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USA VC Releases: Ys Book I & II and Samurai Shodown II

Posted by Darren Calvert

American VC gamers hoping for Super Mario RPG today due to its surprise release a few days ago in Europe might feel a little disappointed today as it is not out this week in the USA unfortunately. Worry not, this week is still a stellar update for the Wii Shop as one of our other favourite RPGs is up for grabs, and one of the best 2D brawlers too!

Ys Book I & II is a top pick this week for RPG fans. When Ys Book I & II was first released on the TurboGrafx-16 CD format, it did things that no other RPG from the time period had done to that point. The game featured full voiced dialog, gorgeous anime sequences, and an epic quest that basically spanned two separate games. Over the years this game has become one of the most beloved classics available on any game console and a must-have for any RPG fan that might have somehow missed it along the way. This costs 800 Wii points.

Samurai Shodown II is one of my personal faves. Sure the first game in the series was excellent, but this sequel refines the game even further to make for a much better experience. Four new characters, new moves such as a dash attack along with other refinements. If you love games like Street Fighter II but haven’t yet taken a chance on a Neo Geo brawler then this is a great place to start. This costs 900 Wii points.

OK so you didn't get Super Mario RPG this week, but these two 5 star rated Virtual Console games should more than make up for that. Don’t be too glum American readers! If neither of these two games grab your attention then head on over to WiiWare World and check out Helix which is up today for 1000 Wii points. For fitness freaks this might be the game for you if Wii Fit has worn you out!

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Corbs said:

I hope people can overlook the fact that Super Mario RPG didn't make it out in the US and not miss out on these two amazing VC titles.



blackknight77 said:

No surprises here. I think todays wii-kly update was expected. Maybe next monday on Labor day the US will get SMRPG, Mega Man2 and My Aquarium. That would be a good follow up.

Honestly, Hudson has made it know this game was coming out in August and I can't see NOA putting 2 massive RPGs out on the same day. However, I bet SMRPG will be out next month along with MM2 and MM9. September could be shaping up to be a very good month on the VC.



Edwin said:

I cannot overlook that fact. It better come out next week for the 250th game.



Ark said:

Sure, there's no Mario RPG, but who was realistically expecting that? This is a great week! We get two brilliant games. Shodown 2 got 5/5 and I assume Ys will get the same. I'll be getting Ys ASAP.



Masky64 said:

It would be amazing if NOA released SMRPG, Earthbound, and Mega Man 9 all in the same day. Then again, winning the lottery three times in a row is just as likely as that happening.



Link79 said:

Frankly I'm sick of hearing about Mario RPG every week. For those who don't already have it my question is, Why not? Today's VC update is outstanding and anyone who is not satisfied with these great games should consider a different hobby.



Masky64 said:

These games don't interest me, so yeah.

I'll just have to wait another long week.



Lefty_Noob said:

I'm thrilled to see Ys out this week. I've been itching to play it ever since Game Informer featured it as one of the Top 10 rare RPGs everyone should play, and now I finally get that opportunity. Ain't the Virtual Console great?



Corbs said:

Ys Book I & II is an all-time classic. I'll never forget the first time I played it on my Turbo Duo many years ago. It set standards for RPGs that are still being followed to this very day.



Link79 said:

@ Masky64
You want Mario RPG but have no interest in Ys? Okay your loss I guess.



Wiiloveit said:

Nothing that interests me (I can't stand RPG's and SSBBrawl will keep me occupied as a fighting game forever), but that doesn't really matter anyway since I don't live in Americaworld.

Enjoy them anyways.



Masky64 said:

When Super Mario RPG comes out, all those cries for the game would be replaced with cries for EarthBound and Chrono Trigger.



Chunky_Droid said:

Always hear a lot about Ys Book 1 and 2, but the fact that you just bump into people to level up seems a little weird. Is it a strange gameplay issue while playing it? I'm intrigued but I'm not dropping 800 points on a game that I might get sick of after 20 minutes .

As for Samurai Shodown II, glad it's out for all of you who want it, but definitely not for me



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

I sure hope no one was seriously expecting SMRPG, since it wasn't even on the radar for North America. The good thing is that we got a significantly better RPG instead!



Feral_Spirits said:

Yes! Yahoo! Yippee!

Ys (Pronounced Eece, like Greece) is my favorite series of games! Now the collection is mine at last! Cackles

My next few days are officially booked.



Link79 said:

I guess there will always be some game that people want that they aren't getting but they can't put every game in existence on the shop.
Sadly many of the favorites will probably never come.



Corbs said:

Considering many gamers back in the 16-bit era were willing to shell out the $400 for the CD attachment just to play Ys Book I & II, I'd say it's safe to say that $8 isn't much to ask for what is one of the greatest RPGs ever crafted.



Wiiloveit said:

This post isn't really related to the story, but ah well.

I just thought I'd let you know how amazing it is to see comments appear so fast after a new news story appears. The people who manage to get first post on these things are unbelievable. Or maybe they're just people who sit at their keyboards pressing F5 on the VC-Reviews home screen all day.

Edit: As I was typing this three more people posted. Wow.

Oh, and congrats again for getting Ys.



J_Bose said:

All I can say is, about freakin time that Ys came out. It was the first TG-16 CD game announced and I've been waiting months for this. For those of you to young to have played this, it is one of the best RPGs ever. I know everyone wants Mario RPG, but get this game, it is awesome.



Link79 said:

That bumping into the enemies in Ys has me a little worried too.
I hope it doesn't get frustrating or tedious. Sounds pretty strange to me.



Masky64 said:

Personally, I'm not a big fan of RPGs. I might just get SMRPG and EarthBound but that's it. I'm also awaiting the release of Bomberman 64 on the VC.



Don said:

This blows! Why can't all the regions get the same games in the same week?! Making us wait for SMRPG and releasing it in Japan and Europe sooner is an atrocity. I mean I'm sure there's someone out there who is dying and wants to play this game may not live long enough to do it. The whole not telling us which VC games are coming out when is an atrocity also. NOA needs a new president who actually care about gamers.



Corbs said:

If you're focusing on the combat of Ys, you're missing the point of the game entirely. While that's a part of it, it's not what makes the game the legendary classic it remains today.



Wiiloveit said:

@ Dazza: Yes. Yes it is

Edit: ANOTHER three people posted whilst I was typing again. I think I'm just gonna move on before I get paranoid (why isn't WWW as popular anyway?).

@Masky 64: Bomberman 64 probably won't appear on VC since BM'93 is already there and there is going to be a brand new version on WiiWare soon



Lefty_Noob said:

I don't know about everyone else, but Ys Book I & II is exactly the kind of game I go for on the VC -- a rare game, hailed as legendary, in a genre I really dig, on a system I never had the chance to own. If that's not worth $8 then I don't know what is.



Link79 said:

@ Corbie
Is Ys book 1 & 2 the best of the series? I may want to check out the others if they might come to VC someday. I never owned a Turbo grafx so I'm not too familiar with alot of the games.



Corbs said:

Ys IV was fan translated and is what I consider the best of the series. Since you're not likely to see it on the VC since it was never officially localized for release outside of Japan, Ys Book I & II will remain the best of the US releases.

Ys III took the series in a "Zelda II: Adventures of Link" direction using more of a side-scrolling experience to carry the adventure. Some love it and some don't. I think it's a good game, but nowhere nearly on the same level as Ys Book I & II.



Link79 said:

Sounds good to me. I can't wait to start downloading. Looks like I'll be pretty busy trying to finish this one.



blackknight77 said:

@ Wiilove it online
Mondays mornings are exciting, thats all I can say.
@ Corbie
I may try Y's III if its similar to Zelda 2. I think thats a compliment

There are 5 mondays next month. I think there is a chance we may have at least a 1 game VC week. But I think these games may have a chance of being released Final Soldier, Gradius 2, Earthworm Jim, Street Fighter 2 SCE, Space Harrier, and Phantasy Star 4. I am hoping for a better selection from Sega Genesis titles.



Kultist said:

Well great week, no surprises here. 2 excellent games to end an
excellent month! I'll get Ys tonight for sure. Somehow, I feel things should be really interesting in the next few months... I do hope August's releases are an indication of things to come

Oh and maybe people still complaining about SMRPG should take a break. Sure it would be a nice surprise to see it released as the 250th game, but it will probably not. However, I'm sure it'll be released within the next year (hopefully before that), so in the meantime, why not try to cut some slack? Asking for it every week will certainly not make it suddenly pop out of the blue on your Wii.



Virus said:

I'm more than happy with this week's releases. I may not have the money, but for once in a long time, I have something to crave for that I can't actually buy yet! Also for once in a long time, we got three VC games in one week. (Yes, I'm counting Ys as two games).



