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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Fulgor_Astral commented on New Add-On Content Released For FFIV: The Afte...:

i finished the first bunch of tales in about 6 hours, plus the challenge dungeon another 6 hours.
The individual tales took me 1.5 hours - 3 hours, plus the lvl grinding and the challenge dungeon, lets say, some 6-8 extra hours per chapter.
Finally the last tale, took me around 11 hours to beat. Awesome game, definitely rewarding for 37 bucks



Fulgor_Astral commented on Review: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (Wii...:

prrrt... i dunno, buying the chapters is no problem to me, what i find really annoying is the fact that they released just the Rydia chapter with the base game... they should've released all the chapters and each person buy it as they could....



Fulgor_Astral commented on Final Fantasy IV: The After Years:

i already finished the main story and Rydia Chapter why were those the only 2 portions of the game in the wiiware shop , hope they at least put 2 chapters online per week



Fulgor_Astral commented on Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Coming to Wi...:

old news, but still feels great to read again and again
I dont think they'll be launching FF4 on VC yet, SE is probably counting on you already played the original game 17 years ago, or one of the remakes on PSX, GBA or DS... why not track down one of those copies instead of waiting for a VC release? besides, GBA and DS remakes are by far the best releases of the game.

And about the episodic content , i hope that from day 1 you can buy all the episodes you want, and finish them at your own leisure, that could be the best way to sell the game



Fulgor_Astral commented on North American WiiWare launch games:


FFC is enough good reason to be happy for Wiiware Launch!

you whine way too much

Just wait a couple of weeks and you'll have the Earthbound game you've been waiting for so much... nintendo isnt going to give us every single little thing we want...



Fulgor_Astral commented on ESRB Update: EarthBound Finally Coming To Virt...:

emmm i think calling it the best game of all time is... pointless

that title obviously goes to FF7 haha

tough i really like Earthbound (never finished it tough), its a (very) regular RPG, one of the most loved ones, true, but a regular experience overall. What makes Earthboundgood Its the union of the Mother Saga (NES, SNES,GBA). I really hate that Pokey (or Porky)



Fulgor_Astral commented on European release dates for WiiWare and Nintend...:

i heard somewhere that the cheat codes for chocobo tales only worked in the EU version, so i never tried em... thats why i hope i can use the nintendo channel as a download station to get those precious cards (Omegaaa!!)

And its not that difficult to make some space in your Wii... i have some games in my console memory, and some others at my SD card... whenever i want to play a game, i trade games in my SD and Wii... the save files are always in my Wii, due to the very limited space it needs... it takes some minutes, but its the best way to have tons of games in your Wii

So, i'll ask again you guys know if i can get the chocobo tales cards using the nintendo channel? i damn nintendo for not bringing Download stations to Mexico ¬¬



Fulgor_Astral commented on US VC Releases - 14th April - Mega Turrican:

Brawl > any game europe has right now, have fun with MKwii, im replaying Subspace Emissary (its so frikin gooooood!!)

Mario kart is meh...

except for SNES Mario Kart... i hate this week's virtual console :s, hope it gets a relaunch soon on VC



Fulgor_Astral commented on Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards:

i dunno about this game... looks kinda bad.

I was watching some vids at youtub the other day and i found the final boss battle. It must've been the worst final battle ever... i tought "if the last boss is that lame, than how bad can the game be..."

Well, im still hoping for Smash Bros or SNES mario kart one of these days