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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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inochi commented on Bubble Bobble:

Isn't there better versions of this coming to VC? Like the Neo Geo one? I think it'd be much better to wait it out.



inochi commented on The King of Fighters '94:

I'm a huge SNK and KoF fan, but considering that every single future KoF title from 95 to 2003 is better than this and those are no doubt coming to the Wii in the future, this doesn't deserve 4 or 5 stars, really. Not only that, but this KoF was plagued with originality and other problems that were mostly fixed in 95, the one that helped KoF get on it's feat. Besides the historical value and interest to see where the series started, I don't recommend this one at all and instead say to wait for at least 95, if not 98.