Digiki said:

Yes excellent week but I might have to hold out on SS2 for a while cuz I'm runnin' low on blocks



Bendover83 said:

I'm betting either MegaMan 2 or SMRPG next week. Not both at the same time. I'm going to get Y's for sure, since from what I'm hearing is good and I've never owned a TurboGraphx game. I wouldn't stake a lot of money on my bet though.



worrybomb said:

An excellent week for the VC indeed. Two five-star games that were previously announced to the shop is now here. I'll be downloading Ys when I get home ASAP. Looks like a lot of fun plus I do love me some retro RPG goodness.

It's not SMRPG but Ys is a RPG nonetheless. A good one too. DL now! =)



Rexy said:

Oh, PLEASE! I would do ANYTHING to trade this week's EU releases with this American one. I so want to look into Ys more than ever, and I really want to see it released as soon as the Hanabi Festival is over.

Aaaand there we go - another reason why it currently sucks to live in the UK.



Cocoa_Man5 said:

well we all knew this was going to happen, i don't know why some people were actually thinking that SMRPG was going to be released. i do believe though that SMRPG will be released next week in north america due to the fact that big name titles usually are released close to each other.



Rapadash6 said:

I had a feeling Nintendo wouldn't release two highly requested RPGs in one update. I fully expect SMRPG next Monday though. If North America doesn't get it then that's just plain not fair. Also, I completely predicted the month of August. My predictions for September:

-Super Mario RPG
-Mega Man 2
-Final Soldier
-Digital Champ:Battle Boxing
-World Heroes 2
-Parasol Stars
-Fatal Fury Special
-Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition
-Super Dodge Ball
-Phantasy Star IV

Not as much to go by this month but I think those are fairly educated guesses I think.



North99 said:

I had no expectations to get Mario RPG this week, so there is no disappointment that way for me. These games are a'okay with me - I have never tried the Ys games and I look forwards to checking those out today.



MaxPlastic said:

Yay! I've been waiting for Ys!

@Rexy: But you still have Cho Aniki and ESWAT... I really wanna play Cho Aniki...
Okay, you're right, they aren't as cool as Ys



David77 said:

Corbie, I want to Know what your favotite game, your all-time classic. I want just one name.



David77 said:

And for the 250th game, I don't want SMRPG, I want Super Mario Kart. Or maybe the two. Or Maybe With Flashback and Out of this world. Yeah, I want these four games next week. What?



Tabbyluigi said:

When they release Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, so 1. PEOPLE WILL STOP COMPLAINING. 2. So I can try it out.
3. So we can get on to the next complainitory game. It's getting old. But great week for US. Two games for 800 Wii Points. Thats a steal. It looks absoulutley awsome.



Rexy said:

@MaxPlastic: I haven't played Cho Aniki so I have no opinion regarding its appeal to me. But I assure you that I should check it out sooner or later



Chipmunk777 said:

Wooo! Next time I get a free moment I will definitely download Ys Book I & II! Can't wait! But between work and now school starting up again, I won't be free until about Thursday night

And of course SMRPG didn't come out today! You people have to be crazy to think that would happen! However, the two games released today are excellent. Give them a look, don't just pass them by because they aren't SMRPG



Lugia2 said:

Great week! Unfortunately my time is about to get slashed, so my download of Ys will be postponed.

They really should have released it weeks ago...ah well!



The_Joker_72190 said:

We need to see some more N64 games on the vc!!!
NOA has neglected the N64 long enough...
Anyway, its funny how things turn out...I remember a couple weeks back people wouldn't shut up about wanting Ys on the we finally have it and now people conplain in wanting SMRPG...I bet when Earthbound eventually appears on the vc people will complain about wanting another game...its endless lol



Cally said:

. . . Oh thank God . . .

Free at last. Ys is finally out. It's been in Japan for well over a year. This was the game I was biting my tongue and refraining from going on about week to week. I almost paid over $250 on ebay to get a Turbo Duo just for this game.

Now I can finally see what all the old fuss was about--$8. Samurai Shodown 2 I'll check out with the SS collection (should be less than the cost of three of those games).

"Ys IV was fan translated and is what I consider the best of the series."


Which Ys IV, Mask of the Sun (SNES) or Dawn of Ys (Turbo CD)? I'm going to HAVE to find that fansub, then. Also, have you done Ys V and was it good?



HellBlazer said:

So what's so great about the fabled Ys Book 1 & 2 exactly? I'm wondering if I should give this a try, since everyone is rambling about how amazing it is, but really, I did very briefly play Ys 1 on Famicom a while back and the combat system was just atrocious...



Ricardo91 said:

There. Are you all nice and happy now?

I knew we'd get at least Samsho II this week. Now, if we play our cards right, we'll get SMRPG in the coming weeks too.

@Wiiloveitonline. I know it's wierd! The instant a new article pops up on this site, 7 people already comment on it.
I can't imagine how long they stay up/ how early they have to get up in order to get first comment.

Edit: personally, I'd rather have SMRPG than I would Ys, but I'll shut up.



Modern_Legend said:

I'm not upset at all super mario RPG can wait. Corbie knows how long me an mickey have been waiting for ss2 and ys is one of the best all time RPGs. As far as I'm concerned, if ure not happy with either of these two games than u may really be a vc grouch!



ChocoDK said:


Sure I'll take EU's week and trade it with North Americas week. I am not saying this week is bad but I have been really wanting Super Mario RPG.


Not everybody has a Super Nintendo and thats why I don't have Super Mario RPG. I only rented it when I had an SNES and never really got to play it so I want to play it again.

Oh well I got Uncharted to play and gain my last two trophies for Hard Mode and Crushing Mode.



Cally said:

@ Mr. Cheez

Your avatar. I get surprised by the change, especially by the usuals. Just teasing.



lockelocke said:

Haha, I wouldn't "fully expect" anything from NOA.

Anyways, I can definatly overlook the absense of SMRPG this week, though I don't know that there's anything here for me. I'm glad Nintendo is working to build their game libraries for TG and Neo Geo, as these are two consoles I never got to get down with as a child, though I'd like to see a little more support for the SMS, and an NA release of the C64 would be excellent.



deadly_by_design said:

There aren't many N64 games on the VC because there aren't many bona fide 'classics' on the system itself, IMO. It had its breakthroughs, like SM64 & Zelda, etc, but it's essentially the console that pushed me towards exclusively PC gaming. (I skipped the whole 'Cube console generation) I think most folks claiming the supposed awesomeness of the N64 were very young at the time, and missed out on the full-on glory of the NES/SNES (or earlier) eras.

To me, it's like Nintendo's awkward teenage console years. Necessary, experimental, lots of potential, but ultimately lead to better & brighter things. Doesn't help that the graphics of that generation really didn't do much for me. (even the PSOne... they're tolerable, at best, and I'd usually prefer the SNES/NeoGeo par) /stops editing post



Rexy said:

Call yourself one of the rare ones, Locke. For the past few weeks we've had these so-called "expansions" for the Neo-Geo, Turbographx, Master System and the like, and most people didn't like it, wanting more Nintendo games to come through. Irony, anyone?



alvieao said:

Two great games finally on Virtual Console, in spite of not getting Super Mario RPG (yet). Great week!



Storm101 said:

I've never heard of Ys book before the VC existed and never once saw someone suggest it as a VC title before it was announced, and yet people are treating it like it's the best RPG, if not GAME, ever made when it was announced and now that it's on the VC. What's the deal?



Iggy said:

Sweet good monday 2 solid games who cares about
SMRPG.Atleast we get 2 good games instead of one good
and one crappy one im going to go download Ys now:P



Will said:

This was going to be my comment on this thread: In the voice of Nelson Mutz: ha ha! (for not getting SMRPG)
Then I see ye get Ys 1+2 , seems like the ha ha is on me. Ha ha indeed



battledevil789 said:

Yes we finally got the RPG i was waiting to get cant wait to download
and i hope SMRPG comes next week because thts my last day before school starts :[



Kevin said:

I'll get Y's at some point but not now. Mario RPG will probably be released next week for the 250th VC game. @post#55: I throw one in as well. Its been WAY too long. I don't know what their excuse is but I'm sick of waiting for Vectorman to be released and the sequel to be announced.



RevolverLink said:

How many blocks does Ys take up? I think I'm going to download it in a bit, but I'm not sure what I'll have to take out of my fridge.



StarDust4Ever said:

Super Mario Bros: the Lost Levels (coupled with Sin&Punishment) was number 150 on the American Virtual Console.

Here's to next Monday, SMRPG, and the 250 slot

By the way, Super Mario Kart DOES NOT USE the Super FX chip; it jut uses DSP and an insane amount of mode 7 enhancements. So as far as I'm concerned, it is still a candidate for future VC release title. I had to pull out my old cartridge to check; there are no additional pins on the edges of the cartridge slot, which all games utilizing the Super FX chip would have required...



