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Bubble Bobble is a puzzle-action game featuring the two Bubble Dragons, Bub and Bob. When it hit arcades in 1986 it introduced brand-new play mechanics, with players defeating enemies by trapping them in bubbles they blew and then popping them.

Although it is possible to beat the game just by clearing all 100 rounds, it also contains secret elements such as a “true ending” not obtainable in single-player mode, hidden commands that lead to secret rounds and a ton of different items. These elements were one of the game’s most important selling points.

Each round even has different air currents that are not visible, making bubbles rise in unpredictable patterns. Aspects like forcing players to understand and make use of these different patterns while playing helped make Bubble Bobble a revolutionary action game at the time.

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Posted by Darren Calvert

Bubble Bobble is a puzzle-action game featuring the two Bubble Dragons, Bub and Bob.

Bub and Bob are two rosy-cheeked dinosaurs who spit bubbles at their enemies and pop those bubbles for food rewards, all on the quest to save their girlfriends. If you don’t remember this classic arcade game from yesteryear you’ll probably know the...

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User Comments (89)



Chris said:

I had this on the Commodore 64 and loved it. How does the NES version compare? The same with slighly better graphics?



Jazzem said:

Is the NES version good?

I loved the arcade game on the Taito Legends compilation, so I'll more likely than not pick this up. Superb game =)



Mendez said:

Another good NES puzzler can only be good news =]
Judging by the vid it's a launch day purchase for me!



Richie said:

Bubble Bobble is one of the few NES games that I consider a classic. 2 player fun is amazing. Pure adrenaline pumping action... never dull! I can't wait.. any idea when its coming? Can't wait



Bass_X0 said:

Never got into this, it just felt a little too repetitive. Bring on Rainbow Islands (NES) and Parasol Stars (TG-16)!



Kiyoka said:

Oooh I rememebr playing this game! I've never seen a game replicate the magic this had! If you get this, grab a friend for 2 player!



deggs said:

at least we're getting some more taito games. bring on the Lufia and Darius and Chases HQ (i really loved chase hq 2 for sega genesis... that game rocked. i would love to own it again...)



ICEknight said:

This isn't the best of conversions, so if you already have the arcade original in a Taito compilation I wouldn't be getting this one.



Denivire said:

Why such a long wait? Why did Nintendo cause so much anguish and bitterness amongst it`s fans waiting for this game?
But joking aside, The game is awesome. It did take me forever though with my cousin to finally get the proper ending we wanted.



rkolegends said:

i would not say that this is the best game ever but it was good i may buy this when it is out.



xdemon25 said:

I used to play this with my mom at the arcade because it was free. Once it comes out, I'm getting this for those good ole' memories and such.



One of my favorite NES games ever... I can't wait to download this!



iPodoom said:

I just downloaded it and tried the "BACCF" pass, you know, the one for the 99 lives but... it doesn't work!
Maybe i'm wrong? Try it!



J.K. said:

"The music is a very hummable bit of synth on a loop, it does the job nicely. The only downside is it will stick in your head for days to come!"

Days? Please...ever since that game came out in the 80s anytime I see it in action or screen shots of it, or even a good deal of text that tune starts and won't quit until I distract myself elsewhere. Bubble Bobble is an astoundingly good arcade and NES game and considering in the UK this came out with KOF94, due to the limit nature of its KOF year this is the good buy of the week.



inochi said:

Isn't there better versions of this coming to VC? Like the Neo Geo one? I think it'd be much better to wait it out.



Drake said:

Bubble Bobble wasn't released on any other VC systems. As far as I'm aware the Neo Geo doesn't have any of the sequels/spinoffs either.



SergeEXE said:

Ah man, I still have this game for my NES. It's one of my favorite co-op multiplayer games ever. It's fun, addicting, and very difficult at times (Level 57!!!!!) I can't wait for this to come out here in the US.



LazerGun said:

I remember this game, it was really wierd but really fun too. It is a really good game for two players. Nice co-op feature that makes it really addictive.



patricio said:

espero que salga pronto. este juego es el mejor.
i hope it's out soon. this game is the best.

santiago, Chile



Y0u said:

BEST arcade game EVER. The only reason I won't be getting it is because I already have 3 different versions, including the NES one.



Elk810 said:

I had so much fun playing this with my brother at the arcade. It may seem repetitive, but so is Pac-Man and Donkey Kong and look at the success those games have garnered. Besides, you're treated with one of multiple endings after level 100. It's actually weird that I had no idea there was an NES port until I saw it here on this website, but even so, it's guarenteed to satisfy.



