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EU VC Releases: Mayhem in Monsterland and More

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

A very nice surprise for Commodore 64 fans today - Out of nowhere, Commodore has released one of their most popular games. Accompanying it are two Sega classics.

Mayhem in Monsterland was one of the very last Commodore 64 games, and is seen by many as the last great game released on the system. Aside from very colourful graphics and nice music, the game is one of the most technically advanced Commodore 64 games - It even takes advantage of bugs in the system to do some things! All of this contributes to the game still holding up extremely well to this day - If you're only going to buy one Commodore 64 game on VC, this should be the one.

Space Harrier for the Sega Master System is the first game in the Space Harrier series - We got its sequel back in 2006, so it's about time it got added to the VC! This conversion of the arcade game was quite impressive for the day, with some impressive graphics and addictive gameplay. Sadly it's showing its age now - It's a bit better than the sequel, but if you don't hold any nostalgia for the game it might be best to stay away.

The other Sega game today isn't really a surprise - Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition is yet another Street Fighter II update (As the title reveals). This one is basically almost exactly the same as Street Fighter II Turbo, which is also on the VC, except that it's on the Mega Drive instead of the SNES. Back in the day there were heated arguments over which version was better, but it really all comes down to which controls you prefer!

That's it for this week! Don't start writing angry letters to Nintendo - Mayhem in Monsterland is really a game you should check out. Maybe you'll forget all about Mario Golf and Secret of Mana after playing it.

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Rexy said:

First comment, and like I said in the USA releases, it was a bit of a disappointment in comparison to what they got. But still, Mayhem in Monsterland looks promising.



timp29 said:

I don't think anyone expected Secret of Mana (but apparently I was wrong! ), although I'm sure everyone was hoping. Otherwise, its not a bumper week like in NA. Street Fighter is a bit meh as there are about 4 other versions of it available - and I don't think too many people would want 2 versions of the same game. Its nice to see surprise c64 games, but the only one I'm waiting for is The Last Ninja 3.



KeeperBvK said:

What the heck? We couldn't expect to get Mario Golf AND Secret of Mana, but none of them?!



Bass_X0 said:

writes angry letter anyway
I really expected they would give us Secret of Mana today.



Rexy said:

Well, I too really wanted to re-approach Secret of Mana and all but it's most likely that Nintendo have other plans regarding when it would be released (surely before the year is out >.>), not to mention us already getting a batch full of great games in the past month or so. It's a cruel waiting game, but it'll be worth it in the end.



Bass_X0 said:

i don't have any spare points. i would have had to have gotten another 1000 for Mana then i would have had 600 left which i may have used on MiM but I'm disappointed so I'm not gonna put points on for a game i am not entirely desiring.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Unfortunately something must be wrong with the servers as nether Space Harrier nor street fighter showing up in the shop channel here in Australia .
I try to check in an hour or 2 to see if they fixed up the fault yet or not .

Space Harrier showing up but strangly still no Street fighter There's apper to be a really big stuff up .



dazza72 said:

fair enough ive got 500 points left after mayhem in monsterland ill save it for wizball



AlphaNerd01 said:

It seems like every week my disdain for lacking C64 games grows more and more... ugh. We're really missing out.



Mayhem said:

Given how much originals of Mayhem go for (10-15 quid for tape, 30-50 quid for disk) then 500 points really IS a bargain...



Digiki said:

Sorry you guys didn't get Secret of Mana, but Mayhem in Monsterland looks pretty cool



Andyman64 said:

This is very annoying! They can put out a useless sf2 update but no mana. I wasn't expecting it this week but putting out half the us releases with sf2 for md and not som is a slap in the face!



Nathan said:

Yeah great... one Space Harrier has arrived in the shop, but since we don't have C64 games in Australia, it is a very disappointing Friday. Of course I was really hoping for SofM today. That one is a must download game.



7th_lutz said:

@BB Sting

Europe doesn't vc games every week. They get vc games once every 2 weeks.

Europe will be getting wiiware games next week as a result.



Kultist said:

Too bad you guys did'nt get Secret of Mana, but at least you have Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition
I'm sure you'll get SoM pretty soon tough...