Iggy said:

@75 its around 200 sumthin i forgot:P
i only have 137 blocks left dannng



WarioFan63 said:

When Super Mario RPG comes out, all those cries for the game would be replaced with cries for EarthBound and Chrono Trigger.

Ugh, VC Complaints for Chrono Trigger and Kirby Super Star bug me so much more then others right now.



Bensei said:

@Rexy: That's why you can't take fans serious on that point. I guess many can't stand non-Nintendo consoles on the Vc because they don't know it, while others welcome new games



Ender2010 said:

Good games, I'm glad that these came out for the people who wanted them. I am disappointed that SMRPG was not released, I only get games that I had and want to enjoy again. Since I never had, nor plan on getting a TG-16 or Neo-Geo these weeks leave me with a meh feeling.



Mike1 said:

I'll gladly trade our update with Europe from last week. I want SMRPG basically because I never had a SNES as a kid and I really want to play it. Oh well, I wasn't expecting it to come out this week anyway, still a good update though.



blackknight77 said:

Nice box art for Y's. It would make a good hanging picture

@ Kevin
The sooner Vectorman comes out the better. It does not make sense by not releasing the first one when there are 2 in the series. Anyway thats my non-Earthbound rant and complaint



carson said:

dang, i wish super mario rpg would have came out. oh well, maybe next week!



CanisWolfred said:

Yes, finally Samurai Shodown II is out! I was starting to get sick of my other fighting games. I'll still have to wait a while until I get to play it, but now I can sleep easier knowing it's been released. I'm not too fond of Ys, but at least people will stop asking for it.


I'd gladly trade you Ys for any one of those games you got over there, especially Final Soldier or Vectorman( but anything would do). Samurai Shodown 2 has to stay, though.

Oh well, if you can find one thing to be happy today, then I'd say this was a pretty good update.



Kriqz said:

IMO I think the people complaining about the people who want SMRPG are more annoying than the people who want one of their favorite games to come out. NOA will never please everyone each week, it's physically impossible.

As for this week, it's probably the only week where I'm considering buying all 3 releases. I've never played Ys and from what people say I think it's a game I'd really enjoy. As for SamSho2, I've never been huge into fighters but I'm actually considering this one. Helix looks like the type of game my gf would really enjoy, but I'll probably wait for the review on that one.



Adamant said:

@Storm101: "I've never heard of Ys book before the VC existed and never once saw someone suggest it as a VC title before it was announced, and yet people are treating it like it's the best RPG, if not GAME, ever made when it was announced and now that it's on the VC. What's the deal?"

Because the people who wanted Ys are generally mature enough not to whine about it every single week it's not released.

Awesome week, this. Maybe the best VC week yet.



Alpo said:

I think that Samurai Showdown 2 is a good game, but i am very disappointed in Nintendo's VC releases. Most of the games they have been releasing this last year or so are crap. When the hell is Earthworm Jim, Contra, Turok, Castlevania 3, Dragon Warrior, or even some of the Mortal Kombats coming out.
I think a online or text message voting system should be set up to pick the games that will be released on Monday. Nintendo could put up a list of 10 to 15 games in which people could vote on. The top 2 or 3 would be released that Monday.



sephiroth79 said:

Great week! SSII is fantastic, and I am looking forward to playing Ys after all the postive reaction it's received here.



Rexy said:

Yeah, it won't do wonders for marketing strategies if people want so many "heavy hitters" all in one do. I feel you on the counts of Earthworm Jim and Contra though - I hope to see them on the VC sometime soon.



PHANTOM93 said:

Awesome! I have exactly the right number of Wii points to get both of these (I probably won't get them yet though since I just bought Metroid Prime for $7 a few days ago )



lockelocke said:

I understand the big fixation on the ol SNES and NES classics, etc, but the real beauty of the VC, for me, is it gives us a chance to play a lot of widely unavailable Neo Geo, and TG- 16, not to mention now CD titles, and it delivers them for a reasonable price. Having developed a taste for the occult, the VC is a paycheck-saver.



Bendover83 said:

So Y's is over 200 blocks? Damn, I should of expected it though since its two games and in CD format.



Rexy said:

Locke, my thoughts echo yours - I namely invest on games that I completely failed to invest on in the past and hear so much about at the same time. But if there's anything I've learnt in the past few months, quite a number of those that have been with Nintendo from the beginning rarely even bother with looking towards SEGA, NEC, SNK or even Commodore, no matter how good the games are.



Ricardo91 said:

@Cally. What usuals?
Anyway, yep, that's my third one. I would've stuck with my ol' Dig Dug avatar, but, long story short, I saw a youtube video of the cutscenes in Hotel Mario the other day and just had to claim a picture from it for my own. I wanted a picture of Mario with the Sourpuss Bread, but the one I found wouldn't show up.

@Death.By.Design. I agree, even though I too partook in the N64 complaints. The N64 had many influential games (read: Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time), but there really weren't that many true classics for the system. Many of it's most notable titles are already on there. The only games i want from it are Majora's Mask, DK 64, and maybe Mario golf, Mario Party, Mario Tennis and Wetrix. I'm sure many N64 fans would agree to disagree with me, however. And since we won't be getting rare's games, and the Pokemon Stadiums are pointless without GB connectivity, that already knocks a hefty chunk out of the N64's library.

@Wariofan. Yeah really. It's like some people on here don't even know the DS exists.



Corbs said:

@David77 - My all-time favorite game in the history of games? That would be Ikaruga for the Sega Dreamcast. There isn't a game in existence I've logged more hours on that that one. Not even close.



Clayfrd said:

Hmm. While I am dissappointed by the lack of SMRPG, I am not in the least surprised. The released games look great. Is it pronounced "Whys" or "Why Ess" or neither? Hmm. I was thinking about getting a points card and then buying SMRPG, FFCC:MLaaK DLC, and sitting on 1000 for MegaMan 9. Alas, my plans have been destroyed. Nintendo's release dates are so random, though, so I don't even care at this point. My emotions have been numbed to reaction to release dates. Sigh...



Modern_Legend said:

Going way back @Mickeymac- so man, its here! How do u like it? Complaints of lag from people doesnt make sense cuz I find there is barely any lag to slow me down at all from my attacks altho my complaint is that the special moves are too hard to pull off and theres so many which is good but its gonna take awhile to use any of these characters very effectively but I still find its fantastic



Adamant said:

@Clayfrd: " Is it pronounced "Whys" or "Why Ess" or neither?"

It's pronounced "ease". It's named after some legendary city from ancient Persia or something.



CanisWolfred said:


I haven't had a chance to play it yet, mac. I rented something else as well as bought something that was dirt cheap yesterday, and I'm not sure my mum is going to let me get another game just yet. I try to grab it tonight, but I can't make any guaranties. Glad you're enjoying it, though!

I can only think of four N64 games that I'd want, and those are Mega Man 64( loved that game, and it got me into Mega Man), Chameleon Twist( I don't understand why I got rid of it), Turok( best FPS I played from that era), and Mischief Makers( saw it a dozen times at the rental place but never bothered to pick it up).



Objection said:

Oh noes!1! No SMRPG! Just kidding. I wasnt expecting it this week (go 250!) and this is a pretty good week. I may pick up Y"s sometime in the near future.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

No SMRPG? That stinks, I wanted it today so I could have time to play before school but I guess not. I'm not willing to buy Ys instead because I need to save my precious points for what I really want and not just spend on stuff that gets good reviews (I've learned my lesson after not liking Metal Gear Solid or F-Zero)



timp29 said:

America has had an awesome release
So what, smrpg will only be a few weeks away. Hang in there NA's



mattrob24 said:

Finally! I've been waiting for this game since I first saw it on the "Coming Soon" list for North America back in February.

Everything from the original version seems to be intact.
CD audio tracks = check.
Anime cinematics = check.
Spoken Dialogue = check.

A great piece of video gaming history, particular for action-RPG fans.



Chunky_Droid said:

@ Corbie: I really wasn't sure whether the battle system was a big hang up with the game or not, but since it's not a major part of the game I'll give it a go

@ WiiloveitOnline: I can post usually at least in the top 10 because I'm from Australia with an American Console, so the news usually appears around 10:30pm Monday night over here. And yes, I'm pressing F5 every minute from 10:25 lol.

I'm hoping the next N64 release is Majora's Mask, and the next SNES release is Yoshi's Island/SMRPG (surprise surprise), as I just want Mario RPG, but willing to wait, but I just want to know why there isn't any N64 Expansion Pak/SNES FX Chip games on Virtual Console yet!



Kriqz said:

@ Rexy, Locke, anyone else who may care

Yup, I too remember wanting to play TG16 and NeoGeo games as a kid, but sadly never even knew anyone with either of these systems. It was all Nintendo/Sega around here. So far the only games I've downloaded that I had played previously were Bubble Bobble (probably my most played NES game back in the day), the original Zelda (which I played a bit but never owned) and Star Fox 64 (which I also never played much on the N64).



