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Tue 29th Jul 2008

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Kriqz commented on Pong Toss Coming To Europe With Added Beer!:

"Oh, and I'm glad some people talk about the review, WITHOUT reading the review."

Actually I did read the review, maybe YOU need to read it again, but here's my summary of it:

Very good play control (++)
Poor Visuals (-)
Good Music (+)
Repetitive Sounds (-)
Multiplayer game (+ unless you have no friends)
Simple casual gameplay ( ++ Pretty much the same as most wii-ware games)

Doesn't sound like a 2 to me, for a drinking game because there's nothing to compare it to, I'd say 5. Oh, and saying "the fact you NEED to play with friends to get any sort of enjoyment out of the game whatsoever." means that Bomberman should be a bad game because you need to play with someone else to enjoy it. Something I highly disagree with.

No one is claiming it's the next Final Fantasy or Halo. It's a casual game for people to have a few drinks with before they head out to the bar (and in some cases even play at the bar). For you puritans, let me remind you again "the prohibition ended in the 1930's!". Alcohol isn't immoral, it's legal, and people from almost every country (save a few middle east countries) drink it everyday.

Anyway, if you don't like the game, whatever. This game did exactly what the developers set out to do and sold it to the exact crowd they were targeting.



Kriqz commented on Pong Toss Coming To Europe With Added Beer!:

Ren, I couldn't agree more. My Aquarium was rated as a aquarium simulator and not compared to other wii-ware games, yet Pong Toss wasn't rated as a simple drinking game but rather was compared among normal video games. It's supposed to be simple and if you don't drink you won't like it. That's the same as not buying Pokemon Ranch if you don't like Pokemon or own the DS games. Sure it's not exactly genre breaking and probably doesn't deserve that high of a score, but it's not exactly SPOGS or Plattchen either...



Kriqz commented on Toki Tori Invades Japan:

"Toki Tori = The most underrated wiiware game." - most underrated post made on these forums I think!

Toki Tori, and now World of Goo, have set the bar so high for puzzlers on the Wii I can't see how anyone can beat these 2. Even the Art Style games don't compare IMO.



Kriqz commented on Last Flight - New Screenshots:

I can definately see big nanny govt. having problems with this. Stay out of my house already!!!

The art style has me intrigued but I definately want to see some gameplay footage. I don't like episodic gaming either, but with size limit restrictions, pretty much anything with a decent story to it has to be broken up unfortunately.



Kriqz commented on Sorry Kids – You're Not Allowed To Share You...:

"Now, if you give me a legitimate reason why it would be impossible to share points, I might take it back."

Because Ninty is a security freak and doesn't want do deal with hordes of nerds yelling and complaining when their accounts get hacked (probably because they used bad/easy to hack passwords) and they lose their points.

By tying points to 1 individual system, which they currently do with your Wii, that makes that nearly impossible.

"I bet nobody would even be complaining about this if Nintendo had just decided to come out with DS Points and sold them alongside the Wii."

Were talking about gaming nerds here, we complain about everything.



Kriqz commented on Capcom Releases Two Mega Man 9 Downloadable Co...:

While I immensly enjoyed MM9, I doubt I'll buy either of these DLC. Just my own personal opinion but neither really pique my interest. One of the beauties of DLC is one can pick and choose which aspects of a game they want while not paying for the aspects one doesn't want.



Kriqz commented on Sorry Kids – You're Not Allowed To Share You...:

"Thanks Nintendo for making us pay even more money during bad economic times."

If you can afford to spend money on entertainment, then your not being hit that hard. If you can't afford it, then this is the absolute least of your problems.



Kriqz commented on Sorry Kids – You're Not Allowed To Share You...:

While this does seem pretty lame, it's not really going to much of a big deal. Annoying if you buy cards, but I think most people use their (or their parents) CC anyway. As it is, your points are tied to only 1 Wii anyway. If you have 2 Wii's in your household (and some people do for various reasons), and you buy your points on one, you can't move those points over to your other Wii. It's most likely a security feature to make sure points don't get stolen.

In the end, Ninty won't be hurt in the least by this. It's not like people will stop buying points/VC/WiiWare/DSiWare because of this.



Kriqz commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (24th Sept):

SPOGs was a game that at least tried to appeal to gamers.... and failed miserably. Same with Plattchen.

Pong Toss was a game that tried to appeal to.. well.. college students. And it succeeded. Why people hate the fact that it sells is beyond me.

As for My Pokemon Ranch, how exactly does it differ from My Aquarium. They both even have the "My *** " title. Why do people hate pokemon screensavers, but absolutely rave about fish screensavers? Sheep love to follow the hate I guess...