Will said:

Man, I still cant believe this. I opened VC review just before I left work tonite at 12:30 and saw this. My jaw just dropped, couldnt even scroll down for about five seconds. MiM is just such an awesome game, cant wait to download. Had it for the C64 when it was released, but could never make it past level four!!! :/ I remember just sitting, listening to the music when I was small. I hope its still as sweet as I remember.
Im picked a bad time to switch credit cards, waiting for the new one to arrive means I havent been able to buy any Wii points for three weeks!! And we have had quite a good haul recently (I havent even downloaded mega-man9 yet ffs!!!) but I think Ill just feck off into town in the morning and buy some the old fashioned way. I cant understand why other posters arent more excited about this release, Mayhem is an AWESOME GAME!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!
I guess its just a younger crowd here tonite



Will said:

Oh, but whatever you do, dont try and collect more than 10lives........ or youl know all about it!! Ha ha!



Killraven said:

Rubbish Week for Australia and NZ, why can't they sort out this no C64 rubbish. or give up on the alternating weeks. would have killed for some art style games.



classicmike said:

Well, you guys at least got three games. Too bad you only get vc games twice a week. But the games you got aren't all bad. Especially since you guys got Mayhem in Monsterland.
@ Drake: Two things I think Euro gamers will do: 1. Write angry letters to Nintendo; and 2. Still wait for Mario Golf and Secret of Mana to be released.



Sharecrow said:

I would love to play Space Harrier again...I have at least half a dozen other games I want to download though not to mention ones I am still working on beating that I already have. If this makes it's way to the US it'll be on my wanted list



AlexSays said:

I haven't even looked at Secret of Mana yet.
I wonder what all the fuss is about.



Ricardo91 said:

Not bad. Mayhem in Monsterland looks fun, as does Space Harrier (which we should be getting fairly soon), but it sucks how you guys keep getting so few Wiiware games lately.

I suspect that you guys will get SoM next week, or maybe the week after.



marktheshark said:

What's taking so long for Ninty & Commodore Gaming to bring the C64 games to NA & fix the USB keyboard issue?



originalgamer said:

Nice week for European gamers. About the US release, I wonder why so many people are happy that Secert of Mana was released.



Eldin said:

Shining Force II was all I needed a few weeks ago, I am still playing it Hope for SoM next week though.



Big_A2 said:

Don't count on getting anything next week. The way Nintendo of Europe/Australia releases them is one week VC, and the next week Wii Ware.



Mario_maniac said:

I'm not that happy about this... all Australia got this week was Space Harrier. No Street Fighter (the fact that I wouldn't download it is beside the point...), no Commodore games.

I'm getting pretty cheesed off with Nintendo about this. Why do we have to have different games from Europe, and less? I might change the region on my Wii soon...



Fuzzy said:

Even though i really wanted SoM today, I'm not angry. I think it's funny, in a twisted way! I wouldn't mind being able to play MiM as well, because that looks like a cool little platformer.



BF-Medic said:

Mayhem in Monsterland!!
At 500 points, this is a game everyone should have. Seriously!
Secret of Mana will come eventually, so why not enjoy that we got this very nice surprise



MrPinguy said:

Secret of Mana ;_;

...But it' a good week
(I waiting the realese of a certain fan translation of an certain nintendo game that is very popular in japan, at the end of this week )



Kelvin said:

Sod Secret of Mana, I'm so pleasantly surprised to see Mayhem! Of course, Creatures 2 is better, but you can't have everything.



Yasume said:

Again a disappointing week. (I'm starting to turn into a complainer, because of the last few weeks).



slangman said:

Some good suprises and bad suprises this week. Apart from Mayhem nothing here takes my pick. Was kinda expecting this so i am not that dissapointed we don't have SOM (although we have to wait 2 more weeks).



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Mayhem in Monsterland? Never heared about it but it seems like a very nice game. Master Systems scaling capabilities are a bit of a joke, and I´ll stay far away from Space Harrier.



wii-c-kid said:

Meh ... I won't miss not getting any of this week's games. Maybe next fortnight (although I hope WiiWare brings the Art Style games next week)

I'm not too worried about SoM because I've still got Shining Force 1+2, Y's Book 1+2 and Breath of Fire to complete. Would have been nice for you guys to get something worth buying though.



truercki said:

MiM is lots of fun and taking into account that it squeezes every bit out of the C64 machine and uses some C64 bugs for their gameplay it plays a big part in C64 history.



