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Super Smash Bros. For 3DS To Feature More Trophies Than Brawl

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Buy those you can't win with in-game money

One aspect of the Super Smash Bros. series that calls to the obsessive collector in all of us is trophies, little designs that will make us go for that 100,000th KO no matter what. Masahiro Sakurai is more than happy to feed this unhealthy obsession, and has outlined the volume of trophies and tweaks to the formula that we'll see in the 3DS version of the new game.

In his latest Miiverse Pic of the Day, Sakurai-san has revealed that the portable entry will outnumber Brawl's trophy count; also of interest is the fact that you'll be able to use in-game coins to buy some trophies that you're finding too difficult to collect.

Pic of the day. Here's the trophy gallery for the 3DS version. You can rotate the trophies by drawing circles on the bottom screen. Super Smash Bros. Brawl had tons of trophies, but rumor has it that the 3DS version alone may have more than Brawl. Looks like the Dr. Wily that we made from scratch for the 3DS version is on his knees in disbelief.

Here's something new--the trophy shop. If you're having a hard time getting certain trophies, why not just buy them? They sometimes go on sale, too.

Are you a trophy hoarder in Super Smash Bros., and do you like the look of the gallery on 3DS? Let us know in the comments below.


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SilentHunter382 said:

I do like the idea of the trophy shop. When I saw the sup title I said to myself "naa that can't be possible" but then I released the amount of handheld games that are out to the console counterpart then it makes sense really.



erv said:

I usually don't care much for the trophy section. Collecting them ingame is fun, but to me it's all about the hilarious chaos and funny shots and events.



JSaario said:

If having a heck of alot more Trophies then Brawl just by itself isn't proof enough that the 3DS is perfectly capable of running Smash Bros then I don't know what is.



Volmun said:

??? Is that Trigger Happy from Skylanders under the 30%off sighn next to Rosalin??

On closer inspection it is Graninja lol



DreamyViridi said:

Perfect, there's always a few trophies that I could never get in Brawl. Plus the option to use Play Coins is always good. Finally have something other than Mario Golf to spend them on if I never run low on Smash Coins.
I'd buy that Viridi trophy in a heartbeat! ^^



Einherjar said:

YES finally buyable trophys
This might be the first Smash in which im able to complete my trophy collection



TomJ said:

Collecting trophies is one of the very reasons why I love Smash. A trophy store???? This is going to be fantabulous!!!



The_Ninja said:

Lol at the people who thought Smash couldn't work on the 3DS.

This is great! I wont use play coins though, I never have any. When I take my 3DS with me, it's off unless I'm playing on it. When I need them in a game, I always just shake my 3DS
This time I'm just gonna do lots of Smash Run to get more gold.



ModestFan93 said:

@Volmun Greninja isn't in that shot wroth buying the trophies if you're referring to the Play Coins one.

This is great for making people to go out getting more Play Coins hope they change the maximum limit you can have per day and overall.



AyeHaley said:

I am super excited for this game! I love collecting trophies and having this store to buy the ones that are too hard to get: WONDERFUL!
Oh man we are getting SMASH on a friggin HANDHELD. (sorry for caps I'm just so excited haha)



NintyMan said:

Since the games already have a bigger character roster than Brawl, I'm not surprised that they'll have more trophies than Brawl too. Great! I love collecting trophies and I hope these games pack in as much Nintendo and third-party guest history as possible!

I just hope that this means that there will be more trophy variety. Categories like for Wario and Kid Icarus were severely lacking in Brawl even with the large amount of trophies, so I hope other franchises other than Mario and Zelda get more trophies.

I like the idea of a Trophy Shop too. It should make it easier for those who are having a tough time finding a trophy, and it also provides another way to spend those Play Coins I usually don't spend much of.



sinalefa said:

Nice. I got all Brawl trophies but not all stickers, so I used a golden hammer for the sticker trophy.

So will the Wii U version have more trophies than the 3ds one too?



Swiket said:

That second image just makes me want Shovel Knight representation in Smash Bros 3DS.



MeloMan said:

Bout time. As much as I like the luck and hard work aspects of getting trophies, I like the ability to just buy it. One of my pass times is reading about the trophies and all the Nintendo (and non-Nintendo) lore.



ChessboardMan said:

What I'd like to see is the 3DS version using the AR cards, so you can take photos of yourself "holding" your newly won trophies…



MHMason said:

The trophy shop is more likely to get me to keep playing the game than the sheer, random luck it required to earn some of them.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Finally there's a way for me to ACTUALLY complete my trophy collection! Of course, I'll try my best to unlock them all through traditional means and only resort to buying them when I give in.



Beau_Skunk said:

I actually like this new system. It's going to help collecting them be less tedious. Also, nice to hear the 3DS version is going to be packed with extras. (Some people worried it was going to be watered down compared to the WiiU version.)

Also, I like Wiley's trophy. Hope there's a Dr. Eggman one to in his Egg Mobile.



Late said:

I just hope stickers are still in. I love collecting those as well. If I see a sticker appear on the stage it's my main priority to get it even if it means I have to stop fighting for a moment or kill myself by hopping to my doom just to get that one sticker. I have 3 stickers left to find in Brawl if I recall correctly.



Drawdler said:

I'm so glad there's a store for particular trophies. Trying to get every Idol in Uprising was a pain.



AlexSora89 said:

Bottom screen for trophy description! HA! Called it!
Especially since it sure as heck didn't hurt with the Journal entries in Kingdom Hearts 3D.

Nobody seems to have noticed something, though... doesn't the silhouette in the top-right corner of the Trophy Shop pic seem a bit familiar?
[plays the Snowman theme]



HopeNForever said:

300 Play Coins for each trophy without a sale?! I'd rather kill myself trying to achieve these trophies by default standards than spend my entire Play Coin allowance!



DarkKirby said:

Oh man Trophy collecting! That's why I loved Br Zzzzzz...

Collecting Trophies was an okay thing to do on the side but I hope they didn't spend too much time on it. "Catching" enemies in Subspace was an interesting challenge but everything else was straight up luck based grinding.



TooManyToasters said:

Awesome! I easily got exhausted from attempting to unlock all the trophies in Brawl through repetitive trial and error. This new trophy system will save me a bunch of hours in frustration.



NintyMan said:

@AlwxSora89 and @ShadJV: Sorry to burst your bubbles, but that silhouette is actually the Villager's. I was tempted to think it was Ness as well, but there's no way Sakurai would have let something like that slip.



GhotiH said:

Only things I'm missing in Melee and Brawl are the notifications for playing 100,000 matches and 1,000,000 matches. Can't wait to do everything there is to do in this game.



Henmii said:

Play coins?! That means lots of shaking for me, not that I mind.

One little complaint: From all the 3DS/wii u trophies that I saw, the overall quality hasn't gone up much compared to Brawl. In other words: I expected much more detail and shiny-nes!

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