I had this on the NES, i must of been very naive not to notice that the box was plasted with screen shots from the Arcade version. Bastards, great game though.



Getintothegame said:

Awesome! I have had so many memories of Bubble Bobble. I'm sure there were several thousands of hours I spent on this game in my youth. Great, fun game.



I played this one time only. Back when it came out for the Nes, a friend bought it. I played it with him the whole night, and have never forgotten it. Cute simplistic gameplay, but really fun. Definetly downloading it.



theresa said:

YES!!! This is the game I've been waiting for! This and earthbound for the SNES. This brings back so many memories of me and my kindergarten boyfriend. I can't wait to download this.



Chris said:

This game is timeless. Everyone with access to VC needs should purchase this game as one of the highlights of the 8-bit era.



Thomas said:

Marathon'd this with a friend the other night. Perfect balance of action and puzzle elements. Even at the pretty tough final boss, we didn't want to stop for a second! Definitely a must-have, and a bright jewel of the 8-bit era.



squarelover said:

i just downloaded this game last night, and it is unplayable for me. I can't get past the title screen. I press all the buttons on my remote and it just stays on the title screen. Does anyone else have problems with this game?



ttfp said:

Just got this game. That theme tune is back and etched into my mind all over again. I never had the NES original, only the GB one where you couldn't see most of the map on one screen. It's great for a quick blast now and then, but probably won't do as well if played for long stretches.



Glenn said:

One of the best for the NES! brings back a lot of memories and let's face it, that is why we get these games for the Wii. The game play is fun and with 100 levels of popping the bad guys, it makes for good gaming.

__That Guy from Faxanadu


That Guy from Faxanadu said:

The NES version is fantastic. The NES sound chip makes perfect justice to the famous Bubble Bobble song, and twoplayer action never gets better than this! It´s a jolly game for one player too, but with a buddy you never get tired of finding out what kind of bonuses will rain over you in the next level.



learn_japanese_ds said:

SEAN-- I've downloaded it it seems to work just fine, you should probably call nintendo support, or double check your battery power on your wii mote



learn_japanese_ds said:

I hope they release the sequel! I've never played t but it sells for hundreds of bucks on ebay because it's so rare



Darren said:

I found as well that the passwork for 99 lives doesn't work unfortunately BACCF. I hope there is another. That was the best password!



chiefeagle02 said:

I used to have this for the PS2 on the Taito Legends disc. Definitely a good game to play with your significant other.



The_shoemaker said:

I don't know every one says it's good but is it really that good. well after watching DEMON212 video review of this game on the vc forums I think I may give it a shot. It's only 5 bucks anyway



Mario1 said:

this game can't be overlooked!!!!!!!! great co-op, 100 levels, tons of variety, and at only 500 point. A must have!



StarSoldier1 said:

I loved this game in the arcades and NES so it's great to see it back again. I hate level 57 though.



N-Gamer said:

This game looks fun! Never played it b4. I think i'm gonna download it...



The_shoemaker said:

Yeah well I'm getting Breath of Fire ll tomorrow, and I think I'll get this too. it's only 500 points, and the music is calling for me.



The_shoemaker said:

Yeah I downloaded it, it's alright. I made it to level 10 with out dieing. (yeah thats bad) I can't rate it yet I have to play it more. I think it'll be an ok game. something I can go back to from time to time. But I'm gonna really try to get far.

EDIT: it's ok I was gonna give it a 3 but it felt too low so I gave it a 4



Lanceolot said:

Love the game. The first use of the Wii gifting feature for me - spent an hour getting my brother's Wii and wireless router talking to each other (he's 6 hours away), then sent him Bubble Bobble as a birthday gift!



Solid_snake said:

I remember that me and my brother weren't happy when we got this game as a present, how wrong we were. Played this game for hours



AchubaNanoia said:

Amazing how this little piece of good ol' arcade awesomeness can transform a boring sunday night into a blast of fun with a few friends, some food and maybe a little bit of alcohol mixed up .
5 stars, for sure, though I can't stand playing this by myself. But really, this game is all about fun with friends. So, if you live locked in a room all by yourself, you are better off with some other game .
A must have, for 500 wii points, there's no reason not to have it! I think only Bomberman can rival it's pure fun!