Betagam7 said:

Poketim, Mario Maniac and others. HOW MANY TIMES DOES IT HAVE TO BE SAID? There is NOTHING stopping you or anyone in PAL territories from getting C64 games. ALL you have to do is change your region settings to UK and go into the Wii shop. C64 will then be available to you.
Shiryu. You can do the exact same thing to obtain Axelay but changing your region settings to Australia



slangman said:

@Shiryu buy a 2000 AU points card and set your Wii's contry settings to Australia. Thats how i got Axelay. Do bear in mind it wipes your points everytime change countries mind.

And yeah where is Super Turrican 2? I was expecting that game to come too.



Betagam7 said:

On the subject of MiM, I'm over the moon. I haven't got the time to play Mana just yet (still need to finish Mario RPG)
I remember reading the build ups to this game in Commadore Format many moons ago but by the time the game came out you had to mail order it as C64 shelf space had vanished.
Isn't it by the guys who did creatures?



Betagam7 said:

Shiryu, DON'T buy a 2000 points card unless you also plan to buy 2 TG games as well. As slangman says any leftovers will be wiped when you switch back.
The minimal sacrafice to obtain axelay is to buy 1000 points with a credit or debit card ONCE you've switched region.
You'll lose the remaining 200 when you switch back, so think of it as an import tax. 1000 points is worth it for Axelay anyway



slangman said:

@Betagam7 Yep although buying a AU 2000 points card is perfect for those who don't have Visa or MC debit/credit cards. I only lost out on 200 points (800 spent on Axelay, 800 on Ys 1 & 2 and 200 on MM9 content).



Betagam7 said:

Ah, I guess with downloadable content its now possible to use up those points. I take your point that not everybody has a debit card.
It does amaze me thought that people are still complaining about not having C64 in Australia, I thought everybody knew how to do this trick by now?



Starwolf_UK said:

Too bad you only get vc games twice a week.
You meant month, right

I'm getting pretty cheesed off with Nintendo about this. Why do we have to have different games from Europe, and less?
You're on the other side of the world with a seperate ratings system and a need for legal entities. You might remember how long you went without TG-16 games but whewn Hudson was able to find a legal presence in Australia you caught up pretty quickly.

On the flip side I've lost all hope of Europe ever getting Axelay



Kelvin said:

Betagam7, yes the Rowlands brothers were also responsible for the excellent Creatures series, as well as the not-quite-as-excellent Cyberdyne Warrior.



Mario_maniac said:

Keep in mind that we don't exactly want to lose our points -- you said it yourself that one loses points when switching countries. Besides, I already mentioned the whole "flipping to different region" thing. lawl. Another problem is that not everyone can access Wii Points via credit card (like me). IIRC, European Point Cards only work for the European region, and Australian Points Cards only work for the Oceanic region.

But that's not the point of it all. If we're able to do something as simple as flip regions, why do they even bother having different games for Europe and Australia?

That's true, we did get Turbo games eventually. But from what I've heard, the C64 was released in Australia all those years ago too. So really, unless the OFLC has some crazy objection about giving us C64 games... I don't see why we aren't getting them.

I'm sure you'll get Axelay eventually, though. Just as soon as we get Probotector II.



slangman said:

"I'm sure you'll get Axelay eventually, though. Just as soon as we get Probotector II.

Of course we will in about a year from now lol.



Killraven said:

jsut remember if your in australia and you switch to uk and then use your credit card, you eand up paying more than 15$aud for those points, when i used to do it i regularly paid about 18-19$aud for 100 points.



WoRMaSTeR said:

What sucks the most is that it will now be 2 weeks at least before Secret of Mana. Could they just go back to weekly releases please... 2 weeks seems like a lifetime.



Mike1 said:

I find it interesting how so many PAL owners are complaining this week. A few months ago when the U.S. was getting garbage and people were complaining, all of you guys in Europe were telling us to stop complaining and be patient.

Well guys, just be patient, LOL!



Rexy said:

I said in the first few posts that I'd wait as long as it takes for Secret of Mana (and to some extent Mega Man 3 as well). I'm surprised that even with the inclusion of MiM, not many of my peers seem to be following suit.
I can understand the awkwardness for the Australians, having only to put up with only the other two (or one if Street Fighter II is still unavailable for them). But let's put it this way - surely nothing could follow up from the awesomeness of 2 weeks ago, right?



