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Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is a true video game treasure.

Released only in Japan, this sequel to the smash hit platformer was never brought to the west in its original NES version. Later released on Virtual Console for Wii, now you can experience this rare classic in all its 8-bit glory on your Nintendo 3DS.

The Lost Levels expands on Super Mario Bros. with tough new level designs, trickier enemies, and new features like fierce winds that blow Mario away. It's the ultimate challenge for any Mario fan. Are you up to the task?

Note: This game was added to Europe's Wii Shop on the 14th of September, 2007 as a temporarily available "collectors' item". It was then removed on the 1st of October, 2007. On the 22nd August 2008 it was made available permanently.

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Wii U eShop Review

Europe PAL Version

Posted by Robert Hughes

Super Masochist Bros.

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is the famously difficult, Japan-only sequel to the titular plumber's breakout NES hit, expanding on the original formula with deviously challenging level design and obstacles. Western audiences were instead given the...

Game Review

3DS eShop Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Philip J Reed

Lost levels = lost sanity

It's a story so well known now that we'll just summarise it for you: what is now known as Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels was actually released in Japan as the sequel to enduring classic Super Mario Bros. Western gamers instead received the...

Game Review

Virtual Console Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

For the first time outside of Japan – experience the original sequel to the best-selling video game of all time!

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is a bit of an oddity. "The Lost Levels" isn't even it's real title - This is actually the real version of Super Mario Bros. 2. Japan got this game (As SMB2), but when Nintendo realized (Somehow) that it would...

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User Comments (125)



JNoodles said:

Heh, it looks like Mario All-Stars won't come out until the end of the Wii's lifespan, if at all !



Mark said:

The only reason why they would come out with super mario all-stars would be because of the new graphics of the older games and the fact you can actually SAVE your game. OH, don't use the warp pipes, you'll never get to bowser if you do that. And Luigi jumps higher ^^ I've always wanted to see that in 8 bit.



Masuyo said:

This is actually "Super Mario Brothers 2" Released only in japan on the famicom. They later released it in the US with spiffy new graphics on the Super Mario All-Stars cart for the SNES... but for some reason I like the original more.



dualj said:

I cant wait for this one. It will truely test your super mario skills. I never liked the new graphics that much. Especially in mario 3.



Rob said:

The best would be if they released all the games in All Stars one by one, so we could play SMB3 with the "new" graphics



Kevin said:

And they'll never do that because they will do whatever it takes to get as much money as possibe. They'll never release all-stars. Its common sense for businessmen. I had this on the GBC deluxe game. It is wicked tough but a great game! I can't wait to have all the 2d nes marios on my Wii (Including NA SMB.2).



mario/zelda_fan said:

Yeah theres no chance all stars will ever come out. Is the lost levels a continuation of super mario bros? if it is why didn't the levels come with the game?



Mr_64 said:

I'll be very interested if this game comes out as I'd like to play the original NES incarnation of the game, rather than the All Stars remake. I know from the All Stars conversion that this is incredibly hard, to the point of absurdity, but that's part of the time. I feel as if we were robbed in the West when Nintendo decided against giving us the game the first time around.

__Billy Pilgrim


Billy Pilgrim said:

I hope this gets released in the US. I've wanted to play it for so long... I can't stand the updated graphics of Super Mario All-stars.



Jamie said:

I also hope this gets released. It's out in Japan on the 05/01/07. Having looked on the ESRB website I can't actually find it on there, which is pretty worrying, so I am guessing this is just a rumoured release?

__Billy Pilgrim


Billy Pilgrim said:

I won't be satisfied with the Virtual Console until this game is released. So I hope this is more than a strong rumour and that I have it by the end of 2007. This is the REAL Super Mario Bros. 2, not that lame Doki Doki Panic remake (although that game is still fun). I'm an avid Super Mario Bros. fan and I really need this game.

