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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Thores commented on Kirby's Dream Land 3:

Whoa, whoa WHOA! How could my favorite Kirby game get reviewed so low? It is SO much better than 3 stars!

You seem to be giving it low marks for being too easy, and it actually becomes way more challenging if you try and complete all the objectives for the true ending. Other than that you can't just knock it for not being Kirby Super Star 2. It went and did its own thing, and I would admire the game for that instead of panning it.

Kirby fans, ignore this review. This game is one of the best in the Kirby series, and if "too easy" is a negative factor for you, then, well, you're probably not a Kirby fan. : P



Thores commented on Toki Tori:

This looks great and is reasonably priced, but the 290 freakin blocks of space is kind of a turn off. Especially considering that's more space than FFCC:MLaaK takes up.



Thores commented on US VC Releases - 26th March - RoTK IV:

I don't see why you guys are whining. <br> <br>a) A lot of commercial games came out last week. Maybe Nintendo is trying to make sure you buy some REAL Wii games this week instead of old ones from 10 years ago. <br>b) RoTK IV is, from what I can tell, a really solid game. Just cause you haven't played it/ take no interest in it, doesn't make it a "piece of ...". <br>c) From the start, Nintendo has said we'd be getting 1-5 games a week, and at least 10 games a month. 3 games X the last 4 weeks = 12 games this month already, with RotK4 making it 13. They've already done more than fill their quota, and you're all whining for extra regardless.



Thores commented on Top Five Most Wanted Virtual Console Games:

NES- Little Samson
I bet most people who read this haven't even heard about this game. It was made by Taito, and was a Mega Man-ish side scrolling platformer where you switched between four characters- a young boy, a dragon, a golem, and a mouse- on the fly. One of the best platformers I've ever played.
SNES- LiveALive
Japan-only RPG by Square. Seeing as Nintendo said translating games wasn't out of the question once a good chunk of US games were on the service, I'd love to see this.
Genesis- Sonic 3
There are so many Genesis games I want to see on the service, since I was a Sega fanboy growing up, but Sonic 3 was just plain my favorite. I wanna see this before the end of the year.
TG-16- Never played it before the VC came out. Hopefully some decent games.
N64- Super Smash Bros.
Yes, you can already play the superior sequel on your Wii, but it's just great to have for completionist's sakes.