The_shoemaker said:

As I thought, this game is good for coming back to from time to time. It's fun trying to see how far I can get without getting a game over.



dualj said:

This game is good fun. I am mad though because me and my girlfriend cannot seem to beat the final boss.



yeeat said:

It's so funny that i was thinkgin the same thing... I thought this came into neo-geo but apparently not I actually played this game in C64 in the first place

It's a good game to play but it's not that great. I would prefer to go with snow bros instead of this but i already purchased it



MaxK said:

I used to play this game with my brothers and cousin way back in my childhood. Simplicity is simplicity at it's finest and that makes it awesome! I wonder if Bubble Bobble 2 will ever see the light of day on the VC. Not too many people got to play it since it came out late during the NES's lifespan. If I were you, I would get BOTH!



sirmatt said:

I bought this game out of sheer guilt. My multitude VC purchases up to now had only a shred of inclusion for my wife (such as the two-player Gunstar Heroes and Streets of Rage 2, along with Street Fighter II Turbo...I am 26, she is 21). She sorta liked those, but loses interest in the "guy" subject matter. What's more, playing any sort of "adversarial" (aka not cooperative) versus games with her of any stripe is VERY BAD NEWS - she can be a little petty! She admits to being quite competitive and gets miffed at losing, rejoices in winning, etc. So Street Fighter II quickly took a dive in average popularity around our house, for example.

Cooperative two-player is the way to go with my significant other.

Anyhow, I was tired of nights of feeling guilty playing alone while she watched and then slunk off to bed. Not fair, not fun. I wanted a solid two-player game we'd both be into.

I bought this game instead of getting Military Madness because I knew she wouldn't take part so much in the two player aspect of that game, plus the fact that it would be adversarial. I used to have a NES and it's rhythms and visuals are burned into my soul. It just FEELS good. Same thing with Punch out - some sort of psychological comfort blanket aspect to it...I dunno.

She loves two things about this game:

  • They're cute
  • Their tails waggle


Plus the part-action-part-puzzle aspect appeals to her. She generally stays alive a lot longer than I do (blames it on my "kamikaze style.")

I started by playing one player which lured her in with it's cuteness and fun factor. Soon we were playing two player and were going for quite a while, up to like level 25 or so.

Good pick for play with a significant other. Big thanks to the person above who suggested it as such, you saved my wife from becoming a Wiidow.



wowtriumph said:

This was the best multi player game when i was little cause you could actually play with another person. was korny but still loads of fun



Jon2 said:

Me and my sister played this on my commodore 64 back in the days. A lot of fun and a almost as much anger when we failed at level 35 or something. A must have if you have a liking for 2 player games.



SBOY said:

The first time I've played it, it was on the C64 (like a lot of people here) and I found it on Playstation a few year ago and enjoy it a lot again but now with the Wii I'm happy to download it and put it with all my retro game from the VC...



playner1 said:

Wow. I thought that is games was going to be the crappiest game I ever bought. My wife suggested getting it because she loved it as a kid. So I let in, and we now play it almost everyday. WE LOVE IT!!!
Awesome two player goodness and great for all ages. If you don't have it you better get it. 5 stars.



The_shoemaker said:

Sounds fun for co-op, but all of my friends think it's gay, so I can only play single player. Still lots of fun. But this game is a game I play in short bursts. I usually only play for about 15-20 minutes.



pdrydia said:

Shoemaker: You need new friends. =P I'm just joshin' ya. I suddenly appreciate that much more that all my friends are gamers.

I'm not sure this game has aged so well. I used to be able to play this by myself for hours (or what seemed like hours), but now I'm not really interested except for co-op--not like single player can get "Happy End" anyway. Co-op is definitely a blast. Great music on this one, even if it gets repetitive.



Mr_64 said:

Not a bad conversion, but a little rough at the edges. In terms of 8-bit conversions I'd say the C64 version edges it over the NES one, but it's still great fun!



The_shoemaker said:


Indeed I need new friends. My only friend that would actually like this game is Mr. Rodriguez. If only Nintendo alowed us to go online with this game, if only.



gamerwizz said:

great game but I hope they bring the master system version to vc because that was the best port of all the consoles plus it had more levels



Ricardo91 said:

I wanted to buy this game in some form for the longest time, so I downloaded this one on the spot. It's fun by itself (though harder), but co-op rules (It WOULD rule anyway: the only person I played this with so far was my sister, who said it was gay and stupid.) I need to bring some friends over, though I have a feeling that they'll think the same thing...