I don't know why Nintendo would release "All-Stars"... I loved it when I first got my SNES 15 years ago but things have changed. It's updated graphics and sounds just seem lame.



Jamie said:

I feel the same about this as you Billy. I loved the challenge of this game when i was younger, so i'm praying Nintendo do decide to release it.

I mean it isn't like this game has mountains of text to translate.



Jamie said:

Does anyone else think this is looking less likely to be released? Japan gets it in May instead we get the USA version.

I'm still hoping Nintendo do decide to release this - i'm pretty sure it would do enough sales to cover the cost of putting it on the virtual console (which would obviouslly cost a lot less than releasing on a cart)



Shiro_Makoto said:

I'm pretty sure it will come out, since it has been rated. It's just a matter of when it'll be released. I think Nintendo wants to take their time releasing their games rather than say, have 2 Mario games in the same month.



acidfreak said:

Ah, another classic type game to play on my big screen monitor, instead of the rehashes on the tiny portables. this is worth it simply so i don't gotta put in another disc when I wanna switch games.



Jamie said:

Have a look on the ESRB website - this game is rated alright but not one for the virtual console. The NES one is rated, thats why i am sceptical.



Zweck36 said:

It's not that hard. Harder than the original, but I would say Mario 2 is harder.



Jamie said:

I disagree that Super mario 2 USA is harder than this, but I guess it just comes down to the individual. Some people find Sonic 2 harder than Sonic 1.

__APC Fan


APC Fan said:

Well they might release all stars, becuase I just got the "Sonic Mega Collections" for 15 USD. That has I beleive 7 games on it.



Bass_X0 said:

i am surprised people don't like the graphics of super mario all stars. i loved them. i remember getting very excited when i first saw how utterly gorgeous the updated graphics got when i was a kid.



beefy said:

i dont know if a harder mario would be better or worse. either way, the ending sounds kind of interesting.



Jamie said:

I do actually like the updated graphics on Super Mario All Stars. But I seriouslly doubt that All Stars will be released on the VC. I have my reservations over whether this game will even be on it.

This game is hard, and it all depends whether or not you are the time of gamer who enjoys a challenge, i think most of the people on here who grew up in the 80's are used to that.

__Pit 42


Pit 42 said:

I'm undecided about wheather or not to just buy Marios 1-3 (and maybe this one) or just wait for All-Stars. Either I'm going to wait until the end of Wii's lifespan and Nintendo will never release All-Stars or I'll buy all three NES Marios and then Nintendo will release All-Stars for 800 points. Either way, I can't win.



Rich said:

I think Nintendo could be a little classy about this. What they should do IMO, is offer Super Mario All-Stars as a free download to anyone who has purchased all four tittles on the NES. I think that would be a lovely gesture towards the true Mario fans out there.



Tomsta666 said:

I've never played this game other than it's all-stars incarnation.
I for one would be stoked to see on the VC, I'm sure that Nintendo will release this in the EU and US. All of us Mario fan should rejoice at this being released, I mean, SMB1 is the best selling VC game, they would be foolish not to release it.



deggs said:

i wonder if we'll get any other japanese-only imports as well? hope so...



CrazyOtto said:

What were they smoking when they decided to make this limited time only? I do not live in Europe, but knowing them, they will do the same thing for North America. I'll probably but the game just for that!



Paulymate said:

If it's only available for a limted time, what happens if you delete the channel? I hope the Shop remembers you bought it and keeps it available...



danstan said:

I just downloaded this and it has been optimized for PAL, however there are some ugly scan lines across the screen on my TV. Anyone else have this problem?

Great game regardless of that =)



Homer_Simpson said:

It might be worth mentioning that this game will only run in 60 HZ mode.

I downloaded it this morning, only to remember how terribly my tv displays in 60 HZ. Sigh.



