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Sat 18th Oct 2008

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masterof8elements commented on Rejoice! The DSi Gets a Virtual Console After...:

I've already spent over 25000 Points in the Wii Shop Channel in just over two years (mainly VC games), so if this is any indication on how much I'll be spending if and when Virtual Handheld launches, Nintendo'd better watch out!

By the way, I'm now Master of 18 Elements.

Oh, and...YAY! 158th! Sorry, just had to add that part



masterof8elements commented on The DSi – One Step Closer to a Portable Virt...:

I wonder if the Nintendo DSi will be able to fix some of the problems with certain Wii VC games, such as allowing Mario Kart 64 and Wave Race 64 access to a Controller Pak-like menu option, or allowing Transfer Pak games like Mario Golf connectivity to their Game Boy counterparts in the DSi VC library.

Maybe we'll see Pokemon Stadium 2 after all...



masterof8elements commented on EU VC Releases: Mayhem in Monsterland and More:

How come Australia doesn't get Commodore 64 games? Some of them look like they're fun to play! We're supposed to fall in the Europe zone when it comes to gaming, and yet...this happens! What would happen in an all C64 week? I can't even begin to imagine!

By the way, here's hoping we get Mario Golf and Secret of Mana on the 31st of October (just in time for my 21st birthday!)...