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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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wii-c-kid commented on Review: Star Force (Arcade):

It's the first VC Arcade title I bought. Sure it's dated, but for the money it isn't all that bad. Certainly I wouldn't rate it as low as 4/10 but it's really not on-par with shooters on the VC so I'm going with 5/10.

I hope there's going to be loads more arcade titles like this coming to the VC.



wii-c-kid commented on SD Card Game Launching + Arcade Games Availabl...:

This is definitely one of the best firmware updates we've had for a while. I haven't experienced any problems playing any games from SD (mind you, I do have over 1500 blocks free now I've moved everything)

Good job Nintendo!



wii-c-kid commented on EU VC Update: MERCS and Winter Games:

Any week with a C64 title suck imo. Flame bait I know but I just hate the idea let alone most of the games that have been released so far.

Outside of Secret of Mana and Super Mario RPG I haven't bought anything on VC for months now. It's a shame because I used to love the service. I can only hope next week's WiiWare update doesn't include Snowboard Riot or anything from HVS.



wii-c-kid commented on Wonder Boy in Monster Land Includes Special Op...:

28! Ooh. Nerd-tastic. Still not interested despite the street-cred I'd gain from claiming to have an emulator emulate FM synth. sound on (for the love of all that which is waffle shaped and stuck on the ceiling) the Sega Master System. Quite frankly the game is just another boring mish-mash of the other Wonderboy worlds and the first VC release was boring enough in itself.



wii-c-kid commented on EU VC Update: Mario Golf and Wonder Boy in Mon...:

@jesao - I second you on the choice of rally games.

I'd like to see any N64 racer that doesn't suck. Beetle Adventure Racing, Ridge Racer 64, San Francisco Rush/2084 (or whatever the sequel was) Hell, if Diddy Kong racing came out I'd never buy another racer ever - retro or current. I got DKR on DS but, like Mario Kart, it's just not the same on that tiny screen.



wii-c-kid commented on EU VC Update: Mario Golf and Wonder Boy in Mon...:

Wow. An N64 golf game and another game in the truly over-rated Wonder-why-I'm-Bored series.

Thank god for the recession and the homebrew channel. 5 weeks with no sales to me Nintendo - keep it up and you'll blow 2008's slovenly collection of sequelitis out of the water by the end of the first quarter.



wii-c-kid commented on USA VC Update: Kirby's Dream Land 3:

God I'm glad I'm not an American right now. This week's lineup for you guys sucks. Big time.

Outside of Kirby 64 and that god awful Gamecube racer, I'd say this is the worst Kirby game ever and I have no hopes for Konami's sand-castle game.

Please be kind to us NoE 8D Somehow though I have a feeling that we're going to get shafted with more garbage C64 and SMS releases. Ugh, what I wouldn't give to be able to kick whoever was responsible for those VC console choices right between the legs - hard and repeatedly until their balls pop out of their nose: one through each nostril



wii-c-kid commented on EU VC Update: Phantasy Star IV and Mega Man 3:

I love these whiny little geeks who have nothing more to complain about other than 50Hz refresh rates in games. Too bad ya boring little phishers, 50Hz is what you get, If you don't like it - tough.

Nice week. Nothing for me though, which is probably a good thing considering how many Wii points I've got through in the past week.



wii-c-kid commented on EU VC Releases: Mayhem in Monsterland and More:

Meh ... I won't miss not getting any of this week's games. Maybe next fortnight (although I hope WiiWare brings the Art Style games next week)

I'm not too worried about SoM because I've still got Shining Force 1+2, Y's Book 1+2 and Breath of Fire to complete. Would have been nice for you guys to get something worth buying though.



wii-c-kid commented on Hanabi Festival 3 Kicks Off:

It's no reason to release it during Hanabi though - there's ton's of games that haven't been released outside of Japan and yet Nintendo chose to fill a slot with something that could have been re-released at any time.

I doubt it would have been re-released at all if it weren't for the fact that NoA got it.



wii-c-kid commented on Hanabi Festival 3 Kicks Off:

I reckon it's a pretty poor festival all in all. Sure, DoReMi and SMPRG are mildly interesting (Paper Mario is much better value and more enjoyable than SMRPG IMO) but all in all, Bio Miracle is the only game worth purchasing. Releasing SMB:LL again is just plain cheek and how the hell anyone could justify releasing Dig Dug and Spelunker as worthwhile import games is beyond me.

The typical Nintendo logic defies me once again as I'd have thought more Ninja Gaiden or Earthbound would have been a lot more lucrative titles on the service.



wii-c-kid commented on Samurai Shodown II:

Wow, I think it's time to expand my list of 20 VC games to purchase to a mega 21! It's only taken another 6 months, but Nintendo have finally broken my top 20 list.



wii-c-kid commented on Nintendo Responds To US Release Date Queries:

I doubt it would make sense for SNK, Hudson or Capcom to abandon the VC from a financial point of view. Nor do I think that Nintendo will be even in the slightest bit shaken by it all.

It's a shame because ideally, I'd like Nintendo to treat the VC with the respect it deserves. Considering past outbursts regarding VC/WiiWare distribution I doubt they ever will.

Ultimately, I just think Nintendo are doing a juggling act between WiiWare and the VC and someone's disrupted their rhythm. Nintendo will make a proper public apology, someone will get their wrist slapped and life will go on.



wii-c-kid commented on Nintendo Responds To US Release Date Queries:

Meh. I got angry about this sort of thing over a year ago and practically everyone on WiiWare World, VC Reviews and VC Forums has lost respect for me for flaming the hell out of Nintendo. But no, the ever faithful and ultimately eternally hopeful will soldier on supporting Nintendo's white plastic piece of garbage and in doing so every other month someone will complain about the same damned thing.

