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Wed 25th Jun 2008

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Nobarai commented on Pop-Up Pirate!:

It's finally here in America. Yaaaaayyzzzz...
(The internets are now soaked from the intense amount of sarcasm)



Nobarai commented on Steel Penny Games Update:

@ dogsoldier: NO!

Conspiracy games? Duck and cover.
I think he's just sore that his game was just a piece of crap. Whoring for attention, more or less...



Nobarai commented on Family & Friends Party:

I waited 8 hours at school, wondering what was coming out for the WiiWare...... And we got this.
Christ man......



Nobarai commented on USA VC Update: Life Force:

It's not much of an announcement for me, since I don't like shooters, and I never played the C64.
Maybe something they release for the C64 will pique my interest, though.



Nobarai commented on Review: Snowboard Riot (WiiWare):

I've played the game, and I don't find it to be that bad.
Although, the Weapon Rape is annoying, if you've played Mario Kart for a while, you get used to it. PLUS, the game has Stoic race mode, which is a fast race with no items.

There is definite problems with the game, but I think you guys were a tad harsh, I give it a 7/10.



Nobarai commented on Snowboard Riot:

I, personally, didn't like the physics in 1080. I dunno why, but my character always would fidget and slow down after landing from a jump. I also thought the characters were boring, the music was irritating, and the boring scenery.
That being said, I'd still give 1080 a 4/5 stars.



Nobarai commented on Club Nintendo Comes To North America:

About time something like this was released. Easily the best thing Nintendo has ever thought of.... other than, ya know..... their game consoles...

Anyways, I've already racked up 480 coins! Already past the halfway mark to getting those hanafuda cards.



Nobarai commented on Pop-Up Pirate!:

This is probably better than SPOGS racing and Pong Toss put together.



Nobarai commented on Let's Catch:

Terranigma, I would drop it like dog diarrhea BECAUSE it's being made by Sega!



Nobarai commented on SimCity:

This game is made out of large amounts of win.



Nobarai commented on USA VC Update: Boogerman:

Not a good week, but someone will enjoy it.
What's with the 1 gmae, or 2 poor game releases. Megaman 3 is the only REALLY good game lately.

Wiiware isn't much better this week either....



Nobarai commented on Hori Announces New Classic Controller For Japan:

I'm not a fan of the GCN controller, mainly because of the TERRIBLE D-PAD. If this thing has a decent d-pad, I'll get it. But until then, 30 bucks is just way too much to lure me over from my favorite Classic Controller.



Nobarai commented on JoJu Games Interview: Mart Racer:

This looks promising, but I wont spend more than 1000 points.
What we REALLY need is a multiplayer online racing game that doesn't have items, karts, or spogs.