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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Meydon commented on The King of Fighters '94:

It's pathetic the 50Hz thing, that's the reason for that i don't buy NES, GENESIS, SNES and NEOGEO games, i have only 1 GEN game and 1 SNES game, and only because i was "TRICKED" by Nintendo when i have call them and they said to me that SNES and GEN games run at 60Hz that it was obviously a lie.

I'm only getting TurbografX games, that runs at 60Hz.

The only NON-TURBO games i got are:

Castlevania IV

Gunstar heroes (wow, a speedy action game cracked with the 50Hz "underwater system")

Sin and Punishment (runs at 60Hz because is only japanese)

Ninja gaiden 1 (60Hz because is american)

Mario bros 2 (AKA "The lost levels", 60Hz because is JP version)

Really, NoE have to think seriously about the Virtual Console future, because it's pathetic, like someone said before, that in 2007 we still have to get 50Hz games, in Europe we are paying MORE for slower and resized versions of the games. It'll be great if NoE let the user choose the region of the game that they want to buy, at least to get the 60Hz version.

So, because of the 50Hz thing, i have to vote with the minimun rank this game, and i highly recommend the people that take 50Hz to not do it, because if you do, NoE will never notice that we don't want crappy versions of this great titles.



Meydon commented on Kirby's Dream Land 3:

this game is far better than kirby superstar, but a lot better, kirby superstar was only a "super easy game" and short except the "treasure quest", this is an authentic kirby classic game, and yes, you don't have your lives at more than 20-30 like in kirby superstar, i'm not saying that kirby superstar is a bad game, i'm only saying that kirby dreamland 3 is a lot better than kirby superstar.