Yoakin said:

So what the hell justifies the additional 100 points for this one? Only cause it was never released here before?
Yeah great... can't wait for Sin & Punishment for 1500 points!



pocki said:

Exactly how difficult is this? is it still fun to play or is it froth-inducing-annoying like that "outrageous" stage in Mario World?



Sai said:

I recently finished Super Mario Bros and now they release Super Mario Bros 2 for a limited time? Sweet! I just had to get this title right away and not risk loosing it.

I've always wanted to play this game and I have to say I really enjoyed playing it for the first time today.

If you are a mario fan, you can't miss this excellent game. =D



Saddo said:

Being a big fan of SMB1 (thanks to the VC), I was intrigued by this game, very intrigued. And at first I thought it felt strange, and the level design seemed convoluted, but just as with SMB1, by the second world I'd become a true believer. I love the way this game takes the tricks of the first game and plays with them, demanding more and more tricky moves.

Its understandable why NOA decided to release Doki Doki Panic in place of this, as to even make it past the first few levels requires either a LOT of patience from a newcomer or past experience from SMB1. So all in all, although I've only made it to the third world, I know already this is a real gem - currently subverting my expectations, fulfilling the potential that SMB had, this is one quirky game that truly is hardcore and very unaccessible to beginners, and I'm extremely happy that it be so.

P.S. Stop whining about the limited availability! I'm sure there's some good reason for it - it doesn't make any sense financially that I can think of, they're limiting sales! Also why is it only SMB2 they're doing this with? Some sort of legal issue maybe?



Daniel said:

i really think people should stop going

"Oh i'll wait for all stars"

ninty are not stupid...if they can make you buy all the games separately to make the most money they will cause that what it boils down to MONEY

great game though....DL'd it as soon as it came out



chadnorred said:

I already own All Stars for SNES (and still play it occasionally). I don't care if it comes out for VC. I am interested in the original version of Lost Levels though. I think I'll download this one, and wait for SMB3 to come out, whenever Nintendo gets around to releasing it.

I wonder if they will also release Doki Doki Panic?



rregiie said:

Amazing game I have to say. Only for TRUE mario players. Warp zones that take you backwards, HOW COOL is that?



jeff said:

people saying nintendo won't realease all stars....heres my thought

release every game that was on all stars. we already got mario 1, lost levels, super mario world and "2" now. only mario 3 needed. people buy all of these anyway.

then maybe a year down the line they give us all stars for say 1200 points. people who bought the originals would maybe STILL buy it AGAIN. and people who didn't get the originals/only have some, still a good investment




DjinnFighter said:

All Mario fans need to buy this game. It's the first international release of this game (with original graphics). I hope it will be released in America



dualj said:

I really want to get this game. I really hope it comes to the US soon. It really is a super hard game that puts even my skills at mario games to the test. It wont come with allstars and even if they did release alll stars, I would rather get it in its unchanged original form.



Nathan said:

Yeah, I played this game when it came on All Stars. Very difficult game, but that's just one thing that's good about it. You can't exactly fly through this one, like you can on the original.
I just have one problem... I didn't have the money to download it.



Nintend00d said:

Awesome game- I got this game on Mario Deluxe for GBC. (Once you top the top score on the main game score list, you get this game!) I'll buy this when it comes out in the US anyway though!



Zweck36 said:

I take back my previous comments, because I have never expierienced worlds A,B,C, and D. I guess this is a new goal to shoot for!



maybeway36 said:

What Nintendo should do with All-Stars is release it for 2000 points and give you a 500 point rebate for each of the originals you have or buy.



chadnorred said:

I don't get how Super Mario Bros. gets 5 stars and Lost Levels only gets 4. This game has everything the original has and more- more levels, higher difficulty, better replay value (due to the fact two characters can be selected from and four new worlds can be unlocked by beating it over and over), slightly better graphics...

I downloaded this game today and, after playing for several hours, achieved not only the nostalgic excitement of playing SMB for the first time when I was eight, but a whole new excitement of its own. This game is CHALLENGING and FUN!

