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Tue 3rd Jun 2014

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gamer_mario commented on Super Mario Bros. 2:

I have this for GBA/DS and after I found Phanto, I got very creeped out and almost coudn't sleep for a week, also hated trying to beat Birdo. What happend to jumping on the flag? I DID like the POW block though. I even saw a video of the Angry Video Game Nerd on game glitches and he used the pow block (on NES) and it reversed gravity! 6/10



gamer_mario commented on Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels:

Yay! I am soooooo glad that this is on eShop for 3ds. THE Perfect challenge for Mario Fans?!? I will put this on my Wish list along with Super Mario Bros. 3, THE BEST GAME IN HISTORY!!!!!



gamer_mario commented on Mario Party DS:

LOVE THIS GAME. Only complaint: I cant get past the FIRST boss. I get so close, used any tips and tricks found on IGN, and almost resorted to getting someone else to beat it for me. Instead of playing in Story Mode, I use Party Mode.



gamer_mario commented on Mario Tennis Open:

use a mii as your character. I love doing that... I use the Angry Video Game Nerd Mii (from a QR code I found on Google Images}



gamer_mario commented on Style Savvy: Trendsetters:

This game is cool! Just one more question: did I really beat the game after the Elite Contest or is the game incomplete? I got the game credits after winning first on the Elite Contest for the first time. I thought I beat it, but the characters keep talking abut the "international contest". I AM VERY CONFUSED!!!!



gamer_mario commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

My tablet (when it worked) was not as much used as my 2ds after I got it. I got my tablet after my dad smashed my DSi XL to bits(well, in half[long story]). I only have @ 3ds licenced title and one that I can't play just yet (long story again). I hated my tablet because there are NO apps anywhere (mainly Amazon, Google Play did not work on my Android tablet) for my favorite Video Game character, Mario that was Nintendo licenced. Also, I'd rather use a D-pad and Circle Pad for the games that I love! NO SUBSITUTES!



gamer_mario commented on Super Mario 3D Land:

Can't wait to get this game. I think that there should be Luigi specific games for the 3DS. Why does only the Wii U get Luigi's glory?