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Play: It's The Second Nintendo Life Community GP in Mario Kart 8 - Live!

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Hit A on the 2...

Just recently we announced the second Nintendo Life Community GP competition, and it's now open. Mario Kart 8 has been with us for over a month now and players are getting rather good at it, so this is a chance to show just how good you are.

This one is a code-based tournament, to give it that community feel, so below are instructions on joining in.

  • To join, select 'Search Using a Code' in Tournaments, and input 0052-4788-7715
  • The tournament takes place TODAY, 12th July, and will run from 4am Pacific / 7am Eastern / noon UK / 1pm CET until 9pm Pacific / midnight Eastern / 5am UK / 6am CET. We've selected times that mean players around the world have close to a full normal day to race.

The Rules

  • 32 Races
  • 150cc Grand Prix
  • Hard CPU to fill out rooms
  • All items
  • All control methods

Naturally you can swap around groups and complete your 32 races across multiple sittings. Don't forget that every tournament has its own related Miiverse community, too, so that may give another way of communicating with other players, in addition to the comments section below. If you jump on and it's quiet, try again a little later.

If you're looking for round-the-clock Tournament action or some warm-up races don't forget that we have the always-on Nintendo Life GP. It's available to the public and can either be found under 'Popular' tournaments in some regions, or via code 6347-6219-4703. At the time of writing this community has had over 2000 participants since it was reset on Wednesday, so there's an active community racing at almost any given time.

Good luck, we'll see you on the track!

Editor's note — we are planning to run another Mario Kart 7 event in the near future for those that don't have a Wii U or simply want to revisit the 3DS game. There's also no live chat in this article as we can't moderate it throughout the whole tournament, so as always our priority is to provide the friendliest, safest environment that we can. As Satoru Iwata would say, Please Understand.

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Finntendo said:

NNNOOO! I accidentally chose 8's Rainbow Road! Please let it select something else...



Finntendo said:

I still don't know how to drive that last loop with heavy characer..or even with mid-character.

Our room has about...10 at the moment



JeffreyG said:

Is it me, or is the item balance in this game much worse than in the previous ones? You get hit with 20 items in a row, but then don't get any items to catch up.
I hate to say it, but the more I play this game, the more I dislike it.

Well, I think I'm gonna play some Sonic Transformed now.



MJKOP said:

Red light on my Gamepad, gonna have to go soon! Great fun everyone!



Gerbwmu said:

I managed a 2nd and a lot of lower then 8th finishes......I'm so bad at video games now. I think its time to give the kids up for adoption so I can devote more time to MK8



Finntendo said:

^^ I have one win, then a few better and then most between 5th and 12th,

I actually had play one Royal Raceway while talkin on the phone with mom

So that's for me, 32 races and 213 points.

felt bit sad losing to a Swede for those few races we drove together



Finntendo said:

See, my motto with everything is "It's not about Finland (Finnish) winning but about Sweden (Swedish) losing"



ToniK said:

I had fun but started losing my touch on the latter half. You were there, Finntendo!



M_Rudmarker said:

@Jenraux Thanks! All of you guys were really good, didn't expect that Yeah I got disconnected in the middle, so I had four races left when most of the group left.



SakuraHaruka said:

Very good Races, I didn't participe from the start, but with the races I had the opportunity to participate, I give me pleased and it was fun, Thank You very much
And I wanted to continue, but my modem (as always) did not allow me to play more races (connection error, "yeah sure (sarcasm)"), ok, see you in another tournament, and again, Thank You very much.



Chris-Gianno said:

Terrible performance from the reigning champion. 322 points, OK, but some dismal races in the 32. I swear there was about 10 races in a row I didn't even get in the top 6.



DiSTANToblivion said:

I just rage quit. No joke. I think i was in the the top 3 in about 4 races out of about 16, I came 1st once. As soon as you drop to about 5th position you get hammered by everyone and everything. I've come to the conclusion that positions 1-4 are relatively safe, positions 5-10 are warzones and positions 11 and 12 have no hope of breaking the top 4 without a lot of luck. I hit numerous players with my star powerup and they dudn't lose any momentum, still managing to keep up their speed regardless of being hit. Argh... rant over.



