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Wed 1st Apr 2009

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Ender commented on Spirit Tracks "Pushes DS Even Further" Than Pr...:

Hmm...Spirits for DS could potentially be a good boy but not sure on the Wii title.

Don't expect visual improves but most likely some weird new way to control Link, all with the same dungeons that we already beat on Ocarina, Majora's, Windwaker, etc...

Bring back the old spirit.



Ender commented on Review: Fatal Fury 2 (Virtual Console / Neo Geo):

Great review, and yes, Terry is a bit overpowered...

Mentioning balanced fighters, I'd say the most balanced fighter is Samurai Shodown II.

This one would be worth a download for like 600 points or so. 900 is way too high in my opinion, but so are NEO GEO games..



Ender commented on If the PS3 is an F1 Car, the Wii is a Go-Kart:

As I always say, there's a market for everyone.

I rather enjoy downloading and playing New Adventure Islannd (TG) on VC and some people prefer to play Call of Duty.
But I am an old fart gamer, and I like old school type of games.
Mind you.



Ender commented on Driift Mania:

Bought this yesterday. I have to say I am disapointed, mayhaps my hopes were too high.

Cars are extremely small and the controls are awful to say the least.

Classic controller wasn't working for me, maybe controls will improve with it but I didn't have the chance to test it yet.

My advise: Think it twice before buying.



Ender commented on StarTropics:




Ender commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past:

ALttP is the best Zelda game ever made. Everything that was good about the original Legend of Zelda is in this game plus many new items, puzzles, and enemies. This is the game that introduced us to the magic meter and the spin attack (both are main-stays of the series ever since) and, for the first time, you get to truly interact with the people of Hyrule. Great game then and still a great game now.



Ender commented on The Legend of Zelda:

The game that started it all, and it's still the best 8-bit game ever made.

This was the first Nintendo game that I ever played and I still love it to this day. Those who say that the graphics, gameplay, and music don't hold up to this day are crazy. Every single Zelda game that followed (except Zelda II) took gameplay elements from the original, and the Hyrule Overworld theme is still one of the most well-known songs in video game history.



Ender commented on Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels:

I've been waiting for this game for a long time. I've always wanted to play "The Lost Levels" in all of its 8-bit glory. Also, on the plus side, we finally have proof that Nintendo will release games in regions that they never appeared in before. This is a great day for all Wii owners.



Ender commented on Hardware Focus - TurboGrafx-16:

Man, I grew up during the "golden age" of game consoles but I never even heard of this thing back then. It's a real shame, just think of how far video could've progressed if CD technology had caught on in the early 90s instead of half-a-decade later.



Ender commented on WiiWare - Brand new downloadable games for 2008:

This is great news for gamers all over the world. Nintendo has always been better at developing new ways of getting games out to the market and this will be no different. I have no doubt that WiiWare will be much better than Microsoft's Xbox Live's Arcade.



Ender commented on US VC Releases - 11th June - Sonic 2:

I agree with Kevin, why spend your hard earned money on a Sonic game when you can just buy the collection for a few bucks more? C'mon Nintendo, where are all of the classic games (from your systems) that you promised us?