someone is or isn't using it on a forum (especially with the absence of a ), and I know that (as Mr. Cheez said) it was in bad taste if it was a joke.
I was only making a mild joke when I complained about you "getting credit" for my opinions in the first place. More like a joke on me when it continues to seem like only a handful of the people on this site read my posts. Like I said, no big deal. Just kinda weird is all.

Thank you for the statement in your last paragraph, though. I think that the poor wording of the article is causing most of the strife here right now. Better it just be labeled "inconclusive."



Waxxy said:

Am I missing something? How is joking about Miyamoto's income (who we all know to be filthy rich in reality) "in bad taste"? He's just sarcastically expressing how Nintendo should be able to afford a solution but has, for whatever reason, held off so far. Whether the joke is funny or not is another matter, but nothing about what he said appears to be in bad taste to me.

@Stuff: No offense, but as soon as you said you're a Gamestop employee, I stopped reading. It's just that I've just known too many Gamestop employees......



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Waxxy: I know what you mean there. Gamestop's bad reputation is largely deserved. I, however, do everything in my power to be the exception to that rule. I am reasonably (some would even say way too) knowledgeable about games and all the major hardware (like I said, I have every current system), I try my best to actually help the customers with what THEY want (and not the garbage Gamestop would rather I push on them), and I care about doing a good job.
So please, PLEASE don't discredit my opinion based on my employer. That's just not me. I even know people who trust my opinion when they wouldn't trust the opinion of any other Gamestop employee they'd meet (and I haven't met all of them in person, either. One of them lives in Florida and bases his opinion solely on online interactions like these). Just in case any of that matters to you...



Surgical_Precision said:


Wait... What?...

While I admit that ignoring someone because of there occupation makes at least a little tiny bit more since then ignoring them because of something like skin color or clothing choice...

It's still ONE MASSIVE FAILING of human logic nevertheless...

Please... For your own good try to purge yourself of such a primitive, foolish habit and approach everyone & everything as it truly is... As a different beast altogether...

Not that I have ANY right at all to judge you or anyone else... It's just that I believe as humans we have an obligation to become something better then what we're born into this world as... (Even if it accomplish's nothing)

I for one have made it a point to look for wisdom in everything... ESPECIALLY the stuff I don't agree with at all...

Even an absolute idiot like myself will eventually say something wise (intentionally or not) if given enough time...



WoRMaSTeR said:

You guys really made my day. Don't take what people write in forums that seriously. I just couldn't stop smiling when reading you guys try to be as polite as possible, but still make a strong point.

The_Indigo_Effect's comment was very clearly sarcasm btw.



Malachi said:

Total crap. If your console is full and you download a game to your card you'll still need to delete games from the console to move the new game to to play it... Pretty pointless.
Its a step in the right direction but its a long way to a solution.
Poor show.



NESgamer said:

Haha hilarious, well i think they WILL solve this problem but they screw from the very beginning, they could easily stuff some 20 gb on the Wii and everyone would be happy!

I really expect this problem to be solved, but it is not easy to just "send some garbage update", they really have to test and make a lot of stuff to solve this problem, which will cost time and resources to get it done!

Oh well, "the lazy works twice in the end".



Manicfatty said:

@Waxxy - Wow. You are one angry, rabid little dude. I would say you best wear the fanboy label. Defending Nintendo til he bitter end, and going so far as to essentially cover your ears and shout 'La lalalalalalalalala I see your lips moving Nintendo but I can't hear you lalalalalala I don't hear you saying that we can't play from our cards lalalalalala I don't hear you and I'm going to lash out at everyone else because I'm in denial and a crying on the inside fanboy lalalalalalala.' Seriously. Every quote and every quote clarifying the previously misinterpreted quote says that Nintendo has indeed half-assed it again, and screwed us over after all this time, It's not just this site either. It's 99% of sites that report gaming news, and some that aren't strictly gaming sites. This site could have just stood by their initial report and passed the blame elsewhere later, but instead they did the right, responsible thing and corrected the article even though they knew the news would be unpopular. Lashing out, pre-judging people, stereo-typing people based on their passion or their employer? Please take a laxative, and do some deep-breathing exercises or something. Geez. It's video games... a hobby... remember? Get mad at Nintendo. They can't do the right thing to save themselves. The game designers and development studios rock, Nintendo Corporate blows. (Although I need to kick someone's sack for the broken Mario Kart Wii. Why'd ya break it Ninty? WHY?)