I give it 5 stars- no question.



Drake said:

@ chadnorred:

Well, if you ask almost any gamer if they've played Super Mario Bros., most likely they will say yes. This is pretty much only an expansion of the game, I don't feel like it offers enough new things to warrant 5 stars. As so much people have already played SMB, I somehow doubt all of them would have a lot of interest in this one.



JNoodles said:

I'm getting the points soon. And when I do, Lost Levels and Sin & Punishment, watch out! Grahh!

This is an excellent game, much better than the US SMB2 mind you.



chadnorred said:

I understand what you mean, Drake, and 4 out of 5 ain't bad.
I guess that's the nature of rating sequels (Halo 1 and 2 rate better than 3; Prime 1 rates better than Prime 3...).
However, I am a huge Mario fan and having this game is incredibly awesome. Like you said, if you're a fan of the series, it's worth a download!

__Super VG Bros


Super VG Bros said:

Ok 1: How does lost levels get a 4 and SMB get a 5? LOL lost levels is more of a challenge and is better!

2: It's soooo hard lol!!!

3: Allstars will prob come out at the end for like 1000 points or something. and ill have all those games already so no thanks



LostHeaven said:

I bought it before Nintendo remembers to remove it from the shop, like they did on the Euro version xD

I haven't had time to play much, so I'm not going to rate it now, but I can say this is like a SMB remixed and improved. It's like playing the game for the first time! This should be enough to earn your 600 points ^^



Smash_Eggs_Garlic said:

I call it Super Mario Bros Remix.
The new elements (Red Piranha Plant,Green Trampoline, Wind ) look like cosmetic changes,the Red Piranha may be the new thing that will give you those bad headaches again plus those new jumps of faith.
How to distinguish Jumps of Faith:
Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels isn't that IMPOSSIBLE once you know whats coming,just like the original,but every time you play it,
it will STILL require precise controls. Playing as either Mario Bros will give you a different gameplay experience, and yes the game can be beat with Mario or Luigi. If you really liked Super Mario Bros , buy this one.



Ender said:

I've been waiting for this game for a long time. I've always wanted to play "The Lost Levels" in all of its 8-bit glory. Also, on the plus side, we finally have proof that Nintendo will release games in regions that they never appeared in before. This is a great day for all Wii owners.



Clayfrd said:

As an avid Mario collector with only a few games left to purchase, despite the fact that I had no time constraint, I jumped on buying this game and couldn't be happier. The challenge over the original makes the game feel like a fresh experience, and is VERY fun overall. Fantastic.



Gabzie said:

Oh damnit! I just looked yesterday on the Wii Shop Channel, and I couldn't find this version of SMB anywhere! They haven't removed it have they? T__T Oh bloody bollocks and crap!

When will they put it back on? I've always wanted to try out this one!



Clayfrd said:

woohoo! I got to world 8! Okay, I did it with warps, but who cares! World 8 is quite the challenge. I can't wait to get to World A.



tank2tank said:

One of the most annoying things about this game is that if you can beat it, it makes you so good at mario games that all the other games are so easy that they just get boring. Now I'm worried that mario galaxy will be a complete walkover... AH!!! somebody make me rubbish at mario games quick!



Adamant said:

How on Earth can this game possibly get a lower rating than SMB1? Sure, it's somewhat similiar, yes, but it's better in absolutely every way. Almost twice as large, two characters to play as who play VERY differently, secrets to unlock, better level design and no repeats of earlier levels with more enemies added... yes, the stages are harder, but the game offers unlimited continues without the use of a cheat code, and the lvels are mostly easy as long as you learn where things are, and how to handle certain situations. 8-3 was a beast when I first reached it, but it falls pretty easily now, since I know the location of those tricky enemies and can do running jumps over them. No, SMB2 deserves only one rating: the highest possible. It's an incredibly well-designed platformer a lot of people will now be playing for the very first time. THAT's easily worth 5 stars.



tendoboy84 said:

Toughest Mario game ever! I had it on Super Mario Bros. Deluxe for GBC, and it took me forever to beat all the Bowsers. His constant jumping and multiple hammer throws really messed with my skills!