RevolverLink said:

I'm really digging the music for Ys, it was worth putting down the 800 points just for that alone. And the game itself isn't half-bad either.



Jolted85 said:

The only games I havn't downloaded this year are Spelunker, Splatterhouse 2, Skykid, and Fantasy Zone, every other title I downloaded, and it looks like I'm going to download Ys and Samurai Shodown 2 whenever I get some more Wii Points.



Alpo said:

@Kriqz, Star Fox 64 was a great game in my opinion. The versus mode with 4 player dog fights was the best multiplayer game ever, till Golden Eye came out.



Terra said:

Well, you guys didn't get SMRPG. Yes Ys Book I & II and Smaurai Shodown II are good games but there will always be those who want something else or that they're not their type of game. I bought FFIII for the DS and can't really get into it, even though i'm sure it's a good game. There will be loads of others who want it but there are those who would generally go for something else. FFIII was a first for me playing a Final Fantasy game. I play it when i can't sleep as i suffer regularly from Transient Insomnia, like i am tonight.

Proceeds to punch a wall in frustration of the insomnia

I get so tired but my mind races. It frustrates me.



Kriqz said:

@Alpo, yup it is. I played the snes version to death, but for some reason never played much of the N64 version. As small as the N64 VC collection is, I'm glad they managed to get SF64 out.



JiggyGF said:

And thus we finally, finally returned to a week of two beloved games simultaneously.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Mr. Cheez: There's quite a few usuals around here, if you look down the list. People who post very frequently, or at least often enough that you'd get familiar with their avatars and game tastes. You, me, Adament, Will, Rexy, etc... (sorry to those not mentioned. The list is long, but if you post a lot, chances are you would be put here if I dared try to remember ALL of you). So when an avatar is changed among frequent posters, it feels weird. Yeah...

@Will: Nelson Munz. Classy. I know what you mean, although I really wish you'd stop trying to act all superior just because Europe gets something awesome that we don't. This kind of thing happens, and we should support each other instead of just laughing.

As far as the release goes, it's okay. It'll make plently of people happy, even if I'm not one of them. I still like it better than a week where nothing but universally recognized trash comes out (yes, there's always a few who like something, but you know what I mean). SMRPG next month, I hope.



Will said:

@Stuffgamer1, Ah come on! Im not actin superior! Yel get SMRPG in good time, just like we got SSBB in good time. 6 months later good time. Sorry, still sore....



Bendover83 said:

I just remembered the 200th game was Harvest Moon.
100th- Zelda II
150th- Either SMB: Lost Levels or Sin Punishment
200th- Harvest Moon
250th - ??? (SMRPG, Earthworm Jim, MegaMan 2, or Mario Kart) Maybe.



Objection said:

I would be pissed if the 250th game was only Megaman2 or Earthworm Jim. They're good games, but I expect something big for 250. SMRPG/Mother?Earthbound yes. EJ MK or MM2 should be released soon, but don't take that away from us.



Drake said:

I wouldn't be surprised if the 250th game is Mega Man 2, actually. Japan got it today, it's very likely the US gets it next week.



slangman said:

No SMRPG but you guys got 2 great games this week. Dunno if i would download YS myself since i am only barely getting into proper RPGs.

Oh and SMRPG will come you just have to wait 1 or 2 months lol
(like us europeans who had to wait for Super Metroid and Zelda:ALTTP for 2 months.)



blackknight77 said:

@ Drake
so Mega Man 2 next week. Confirmed? Just kidding but it would make sense.Anyway SMRPG will be out very soon I bet.

Also IGN gave a very good score to Y's book 1 and 2



Sharecrow said:

I bet they wait a little while before releasing Megaman 2 since 1 only recently came out...



Organized_Confusion said:

Everyone always says that Americans are complaining too much when they dont get SMRPG..........Maybe people forgot what the Internet is for? It is to b*t@& about everything you do not like since the real world wont listen to us.



battledevil789 said:

i think this was a great week with a great fighter and a great rpg tht took the place of SMRPG Ys is going to hold me over tel it comes out



Kevin said:

All in all as the month comes to a close, August was a great month for VC releases.



Rexy said:

Lol, I'm officially ranked as an "usual". I feel kinda smug.

@Organized Confusion, comment #129: No, the Internet is not meant to be used as a stress ball 24/7. If that's the case, then you should load up Line Rider and take up your frustration on the skiier rolling uncontrollably on your angry scribbles.

But seriously, regarding SMRPG, it's all a matter of patience. Apparently we Europeans were more patient than you, hence why we were "treated" (term used loosely) to its surprise release last week.

It's all a frustrating circle - if you hate Nintendo, they'd hate you back by releasing more of the crap that you don't want, whether it be VC, Wiiware or retail. Additionally from what I've calculated on VG Chartz, Nintendo's American profit seems to be considerably higher than Europe and Australia combined at this moment in time, so some added focus was needed out here to ensure more sales.

It's a weird synopsis, but I hope it might be a reasoning on the surprise release last Friday of all days to potentially go for.



CanisWolfred said:

@Mr. Cheez

Actually, I think they have at least one good reviewer, and their AU team tends to do a pretty good job. Their VC and Wiiware reviews are awful though. I used to only go to their site until I got sick of their VC reviews( I think the last straw was when they refered to F-Zero X as being pointless because it had a sequel). Now I come here for VC reviews, and go to Metacritics for everything else.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Rexy: So what you're really saying is that America buys more crap more often than Europe. I guess I already knew that. That's why I dislike American gamers. Got no taste, in my opinion. There are exceptions, of course, and going to the right websites allows you to find many of them congregating together. I've had to import a game from Europe (Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland) because Americans were generally too stupid to want it. But I digress, before people around here start hating me. I find that most of the posters here seem to have better tastes than a lot of the people I meet whilst working at Gamestop.

Anyway, your theory about patience seems to suggest that Nintendo actually pays attention to this and similar websites. I kinda doubt that. It's far more likely that NOA just generally has a stick up its butt, as many people seem to believe. It's very common for big companies ignore what their customers want, but Nintendo seems to have made this their entire business model.



Rexy said:

Concerning Tingle, I feel for you right there - popular in Japan, but in most Western nations he gets more rotten tomatoes thrown at him than the total sum of every single game in Nintendo's library. I guess barely anyone can ever adapt to the "strange" or anything like that.

I just wish I could comprehend how big companies would ignore their customers' demands, as it would release in serious profit losses in the months to come. The poor planning of the PS3 was what made me jump from Sony to a more comprehendable model in the seventh console generation, and even so it went off to a very poor start. Wouldn't the better strategy here be to keep feeding your clients so that you don't suffer the same bumpy passage?



Viral said:

...Toejam & Earl In Funkatron is not that bad now that I've tried I still think that Ys will be a good download when it hits Europe! LOL



blackknight77 said:

@ Mickey Mac
I don't know if I fully agree I think they have some good reviewers and a cool retro site. I usually check multiple reviews to make sure I want to get a game. But I agree IGN does not devote as much time to VC and Wiiware as this site does. I check this first as the authority on VC gaming.
@ Rexy
I think Nintendo of America just keeps VC release schedule to themselves. I don't think they are out to punish gamers for complaining. I think they have a planned release schedule and they stick to it no matter what people say.



Iggy said:

Ys is amazing:p
one of my favorite games now
ive been playin it like crazy sense i got
it and im already on the 2 part.



x10power said:

RPG fans YS is a great game to play specailly you want to get a good introduction into basic RPG elements.



AlexSays said:

I just wish I could comprehend how big companies would ignore their customers' demands
Because it's more important for big companies to satisfy themselves first.
If everyone cared about the consumers, gaming would be in a terrible state.



Ricardo91 said:

@Mickeymac. Yeah, the final kicker for me was when they gave Zelda II an 8.5 and Alex Kidd in Miracle World a 9. They both deserved 2 points less! They didn't even bother to point out AK's less-than-stellar controls and frustrating 1-hit kills, cuz their Master System bias (look in their Retro section: every other thing's gotta do with that dang thing. ) got the better of them. Some of their reviews are good, but many of them seem to say the same thing over and over again. In the Kid Icarus review for example, they spent practically the entire review talking about how much it sucks that the power-up passwords were removed, only spending a sentence or two talking about other aspects of the game. Gamespot had some good reviews, but they haven't written a new one in ages, so this site is my no. 1 source for VC coverage now.
I should check out Metacritic sometime too.

@Tony. Yes, they do have a lot of interesting articles.

@Stuffgamer1. I've noticed quite a while ago that this site has many regulars, but I never really felt as though I was one, even though I post on most articles like 5 times. I just sort of think of it as adding my own commentary from time to time. But yeah, I can see how the avatar change-up can be disorienting. As for your remark about how American gamers have no taste, I totally agree. I can't tell you how many people I know that play nothing but Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and Madden, and call themselves "gamers". God, I hate that!