Rapadash6 said:

In the Summer time, North America was getting the shaft. Now you guys are getting the bad end of the deal. Why can't Nintendo just spread the love evenly in all territories? I'm sure you'll get Mario Golf and Secret of Mana soon, though, but until then you DO have an exclusive system with an above average selection of games that we'll likely never get. That's something to be happy about, I guess.



Betagam7 said:

1. This weeks releases hardly constitute "getting the shaft" Mayhem in Monsterland is a bonifide classic and THE big game this week. Their is no sense overshadowing it by releasing mana alongside it. That makes no sense. USA won't be getting MIM so they got Mana a week in advance of us. Big deal!

2. For the Australians who say they can't get a CREDIT card. I'm thirty years old and have (willfully) never had a credit card in my life. A debit card on the other hand is very easy to obtain, practically anyone with a bank account can get one. If you are somehow unable to obtain a bank account then I'm very sorry but that's part of being a child I guess. There should be nothing stopping an adult (or even a teenager with a paper round) from getting one!



feng said:

Not too happy with these releases this week, have been waiting patiently for mario golf since day one to come onto vc, thought it was definately going to be this week, ahh well heres hoping for next week.



feng said:

some of the c64 games take me back it was great back in those days, i wonder if the dizzy games will make an appearance, still 500 points is a bit steep when original tapes in the day were £2.99



Betagam7 said:


Orignal tapes in the day wern't £2.99. That was only budget titles and by the time Mayhem came out they had risen to £3.99.
Mayhem though wasn't a budget title and would have retailed for around £10.99 plus postage and package (it was only available through mail order)
Therefore the £3.50 it costs on the VC actually makes it cheaper than a budget title and about a third of what it would have cost back then when money was worth a lot more than it is today.
As such its something of a bargain



RadioShadow said:

So the US gets 4 releases and the EU get 3? Someone at Nintendo can't count.

I'm still waiting for Earthworm Jim to be released in the US. Hopefully Monday will be the day! ^^

@Drake: That's been released?



Starwolf_UK said:

But that's not the point of it all. If we're able to do something as simple as flip regions, why do they even bother having different games for Europe and Australia?
Do comodore gaming have officies in Australia. Have they gone through the pulbishing process including the get the OFLC rating. Just like with Wiiware you have to have a legal presence in the country you are publishing in. If you don't you'll have to find a company to be that presence for you. For instance Nnooo when it comes to Japan had to have EA as the publisher for Pop (this might have been for the wiser since Pop actually is 500 points in Japan). Similarly, the US company behind Criter Round-Up looked toward Komani for publishing in Japan (Konami then published it in the rest of the world...).

I'm pretty sure the TG-16 games came about because of e-mails to Hudson and Nintendo about the subject.

As for the whole reigon flipping thing. I think it borderline retarded and to make things worse I've switched the country to Japan (cheapest points in the world...well, Korea might be slightly chepaer) using homebrew and not lost any points...yet. This proves it only affects specific countries

In fact I wonder what trading standards (or equivilent) would think of this practice (as it is clearly theft)...knowing Nintendo they've burried a BS clause in the End User Liscence Agreement (EULA) that says despite the option for changing country being on the menu you're not allowed to use it...



Adamant said:

" This proves it only affects specific countries"

Yes, the only country change that'll make you lose point is to and from Australia. I change from Brazil and back every time I buy points, since I don't have an American credit card, and Brazil only demands info I'm actually able to supply them with to verify my Norwegian card.



classicmike said:

@ RadioShadow: Lol, yeah I kind of gave up on Commodore 64 games coming to the US since the fact that EU has been getting it for about 6-7 months now while we don't even have it announced for us yet.



masterof8elements said:

How come Australia doesn't get Commodore 64 games? Some of them look like they're fun to play! We're supposed to fall in the Europe zone when it comes to gaming, and yet...this happens! What would happen in an all C64 week? I can't even begin to imagine!

By the way, here's hoping we get Mario Golf and Secret of Mana on the 31st of October (just in time for my 21st birthday!)...



jesus_666 said:

YAY, no sooner do I moan that theres no thalamus games on VC they release Mayhem in Monsterland! this is the first great release for the C64 so far, hopefully the creatures games and Armalyte will soon follow.



jesus_666 said:

I've been thinking, is it actually possible for Mayhem in Monsterland to run on NTSC anyway? the game was PAL only and Nintendo don't seem willing to muck about with NTSC games to get them running properly for Europe so they probably won't do the opposite either, maybe thats the reason why the C64 on VC will never go to the US.



