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Fri 21st Mar 2008

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LorD_SyN_DracuL commented on Rumor: Nintendo Prepping More Non-Games For DS...:

isn't there already a map service for Disney World using the DS?
I wondered how that worked...

anyways, PokeDex could be interesting, using the DSi camera. dunno how they would distinguish one thing from another though.

and btw, Decalcomania is the process of transferring designs from prepared paper on to glass or porcelain. just in case anybody else cared to know, I've saved you the trouble of looking it up.



LorD_SyN_DracuL commented on Bethesda Has "Really Big" Plans For Wii:

Well, I'm excited! Fallout 3 was amazing, and while the Wii probably can't handle that kind of game play, hell, the ps3 I played it on froze here and there, I know Bethesda will make a great game. I hope it's a new franchise, that would be nice.



LorD_SyN_DracuL commented on GoldenEye Designer Backs Virtual Console Release:

this may seem a little random, but i want to see DK64 on wiiware.
idk what the chances are for it, probably much more than GoldenEye.
actually, what they need to do is make a new Donkey Kong game for wii that is similar to DK64, no DonkeyKonga BS.

also, who loved the multiplayer shooter in DK64?



LorD_SyN_DracuL commented on Oh my, LEGO Rock Band!:

@SuperSonic1990 Have you seen a man eat his own head?

also, I see this game being a let down, Rock Band is a good game, but I wasn't too thrilled while playing Lego Indiana Jones. I see this as trying to get more people to play Rock Band.



LorD_SyN_DracuL commented on Eyes on DSi - hands-on report:

I'm looking forward to this, I still have my DS Phat, MarioKart DS version, and have been wanting to upgrade for a while, plus the DSware alone makes it awesome. goodbye what little money I have left(college student).