StarSoldier1 said:

600 points for an lackluster SMB expansion pak. Some of the timing had to be spot on for the jumps and the poison mushrooms seem like a cruel joke. It's cool there are new levels but how about a new ending or even more power ups? Thanks but no thanks!



ravelbone said:

is this the exact same as the all star version besides the updated graphics? i beat the all star version, but i heard from a friend that this is the real version and it is different than the all star version. (like the levels are different and such) just wanted to know, cuz if it is different, i definitely want to get it.



Virus said:

Imagine this, it's Super Mario; enemies are placed in spots where they can kill you easily; land is sparse; upgrades are even less plentiful; and Mario's jump can't make it to most of the platforms unaided. Sound challenging? Yes. Sound fun? Heck no. There was a reason this game wasn't America's real Super Mario Bros. 2; it sucked because it was stupidly hard. If you like stupidly hard games, get it (weirdo), but for the majority of the sane people, get a different Mario game. They may be easier, but there gets to be a point where challenging just falls into aggravating.

For this incredible game, I grant it a: 3/10



ravelbone said:

well, i was lookin for a challenge, cuz the one on all stars i beat. it was not that hard at all.

so i was wonderin if this is the same game as the all star one?



Adamant said:

The All Stars version was made a bit easier by adding more powerups and lives, and I think changing the levels a tad to avoid hard jumps. It also let you save after each level - the original didn't let you save at all, and while it had unlimited continues, you were sendt back to the beginning of the world each time you got a game over.
The differences aren't enormous, and honeslty, the game was never really THAT hard, but it IS a fantastic game well worth downloading. I say get it.

If all you want is a challenge, however, I'd rather recommend Ghosts'n Goblins and Solomon's Key - THOSE are hard.



WarGreymon77 said:

The original Super Mario Bros. was way too hard for me, so this game is probably uber-difficult. So I'd be scared to try it.



WaddleWave said:

I downloaded this instead of the first one, didn't feel like playing the same levels again. From the get-go, the game producers, interpreted that you are already familiar with the mechanics of the first Super Mario Bros. It's like playing the levels after the world 8-4 from the original. The game rewards players too, read the review, the easy levels are so easy that you must play it with one life only, so it has as far more levels than the original one.



GameGod3008 said:

This game has a very similar feel to the 1st one but it was a lot harder which is why i bought it, for a more challenging expierence. It's a great game and i'm glad to finally be able to play the true sequel to SMB. worth the points if you like mario or you like to challenge yourself, otherwise i wouldn't recommend it



calc_nerd said:

I played this game on the GBC and enjoyed it to some extent, but couldn't take the constant fustration that it was filled with finish the game 100%. It gives a challenge to those who thought SMB1 was easy. And if you thought both games were easy, try worlds 9, A, B, C, and D.



TaxiTitan said:

I want it so badly, but bought the wii when it was removed from the european store. Is there a workaround to get it? I have a D2ckey modchip if that helps.
Would be better playin this version instead of my dreamcast nes emulator cd through VGA, or the PC emulators..



StarDust4Ever said:

I was exposed to this forgotten gem through SNES All-Stars and first experienced the original via emulation. I had encountered it previously on my Game Boy Color (Super Mario Deluxe) when I was a senior in High School, but passes it off as some funky new levels Nintendo made up and threw in as an Easter Egg.

I immediately imported my first real licensed copy from now defunct when it was re-released on Game Boy Advance, and this single game also inspired me to by my first points card and download it from Virtual Console.

