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Some fool who plays Nintendo.

Male, 17, United Kingdom

Some silly fool who plays an awful lot of Nintendo classics. Despite the name I've only played Street Fighter about twice. Feel free to ask any questions to me. I've also got a YouTube.

Sat 26th Jan 2013

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nooooooooooooop commented on Review: Dr. Mario Express (DSiWare):

Ah yes. Dr. Mario. a brilliant and unique puzzle game! I remember seeing this on the DSi shop for just 500 points and without thinking I downloaded it! No regrets!
Shame it didn't come with online play but nevertheless a great game. I prefer the European name of the game though! "A little bit of Dr. Mario" just sounds nice and simple!



nooooooooooooop commented on Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels:

Got this today form the 3DS eShop. To be honest, I have played the "Super Mario Bros. For Super Players" version of this on Super mario Deluxe for the Gameboy Color and I think i can safely say that this is defenitly the hardest mario game I've played! And at long last I can play it on the go in its orignal 8-bit form!