Kriqz commented on World Of Goo Submitted To Nintendo For Approval:

If it is 1500 points they better hope to have a good game on their hands. Anything less than 8/10 will pretty much be a flop at that price. I'll give them props so far in that they're aren't over-hyping it.

5-7/10 could survive with 500-800 points, but any more is pushing it IMO.



Kriqz commented on World Of Goo Submitted To Nintendo For Approval:

Nintendo will playtest it to make sure it meets their standard of quality (bugs etc.)
If it passes it should be out within a couple weeks. Otherwise they''ll send it back to 2-D Boy which could mean months. I'm sure though 2-D Boy is smart enough to work out all the bugs before hand, at least if they ever want to make another game again.



Kriqz commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (24th Sept):

"a pretty childish attitude btw"
Considering most of the people on this board are children that's not surprising.

Also since children can't drink alcohol it's not surprising that they don't understand why Pong Toss (aka BEER Pong) still sells well. No mess and it only costs about as much as 2-3 beer (and 1 in certain bars). So what if it's shallow. Most drinking games are.

Also not surprising that MM9 is selling so well, we all saw that one comming. It will be up there for quite some time I think.



Kriqz commented on Mega Man 9 Confirmed For US Release On Monday!:

I hope MM9, BMB and ACR sell well in Wii-Ware. It would be nice to see some more higher profile games come out for this service, (along with the smaller indy releases of course.) Maybe other developers will follow Hudson's suit.



Kriqz commented on Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint Going Up Against M...:

"I think you people are being a little hard on Bplus"

Sheep love to hate, especially on the internet. It's one thing to give the game a critical review (and the review here on WW-W is just that), but all the hate being spewed in the comments by people who would've never bought the game anyway is uncalled for.

BPlus made the game they wanted, and it tanked, but they'll live on. So what if it's not a 8/10 game? Some people will (and do) still enjoy it.



Kriqz commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (17th Sept):

I'm not trying to knock My Aquarium, it serves it's purpose just fine. As far as aquarium simulators go I'm sure it's great. It just seems hypocritical to me for people to hate MPR when MA is basically the same thing.



Kriqz commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (17th Sept):

"the fact it is so useless and pointless at the same time it really is baffling why it's so popular."

Yeah, but, isn't that the same thing with My Aquarium? I mean, one has fish, and the other has pokemon. That's about all I see that's different, unless I'm missing something.



Kriqz commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (17th Sept):

"I still think it's weird though to see My Aquarium up so high still. I haven't played it yet but by the looks of it, it seems like you do about the same amount of activity in it as My Pokemon Ranch and MPR got a negative response from this site."

Yeah, I don't understand that either... People just love to hate on pokemon I guess.



Kriqz commented on Capcom's Mega Man 9 Press Kit Goes Retro:

"I bet the only reason they're doing this is to raise hype."

Of course they're doing it for hype, why else would they do it?

This is the type of game that will pretty much sell itself, but Capcom want's to rake in as much as they can with it, hense the hype. Considering that it's a huge franchise, and mega man fans are already aware of how the gameplay will be, it has a very low probability of being a flop. Capcom can hype this as much as they want to make as many people buy it as possible.

Unlike, say, certain other games that I won't bother to mention, and how they were hyped before anyone knew anything of their gameplay, and then flopped because they didn't meet expectations.



Kriqz commented on Review: Potpourrii (WiiWare):

"I have a feeling its 2 Wii Ware and 1 VC game again monday. I don't know why its just a gut feeling."

I think VC releases are going to start slowing down to 1 each week, and it wouldn't surprice me if the norm becomes 2WW/1VC per week in NA.

As for the review, it seems compareable to Plaatchen's review, with Potpourrii edging ahead slightly for better asthetic appeal and a cheaper price.



Kriqz commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (17th Sept):

Considering Sept. is the party month for colledge/university, it's not too surprising that Pong Toss is up so high. Just because it's not a good video game doesn't mean it's not a good drinking game.

Sequels rarely sell as well as the original, so it doesn't surprise me either that SB1 is still higher up. Those who didn't buy the first one may choose to buy it this week (thereby inflating sales of SB1), and those who didn't like the first one won't buy the second one. Personally I don't understand the appeal of these games but to each his/her own.

What I find interesting is DYC holding up so well. Most people dismissed it 'because you could play it for free on pc'. Yet despite being released on the first week of wii-ware it's still in the top 5.

I'm holding out for MM9.



Kriqz commented on USA VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Clu Clu Land:

The safety screen is to protect Ninty from stupid people suing them for doing stupid things.

