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Mon 27th Jun 2011

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Rhombous commented on Talking Point: Why Skyward Sword Sales Failed ...:

I really enjoyed SS, it kept me going for 3-4 months. Fi was irritating, and the flying was boring at times. Yes it lacked the large scale world and sense of immersion of previous games, next to no side quests, a linear main town area and no real motive to revisit certain areas also hurt. Despite all this, what SS presented was a fresh mix.

Some of the locations were so creative and interesting. The story was cool, the music was beautiful, I thought the artwork excelled. I loved the soul trials, wow what a good fun and new aspect to the game. The powerups were also great, and I actually kind of enjoyed the item upgrade stuff.

In my opinion, SS is Majoras Mask to Twilight Princesses OOT. A strange follow up piece set in different circumstances. Yes I am a fanboy, but Nintendo should be applauded for trying different art styles. If they didn't experiment, we would be moaning about their predictability. It also gets me down how dismissive people can be online. Twilight Princess and SS, both superb games. We will never have that first feeling of "wow" compared to the first time we saw OOT hyrule field, that is a moment of videogaming history. TP was astounding though, I don't see how real Zelda fans couldn't love that game.

Back to SS - I won't be replaying in the "hero" mode for a while, give it a year or two methinks. I really don't know how Nintendo will develop the series further - how do you keep old fans happy and the newer/modern gamer interested without losing all feel/tradition and without being stale/same old formula? Hard job.

BTW I completed Xenoblade just before I got SS, I have come back to that and there is so much left to do, and twice the life of SS. I haven't played Last Story yet but for me (quite surprisingly) the wii had some amazing role playing games:
Xenoblade, SS, Okami, TP and arguably Monster Hunter Tri.




Rhombous commented on Kirby's Dream Land 3:

This is a great game, deserves a better mark. IMO this is as good as Kirby Fun Pack, just plays more like the older Kirby games.