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Fri 21st Mar 2008

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playner1 commented on Bomberman:

I am definitely getting this game when it comes out it looks sweet!



playner1 commented on Square-Enix Changes Its Mind About The Virtual...:

I don't totally agree with this idea. I do agree that a company should think about how to make the most profit out of a product and produce new idea to improve great classics, but people are willing to pay big money for games that they liked to play when they were younger. The VC and the wii are good examples of this. I bought my Wii because I wanted to get the games that I grew up with on one console and like the old school games. Square should take this into consideration. I would buy the old game, cause it is a CLASSIC, and I would consider the new.



playner1 commented on Dungeon Explorer:

I cant figure out how to get more than one player to play this game. Can someone tell me how to get more then one player on this game.



playner1 commented on Cho Aniki:

Damo, If you were to pick the best shooter games of ALL TIME what would you suggest. Even ones not on the VC. Can you give me a list from best to worst what you think is the best.



playner1 commented on Bubble Bobble:

Wow. I thought that is games was going to be the crappiest game I ever bought. My wife suggested getting it because she loved it as a kid. So I let in, and we now play it almost everyday. WE LOVE IT!!!
Awesome two player goodness and great for all ages. If you don't have it you better get it. 5 stars.