Edit: well, there's my exceptionally long post for this article.

Edit 2: Well, I'm gonna go do my Philosophy homework now. Goodbye.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@x.SuperMario.x: You're being sarcastic, right? Please tell me you're being sarcastic. I can't tell for sure in text, but I very much hope you aren't serious about that post.

Also, my brother downloaded Y's today, and he's apparently been playing it since (for like, four hours straight). It HAS to be a pretty good game to get one of us to play it for that long at a time!



tnk4god said:

well downloaded the y's rpg because of all of you saying how great it is, but it is really lame. The combat system of running into your opponent is horrible, not really rpg material...heck even bard's tale/pool of radiance/wasteland for the c64 was loads better, you had to stratagize and make decisions. Not just, let me walk into the bad guy from this or that angel. What a waste of money and time.
SMRPG = tons better.



Sharecrow said:

@tnk4god - just because this game is different than other rpg's doesn't make it bad. Spend a little time with it and it may grow on took awhile for it to grow on me when I played the NES version of 1. I know there are a lot of good games that don't require that, but give it a little while before you write it off. I am not trying to tell you what to do - just friendly advice...



mattrob24 said:


Opinions vary.

I think the combat system is fine. To paraphrase what I've already stated in my comments under the review, it's kinda fun to plow through enemies as you level up. Most of the time, it's like a pushing match. I think it's fairly enjoyable. It makes level-grinding a little less time-consuming and tedious. Essentially, it gives the game a snappier pace.

It's a nice change from other action RPG's. Just because it's different doesn't mean it's bad.



Corbs said:

You either get Ys or you don't. I love the old computer rpgs like Bard's Tale and Rings of Zilfin, but they're nothing like Ys Book I & II, not even remotely. Opinions vary, and as I've said before, there will be those who can't come to grips with the simplistic combat system of Ys.



CanisWolfred said:

To be honest, after trying it out, I don't mind the simplicity of the combat system. Really, it's the fact that I have to get right up to the enemy that I hate so much. In Zelda for instance, I could use the magic shots, or at least keep at swords length from them. In Ys, you have to get right up to them, which is both completely against my usual way of playing games, and it makes it more likely for you to get hurt, which honestly is the reason why I hate getting close to them in the first place.

Actually, it's more than just the combat that does it in for me: I heard there are random dungeons as well, which I really hate! It makes it so unnerving when I'm exploring because I can never be sure I got all the items because it's going to change next time I go in there[the dungeon].

While I'm nitpicking, I might as well mention that I'm not too fond of the idea of two separate games being combined into one. If a game isn't perfect( battles aren't the incredibly deep, story isn't great), adding an excessive amount of hours just makes it unbearable.

This game is by no means a bad in any way, but it certainly isn't a game for me. I'm glad to hear a lot of other people are able to enjoy it though, I was afraid too many other people wouldn't be able to look past it's faults and be disappointed like tnk4g-d.

Phew! Glad I got that out of me! Who wants Ice cream?



Corbs said:

How far did you get into the game? And the dungeons aren't randomly generated. I do understand what you're saying about people being disappointed with the game due to the way it looks and plays. It's hard for me to be unbiased as I'm one of the people who played it when it first came out and at the time it was absolutely staggering what this game brought to the world of RPGs. About the only complaint I've ever had with the game is that it's extremely easy to complete.



CanisWolfred said:


I can't play it for more than five minutes before getting too frustrated/bored( that was the NES one though, but I don't think I'll enjoy this one much more than any other version, since the battle system still requires you to get up close to the enemy). I simply don't like the concept of the whole two-game thing, though I can't really say whether it has hurt this game in any way, but since I not too fond of the combat system in this game, chances are I wouldn't be able to hold out for two whole games. I heard the random-dungeon thing from the newspost in the forums:

Edit: Oh wait, nevermind, he was talking about the combat. The Wiki mostly talked about the dungeons so I figured he was referring to the way dungeons are in this game. My mistake.

Actually, now I'm a little more apt to get it, since there's really only one thing I can complain about, and who knows, it might grow on me. Congratulations, it's now gone from "not for me" to "I'll get it once I've gotten every other great game on the VC"!



Cally said:

I'm into Ys now. Loving it. I am incredibly happy now. I'd even call it one of the best reasons to own a Wii all by itself, especially since this is the only way to own this game other than tracking down an old copy and a turbo duo ($300 or so).

Plus, as a jaded RPGamer, it's a fantastic treat to me to play another classic RPG (that is, from that era).

And what is this noise about the file size? How long do some people expect to go before they'll need an SD card at some point?


Sorry to be a pill, but I was still curious about the question I had about which Ys IV you were talking about before as I am now determined to track it down.




On the fence on this one. I can get past the simple combat because I'm not sure I could handle a turn based rpg anymore anyway.

But what is the story about, and are the quests your typical rescue somebodies dog or teddy bear, take this letter to somebody, or other lame attempts at humor?

I just can't handle those games anymore.



Corbs said:

Ys IV: Dawn of Ys was released on Super CD-Rom for the PC Engine. There is a fan translation out there that can be applied to the ISO and then burned back to CD-R and played on the Turbo Duo or PC Engine consoles. I have a few I did a couple of years ago and it works like a charm. The voice acting is still in Japanese, but it doesn't really affect the game much. Ys IV is everything Ys Book I & II was only more of it and a higher quality overall rpg experience.



Alpo said:

Who ever reponds to this. Do you think Wii Fit would be a good idea to purchase or just forget it?



blackknight77 said:

@ Alpo
I don't own Wii FIt, but I have heard very positive things about it. If you don't want to pay $90.00 for an exercise game check out the Helix review. Its only $10.00



Rexy said:

I see it as a purchase for those that either feel really bad concerning their figure or don't have any other means to maintain a stable weight otherwise. That's what I've been noticing from my aunt having it - she wants as much of a decent figure she can have when she gets married before year's end.



Jolted85 said:

I read somewhere Mega Man 9 is supposed to hit Japan in September, as well as the US, so we might be playing Mega Man 9 sometime next month, which also means we might get both Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 2 on the same day.



AlexSays said:

@ Stuffgamer1-
Nope, I wasn't being sarcastic at all. Thats probably why you didn't pick up any sarcasm...

It's much more important for Nintendo to take care of their own needs.
If they did everything everyone told them to do, and released every game they have next year, then they'd be ruined.
You can't possibly buy every game, if they released them all at the same time, so how would that benefit Nintendo?

Same with the VC.
Some people on this site think they could successfully run the VC department of Nintendo.
Guess what? Those people are nuttier than a Snickers.
People would release every good VC game, at the same time, creating a huge disaster.

It's better for Nintendo to listen to themselves.
Sure, I like telling Nintendo what to do. But do I want them to listen?
God no.
If Nintendo, or Microsoft, or Sony really truly cared about the consumers, they wouldn't be half as successful as they are today.



Kriqz said:

Flooding any market is instant death for any business. You can't blame Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft for wanting to make money. If they don't make profit, they can't reinvest that profit into making new games in the future, never mind pay their employees who have lives just like the rest of us.

As for Ys, I'm really getting into it. I was worried that the combat system would ruin the game, but I think it actually complements it. It makes for much faster gameplay than your typical RPG. It's not the be-all-end-all of RPG's, but I can tell it was way ahead of it's time when it was released. A must for any fan of RPGs, especially if you never had a TG16/PCE back in it's day.



Rexy said:

Yeah, but isn't it still logical to at least use some of that re-investment to put us at ease with future hardware? Quite a few of us didn't own all those GameCube games for nothing, so they did fine with the backwards compatability there (even though the Game Boy Player was incompatible). Similarly, with the poor Internal Memory space in comparison to other consoles, surely something else could have been done for easy storage rather than the tedious SD card solution, right?

Mario is right completely concerning the games - releasing multiple stellar hits in the same short space of time is going to be overkill. I was rather referring to the choice of games you're being spoonfed to play though, but that's still good enough.

Even if that problem has been refined, it all comes back to the whole storage problem that keeps coming up - if you can't satisfy their comfort with the supporting hardware, then how are they going to manage the games in the first place?

See, this is exactly why I left Sony behind - the PS2 became seriously outdated by this time last year, and the PS3 with its hefty pricetag and poor European treatment hardware-wise meant that I couldn't cope with them any longer. I just wanted to play games for fun, so the Wii was really the only logical choice at that moment in time, and it's turning out fine.

Even so, I still wish something could have been done with the storage - if Nintendo wants to sell more games, then they could at least give us more room to store stuff on - downloadable games, save data or otherwise.



