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Shovel Knight Has an Unlockable "Butt Mode"

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Sorry, everyone else who wanted to be Game of the Year

In classic retro gaming fashion, Shovel Knight comes with a slew of cheat codes to unlock various perks and quirks. By far the most prominent of these codes has been Butt Mode, which replaces many of the common words in the game (e.g. "Shovel," "Knight," "Magic") with "Butt." Yacht Club Games are obviously professionals to employ a word with such a compact word-length-to-humour ratio.

Cheats are activated by starting a new character and entering the code as their name. A list of more than 300 discovered codes has been compiled, but we'll save you precious milliseconds to Butt Mode by copying that specific code here: WSWWAEAW.

All codes are said to work on both the Wii U version and the 3DS version, whose reviews you can read by clicking on the preceding links.

Frankly, we're quite surprised we didn't see a rush of tip e-mails regarding this, dear readers. We're not accusing you of anything. We just... we thought we knew you...


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dok5555555 said:

Still not sure which system I should get this for Wii U or 3DS. I have an XL so screen size isn't really the issue. Just wondering if it's better on one or the other.



Gold said:

Butt mode activate. Oh man, I can just imagine JonTron saying that. Getting this game tonite so I will have to play Butt Mode once I beat the game first time around.



ArcanaXVI said:

@dok5555555 I have both versions, and both play identically for the core game (read: they're both awesome). The 3DS has some snazzy 3D layering and a Streetpass "arena mode" (not quite a battle mode: ), but the Wii U obviously has a larger display (though not a higher resolution) and the Digger's Diary ( ). The Wii U version will also eventually have a four-player battle mode, presumably only for local play. In short: your call.



C-Olimar said:

Looking forward to the European release, though I won't be able to afford it till later in the month. I'm sure Yacht Club did say they wanted cross-buy, and NoE seem pretty keen on the concept, so hopefully I won't have to make a decision over which version to buy!



Mus1cLov3r said:

Now I need this game even MORE! Or should I say, "Now I need this Butt even more"? :3



Spoony_Tech said:

Thank God, I thought we were going to see little butts as enemies or worse yet weapons. Oh the horror!



dok5555555 said:

Thanks for the responses guys. I think I'll probably get both eventually but maybe go with the 3DS version first.



LetsGoRetro said:

Im at a point where a "new 2d platformer in the style of the old 2d platformers" really has to be something special to appeal to me. They were awesome when they first re-appeared- I loved rediscovering 2d Mario, Cloudberry Kingdom was very fun for me for a few weeks, etc. Their reemergence was great for a couple years, but it's getting to the point I'm getting sick of them a 2nd time now. This game (atleast the little bit of the playthrough I watched) does not appear to do anything special to separate it from all the others doing what it does.

I hope retro 2d RPG's become the next "it" genre for indie developers. Games like the SNES and PS1 classic RPG's.



xAlias said:

From the list of cheats:
Code 279: TVSVUEIO
As Above, but player model is giant, changes color when jumping. Bubble effect comes from mouth (like underwater) Can pogo off the ground (like Ducktales) 10k gold. Starts with every armor/upgrade/shovel/relic/chalice/hp/mana up, and on Tower of Fate: Entrance



TruenoGT said:

Man, I was going to wait to buy this until my backlog was a bit smaller, butt they are making it extremely difficult.



ShadJV said:

@LetsGoRetro shame, you're missing out here. This one feels more polished than any I've played in a long time. Especially reminds me of Zelda II. Well, hope at some point you rethink it, this title definitely deserves a try...



ManateeBlubber said:

GOTY. Just kidding. With KNOWN games (and my personal choices), I would say Smash or The Wonderful 101. I got it back in April with birthday money. The one thing I have to say is... my new favorite game EVAR.



JaxonH said:

I would have loved to tip you guys off about this, if only I had time to randomly enter captital letters for character names in arbitrary games, in hopes of perhaps finding a password for a cheat mode that may or may not exist. But maybe next time, eh?

Seriously, Idk how anyone would ever find out about this stuff, unless they knew a cheat existed and knew where to enter it, and even then there's how many possible combinations of characters? 26 letters + 10 numerals, so 36^8 combinations lol? Yeah, that ain't happenin.



Noelemahc said:

@LetsGoRetro Are you paying attention to Kickstarter at all these days? There's a bunch of worthwhile-looking projects that have already been funded that go in this direction, like Undertale, Citizens of Earth, or Saturday Morning RPG, or that French one that seeks to recreate the feeling of FFVII whose name escapes me right now.

They're just more often in the "failed to fund" list than in "hit lots of stretch goals" due to lack of exposure, sadly.



sleepinglion said:

@LetsGoRetro IGN gave it a 9. A freaking 9! And they're already talking it up as Game of the Year material for a reason. It's a shame you seem to be sick of a style that BUILT the gaming industry, because it's not going anywhere.



tigermask said:

Once upon a time there was a butt princess, who lived in a beautiful butt castle. Until one day she was captured by a fire breathing butt.

When's this out in Europe?



BulbasaurusRex said:

Awww, that's it? I thought it was going to replace the shovel hopping attack with a butt stomp attack.



WiiLovePeace said:

Awesome! I love quirky, funny stuff like this. Will try it out when I get the game after it eventually releases in my region.



ueI said:

You could have mentioned that these cheats negate achievements.
And you forgot X&BUTT: Butt Mode, but with more Butts!



Shambo said:

Rated "I" for IMMATURE.

Well, here's hoping gaming won't ever grow too "mature" for this kind of buttsurdity... EVER.



AlexSora89 said:

I'd whine about the game not having a European release date yet, but the first comments acknowledging JonTron's comedic genius cheered me up before I could.



StarDust4Ever said:

Go to the Wii-U butt-shop, download butt-butt, enter the code "butt", and have a butt-smashing good time!



Kirk said:

That list of cheat codes is impressive.

Seriously, the amount of genuine love and passion put into this game is awe inspiring. It's all the little things. All the attention to detail. Every little thing has clearly been created with great love and care. Every little nod and wink. Every little secret and hidden area. All the charm in the characters and particularly the bosses. The stunning retro visuals that mix the best of both the old and new. The awesome 8bit music. The little additions specific to each console. The upcoming free DLC. I really can't find anything that just doesn't leave me entirely joyous when looking at this game.

This is the kind of game that makes me feel like I did when I was a kid playing games back in the early days and to be clear it's not because it looks like a retro game.

Very few companies makes games with this all-round high level of realization, polish and quality any more and that includes most of the big AAA games that most people think are the pinnacle of game design these days.

And people think it's impossible to please me. Well, this game pleases me and then some.

I cannot praise this game enough and guess what...I haven't even frikin played it yet! Sometimes you just know when you see greatness.



Windy said:

I'm going to need to get this but I spent my Eshop balance on Grinsia. Yeah I knew it had game crashes! What a pain in the Butt! Haha

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