Let me be honest with you: this game is tough! The brutal assault by King Koopa never stops, and you will most likely see a "GAME OVER" message more times than you can imagine. Yet every time that I get licked by the game, I just wanna go back, stomping Goombas and kicking Koopas even more. Some liken it to the myriads of Mario 1 hacks that flood the internet, but this it is not. The levels are still constructed with the same careful brilliance as all other Myamoto creations. There are levels that require you to punch hidden blocks, bounce off paratroopers to clear a gap, poisonous mushrooms, ultra powerful springboards that allow you to jump flagpoles, backwards warp zones, complex maze dungeons, stupid flying bloopers in the over-world (the blooper A.I. is dumber in this game for some reason), hammer brothers that charge at you, wind elements that blow you to and fro, Trojan Bowsers, a wacky World 9 Easter-Egg, and four super-secret Worlds A, B, C, & D.

So if you think Super Mario Brothers 1 was easy, prepare to get brutalized by old enemies in a radically new way. Download now!

PS - Deepest regrets to my European friends who did not get to download this game when it was available



Bland_Boy said:

Bensei, I was wondering this too.

Hey, anybody here have this game and can "gift" it to others?
If so, I'll gift 'ya something in return for this game.



Mario_maniac said:

Naw, it's impossible for PAL gamers to gift the game to others. The feature was removed from this game, sadly. Hopefully, though, if there's another Hanabi Festival this year, Nintendo will be smart enough to leave it up there pemanently for PAL gamers.

<3 The Lost Levels.



ericwithcheese said:

This game was surprisingly difficult... and misleading in the way it looks exactly like the original, but ten times harder. A worthy purchase to finally see the original, unaltered Super Mario 2.



Bensei said:

I guess it gets a re-release next month if we get a hanabi festival next month (many import titles were rated in March by USK and OFLC)



TaxiTitan said:

I would pay more for it if necessary.
There is a guarrantied way to complete almost every situation in the game, so its not luckbased.
I love it because you have to learn all the stages to finish with 1 credit.
And I like the FDS version better than the All stars version.
Some hitboxes are different etc.
I wanna play the VC FDS version on my LX-508d KURO through the Wii in 480p, and not through a PC-to-TV emulator.
If they not re-release it I hope someone hack the VC soon...



Clayfrd said:

I don't know why, but there has never been a game I've played that was so frustrating, yet so absorbing. I can lose the same level over and over and continue playing without any cries of frustration. It just has that "Mario drive" that keeps me going. The same drive that kept me going until I beat the Galaxy star "Trouble on the Tower" (Honeyhive Galaxy) without using ANY switches, including the one that turns on the windmill. Yes, it is possible, and I am possibly the only person that has done it. Has anyone else?



TaxiTitan said:

Ive just gotten 24 stars after beaten the game 24 times (in 1 day ) on VC... now what?
8 stars unlocked A-D.
gonna search for info...



megacody said:

It was alot of work, but I finally beat it. 8 more times, and I'll have completed it.



classicmike said:

This game is an extremely difficult mario game. It is, hands down, the hardest one out of the four different smb games on the nes. This will have you cursing up a storm and will make you want to throw your classic controller at your television. I will recommend this to people who want all of the mario games, who want the real smb2 (even though our smb2 is also a classic), and who want a challenging mario game. 5/5



Ricardo91 said:

I originally played this on my SMB DX cartridge, and it was very hard, and I think that version is supposed to have extra 1-ups and power-ups . I'll still probably buy this original version, though, especially to see the (slightly) enhanced graphics, Luigi mode, the bonus worlds, and the wind gusts.

Edit: Finally downloaded this one last week. It's funny: Though I struggled through this game when it was part of SMB Deluxe, it seems like even more of an ordeal to get through this version, even though it has the same amount of powerups and 1-ups. I think it's stupid Luigi's fault. It's like every level is an ice level with that guy! GET SOME TRACTION DAMMIT!!