The best bit: Nintendo have almost certainly just shot themselves in the foot with their announcement that they have no more plans to bring out new peripherals for the casual playing public. What happens next? Microsoft and Sony start doing what Nintendo did with Wii and Nintendo puts it's head between its legs and kisses it's ass goodbye once again.

Limited 3rd party support, pretty much average first-party efforts, crap WiiWare (outside of about four games), VERY limited retro catalogue (not in terms of quantity, but in terms of variety and licensing) an underwhelming half-arsed approach to online, bad storage problems and the Ugly Interface we all recognise but certainly don't love..

Give a bunch on monkeys a computer and they might produce something unusual, even unexpected. Ask them to build on it though and you might as well be talking to a brick wall. That's the analogy I've made of my experience of supporting Nintendo. The company makes no sense - claim to be about games entertainment but have no clue what the various markets expect other than to pay lip-service and then run and hide.



wii-c-kid commented on Alex Kidd in Miracle World:

Wow. Bad. You always know when a game sucks when they use seahorses as an enemy. Boring, repetitive generic junk. No wonder Alex Kidd never made it. Save your pennies.



wii-c-kid commented on Why April Is A Massive Month For the Virtual C...:

Dracula X and Metal Slug have loads of appeal. MUSHA looks good, but how many 'good' shmups do we need? And the end of the day, just because they've been rated doesn't mean we'll get them this month. Hope we do because the native April line-up is pretty lack-lustre.



wii-c-kid commented on Japanese WiiWare Service – GO! GO! GO!:

Funny thing Damo, I've got 2080 blocks free and between 70 and 80 blocks of save data which by my calculations is quite a bit more than 1840 (around 2150). Perhaps you missed something - or maybe NIntendo were nice enough to stick extra storage on my Wii



wii-c-kid commented on Japanese WiiWare Service – GO! GO! GO!:

Click on the Nintendo World Report link in the article GameGod3008. There's 9 WiiWare titles so far (I think) but not all of them might be as big (in terms of popularity) as Star Solider R or FF, but who knows. You might want something different and WiiWare certainly seems to be offering that



wii-c-kid commented on Talking Point: The State of Play of the Virtua...:

I've made my point about this all too often. Regardless of the Wii's life-cycle (which I agree will have an absolute maximum of 5 years) the range of games available to current and future consoles simply negates any argument over availability, regardless of licensing issues.

I don't think the problem with VC is lack of quality and quite honestly, the current quantity is admirable. My issue is the two-fold:

1) One/two game weeks don't offer much choice.
2) Much of the content on the VC doesn't venture much beyond generic platformers, beat-em'ups and shoot-em'ups (and to a lesser extent RPGs - although weak ones) Whilst there are SOME games in other categories like sports and racing they are few and far between and generally the quality leaves a lot to be desired.

The problem is that (1) compounds (2) and vice-versa. Choice is good as is variety and when people have neither they eventually stop buying.

I cannot see WiiWare being to blame for the lack of VC titles earlier this year either. Sure, whilst Nintendo may want us to save some pennies up for WiiWare, games for the service will arrive less frequently and won't demand a huge amount of extra cash. Sure we should get quite a few games when WiiWare releases but very few hold interest for me, I doubt that will be much different for many people.

The VC was very important for Nintendo last year as it kept people paying and playing whilst native games took their time to arrive. It shouldn't be any different this year. The games we expect and their release rates won't change and it would be naive to believe that WiiWare could keep us all going to the same extent that the VC did.



wii-c-kid commented on Bomberman Wii - First screens:

Definitely looking good. Will be one of my must-have WiiWare games. Would like to see Miis as characters in game - but it's not really essential.



wii-c-kid commented on Yet More Amazing Final Fantasy WiiWare Screens:

Err, looks like I just killed you comments system trying to edit my previous comment. Anyhoo, with regards to block size I doubt we'll be seeing many games over 400 blocks - not that I'd mind seeing as I've got around 1800 blocks free with the Internel Channel installed and I'm never touching the crappy VC service ever again.



wii-c-kid commented on Commodore 64 coming to Virtual Console?:

Ah yes, I can remember spending under £2 on new home computer games too. 500 points is pricey but not too far fetched that I wouldn't spend the money on games like IK and Uridium (and hopefully Impossible Mission too!)



wii-c-kid commented on Smash Bros. Brawl to get WiiWare Portal?:

As for the new channel - bring it on! It sounds awesome. Along with the lastest Iwata interview which hints at probably the most incredible sales idea every (WiiWare for balance board and other peripherals) I'm a complete Nintendoite again



wii-c-kid commented on Smash Bros. Brawl to get WiiWare Portal?:

Like the comment about having to pay of content that professionals design for a game. Why not just steal the game rather than pay for it? I love morons who think the games companies (and pretty much any company) can do work for nothing. Please, whoever wrote this article, work for nothing for a month, then you'll realise how important paying for these 'extras' really is.



wii-c-kid commented on EU VC Release - 8th February - Lords of Thunder:

Whinger alert! I think the game is good, but I hate shmups and am fed up with RPGs - so a schmup with RPG elements is right off of my list. To compesate though I have bought Ice Climbers and Balloon Fight.

Maybe next week will be more interesting. Unless we get crap like Spelunker and Smash Ping Pong which seem to be hanging on the wings of release...



wii-c-kid commented on Mario's Super Picross:

Don't rise to the bait Drake, I guess some things are just lost on certain people. DEMON212's just going to have to wait a couple more weeks for Super Metroid.