Stuffgamer1 said:

There's a definate difference between obeying every whim of a crazed fanboy and practicing smarter business. I did NOT say, or even mean to imply, that Nintendo should flood the market with every great game all at once. I DID mean to suggest that this year's pattern of total garbage (only in recent weeks alleviated, and who knows how long THAT will last) isn't smart either. So you don't flood the market. Great, smart choice. But is it really too much to ask for ONE quintuple-A game a month, or even EVERY OTHER MONTH?!? The balance is truly horrid and unacceptable.

The memory issue is also a great point. Half a lousy gig was a stupid desision, hands down, and Nintendo has NO good excuse for taking so long with a solution. So yes, Nintendo would be crazy to totally buckle under the demands of its PAYING CUSTOMERS (or would be paying, if they gave us a reason to...), but surely bending a little bit could only be a good thing, both for them, and for us.



Sharecrow said:

@SuperMario - I see what you are saying but I take issue with the assertion that companies that care about their consumers are unsuccessful and that those that don't are successful. Literally 100% of any company's revenues comes from consumers. How to execute their business model is of course up to their management and the board of directors, but consumers are always a central focus of that model. I may be playing with words more than anything else, but that's the way it seems to me....



AlexSays said:

@ Corbie- Knowing our court systems, it wouldn't help much.

I DID mean to suggest that this year's pattern of total garbage isn't smart either.

Yes, it is smart.
If it wasn't smart, why would Nintendo be doing it?
Do you think Nintendo's holding back games just to torture people?
Nope. They're doing what's best for them.

I take issue with the assertion that companies that care about their consumers are unsuccessful and that those that don't are successful.

Name me a successful company that cares about you, then we'll talk.



Corbs said:

Yeah you might be right. Okay, you guys fight it out. I'll stand back and watch.



Sharecrow said:

Not interested - I have worked in business for many years and have audited many, many different companies. To varying degrees, they all care. Some just act like it better than others.

I agree that Nintendo could be more sensitive to some of the shortcomings in hardware and vc offerings being frequently subpar to give some examples. It's not because they don't care, though....that's all I'm sayin'. As you noted, they are just trying to maintain a delicate balance between offering enough and offering too much. They have an even more critical obligation to their shareholders than they do to their customers, but they can't give shareholders a return without pleasing customers more often than not. I don't think we disagree with one another as much as it may's probably word-play like i said.



Sharecrow said:

Also, if they didn't provide an adequate return to their investors, they couldn't stay in business. Then customers wouldn't get anything, right??? Helping one tends to help the other too.



AlexSays said:

Your 100% correct. It is all word-play.
Sometimes I feel I could counter my own arguments.
But of course I don't tell other people that.

And I'll let it rest with, Nintendo cares to a certain extent.
They have to care SOME so people stay interested, but they're always out for number one, being themselves.

I can even relate this to the whole "storage" thing.
Did anyone think Nintendo forgot about how much memory the Wii had when they released it?
They waited until people started raising a ruckus.
Why? Well if they "cared", they would've had a storage solution that coincided with the Wii's release.

Instead, they waited until just now, to even acknowledge that a problems exists.
This way, two things happen.
1.) A lot of people know about the whole storage thing, so their storage solution will sell very well.
2.) People will come to the conclusion that Nintendo cared enough to realize there was a problem.

Nintendo's known about it, but this way, they can make more money and seem like the big ol' teddy bear we like to think of as Nintendo.



Ricardo91 said:

You know, I would've said something about Supermario's comment (#170), but I don't like confrontations, so I'll just watch him and Sharecrow duke it out.



AlexSays said:

How can we "duke it out" when we don't disagree on anything?

But feel free to comment, I love hearing other people's views/stances/opinions.
No matter how wrong they might be.

Oh, and I still want someone to name a company that 100% cares about you.
And the insurance company doesn't count.



Sharecrow said:

I didn't know about the 100% qualifier....that is harder to meet. Every company is going to be sharing its attention with shareholders and consumers (when you say 'itself' you really mean its shareholders). So I can't fill that request but maybe someone else can. They all care, though, to varying degrees like I said...

I love duking it out but I feel like we are both mostly preaching to the choir....mostly.....not much of a fight, but it's fun banter.



Andrew said:

So getting back to videogames, does anyone know how many hours a typical playthrough of Ys will take?



Kriqz said:

The biggest problems with business, and investing in general, is your investing in a future which is always unpredictable. There was never any guarantee that the Wii would sell as good as it did. It was very plausible that it could've been a flop. Look at the current situation with Sony, the PS3 is hemoraging money. Luckly for Sony they're bigger than just the gaming market, and they'll survive. But had the same thing happened to Nintendo, it's very possible the company could've folded, or at the very least quit making consoles like Sega did.

Nothing they're going to do will be 100% perfect, and they have to make their cuts somewhere. In the case of the Wii, it meant keeping it as cheap as possible. Nintendo focused their attention on motion control rather than state of the art graphics processing or hard drive space. It's easy in hindsight to say they should've had a larger hard drive space, but that could've raised the price of the Wii and realistically, the low price is what keeps it selling so well.

At least they've now acknowleged it, and it seems they are exploring their options. But they can't say anything official until they've got the problem worked out for themselves. They won't officially say it, but DRM is what's keeping them from moving too fast. They need a way to prevent people from stealing their VC/Wii-ware games, and that's their biggest hurdle on the storage issue. That's why they won't let you play games that are stored on a SD card, as you could easily copy those.

Also, I wouldn't say they don't care about their customers. It's just that you can't please everyone. What may seem like a popular idea could just be coming from a small but very vocal minority. I believe that's what happened to Star Wars Galaxies. They tried to please too many people, ended up changing too much, and just pissed everyone off.

Anyway, to answer Andrew's question, I read that Ys is a 10-hour game, but I've yet to finish it myself so if anyone knows better than me feel free to share. (EDIT: Didn't see mattrob's reply, so I'll say 10-15 hours, probably depending if your following a guide or not).



Stuffgamer1 said:

@x.SuperMario.x: Regarding your post #170: I have a real problem with your statement:

"Of course it's smart. If it wasn't smart, why would Nintendo be doing it?"

These seem, to me at least, to be the words of a raving fanboy who simply refuses to believe that Nintedo could POSSIBLY be doing ANYTHING wrong! I don't like accusing people of that, but it's certainly how you're acting. What we should all be able to agree on is that there is at least the possiblity that Nintendo is acting stupid. At least the slightest chance that they don't know what the heck they're doing. No company on Earth is above these suspicions, because all companies are run by humans. And, as should certainly be common knowledge by now, humans are NOT perfect. They make mistakes, sometimes really big, really stupid ones. So I would appreciate it if you tried to view the world at least a bit realistically, like the rest of us. Either that, or please explain yourself so I know that you aren't what you seem to be. Thanks!



Sharecrow said:

I can't wait to play Y's 1 and 2. Actually it will be a replay of 1 for me but I played the NES version before and didn't quite beat it (maybe 90% completion). Anyway, I am ONLY waiting on beating Breath of Fire 2, which I am probably also 90% through...soon, Sharecrow, soon...



CanisWolfred said:

That reminds me, I never beat Breath of Fire II! I new there was something I was supposed to be doing. Gotta go!



AlexSays said:

These seem, to me at least, to be the words of a raving fanboy who simply refuses to believe that Nintedo could POSSIBLY be doing ANYTHING wrong!

Yeahp, you're absolutely right.
I'm a raving fanboy for thinking Nintendo wants to actually make money.
I mean, Nintendo is clearly holding back these games, because they hate us all.
Why haven't they given us Super Mario Kart, Smash Bros. 64, Majora's Mask?
It's because they hate us. There's no other explanation.

So yeahp, you're 100% correct.

So I would appreciate it if you tried to view the world at least a bit realistically, like the rest of us.

Yes, my view is wrong, and yours is right.
And I'm the fanboy here? Oh yes, that's correct.
Okay, I'm glad that's cleared up.

What we should all be able to agree on is that there is at least the possiblity that Nintendo is acting stupid.

No, we should all agree that what might seem stupid to you, might benefit Nintendo.
After all... you know... those Nintendo guys know a little more about Nintendo than you do.

And there's other ridiculous parts of that post, but I'm going to bed. Goodnight all.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I didn't say you're a fanboy for wanting Nintendo to make money, I said you think that everything Nintendo does must be right, just because they're doing it. That's NOT the same thing. How much money do you REALLY think they've made off of any number of one- or two-star games they've released? I guarantee you that it's nowhere NEAR what they'd make releasing the awesome stuff that darned near everybody wants. And you'll recall that I said there should be a better balance, not that they should dump every amazing game all at once. Nintendo DID say that the VC was for "classic" games, so why all the garbage instead of the true classics? Is that really so hard to understand?

What exactly are you calling me a fanboy of? I've been a Nintendo gamer all my life, but had no problem with buying a PS3, Xbox 360, and PSP so I could play good games that aren't on Nintendo systems. I have complaints about all of the companies, so does that make me a fanboy of non-gaming?



