It's the first Nintendo Download Update of the year, kicking off with the European arrivals that are on the way. This week we have an enjoyable platformer from the Wii era and the EU debut of a Game Freak GBA title, along with a few varied fresh releases on both Wii U and 3DS. There are a handful of discounts and a demo to consider, too, so let's get to the details.

Wii U eShop

Temple of Yog (CHUDHUD Industries, €5.99 / £3.99) - This Wii U eShop-exclusive roguelike has players fight their way through and explore procedurally generated areas, with regular switches between a Light world on the TV and Shadow world on the GamePad as you try to guide your 'Tribute' through the various challenges. It's also going to be released in chunks, or 'Epochs'; those that buy early will pay the initial price and get all additional content releases for free, while those that buy the game later will gradually need to pay more as the game grows. We considered this initial release to be a reasonable start in our Temple of Yog review.

PictoParty (Retroid Interactive, €7.99 / £7.00) - This provides a virtual equivalent to Pictionary, naturally utilising the Wii U GamePad for drawing while team members look at the TV to guess the image. Though simple and streamlined this is fun with a crowd, as we explain in our PictoParty review.

Wii U Virtual Console

New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Nintendo, €19.99 / £17.99) - The first home console entry in the 'New' series of 2D Mario platformers, this one introduced some entertaining power-ups and four-player platforming, which is chaotic and fun in the right company. As a single player adventure it delivers, importantly, with enjoyable level design and typically tight, reliable mechanics and controls. We were big fans of this in our original New Super Mario Bros. Wii review.

Drill Dozer (Nintendo, €6.99 / £6.29) - A bit of a treat, as this Game Boy Advance title has never previously been released in Europe. Developed by Game Freak, this is a colourful platformer in which you drill your way through levels in the quest to retrieve a stolen diamond. We'll dig in to a review.

Wii U eShop Temporary Discounts

Blocky Bot (Mobot Studios, €1.29 / £0.94 until 21st January, normally €2.69 / £1.89)

Paper Monsters Recut (Mobot Studios, €3.19 / £2.69 until 21st January, normally €6.49 / £5.49)

Toto Temple Deluxe (Juicy Beast Studio, €5.29 / £4.19 until 20th January, normally €8.99 / £6.99)

3DS eShop

RV-7 My Drone (EnjoyUp Games, €1.99 / £1.99) - One of the eShop's most prolific publishers has wasted little time in getting its 2016 underway, in this case adopting the popularity and trend of drones for its latest budget release. We can expect various challenges to take on, and we'll let you know whether this one takes flight in our review.

3DS eShop Temporary Discounts

Aqua Moto Racing 3D (Zordix AB, €3.99 / £3.59 until 14th January, normally €7.99 / £7.19)

Quell Memento (CIRCLE Entertainment, €2.99 / £2.39 until 28th January, normally €3.99 / £3.19)

Tappingo 2 (CIRCLE Entertainment, €1.99 / £1.59 until 28th January, normally €2.99 / £2.39)

3DS Demos

The Legend of Legacy (NIS America, free)

3DS HOME Theme

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival (Nintendo, €1.99 / £1.79)

That's the lot for this week's update in Europe; let us know what you plan to download in the poll and comments below.

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