Jenraux said:

@DiSTANToblivion Yeah, I hit 2 with my red shells and 1 with a bob-omb and although they flipped, they didn't lose any speed, I just put it down to lag, although it is frustrating when weapons like red shells just explode for seemingly no reason.

And yeah, if you get in first and manage to get a bit of a lead, you'll probably win the race, nothing can touch you except blue shells, which are rare in MK8. If you're not in the top 3, you'll be getting red shelled, green shelled, bullet bills, stars and everything under the sun hitting you, as the lower positions are right behind you, so all the powerful weapons are targeting you.



ThomasBW84 said:

I just did about a third of my races and will pop back online for the rest later. Won a couple, but pretty mediocre overall!

I was slightly outraged in one when I was winning only to get pipped on the line by a CPU racer. I know I set CPU for Hard but, c'mon, that's crazy!

Had fun racing with a group of 7-8 though, good stuff



HP_3 said:

I raced 22 races, and it was great fun. Though I got screwed by blue shells when I first joined the community, but it was all good.



Falchion said:

I am doing pretty well, 23 races and 233 points. Not first place material but not bad



ToniK said:

@Finntendo I don't know, do you feel guilty? Nah, it was probably just me overdoing it again after a couple of decent races. That tends to happen. I just... lose it



Gamercake said:

Was 1st place for the entire race and seconds from the finish line until suddenly lighting strikes and I'm hit with 2 red shells. Finished in 12th,..



Jenraux said:

276 points and I don't think I'm even in the top 20 anymore.

Average of 8.6 points per race isn't bad, but it's noway near good enough in this tournament haha

@TreesenHauser Aha, Jack from America, we were pretty neck and neck for a long time lol



Tigus said:

NO this is Tigus VS the WORLD!!
Come on people I can't gain points if no one races me XC



Falchion said:

Well i blew it. After averaging 10 points per match for my first 24, I averaged 6 per match for a final score of 304... Currently in 16th place but that wont stand




I'm having a blast playing in this tournament to be honest! A Mario Kart 8 tournament is just what Nintendo Life needs at least once a month imo. Name on here is [GB-LUIGI]




FINAL Results for me are 397 Points currently as the Tournament Leader. Good luck to everyone else out there still completing their races!



DarkLink95 said:

Finished all my races, sitting in fifth place right now with 356 (Big L) hopefully not too many people pass me.



dinosauryoshi said:

Just finished my races. 318 points and currently in 17th (I'm 'Cliffomac'). Much better than my last performance so I'm happy! Thank you all and a special thanks to 'Farage'. Your Mii made me laugh a lot!



Bulbousaur said:

Finished my set, and right now I'm 4th best Nintendo Life Mario Karter with 373 points, and the best non-American! Pretty proud of myself, even though I'll inevitably be knocked down! I'm the green Mii called James BTW



randomous said:

I'm happy with my performance. But how long can I hold first with 454 points? Only time will tell...

Thanks for the races everybody! To the racer named "Squashy", you were awesome! Good luck!



FubumblR said:

I think you'll be pretty safe with that awesome score!

Just finished my set and for now I'm in 2nd with 419 points! That was fun with the peeps I happened to come across!



FubumblR said:

@randomous Yep, 'tis me! Ha, no doubt I would've given you a run for your money, but most likely, vice versa. Mayhaps we'll catch each other online at some point!



FubumblR said:

@randomous Glad I'm not the only one to suffer so. Honestly, whenever I move up to first during a race my own heart begins to race knowing it most likely won't last (yet pounding in hopes that it will)!



JusticeColde said:

@JeffreyG That's why I'll never play tournaments ever again. Along with how winners are the luckiest and people with starmen go out of their way to hit people.



arrmixer said:

The best I did was 3rd but after that totally bombed it .. Awesome race I had fun .. Need to practice more!!
Thank you!



Squashy said:

Finished! 370 points puts me in 7th at the moment, so close to beating my pal @Bulbousaur for the title of best non American lol.

@randomous Hello you must be CJ! Thanks for the compliment but you were unbeatable, you're absolutely brilliant! What bike and tyres were you using with Iggy by the way?



