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Wed 19th Mar 2008

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ericwithcheese commented on Virtual Console Top 20 – March 12th to March...:

I am not surprised to see SMB3 doing well on the Virtual Console. Even though Super Mario World may be a better game in some opinions, it is SMB3 that I feel so many older games hold dear to their hearts. It was the last platformer of its kind on the NES, and it came in the last cycles of life for the system... and it had so many new innovations (i.e. the raccoon suit, the saving powerup cards to begin a level, etc) for the series while remaining true to its original roots. I know of myself and quite a few friends who literally jumped for joy when SMB3 came out for the VC a few months ago.

and @ Tony: I love Endless Ocean!



ericwithcheese commented on Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels:

This game was surprisingly difficult... and misleading in the way it looks exactly like the original, but ten times harder. A worthy purchase to finally see the original, unaltered Super Mario 2.



ericwithcheese commented on Vegas Stakes:

I didn't know this was a sequel to Vegas Dream, my favorite gambling game on the NES. I noticed the similarities with the interaction between random strangers and your character, but didn't think much of it. Good game.