Beau_Skunk said:

The game can be pretty brutal at times with it's difficulty, but if you've mastered the original SMB game, it's a great game to play. I usually prefer playing as Luigi, because of his higher jump, even if his skid can be annoying at times. It's nice to finally have the original 8-bit version outside of Japan. (Mabey with luck, we'll get Mother 1 also.)



LordJamak said:

I played a little of this on All Stars (never owned a SNES myself until 2003... Just had NES and Genesis back in the day). In college, a friend had imported a Japanese Famicom and had SMB, SMB USA, and... SMB2. Wow!!!!!

I just downloaded my first VC games on Wii after owning it for half a year. Guess what the first one was: LOST LEVELS!!! I forgot how hard this was. I can't even come close to completing it. Well done, nintendo!



Bass_X0 said:

I downloaded it. I couldn't get my Wii online at the time this was originally out so I missed out. I've been hoping it would return at some point and finally it has.



slangman said:

Downloaded on a whim. Finally glad its been put up again as i couldn't't get my Wii online on time when it was released "07. I had hopes that this would come again. Finally NOE has rectified one of its mistakes.



spyster10000 said:

meh I glad it fianlly came back too EU but I don't think its worth 600 wii points plus I'd never complete it if its as hard as it sounds



ZBomber said:

Good stuff, but way too hard for my taste. If you're good at the original Super Mario Bros and liked it, get this game.... if you're bad like me, you might wanna pass unless you're curious.



Marvel_Maniac said:

I can't decide whether or not to get this. Has anyone played this AND Ninja Gaiden or Super Ghouls and Ghosts? How would you compare the difficulty to those sort of games? Even to Casltevania? I'm interested to know.



Ricardo91 said:

This is much, much easier than Ninja Gaiden. Trust me. I don't know about G&G, but going by what I've heard, this would also probably be easier.

This game isn't really THAT hard compared to many games (though it's certainly no pushover!), but it's hard by Mario standards. And it's annoying how you have to start the entire world over every time you get a game over.

Edit: Ninja Gaiden starts off easier than this game, but it gets INSANELY hard once you get to the last few levels. SMB: LL kicks your ass from the beginning, but the later levels are a bit less cruel than NGs. Just don't play as Luigi in your first run (like I did), and you shouldn't have too hard of a time.



slangman said:

@ Marvel_Maniac SMB:TLL is easier then Super Ghouls & Ghosts. Ninja Gaiden i managed get pass more levels then this game. But like i said Super Ghouls & Ghosts is the hardest game on VC.



agentshags said:

yay, my first import VC title...

I played it (lost levels) on the snes and gameboy color, time to see the true roots!

hope its worth the 6 bucks, probably is, considering the many times i have beat SMB. . .



Kaluba said:

This game is great. The only problem is that it is so difficult. I am on world 5. This is hard to believe when I have had this game since January of 2008. I get so angry with this game sometimes!



Betagam7 said:


The "Bowsers" in the game (and in the original SMB) are not the real Bowser, just enemies in disguise (which can be revealed by fireballing him to death).
Just as the Princess is only in the last castle so the Real Bowser is too.



George said:

This game is better than the first one a true master peice!
Its hard yes but that only makes it last longer!
I own it on super mario allstars and you can save after every level making perhaps easier than the first one, but i dont no if you can on this version.



Cally said:

I own this game in two forms: Super Mario All-Stars and on the GBC Super Mario Bros. DX . . .

It's not as fun as SMB. Somehow, it just feels like a meaner rearrangement of the original. The original game (one of its remarkable feats) had such a nice crescendo of difficulty that made it so compelling and easy to pick up even after starting over for the millionth time. The difficulty here just feels more uniform to me, and the challenge is counter-intuitve--kind of "uncomfortable"--which takes away the rewards of progress. "Lost Levels" is a good title for this game--more SMB levels. Kind of like "deleted scenes."

I don't think I considered it too hard so much as kind of unsatisfying and unrewarding. To me, it only reinforces that SMB really was as great as I thought it was in the first place.