Stuffgamer1 said:

I ran out of room in my text entry, so now I continue my post.

Just because you want me to at least consider the "fact" that Nintendo knows what they're doing does in no way remove the possibility that they are, in fact, just being stupid. As I tried to make clear earlier, but in a less direct and insulting manner, people are stupid. It's a simple fact. If you're a human being, there's at least a little stupid in you. This leads to the undeniable conclusion that anything involving people has a good chance of being stupid. You choose, instead of even TRYING to reason what Nintendo is doing and why, to blindly trust that they have a good reason. You've stated no reason for this "fact," choosing instead to flame me when I point out the same. And when I asked you for an explanation, you chose to flame me even more. All I tried to do was make you think a bit about your foolish-looking trust in Nintendo. You refused. You'll probably complain about me again instead of actually answering my questions.



Jon2 said:

@Kriqz #181 My thoughts exactly! Glad that someone sees Nintendos actions from a more rational point of view.



Bass_X0 said:

""why all the garbage instead of the true classics?""

If they put out enough garbage, a few people will buy them while waiting for the classics to come out whereas if they just put out classics everybody will buy them whenever they are released. unfortunately it is all about how much money nintendo can get from us.



blackknight77 said:

@ Bass
it is all about how much money nintendo can get from us.

ANd that would be alot of money in my case:) But its good with me with all of the upcoming downloadable goodness.



Digiki said:

@ x.SuperElitestFanboy.x
Next time you refute something I'd suggest actually trying to refute it instead of just sarcastically agreeing with it, and then arrogantly stating there are more parts of Stuffgamer1's post that you deem ridiculous. I would appreciate it if you explained how thinking that Nintendo is not perfect, has made a mistake, and may be making a mistake with what they're doing with the VC at this time, is ridiculous.
P.S. What would you call Nintendo's E3 press conference?



Gitaroo_Dude said:

Honestly, I really can't imagine that SUperMario is serious.

According to his logic, the Virtual Boy was not a mistake. Connectivity achieved Nintendo's goals. Their decision to keep carts on the N64 did not cost them 3rd party support for generations.

Yeah, Nintendo can do NO wrong.



Ricardo91 said:

@Kriqz. I couldn't have said that better myself.

@x.supermario.fanboy.x. Actually, I don't know what to say now. I'm having trouble dissecting your words because of all the blatant sarcasm.

And yet you wonder why no one ever takes your side...



J_K said:

Wow so much petty bs from a good many of you and truly it's disgusting. It's a shame the site ops here don't moderate the posts better to keep the crybaby crap out. The entire thread should have been primarily the discussion of 2 great titles popping out on the VC and while some are on that topic, others why to cry, fan boy it up or whatever over games they selfishly want right here, right now, or 'else' whatever their meaningless else will be.

The lot of you should be posting +/- against the titles and debating along those lines and not Mother, Mario, etc as it's just sad. Perhaps they need to create a forum or something for all the whining to get captured in so those who aren't interested in the tears and drama don't have to put up with it who want to discuss the subject whatever it is.

For me it's a happy time seeing my old TG16 CD favorite come back to life as I had the cd just up to a few years ago because I got rid of the Duo awhile back and this lame emulator I was using wasn't too XP friendly. I just need to find out how much crap I'll have to erase or shuffle onto a cheapo 1GB SD card to fit it. I'd grab it now but I'm doing Ys Ark of Naphistim (ys6) on PSP.



Gitaroo_Dude said:

@ J.K.
I understand where you're coming from, but complaining about whiners isn't terribly productive either. As long as Nintendo holds back on their huge catalogue of classics, people will whine for whichever game they want.

That said, I've seen plenty of people here praise Ys. I'm glad I got the chance to play it. The music is incredible (it holds up so remarkably well, probably one of the Top 3 gaming soundtracks), the combat is more addictive then it has any right to be (who'd imagine running into enemies would be compelling?) and the atmosphere is simply epic.

Not only that, but Ys broke into the Top 20 Popular VC games. That is a HUGE victory for hardcore VC fans who want to see more rare and obscure classics released over major Nintendo titles everyone has played. When was the last time a TurboGrafx game even broke into the Top 20? This is great news, up there with Pong Toss getting knocked down from #1 to #6.

Let the whiners have their pulpit. Those of us who know the score can enjoy the stuff that the VC is offering, like sweet, lovely Ys.



Gitaroo_Dude said:

@ Adol

Just check the "Popular" section under the Virtual Console. Ys was at around 16 or 17th position last night when I was looking at it.



AlexSays said:

I said you think that everything Nintendo does must be right, just because they're doing it.
Nope. I never said that anywhere. I'm saying just because you think something is a mistake, doesn't mean it is.
I thought upside-down Ketchup bottles was a huge mistake, but I was wrong. Wasn't I?

So it's easy for everyone to say, Nintendo's doing this wrong, and this wrong, and even this wrong.
But how do they know certain moves weren't intentional?

And when I asked you for an explanation, you chose to flame me even more.
Nope again. I never "flamed" you. I sarcastically agreed. If anyone has done more insulting on this article, it's been you.

According to his logic, the Virtual Boy was not a mistake.
That's because you don't understand my logic.
It's okay, it happens to everyone.

People need to stop over-using the term "mistake". Somehow, if Nintendo doesn't release 20 games a year, they're making a huge mistake.
If they use friend codes in their next game, they're making a huge mistake.
People tend to think, just because someone isn't doing what they want them to, they're making a mistake.

How much money do you REALLY think they've made off of any number of one- or two-star games they've released?
Wait, are you serious?
How about you take a looksie at what WiiWare games sell the most.
People buy crap. <- Proven fact.

Sure, a 1-star game might not sell a twentieth as much as a 5-star game, but it still sells.
It's impossible to say Nintendo is making a mistake with the VC, when nobody knows the sales figures.

That's like me saying the Big Mac is a mistake, when I have no idea how many people buy Bic Macs.

And yet you wonder why no one ever takes your side...
Well of course, people like to run with the popular theory.
The popular theory is, "Nitedno kieps meaking MISTAKES!!!111".

So every mother, and her brother, will jump on the "Nintendo sucks" bandwagon, and complain about all of Nintendo's mistakes.

P.S. What would you call Nintendo's E3 press conference?
I'd call it a press conference...
Nintendo didn't show up at E3, to make YOU happy. For some reason, people don't see that.

Not to mention, a mistake to you might not be a mistake to Nintendo.
They unveiled Wii Music, which will sell like hotcakes (no matter how bad it may be).
So unveiling something that'll earn them millions of dollars, is a mistake?

Sure, in our eyes, it's a mistake.
I would've liked to seen something on at least one new "good" game.
But that doesn't mean Nintendo made a mistake, they just didn't make YOU happy, which they didn't care about anyway.

Honestly, I really can't imagine that SUperMario is serious.
Believe it.

You choose, instead of even TRYING to reason what Nintendo is doing and why, to blindly trust that they have a good reason.
I don't trust them at all. Why trust someone who doesn't care about me?
After all, I'm easily replaceable.

I just acknowledge the fact that we don't know enough about what's really going on, to call out "mistakes".
Because what might seem stupid to you, might not be stupid to someone else.
It's not like the Virtual Boy, where even Nintendo acknowledged the fact it was a failure.
Perhaps in a few years, and after some numbers released by Nintendo, we can point out all the mistakes.

Oh, and bless all those who read this.



J_K said:

I know it's not so much productive bringing up the babies, but the thing is, it's less productive to have to read one post, skim by 20 crybabies, read another one or two, skim...etc. Point was the place just needs moderation so things stay on topic as I like to discuss some of the classics that pop up and it makes it very hard to where I don't bother that much.



AlexSays said:

People complain about Nintendo every article.

As much as we can try, it'll never stop.



Ricardo91 said:

Gitaroo Dude. #17? That's great! And surprising, since I didn't think that many people would buy Ys.

"Feel free to post, as I love to see other people's opinions/views/stances, no matter how wrong they may be."

So you instantly assume anything I say is wrong?
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand what exactly makes you right?
Oh yeah, EVERYTHING you say is right, and everything everyone ELSE says is wrong! My bad. Forgot for a second there!

Awwww, so Nintendo doesn't love you anymore? Oh, that's so sad. How about you just grab your little Mario doll or whatever and cry in your bean bag chair?

I frankly don't make sense of anything you're trying to say. So the Virtual Boy, a "portable" system that was hardly even portable, had eye-frying black and red graphics, and caused headaches after over 10 minutes of play, Isn't a mistake?

This was a nice little article where people were talking about how great Samsho II and Ys I and II were/are, among a few simple things, and then you had to disturb the peace with your BS about how every company is evil and selfish. Why Supermario, why???

But hey, why am I wasting my hand energy typing all this? After all, nothing I say is going to change your convoluted, grandiose point of view. I'm gonna add another Nelson Muntz quote to this article now: Smell ya later!