Twilight_Crow said:

Not fair, I want c64 games, if Nintendo really wanted it they would find a way to adapt c64 to NA VC.



Viral said:

Yay! MiM. At least now I beat ToeJam & Earl and will have something new to finish! And by the way, ToeJam & Earl was feckin' hard!



timp29 said:

@Mr Cheez. You noticed too? Typing one word and clicking 'Post Comment' is uninteresting too

I switched my region over to UK for Last Ninja 1 and 2 ages ago, when the Aussie dollar was riding high and after currency conversion, I got my points for cheaper than they were in Australia lol. But at the moment, the Aussie dollar is worth about 30 cents less against the greenback, I wouldn't go buying games through Europe region for a while lol.



Ricardo91 said:

@Timp. lol, exactly! I mean if he's seriously uninterested in these games, why don't he just not post? I mean really.

@Adamant. Really? Awesome! I'm thinking about doing that whole region switcheroo too, so I can get me some Maboshi, Boulderdash, and Last Ninja. And, if I can, switch to Japan, as they got some mighty fine games there! Would I lose points if I switched to Japan?

@Viral. Did you play the whole game by yourself? It's a pretty tough game if you went solo, but it would probably be a lot easier with a friend around. That game was MADE for co-op. I deleted it long ago, as I thought it was boring as hell.



Devastator said:

Does anyone know if there is any kind of plan for the Wii to able to play music cds or dvds in the future.



Bass_X0 said:

Definitely not. Nintendo has always been against multi-media like playing music or DVDs.



timp29 said:

@Mr Cheez: I would look into it before transferring your Wii's region to UK and trying to download C64 games. I have a feeling the NTSC Wii, can't download games from PAL regions. Its a bummer I know, but you may be able to get games from Japan... fingers crossed (and have your japanese translator at the ready)

@Devastator/Bass X0: There is the chance the WiiHD slated for release in 2010 or whenever may have DVD playback functionality. If blueray picks up and becomes the standard, it might become much more affordable and feature in the WiiHD... but I don't see it happening by 2010.



Adamant said:

People, people - American Wiis can't switch to other regions, only other countries.The only Wiis that allow you to switch between different regions are PAL Wiis, which can switch between European countries and Australia (and this deletes your points, as mentioned).



@ Mr. Cheez

No, not really. I just want TMNT III for the NES, that's all.



Clayfrd said:

@Mr. Cheez (85) - I second that remark. I will have to say this is a rather dull week for Europe, though.



feng said:

Point taken re price of games,
I just rememer buying games years ago they all seemed to be around the £2.99 mark I was obviously buying budget titles.
The way you put it mayhem is obviously well worth the 500 points but i dont think the same could be said about a lot of the c64 titles already on vc.



uncle_smuck said:

ach looks like the VC is slipping again! Slipping like a one legged man on an ice rink! Or slipping like the gradual decline of Lilly savage's looks.....she used to be so womanly!
Now she just looks like a man!



Betagam7 said:

Yes I'd agree that rubbish like Cybernoid isn't worth 100 points let alone 500 but then surely the same can be said about certain NES games too. Just because they originally came on expensive carts doesn't stop themm being a steaming pile of plop



feng said:

Yeah, your dead right there perhaps a re-think of prices for certain games is in order, 500 for the good ones that are genuinely worth it and 100-200 for the crap. This would come in handy for spending leftover points, the only problem is each to there own and all that, some people will dissagree on what is exactly worth it and what is crap so i suppose you cant win.



Betagam7 said:

I think with the advent of Mega Man 9 Nintendo and Capcom have conspired to find a way to fleece us of...sorry find a use for those extra 200 points.
Its a very cynical marketing strategy, by leaving you with "change" they know you'll be tempted to buy more



Clayfrd said:

@Will- Actually I don't know why I called this dull. I was mainly referring to SFII, but after looking back at the article, this is definitely not bad. While I didn't have a C64, I generally assume that if VCR says it's good, then it probably had a good fanbase, and I'll judge a week according to the majority's opinion on the games. I'm really not sure why I called the week dull. I think I had just read another article or something. Weird.



Bass_X0 said:

i hope we get secret of mana this week. and mario golf. anything else we europeans need thats been released in america recently?



slangman said:

(prays SoM comes out this week) Oh and Super Turrican 2 would be nice too but that game seems to be held off too for some reason.

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