Kurachi said:

japan "realized" its too hard for america and euro? bullcrap, i played it and to me it was as "hard" as SMB (1)
it just has lil more challenges like different and some harder levels, and worst was that "trap-mushroom" but too hard.... no, i disagree with that point
thx to japan thinking we're slow/stupid, we have to pay 100 points more, not much, but kinda weird IMO
i'm not into mario games much lately, so maybe i buy it later, when i am in the mood of mario games, but maybe not at all, we'll see

ps. was nice to play at those times



TKOWL said:

this game is awful. it punishes you for exploring. get the US SMB2 instead



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

I have this. But the thing is, it's just so dang hard. I can't even beat the whole thing because it's just so frustratingly hard.



Nintendoman667 said:

I must say XD This is so much better than the "Doki Doki Bros. 2" that we got in 1988. I always thought it was weird that the Super Mario Bros. 2 that we got and Super Mario Bros. 3 both had the same release dates (1988). I always thought "how the heck did they release 2 mario games in the same year?? O.o" Also by the fact that Doki Doki Bros. 2 didn't even feel like a Mario game. Turns out NOA thought that the real Super Mario Bros. 2 released in 1986 was too hard or too repetitive for American and European gamers. I played this on the SNES Super Mario All-Stars, and on the GBC's Super Mario Bros. DX. Finally after downloading the original true Super Mario Bros. 2 all I can say is "WHY WASN"T THIS GAME RELEASED SO WHAT IF ITS HARD!!!! after all its subtitle in Japan was "For Super Players!" " The updated graphics, levels, and phyics make this game both fun and extreamly challenging. For me the challenge is the fun part I have reached world 8-4 before but could never get past it Overall this is a great game and I think it deserves a 10/10 for presenting both more fun but at the same time giving challenge for challenge needing people like me Other Mario Sequals I recommend downloading are, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and Super Mario 64, recommended for buying are, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 all of which I give 10/10s GET THEM!!!!!!!! (P.S. Take care of your Game Discs (for GameCube, Wii, Ps2, basicly all of em ) and they WILL last longer just a reminder. )



jayo said:

Adamant- No, as I remember, the difficult jumps were left in the All Stars version, That jump you gotta do in world C-2 took me countless tries!
I really liked the enhancements made in the All Stars version, but I always loved the 8 bits, so it's great to finally see the original version!



thegreatboxcar said:

After beating super mario bros for the first time scince buying it for vc. I went through and beat it on hard mode. I never did on NES as a child. Mainly beacause you couldn't save. After that, and having already beat smb3 and smb2 in the weeks previous. I was ready for a new challenge. I had never heard of this, so I looked into it. Was amazed it was held back from America and we got smb2 instead.Especially as it was made as a game for people who had mastered smb.I have only played a little as i bought $50 in points that day and spent them all. I have beaten the first world, but not spent much time on the second yet. I know I'm in for a world of pain when I start playing it as my primary game. But having mastered SMB, SMB2, and SMB3, I'm so glad there's a game to play that I don't know from years of repeat playing. I always wished smb4 would've come out, and now It's as good as if it did.



nooooooooooooop said:

Got this today form the 3DS eShop. To be honest, I have played the "Super Mario Bros. For Super Players" version of this on Super mario Deluxe for the Gameboy Color and I think i can safely say that this is defenitly the hardest mario game I've played! And at long last I can play it on the go in its orignal 8-bit form!



gamer_mario said:

Yay! I am soooooo glad that this is on eShop for 3ds. THE Perfect challenge for Mario Fans?!? I will put this on my Wish list along with Super Mario Bros. 3, THE BEST GAME IN HISTORY!!!!!



RealPoketendoNL said:

A friend just gifted me this. She got it from Club Nintendo, but she thought I'd use it more. I do like it, but boy, I agree it is hard

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