Bass_X0 said:

In what way was Mario Kart broken? The only think I can think of is that there were too many unfair items being thrown around. as to how it plays, i'm fine with it. better than double dash!!



Manicfatty said:

@Bass X0 - Well, cheap AI, last being first (the item thing), and the overall creation of a gaming scenario wherein you don't have to have any real skill to win. And the battle mode is a waste of disc space. Once again built for the casual gamers with no real skill or investment in the series. Forced teams? Relying on comp ai players for the win or loss? Might as well just sit back and let the computer play!

If these broken mechanics were offered up as optional casual modes, then it would have been perfectly acceptable. Bt they are not and I think Nintendo really got over on the momentum of the series and the name. If any other unknown racing game had been reviewed with these same game-play 'features', they would have been shredded by reviewers. A game where you can race a perfect race, and still come in second, third or even last?


So there's my 2 cents

And we are officially off topic in 3... 2... 1... He he

ps. The control is actually decent, considering the Wii wheel thingy. Taking away stunts to punish you for not playing the way they want you to... not converting to waggle mode... that is complete crap though. If I want to use a Wavebird or a classic controller, I shouldn't have one of the few advantages taken away. Know what I mean?

pps. The other side of the coin is that I actually applaud Nintendo for being savvy enough to reach out to an untapped market. That's great. Just include these 'casual' aspects as options. Don't force this down ALL of our throats, and don't 'dumb down' every freakin' franchise!

ppps. I am not someone who minds losing. That's not the issue. If I lose, I want to know that either 1) The other person was better than me or 2) I screwed up and I know what I did. Anything else is crap and unacceptable. We wouldn't let a game fills with cheap and unavoidable hits off the hook and this is the very same sort of thing.



NESgamer said:

@Manicfatty. "Casual gamers" are the majority of costumers... they been trying to simplify games or some sort of thing lately (see SSBB as well).



Manicfatty said:

@NESgamer - I assume you mean consumers, and while that may be true hard-core gamers still support the industry. I'd love to see the hard numbers but I've read casual comments from various company heads that put the difference at around 10 or more games purchased a year for 'core' gamers vs 2-5 for casual gamers. Add in the special edition game packages, multiple and sometimes specialized controllers, and fan service gear purchased for the big franchises and that is where the real money comes from. Think about the VC, (to stay somewhat on topic) where 'core' gamers are filling up their internal memory and have a huge start on their cards. I myself have close to 60 games on my VC and card. Casual gamers don't even begin to touch that sort of cash out-lay. And of course there are the multi-system owners which is overwhelmingly a 'core' gamer phenom. Most of those gamers buy multiple systems to play their favorite exclusives on each. Add that up. AT LEAST 5 major releases on each console each year that would fall into that category and right there you have 15 games. And the used game industry would collapse without the 'core' gamer.

So while casual gamers are en vogue right now, they are like tourists: They're helping fill Nintendo's pockets during the 'summer months', but it's the 'core' gamer that keeps the cash flowing during the long winters, if you get my analogy.

So that begs the question - why break a game for an audience that had never played the series before, or had 'played it at a friends house'? All crap AI, the team battle BS. Those could have been optional modes of play. So after grandma, and her knitting club were done laughing it up playing the neutered version, the core gamer in the house could rock the game the way the series was meant to be played! Then everyone is happy! I would have GLADLY waited until this fall for that to happen.



NESgamer said:

@Manicfatty. I forgot to say i agree with you, that's why i mentioned SSBB, like they also used the excuse of "think about the casuals" to don't make leader boards and all that kind of stuff, they instead used a pretty week online which doesn't even keep scores when playing with friends, that was disappointing.

However i understand why Nintendo does this, they may be "like tourists" like you said, but right now the only brand that makes games for them is Nintendo, while the others focus on the core gamers. I understand your disappointment though, i share it at some point with other franchises of Nintendo that got the same treatment.



Surgical_Precision said:


You actually can do tricks with the other control's vala C-stick... But the fact alone that the game's Box Art & Opening Into serve as a sad sad promotion for the Wii Wheel was more then a put-off for me to begin with...

