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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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ICEknight commented on Operation Wolf:

Perhaps they're going for the TurboGrafx version, instead? It was much better, even though it lacked llightgun support.



ICEknight commented on Riot Zone:

Funny how "Hawk" was precisely how Axel Stone (from Streets of Rage) was gonna be called originally, it looks a lot like him.

By the way, for those who didn't notice, this game was made by the Wonder Boy guys... But I think I'll wait for Final Fight CD.



ICEknight commented on Monster Lair:

I can't believe the review gave this game just 2 stars... It's not like it gets more repetitive than, say, classics such as Bubble Bobble. This game is a re-invention of the Adventure Island concept, which adds more variety in weapons, 2 player support, shoot 'em up levels and some great boss fights.

The graphics are quite nice (despites the lack of parallax in this version), and it features some quite funny enemies, some of which you might recognize from previous and later Wonder Boy games if you've played them through. Also, from what I've been able to listen to, the remixed CD music it includes is quite similar to the excellent soundtrack from the arcade version, but with some arrangements (which you might like or not, depending on your tastes)... I just wish you could choose between remixed and original, because I just loved the arcade's music. Oh well.

I seriously recommend this game to any fan of classic arcade games, as well as Wonder Boy and Adventure Island fans. I know I'm gonna download it as soon as it hits the European Virtual Console.



ICEknight commented on Eternal Champions:

I'm also curious about the controls... How does the Hori Fighting Stick work with this game?



ICEknight commented on Monster Lair:

This looks nothing like the MegaDrive version. In fact, it's a better port of the arcade, at least graphic-wise.
Also, I think it also has more levels than the MegaDrive version (which is missing some from the arcade), somebody correct me if I'm wrong.



ICEknight commented on Puyo Puyo 2:

This is the most awesome 16-bit version of Puyo Puyo ever. The original characters were much funnier than the Robotnik and Kirby localizations, and the overall designs look much better than those in Fever.
I'd be more than happy to have this game in its original MegaDrive or SNES form, but it would be great if they could translate the dialogues this time.



ICEknight commented on Bubble Bobble:

This isn't the best of conversions, so if you already have the arcade original in a Taito compilation I wouldn't be getting this one.



ICEknight commented on Fatal Fury:

For those who aren't aware, this game runs at 50Hz only (in Europe and Australia), which means it actually runs slower than you might remember from the arcades.

If you aren't happy with this, just drop a few lines to Nintendo's customer service.



ICEknight commented on F-Zero X:

So does this game run at the same speed as the 60Hz version, while in 50Hz mode? That would mean some frameskipping, thus making the game less fluid... Or perhaps it just runs at full (unoptimized) 50Hz so it runs with the same fluidity as the PAL original, albeit slower?

It's so sad they don't let you download the NTSC 60Hz versions as well.