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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Richie commented on US VC Releases - 17th December - Cybernator:

I remember I used to get excited on Monday's waiting for the new releases. It's Wednesday, and I just remembered I forgot to check the virtual console releases AGAIN.
They'll never get my points until they give me good games. Bubble Bobble would be one of those games. I'm not quite sure Nintendo knows what they are doing anymore. I know there are many good games out there. Bart Simpson's Nightmare? anyone?



Richie commented on US VC Releases - 15th October - Gate of Thunder:

Virtual Console so far is a big let down. I used to love looking forward to Mondays, but it seems I haven't been interested in anything for months.
Let's get back to the games that perhaps I would like... Bubble Bobble, Dr Mario, Super Mario 3, Super Smash TV, Bart's Nightmare, etc, etc... Come on Nintendo, I wont wait for ever.



Richie commented on Bubble Bobble:

Bubble Bobble is one of the few NES games that I consider a classic. 2 player fun is amazing. Pure adrenaline pumping action... never dull! I can't wait.. any idea when its coming? Can't wait