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Fri 12th Sep 2008

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Andyman64 commented on Rumour: EarthBound Not Coming to Virtual Console:

This is false. How many countless rip offs/parodies of the Bond or Mission Impossible themes are there in video games? There are only 12 notes you can play and there is plenty room for artistic license in music. Some EB songs maybe similar but are not note for note and besides what copyright lawyers would be paying attention to a 15 yr old game anyway. Plus it got cleared the first time it was released. However if there are actual samples of real audio from other sources (ie the Python theme, even though that is public domain) then that is the only way that this might be plausible.



Andyman64 commented on ESRB Cleans Up:

Anyone see that new "The Wrestler" movie with Micky Rourke? There is a cool little homage to Pro Wrestling in it with his character playing a similar old Nintendo game that he was in from the 80's. Made me wonder when it would be coming to VC (!)



Andyman64 commented on EU VC Update: Secret of Mana and Sonic the Hed...:

@big a2. not in pal anyways.
I lent my real copy to a friend many years ago and never got it back, so this is a welcome replay for me.
Hey, does anyone else think the suits or armour (on the stands) look like little's like an optical puzzle, depends how you look at it...maybe I'm just Australian!



Andyman64 commented on Hori Announces New Classic Controller For Japan:

This looks more N then most other 3rd party pads.. thought it was official when I first saw the pic.Good work on the button layout, I never liked the cubes tiny buttons much but the big A was pretty sweet!...hope there's no dongle too.