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Male, Norway

Fri 9th August, 2013

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Guovssohas commented on Nintendo 64x64: Perfect Dark:

One of the finest games of all time imo! I remember the day i got it so well lol :)

"Only" a 9.8/10 from me because of Goldeneye, for me GE had a deeper impact since it was first obviously.



Guovssohas commented on Nintendo 64x64: Turok 2:

A fantastic fps classic. It was a quite intimidating game, because of it's difficulty and size(levels are huge and confusing). I was constantly searching for ammo and health pickups :) You're really on your own in this game, no arrows or waypoints showing where u should walk next..



Guovssohas commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

Looks really good overall.

But the lack of 5-player is a huge dissapointment. Lol not even Nintendo uses the Pad. I was also hoping for online play with 4-players, that would be awesome, but no..



Guovssohas commented on Review: Quake II (Nintendo 64):

Duke Nukem 64 was also really good imo. Many cool weapons and a ton of mp levels, each with many secrets. Great times. Wouldn't it be awesome if these were released on the VC, with online mp added? :)