Btw, I gotta feeling your account is going to be suspended very soon.



AlexSays said:

1.) I said I enjoy hearing people's opinions, no matter how wrong they MIGHT be. I never said all other opinions were wrong, nice try though.
2.) Why would I cry about Nintendo not loving me? They shouldn't. I can buy another console at any time, it's my choice to buy Nintendo products. Thus, it's not Nintendo's job to please me.
3.) Virtual Boy was a mistake. I said it was a failure, so I'm not sure how easy-to-read I need to make my posts.
4.) I didn't start this. I posted when others started saying how Nintendo should please everyone. They shouldn't please everyone, they should please themselves.

Alas, I never even get moderated. But I can see where the whole "your account is going to be suspended" thing might make you seem like the cool poster on the block.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Umm... Mr. Cheez, I fear that more than one of us may be in danger of that, just because we continue to provoke him. And yet I can't help myself. I wonder if Corbie's still watching, and if so, is he amused by all of this or what? Don't really know what to make of things here anymore.

Anyway, x.SuperMario.x: I never actually said that Nintendo couldn't be doing smart stuff, no matter how stupid it looks. I'm at least slightly open to your viewpoint, though I wish Nintendo would explain themselves. I've been trying to get you to at least consider our view. The real problem we have here is that Nintendo isn't even TRYING to explain their VC releases. The last thing they said about it was that we can only trust their word on releases for the week. They didn't even offer us any kind of advance word, or explanation for the weird release schedules. Also, please don't confuse VC sales with Wiiware sales. Just because they're both downloadable games on Wii does NOT mean they have the same target market.



Ricardo91 said:

@Supermario. OK. I getcha now, Though I would've liked it if you made everything else you were saying that straighforward. Also, I wasn't trying to look cool, I was merely trying to defend everyone else involved. I wanted to be the hero.

Anyway, this is my last comment for this article, and, thus, I leave and let everyone else do whatever.

It's best just not to get myself involved in these things.

Edit: From now on, in case something like this happens again (and it likely will, not saying the same people will be involved.), I'm just gonna say things like "These games look good. Might get 'em." or "This week sucks. Better luck next week." every week, and leave the petty feuds to someone else who cares.

Edit 2: @Stuffgamer. I know. I just couldn't help myself from continuing to push his buttons. It's in my nature: I usually try to avoid fights/arguments, but I carry on the ones that people seem to be starting, often to their breaking point. I apologize.
Now let's all go back to discussing Ys and SS II (If anyone is still interested), shall we?



Stuffgamer1 said:

Ah, x.SuperMario.x posted again whilst I typed. I really don't wish to rude in any of this, but you're not making that easy. You just stated that it's not Nintendo's job to please you. Hasn't it already been stated that it actually is, because if you aren't pleased with them, you won't buy from them? In any entertainment business, the main IS to please your customers, lest they stop buying your products and you suddenly find yourself broke. The only variable here is Nintendo's newfound interest in the so-called "casual" market. Instead of finding a good balance between the two markets, they've decided to shun the customers who kept them afloat in the N64 and Gamecube days. Without us, they wouldn't exsist now (at least not making consoles), and yet they show us precious little gratitude. Are you REALLY okay with that? It just doesn't make any sense!



AlexSays said:

This is all my fault guys.
I should have specified this in my very first post.

Whenever I've said "YOU", I've been referring to you as an individual.
So when I say it's not Nintendo's job to please YOU, I mean that Nintendo has the entire casual market to make money from.

So yes, it's not Nintendo's job to please a specific group of people, as long as they please enough people, which in this case largely comes from the casual market.

Hopefully that clears everything up. Because after reading, I kinda make it seem like Nintendo doesn't have to make anyone happy.
When I actually mean, Nintendo doesn't have to make YOU happy, as long as they find other places to get their money, which they're doing..

All better now?



Stuffgamer1 said:

Kind of better, but that still makes it sound like you really don't care if Nintendo screws over their long-time fans as long as they rope in enough new ones. Why shouldn't they try to please everyone? It can't be all THAT hard a balance to strike! Heck, even Microsoft's doing a pretty good job of that right now! I've mostly given up on Nintendo trying too hard with retail releases (though games like Wario Land redeem their line-up a LOT), which is why I wish I could rely on the VC for a good reason to give Nintendo my money. So maybe they really don't care about MY money when there's so much to be had from the gullible masses. But that seems, to me, like a very arrogant attitude for them to have. And as casual gamers mature in their new-found hobby, they too may realize that Nintendo doesn't care about them and move on to Xbox. It's a long-term thing here, which it seems Nintendo has never been good with.



AlexSays said:

I DO care if Nintendo screws over their long-time fans. And they SHOULD try to please everyone.
But until we organize a march on Ninty Headquarters, they can do anything they want.

They did a fine job this week though, making sure two great games got on the VC.



Marioman64 said:

i've had so much homework this first week of school i forgot to check this site for vc updates

i just want to say, didn't i tell you all a while back "nintendo is waiting for my birthday (august 29th) and they're gonna release mario rpg the monday after"

just wanted to say i told you so before... i forgot to



Bendover83 said:

Sooo...back to games. Wouldn't it be a shocker if Majora's Mask came out for 250. Just saying that because we haven't had a N64 game in quite some time. It "should" be SMRPG though. Would "Ninty" release two great RPG's back to back? It could be a first, even though they've released every other genre back to back a few times (ex. Fighters and Shoot'em ups).



Stuffgamer1 said:

I thank you, x.SuperMario.x, for your last post. This was the sentiment I thought you did not have. I thought you didn't care, when it seems what you really meant was that unless we find a way to DO something about it, it simply doesn't matter. I agree with you there. I just hate seeing people who don't seem to understand our point of view posting here. Now that it's been cleared up, I sincerely apologize for any and all insults I sent your way.

@Bendover83: That's why I didn't want Y's to come out in the first place. I'm concerned that it'll be at least another month before we get ANY RPG, much less Mario. I could be wrong, though. We'll see. But didn't Nintendo spout some bull about expansion pack N64 games being impossible before? I think they did, but I don't have a reference. Anybody know about that?



CanisWolfred said:

G----D, this is making my spin! And I haven't heard anybody mention Samurai Shodown II yet. Did nobody get that game, or is everybody who did got it too busy playing it to post? Gahhh, I really want to hear more about it, since I myself can't get it any time soon.



Gitaroo_Dude said:

@ Mickeymac

I think most people are sick and tired of the 3DO releases at this point.

Besides, Ys deserves everyone's attention.



mattrob24 said:


Correct, sir. Besides, I'm willing to bet more ppl have easy access to Super Mario RPG than Ys Book I & II. So I'm VERY glad it came out on Virtual Console.



CanisWolfred said:

Speaking of Ys, I just tried the SMS version of the game( PCE Roms are difficult to come by), and now the game is a must-buy for me! The combat is definitely fun, and it makes me level-grinding a breeze! I think the graphics are actually better in the SMS version than the TG-16 one, and I certainly prefer the music( I prefer electronic music over arranged). I guess I'll be getting both of this week's games after all.

Oh, and I take back what I said about IGN's review of the game, I read it again, and it actually seemed spot on. While he didn't go in-depth about the combat, I think he was just try not to make a big deal about it, since it would've been a major hang-up for some people, plus he did make sure to emphesise that it was fun and addicting, to try to clear up any kind of doubt that his already-vague description might have brought up. Still a little casual for my taste, but still, a good review overall.



Adol said:

@ Gitaroo_Dude

That would be Neo Geo, not 3DO.


That is your choice of course, but I think 90% of what makes Ys so magical is captured in the TG version. I know that music was originally composed that way, but, to me, thats like preferring the Final Fantasy Theme on the NES rather then orchestral version being played on the endings of FF8/9. Its nice for nostalgia's sake, but little else.



J_K said:

I own the SMS version of Ys and while good it's vastly inferior. Audio/visual are notably worse, controls are a bit more rigid, maps I think if I remember right are also changed/simplified, and attacking enemies is more pickier(easier to die.) If you're that thrilled with that version you'll love the pure copy of it that was later refined into those PC and DS 'Eternal/Complete' releases.



CanisWolfred said:


OR I could just get the TG-16 version, which only costs like 8 bucks, and is better than the SMS version. Besides, I'm only comparing the graphics to what I've seen on Youtube, which isn't exactly a good comparison.



Eltigro said:

Wow, lots of comments on this one.

Looking forward to getting more Wii points so I can get Y's. Wanted to play it since... well... the 90's.



CanisWolfred said:

I went to the store to get a point card for these two games, and I end up coming back with FFX. So far it's been a pretty good trade.

Still gotta get a point card though .

Edit: Okay, having just spent an hour on a mandatory "Blitzball" mini-game, I'm beginning to wish I had just gotten a Wii Point card.

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