Out of reach?

Music fans rejoice! Masaya Matsuura (PaRappa The Rapper, Vib-Ribbon) and Keiichi Yano (Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, Gitaroo Man) are teaming up to create Project Rap Rabbit, a new story-led rhythm-action adventure - and they're using Kickstarter to raise funds for the game.

The game - which is described as "an explosive mix of Japanese folklore and traditional artwork, hip hop and humorous battle rap face-offs inspired by the Epic Rap Battles Of History YouTube series" - is destined to arrive on the PlayStation 4 and Steam should it meet its initial funding goal of $1,100,000.

As you might expect, there are stretch goals as part of the campaign, with the Xbox One version coming if $3,100,000 is raised. What's more interesting for Nintendo fans (and mathematicians) is that the Switch version is the final stretch goal: a whopping $4,950,000. 


To put that into perspective, Mighty No.9 and Bloodstained - two of the most successful video game Kickstarters to date - raised $3,845,170 and $5,545,991 respectively. That means Project Rap Rabbit (which is a working title, by the way) will have to be quite a success if there's ever any chance of it coming to the Switch. It also begs the question, does a studio really need that much cash for a port?

Will you be pledging any cash towards this campaign, or has the lofty Switch goal put you off? Let us know by posting a comment.

[via kickstarter.com]