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Space Harrier was originally released in the arcade in the 1980s, developed by AM2, which also developed OutRun and Afterburner. Space Harrier is widely recognizable by many arcade fans due to its distinctive, colorful art design and its fast-paced action.

The SEGA Master System version is considered a solid port of the arcade game, containing 18 levels of intense fun. As the “Space Harrier,” you must fight your way through “The Land of Dragons” and defeat the bosses at the end of each level to restore peace to the land. Are you prepared? Get ready!

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Blow your mind in a fantasy zone

When Sega released the Master System back in the ‘80s the company was facing an uphill struggle against Nintendo’s NES. The NES had the software support and thanks to Nintendo’s nefarious practice of making developers agree to keep their titles...

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User Comments (28)



KeeperBvK said:

Yay, I actually enjoyed this more than the sequel...and it's good news we won't get the abysmal NES-port. ^^



DEMON212 said:

Can't wait. Been praying for it since the SMS hit. Billion times better than SH2.

Welcome to the Fantasy Zone bitch, get ready



Mendez said:

Can't wait for this, always liked Space Harrier 2 on MD and if this one really is as superior as people say it should be great. =]



adzix said:

i LOVE the soundtrack
very memorable
does anyone know if the jap version has fm sound?



Outrunner said:

Seriously, why didn't they do the TG-16/PC Engine version? Now there's probably no chance we'll see it. I've been waiting ages too. Bah!



Sharecrow said:

I didn't know there was a TG16 version. I bet it's pretty good...

I remember this game being much tougher than Space Harrier 2 (but that could be because I was younger). I wonder if it really is a tough one. Anyway, I would be delighted to download this and try again now that I am old



CanisWolfred said:

It's funny, I look at this, and it actually looks good! Yet when I look at Space Harrier II, it looks like crud, and looks like it plays like crud too. How is it possible for a sequel to be so much worse than the original, especially when moving to a more powerful machine?



Outrunner said:

I like Space Harrier 2. And to Sharecrow: Yeah it is really good. Look up some vids of it on youtube to see just how good.



Ricardo91 said:

oddly, this looks a lot better than SHII, despite the horrible-quaity music. Now we just need Alien Syndrome, Outrun, and Shinobi and all will be well!

P.S. how come almost every MS game has such laughably terrible box art?



Ricardo91 said:

Mega Man 2? Fah! That box art looked like the Mona Lisa compared to the original MM's (you can see it in this site's MM review). Though the European art for MM2 was also pretty awful. He looked like a cross between Leonard Nimoy and the Tin Man! XD



lockelocke said:

Get Ready
Got more wear than any of my SMS carts (or cards), IMO the best SMS title out there, kicks Space Harrier 2's ass up and down the block. Cop it!



slangman said:

@ Outrunner i am with you on this one but i guess they are putting up the Master System version since people know that version better that the TG-16 version.



Stuffgamer1 said:

The Master System's box art is way worse than even the worst NES box you can think of. There's hardly any art at all, really, and I don't particularly like the grid in the background.

As for the game, the video looks kinda weird. I might try it anyway, though, just because Space Harrier is one of my favorite levels from Sega Superstar Tennis.



DoctorJest said:

This is one of those games I loved in the arcade, but could just never like on the home systems. Of course, the arcade version had the moving flight-chair that shifted up, down, left and right as you flew, so you got a whole extra experience there...



adzix said:

only a 3 star rating? hm...
well i guess it's because i grew up with the master system that my opinion of this game is a much higher one.
i love the soundtrack, the songs are really amazing.
the game plays pretty good and considering the horsepower of the sms this looks amazing. it's tough and i never managed to finish it...



Outrunner said:

I deleted my last comment because after spending a good few hours on this I've actually grown to like it. (The pal version is very slow however...). I still wish we'd gotten the TG-16 version but this will have to do. And being a Space Harrier fan how could I not download this? I just hope Sega pull a Street Fighter and upload other versions...



Adamant said:

With very few exceptions, Master System box art is absolutely hideous, and has been a point of ridicule for ages. This is one of the better-looking boxes, actually.



Kelvin said:

There are three generations of MS box art. The first generation, like Space Harrier, have the basic grid and dodgy art. The second generation (like the first Sonic) retain the grid, but improve the art. The third generation (circa 1992, like Mortal Kombat) drop the grid entirely in most cases.



Eltigro said:

I actually have this cartridge for my SMS. It's pretty fun. I remember playing Space Harrier in the arcade up the street from my house. Don't have the box.



2D_Dreamer said:

I too still have this on cartridge so I don't need to download it as my Master System is wired up to the TV.

It's a repetitive but enjoyable arcade shooter and the 3D update is relatively smooth for an SMS game. It's quite tough and it's fun trying to beat your high score for a whiIe. I think three stars for the review is about right. I too want the TG-16 version on VC as I've never played that one.

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