The mere thought of the almost legendary (In gaming circles) Mario Kart playing second place & effectively serving as a mere advertisement for a toy is literally enough to make me vomit in dismay & anger... (not to mention a profound scene of betrayal...)

But admittedly even that couldn't have prepared me for just how BAD the game was gimped...

I'm all for more difficulty in my games... But wean there is literally no amount of skill or effort that will ever improve your odds so your one & only choice is to really on pure dumb luck well... The term broken almost seems kind in comparison to what really comes to mind...

Brawl while gimped was at lest balanced enough to work with the new rules it was given... MK was just a disaster!



Clayfrd said:

@Manicfatty - I personally love MKW, but I agree that it has its flaws. Its saving grace is the Nintendo WFC gameplay, where forced teams is more acceptable. Also, the D-Pad does tricks and wheelies on the GCN controller. The races are great excepting items. I hate how poorly balanced they are. I've been POWed, lighting struck, and Blue Shelled all in a row in less than 5 seconds. Yes, there is a way to avoid POWs (sort of), but there should be balance. I don't care about AI because I have online, but whenever my internet craps out, I usually don't look to MKW first because the AI is pretty easy (albeit cheap). I have to say that (especially online) if you are the better racer, you will usually win. If you get hit by a shell and drop several places, just grab an item, and it will likely be a Bullet Bill. I know I'm proving your point, but whenever I'm online, usually the same group holds the top 4 or 5 spots every race. I will say that I dropped almost 300 points in rank online the other day because I got attacked on the home stretch 3 races in a row, usually making me 7th or below. Either way, cheap as it is, I love MKW.
Also, I am a Nintendo fanboy, but I'm not afraid to lash out at Nintendo. What would be a more appropriate title? Nintendo Devotee?

Sorry, that first paragraph was a poorly constructed paragraph, but I was filtering the best comments I could argue into words from about 3000 flowing through my mind. The comments just didn't flow well.

On topic, I still hate this solution.



Manicfatty said:

@all - Sorry ... I feel lazy and you prolly won't get to read this as it's old. The tricks on the d pad are just awkward and because of the waggle-centric nature of their implementation are actually much better suited to the 'wheel', imho. In that way, all other control is hobbled by comparison. And online is broken as well. The 'friend' system is to racing friends online as 30 character passwords are to game saves: Annoying, archaic, and unintuitive. Why can't we (wii) just have gamer tags? Also, with all of the hacks now available for the online races (unlimited bullet bill, etc.) the game is useless to me. My friends and I race split screen in person because that's how we like it. For online, I like racing people I otherwise wouldn't get the chance to. But people with bad wi-fi connections or ppl who bail on races when losing sap the fun from that. Just my opinion.



Clayfrd said:

@Manicfatty - I understand your complaints. I, however, have only been victim of hacks maybe once, and I still got second. Furthermore, I try not to complain about things that can't really be changed, even in the next game. Hacking is tough to avoid. I don't mind people that leave when they lose because they are usually replaced. I understand your complaints (especially about friend codes, but excepting the d-pad complaint), and it really makes me mad when people hack Time Trial leaderboards, but I usually just compete with the best real time. Your complaints are legitimate and I agree with most of them, but I just hate to see a Ninty game get so flamed. I'll have to admit that many Nintendo games do deserve complaining, especially more recent titles. The only games that I cannot complain about are SMG and LoZ (excluding VC/WiiWare). Even Brawl, which I've logged countless hours on, has its problems. I do think Melee's more broken, though. Anyway, in short, I agree with you (except I find MKW genuinly enjoyable, just annoying), I just really don't want to.



Outrunner said:

This storage 'solution' is ridiculous... Seriously, I hope they have something else in the works...



Nintendork said:

I tell you Nintendo, downloading games onto our SD cards and not being able to play them defeats the purpose of our download!!



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Clayfrd: Ah, right you are. Sorry about that, I'd forgotten. Well, then WHY exactly is this an issue, again? So many people have posted under the assumption that this wasn't fact, but I've seen NOTHING to refute this announcement as of yet. Reggie may be a jerk, but he's not know for being wrong with his announcements (just for not announcing what we want most of the time...).

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