"Oh, Ninty didn't tell me I could crack my brother's head open if I hit him with my wii-mote, so I'm suing Ninty for a billion dollars!!!!"



Kriqz commented on USA VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Clu Clu Land:

I don't think it's a matter of Ninty 'forcing us' to play through each RPG slowly, but rather marketing strategy. Flooding any genre will reduce overall sales for each game in that genre.

Had Ys1-2 been released after SMRPG, I do believe that total sales would've suffered as RPGers would've been more inclined to buy SMRPG and wait until they've finished it before considering another game. By that time another RPG would come along (say Secret of Mana, Phantasy Star IV or Earthbound) and only those who truelly wanted Ys would've downloaded it, and those who just wanted to see it would've probably passed on it. It's no secret that the highest sales week for any game is the week it's released, and if people are otherwise occupied that week then they're more likely to pass on an obscure/less popular game than they would for a more popular game. (ie. there were more people on the fence about Ys than there were about SMRPG, if SMRPG came out right before Ys, then those on the fence about Ys may pass on it for it's first couple weeks after getting their RPG fix from SMRPG, and then forget about it.)

My guess for RPGs in the next 50 games is we'll see PSIV and SoM come out in the next 2-3 months, with Ninty's Earthbound being the 300th release.



Kriqz commented on Gradius ReBirth Hitting Japan Next Week:

Wow that was a fast release. They must've kept it hush-hush for awhile as opposed to Mega Man 9. Really looking forward to this.

Midnight Bowling could be interesting too. Out of all the Wii-Sports games we played that one the most.



Kriqz commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - September 2008:

As soon as I saw the picture for Secret of Mana my jaw dropped. I didn't even need to read the article. Probably my single most anticipated VC game to date.

Good to see N64 getting some much needed love too with Mario Golf. I remember playing this a bit when it came out, but I had moved out of my parents house at the time and left my 64 with my brothers so I didn't get to play it that much. It seemed pretty fun for what it was.

I won't be surprised if both of these titles break the top 20.



Kriqz commented on USA VC Releases: Ys Book I & II and Samurai Sh...:

The biggest problems with business, and investing in general, is your investing in a future which is always unpredictable. There was never any guarantee that the Wii would sell as good as it did. It was very plausible that it could've been a flop. Look at the current situation with Sony, the PS3 is hemoraging money. Luckly for Sony they're bigger than just the gaming market, and they'll survive. But had the same thing happened to Nintendo, it's very possible the company could've folded, or at the very least quit making consoles like Sega did.

Nothing they're going to do will be 100% perfect, and they have to make their cuts somewhere. In the case of the Wii, it meant keeping it as cheap as possible. Nintendo focused their attention on motion control rather than state of the art graphics processing or hard drive space. It's easy in hindsight to say they should've had a larger hard drive space, but that could've raised the price of the Wii and realistically, the low price is what keeps it selling so well.

At least they've now acknowleged it, and it seems they are exploring their options. But they can't say anything official until they've got the problem worked out for themselves. They won't officially say it, but DRM is what's keeping them from moving too fast. They need a way to prevent people from stealing their VC/Wii-ware games, and that's their biggest hurdle on the storage issue. That's why they won't let you play games that are stored on a SD card, as you could easily copy those.

Also, I wouldn't say they don't care about their customers. It's just that you can't please everyone. What may seem like a popular idea could just be coming from a small but very vocal minority. I believe that's what happened to Star Wars Galaxies. They tried to please too many people, ended up changing too much, and just pissed everyone off.

Anyway, to answer Andrew's question, I read that Ys is a 10-hour game, but I've yet to finish it myself so if anyone knows better than me feel free to share. (EDIT: Didn't see mattrob's reply, so I'll say 10-15 hours, probably depending if your following a guide or not).



Kriqz commented on Ys Book I & II:


The combat system actually keeps it from getting repetitive. Spamming the same summons over and over again in certain FF games is repetitive. As mattrob mentioned it speeds things up a bit and let's you get on with the actual game rather than spending all your time grinding the same mobs over and over.



Kriqz commented on USA VC Releases: Ys Book I & II and Samurai Sh...:

Flooding any market is instant death for any business. You can't blame Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft for wanting to make money. If they don't make profit, they can't reinvest that profit into making new games in the future, never mind pay their employees who have lives just like the rest of us.

As for Ys, I'm really getting into it. I was worried that the combat system would ruin the game, but I think it actually complements it. It makes for much faster gameplay than your typical RPG. It's not the be-all-end-all of RPG's, but I can tell it was way ahead of it's time when it was released. A must for any fan of RPGs, especially if you never had a TG16/PCE back in it's day.



