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Chandlero commented on Sky Sawpit:

This is a great old-school Mario level. Thanks to a good level design, there are no frustrating points. The checkpoint is at the right place and the platforms have the perfect speed. A great level!



Chandlero commented on The Gauntlet:

A hard but very fantastic level. You really have to stay calm to master this level. When knowing the tricks and the suitable avoiding tactics the level is never unfair. In the end, I was very happy to finish it



Chandlero commented on Preview: Hitting the Courts in Mario Tennis: U...:

I do not understand why Nintendo dropped the motion control support. It could be fully optional and there are many people who really like it. Even Mario Kart 8 continued with motion controls and Mario Tennis seems a good title for having a lot of controller supports.
After re-releasing Mario Power Tennis for the Wii just for Motion controls and casual players, it seems now that Nintendo has totally forgotten about the casual players. There are still a lot of people who simply have fun swinging a tennis racket and it seems motion controls could be easily implemented.

Don't get me wrong: It is a good thing Nintendo focuses on traditional button inputs for its games but it is very strange when a new control feature is completely dropped in spite of having the hardware ready.



Chandlero commented on Zelda Fans Vent Anger At Nintendo of America O...:

Very interesting that Nintendo has the resources to make two English translations, independently from each other. I was always happy that NoE often used the Japanese original for their translations rather than using a poor English translation of NoA.



Chandlero commented on Life and Decay:

This level is just brilliant. It feels like an original Super Mario World level but it looks even greater. You have so many possibilities to beat the level and that is so in the sense of good Mario level that my jaw dropped and is still open..



Chandlero commented on Super Nindie Maker: Choice Provisions' Paratro...:

I have the same problem with coins and extra lifes. In old Mario games it was very funny to risk a life for a life. Super Mario Maker is really missing a leaderbord or maybe two. Speedrun leaderboards as Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze provided are really nice and makes the level competitive. On the other hand, a leaderboard for points would motivate all people to fully explore the level.

Maybe with stars as a reward players would really try to be the best in a level.



Chandlero commented on Nintendo Download: 8th October (Europe):

@JeffreyG Nintendo uses some US versions for VC-Titles in Europe but not all. For example Super Mario 64 is the US version and that is great, in my opinion. But there are some people that don't speak english and they would prefer the already translated versions. Therefore Nintendo released DK64 in 50Hz since there the text is more important than in SM64.

Therefore: Nintendo should simply give us both versions. Period.

(For me, I definitely won't put any more money into mediocre 50 Hz versions.)



Chandlero commented on Nintendo Download: 8th October (Europe):

@BigBabyPeach Of course they can solve the 50Hz problem. One easy solution for example: Nintendo could put the US- and the EU-version into the E-Shop. Then the player can choose when starting the game which version she wants to play. Easy, self-explanatory and it would satisfy everybody.

By the way: Is Mario Golf also just in 50Hz?



Chandlero commented on Wet And Dry:

A great idea that is amazing implemented. I really enjoyed playing it and it is best water level I found in SMM so far. Great job!



Chandlero commented on The Greatest Hunt:

A level that is very easy to enjoy: It looks great, the music fits perfectly and the underwater sections are very fair. It was pure fun



Chandlero commented on Shippin':

A nice short level. It reminded me a lot of the original airships in SMB3 and that is a very good sign



Chandlero commented on Donut Touch That!:

A great level design. It is really funny to play this level and it will be a lot easier if you find the secret



Chandlero commented on Underground Antics!:

A good designed Mario World level which feels very close to the original since there are a few bonus stages and extras to find. Maybe there is one Hammer Bro too much.



Chandlero commented on Four Ghostly Trampolines:

A very nice ghost house. Both visually good and imaginative. When you know what you have to do, it is not too hard since there are enough mushrooms to recover. However, if you advance too early, you will be stuck. That is just a small flaw.



Chandlero commented on SMB: Luigi's Puzzling Mansion:

This is a great Luigi's mansion. Very nice looking and great gameplay. There are not any unfair points and the puzzles are small and enjoyable.



Chandlero commented on The Companion Shell v1.6:

A very great puzzle game. Your brain will work while playing this game and it is very satisfying when you finally solve one room.

Still be warned: This level is very long and you have to clear all rooms in a row.



Chandlero commented on Heroes Rescuing Bowser!?!:

Definitely a funny level to play and to watch. It has a lot of costumes and sounds which give the level a comical touch. The jumps and puzzles are not very hard and the level design is straight-forward.



