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Thu 1st Nov 2012

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Grocery-bag commented on 3DS and 2DS Double Monthly US Hardware Sales t...:

@Qeuix @Gioku @Royalblues.. I'm 26, a parallegal for a lawfirm, and have Pokémon Y... First game was Yellow... Stopped for over a decade, dabbled in Black but disnt get into it, bought Y and became obsessed... For us older folks that love to gamble, it really quenches your thirst... And I have like 85 friends on my 3DS because of Y... It is a rock solid game



Grocery-bag commented on Wii U GamePad Can Play Assassin's Creed 3 in 3D:

I have a 3Dtv and this game on Wii U. Honing through the 3D modes I have not come across any 3D working on the pad... That being said the stereoscopic 3D for the TV works great within the game, though some cut scenes are kind of shaky... Posted the same comments on Miiverse on Sunday, Grocery_bag is my ID, friend request me me