Kriqz commented on Bomberman Blasting Onto The Wii:

Probably my 2nd most wanted Wii-ware game, after Alien Crush Returns.

800 points would be nice, but I'm expecting 1000 just because of on-line play.



Kriqz commented on USA WiiWare Update: Helix:

I was thinking of waiting for the official review, but from what you guys are saying I may jump the gun and get it anyway.



Kriqz commented on USA VC Releases: Ys Book I & II and Samurai Sh...:

@ Rexy, Locke, anyone else who may care

Yup, I too remember wanting to play TG16 and NeoGeo games as a kid, but sadly never even knew anyone with either of these systems. It was all Nintendo/Sega around here. So far the only games I've downloaded that I had played previously were Bubble Bobble (probably my most played NES game back in the day), the original Zelda (which I played a bit but never owned) and Star Fox 64 (which I also never played much on the N64).



Kriqz commented on USA VC Releases: Ys Book I & II and Samurai Sh...:

IMO I think the people complaining about the people who want SMRPG are more annoying than the people who want one of their favorite games to come out. NOA will never please everyone each week, it's physically impossible.

As for this week, it's probably the only week where I'm considering buying all 3 releases. I've never played Ys and from what people say I think it's a game I'd really enjoy. As for SamSho2, I've never been huge into fighters but I'm actually considering this one. Helix looks like the type of game my gf would really enjoy, but I'll probably wait for the review on that one.



Kriqz commented on Home Sweet Home - New Game Play Video!:

I think this will only appeal to it's very narrow target audience. Not my cup of tea, but whatever, I won't whine and moan like so many others will probably do when it comes out.



Kriqz commented on IGA: 2D WiiWare Castlevania Is The Right Approach:

I think there's a huge market for newer versions of these classic 2D franchises. I can understand why companies won't make $50 full retail versions, but in the wii-ware market I believe they'd rake it in. Ever since games went 3D it seems they went from being challanging games into interactive stories with pretty graphics and lackluster gameplay.



Kriqz commented on Review: Midnight Pool (WiiWare):

Well written review. I just may have to consider adding this to my collection as I've always been a huge fan of pool ever since my days of skipping class to hang out at the arcade. (Note to kids, stay in school )



Kriqz commented on USA WiiWare Update: Midnight Pool:

As far as pool sims go, this looks pretty good. A good addition to wii-ware i'd have to say, especially for those like me who never bought wii-play. As per usual I'll probably wait for the review before making up my mind.



Kriqz commented on USA VC Releases: Mega Man and Neo Turf Masters:

MM is the 1st VC game I've ever downloaded the day it came out. It's amazing how hard games were back in the day, I remember playing this over and over when I was like 7 years old. Nowadays games are a cake compared to this.



Kriqz commented on Eternity's Child Demo Now Available!:

The jumping did feel kind of off, and the level was somewhat lackluster. Those are my only real complaints.
The overall artistic design was amazing however.

Even based off that one level, it's not a 1/10 game. Considering it only costs $5, I'd say it's a 5/10 - 6/10.

It's not groudbreaking, but it has potential. I won't be buying the whole steam version, but I'll wait and see when the Wii-ware version comes out.



Kriqz commented on USA VC Releases: Star Parodier and Break In:

When I say SF2 clone, I only meant to distinguish it from the Brawler type games like Double Dragon which the VC considers a fighter. I wasn't trying to imply that SS is a carbon copy of SF2 with different characters.
It's like with RPGs. Some are turn based and some are real-time action, but they're still RPGs if they hold the same basic gameplay.



Kriqz commented on Space Invaders Get Even - Stage Pack Details:

IMO it will come down to how big a level is. If you can finish a level in 5 minutes than it's just another SSR, and I'll probably pass. I'll wait for the game to actually come out before making any type of decision, but it's not exactly something I'm waiting anxiously for.



Kriqz commented on USA VC Releases: Star Parodier and Break In:

Considering the amount of people looking forward to games like Star Parodier and SS2, I don't think it's fair to call them YAS/YAF. If we were talking about 1-2 star games then I'd agree, like with 'some' of the recent Neo Geo releases.

Also, if one really wants to be critical of the number of games per genre released, then you have to take into account the history of those genres. Adventure was already mentioned as being a huge genre and will therefore have more games than any other, but shooters are probably the 2nd biggest genre based on the time periods that the VC covers.

Also I don't like how they combine 2 very different styles of games together and call it the Fighting genre. When looking at actual fighting games (ie. SF2 clones) there really aren't that many on VC.