Chandlero commented on Side With Goombas:

A really great level with an unique idea of using goombas as weapons. But due to this mechanic I would rate the level as "hard". You have to kick the goombas in the right directions and avoid enemies. Not a simple task and you will die a lot if you are too fast. But if you concentrate, you will praise the level design.



Chandlero commented on Let's Go For A Run!:

A very easy level with a descent design. There is the right amount of enemies and very fair positioning. However, the level is quite short. It misses a rightful ending.



Chandlero commented on Let's Go For A Swim!:

A very intense water level without fishes, thankfully. This level forces you into cursing the water physics. But if you concentrate, you will find the goal.



Chandlero commented on Mushroom Mayhem:

A funny level which shows a few costumes. The jumps and the level design are very easy but not very special.



Chandlero commented on Chain-Link Chamber:

A very great level. Very hard but never unfair. However, the flying bones are very disruptive.



Chandlero commented on Mario Memories: The Incredible Impact of Super...:

A wonderful text! I have the same feelings for Mario 64 and could play it again and again.

(Due to the recent nostalgia, I'm addicted to watching speed runs of Mario 64. A few hours ago Cheese got a new World record for 120 stars ; )



Chandlero commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Wants to Produce Another Supe...:

I really would love to see a new Mario 64 game. That game is so great, feels so free and is a real challenge in some levels. There is no "hand holding" when failing a level 10 times in a row. But that is what video games are about!

I hate to disagree with Miyamoto but just because some people think a game is too hard, it doesn't mean that the game is not for everyone. I had a lot of friends in the 90s which weren't good in Mario 64 but loved to explore the levels, swimming and so on. They weren't able to beat the penguin but they don't need that to enjoy the game. They were getting better at the game just by exploring and enjoying the 3D world.

Even after 19 years, Mario 64 is still the best 3D Mario for me. In Mario 64 you could collect the stars in your own order and sometimes stumble on one of them.

The freedom of Mario 64 is what I really miss in Mario games these days. No time limit, no playing order, no level order, almost no obligatory levels and many ways to get the star.

Sunshine and Galaxy were fine since they were fresh and new. But now it is the time for the real Mario 128, i.e. moving platforms, slides, wall jumps and so on.



Chandlero commented on Mario History: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - 2003:

Best multiplayer game ever. We could play "Shine thief" in "Block City" for hours without a break!

And of course, the possibility to play with 15 friends in one room was great. We often had 8 player tournaments



Chandlero commented on Mario History: Super Mario 64 - 1996:

Ah, Mario 64. I was so astonished in 1996. I played hours just in the front of the castle before entering it. It was so great to move in three dimensions.

But I did not personally own an N64 and so my first own 3D Mario was Mario Sunshine. I loved it but I missed the freedom of SM64 from the beginning. The levels were great but too linear. In Mario 64 you could collect the stars in your own order and sometimes stumble on one of them. In Sunshine you almost always have to collect the star you have chosen in the level screen.

The freedom of Mario 64 is what I really miss in Mario games these days. No time limit, no playing order, no level order, almost no obligatory levels and many ways to get the star.



Chandlero commented on Nintendo: Wii U GamePad Is The Only Real Innov...:

Nintendo should have really made a NintendoLand2 with more "asymmetrical" multiplayer gameplay.

For the last year every second weekend, I play Nintendo Land with friends. There is so much potential for local multiplayer and Nintendo didn't use it.



Chandlero commented on Nintendo Won't Rule Out Giving Yooka-Laylee Ad...:

@Patriplexity ALL GameCube games need the analog triggers in some manner. I really don't understand why Nintendo didn't use the analog triggers for all classic controllers, gamepad and pro controller. It was a nice feature in GameCube times.

I want an update that allows us to use the adapter for more than just one game.



Chandlero commented on Nintendo Won't Rule Out Giving Yooka-Laylee Ad...:

@mattmayatt The kickstarter project was mostly founded by old Nintendo/Rare fans. I don't think there is an option to cancel the WiiU version knowing that the WiiU is the best platform for games like Yooka-Laylee.

Of course, if Nintendo promises support for the game, then Playtonic will be very stupid cancelling the game.



Chandlero commented on Mario 64 Speedrunner Offers Cash Reward To Any...:

@HollywoodHogan Yes. People driving in big cars, eating meat from humiliated animals and flying across the planet to lie on the beach are okay for you, despite that these things destroy our earth.

BUT somebody who spends 1000 Dollars on a harmless hobby is to much for you!?

@Topic: Mario speedrunning is a science. I find it very interesting.