Beau_Skunk said:

Me and my sister used to rent this title all the time as kids, and play it together. It was a nice change of pace from the usual "wait 'till the person's next turn" 2P games the NES usually offered. It was a huge thrill for us to play at the same time. The game is a great old-school title, and offers alot of levels. A childhood favorite.



Marvel_Maniac said:

I bought this because of similar warm memories of a rental one saturday back in the 80's. We played it all day and loved it (as a family actually- my brother, sister and mom all enjoyed it) and even now this is a fun co-op option for me and the wife. Not recommended for gamers who take themselves too seriously.



hand2097 said:

I held off on this because I've fond memories of the arcade version; but this version is ok. It has all of the game play elements, the control is fantastic and the music is good.



WiiMan192 said:

Addictive. That pretty much sums up this classic puzzler / stradegy game. My parents used to play this night after night on the NES, and I think, if I dedicated enough time to it, I might get addicted too.

@ halobob

Yup, my thoughts exactly. Come to think of it, single player gets repetitive after a while...



cyberman67 said:

I can not remember if i played it all those years ago on an Amiga or an Atari ST. But still it is one of my all time-beloved plat-formers. I remember playing it about 20 years ago (or so, i am getting old ) with a girlfriend. We had hours of fun with this first co-op-game i ever played. Now and then i am playing a few levels with this NES version and still can't get the music out of my head for hours.



lockelocke said:

Life Force aside, this was the greatest co-op NES title I owned as a kid. The only flaw is that there's ONLY ONE SONG THAT PLAYS THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE GAME. Actually, the boss levels may have different music, can't remember...
PS - that boss is hella hard



Kaeobais said:

I beat this game on both normal and super mode and got through the secret world (the one where the levels are, like A-2 and stuff) and yet in the sound test you get after beating it, there was a song that was not in the game. It was really cool sounding ...



Ferret75 said:

I love this game except...

The 63rd (or is it 68th) level.
Nearly impossible. o.o



JJtheTexan said:

I rented this game for my NES many years ago and loved it, but hadn't played it since. Fantastic, challenging and addictive gameplay; catchy music (even if it is repetitive!); and what I think must be one of the toughest final bosses in video game history!

My only regret is that I downloaded this before Bubble Bobble Plus! came out for WiiWare. Save your Wii points for the new, souped-up version instead! 8 out of 10



Kurachi said:

i dont remember having this one, but we did have on C64, and it looks nice, so i think i'll buy it soon
dunno if soon, but i'll buy it
and maybe the wiiware version too



Pepe said:

This game has it all!!! I'm still waiting for more NES classic games!!!



krobin said:

Yeah love this game its 2 players by itself but if i get online and try to play with my friend online will it work on 2 players?



IAmChristinaAguilera said:

Okay. So. I played this as a kid ALL OF THE TIME and loved it. Probably the big question is whether to get this one or Bubble Bobble Plus on WiiWare. With this version, you get:

  • Charming sprite art and NES music instead of just-adequate, more generic-feeling 3D models and music
  • As I recall, you fall more slowly and enemies throw fire and projectiles more slowly in this version, leading to fewer cheap/unfair deaths
  • This is important -- THE ABILITY TO SUSPEND/SAVE THE GAME or use passwords -- in Plus, when you leave the game and come back, you (and your friends) are back at Level 1. Period. If you have a significant other or sibling or something that you want to work on this game with in short bursts of a few levels at a time over several days until you beat it, you can do that in this version, but not Plus.
  • You spend 100 fewer points
  • Any controller except the nunchuck works

On the flip side, Plus has:

  • In addition to the regular 100 levels and the 100 harder "Super" versions of the same levels available here, Plus also has regular and "Super" versions of another 100 new "Arrange" levels with new items and enemies that can be played by up to 4 players instead of just 2 (GameCube controllers won't work -- you need 4 Wii Remotes)
  • DLC if you want more levels
  • Bubble physics that by and large are closer to the arcade version of Bubble Bobble (which was more fun, in my opinion, though I have less nostalgia for it than the NES version)

I've still never beaten the full original or arrange game in Plus since it takes so long and you can't save, so to some extent, I almost wish that I'd bought this instead. To some extent, I still am considering buying this NES version at some point just to be able to save/suspend the game.



JustanotherGamer said:

I remember the original NES version. At the time I was really upset. That this version didn't follow the arcade original. The NES 1988 version has a "few brand new" exclusive to nintendo levels. But at the time it was a major crisis. Plus no "power up" or "original game" back in 1988. This was a big deal. One of the then hard to find titles on the NES. a classic from Taito

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