JeffreyG said:

@JusticeColde It's not even necessarily the tournaments for me, everything single player (and online play) feels much more frustrating than the other games. Local multiplayer is as much fun as ever though. ☺



randomous said:

@FubumblR Haha, that's exactly what I do. As soon as I get in first, I start frantically checking the gamepad to see how close the person behind me is and what items they have. It usually makes me mess up lol.

@JusticeColde Yeah, purposeful aggression is just ridiculous. If you're already going to get in front of someone because you have a good item, why destroy their hopes and dreams by making them go even further back? And when you've been hit, you're likely to get hit again, because you're a sitting duck. The worst is when you're at the last corner before the finish line on the third lap and the person in front of you shoots a shell backwards, and of course because it's a corner it's hard to react in time. I mean, I can understand that it's a habit from playing against computers, but it still gets me fired up sometimes lol.

@Squashy Thank you! I play this game way too much, so for that I'm sorry. I'm using the Comet bike and Slim tires, but I've raced against many people in the 9000 "VR" range and everyone uses something different. Some people use max speed configurations (like Bowser + race car + slick wheels), while others opt for a well rounded configuration (like Rosalina + inner drifting bike + whatever wheels), and still others go for mostly acceleration and handling (like Toadette + a fast kart configuration). As a side note, all inner drifting bikes (The Comet, Jet Bike, Sports Bike and Yoshi Bike) have the same stats, so if you're looking to go for inner drifting, just pick whichever one you like the best. What's really important is to just use what feels the best for you.



RamboNL said:

Thats was fun!
I got to lucky sometimes I guess haha.
Sorry that I left early but I just had to watch the match The Netherlands-Brasil!



bonham2 said:

I was 6th last time. I'll be playing tonight. I'm hoping to finish with at least 400 points.



Squashy said:

@randomous No need to apologise, your skills were a lot of fun to try and compete with! Thanks for the info, I could see my pipe frame and normal wheels were a lot slower than your setup (racing drivers excuses haha) but I love the original style karts so I always choose them!



Twilight_Crow said:

Good Races! (I am T.C.) This tourneys are awesome!
Shame I am still bad because I haven't practice enough, but got 293 points, better than last time. XD
Again, thanks for the event NL staff.



Contrite said:

Bah, only managed 408 this round. Happy with being (currently) in third though.

454 is like.. inhuman.
Congrats on that.



Deviant_Mugen said:

Well, my 32 races are over and I managed to accumulate 377 points total, which left me tied for sixth place. Definitely a better showing for me than the last tourney, where I barely missed nabbing the twentieth spot.

By the way, to those of you saying blue shells are rare in MK8, I say: Bull. Of the first five or so races that I ran, I got hit by a blue shell in all except one of them. In fact, I'd say I was hit by a blue shell in about half of my races, maybe more, some of which cost me first place. No offense, but if you think blue shells are rare in MK8, what's really rare is you being in first place. Also, I love how the CPU racers cheat by recovering instantly when they hit obstacles. You save those five seconds that we regular schmoes have to take to recover, CPU racers, you deserve them.

Well, that was a bit more of a rant than I originally intended. Anyway, this was pretty fun, blue shells and CPU cheating aside, and I look forward to the next tourney. Hopefully that one will do away with the CPUs entirely, or at least lower their difficulty, because I'm sure most of the blue shells I ran into today came from them.



randomous said:

@Deviant_Mugen I find that I lose far more often to triple red shells than blue shells when I'm in first place. I wouldn't mind getting hit with a blue shell in every race if it meant that 2nd and 3rd place couldn't get triple red shells.



Contrite said:

It definitively feels like there are fewer blue shells than in MKWii. And triple reds are usually worse.

Blue shells aren't that bad unless it's coupled with incoming triple reds.



Deviant_Mugen said:

I encountered far less triple red shells than blue shells during my races, so blue shells are what I'm pissed about.

Also, screw the coin item so much...



Sir_JBizzle said:

I finished with a meager 135. Back to the practice track it is! Some of you guys are boss on the track what's your secret? Maybe I'm not using the right combo of racer/kart/wheels.

Bright spot of my time (outside of all the fun I had) I managed to get in a group with @ThomasBW84. It was an honor and pleasure getting smoked by you! Haha



Tigus said:

Darn sounds like alots changed lol hopefully im still in the top 10



randomous said:

@Bulbousaur, I think I just saw you online! Were you racing in a room with someone named "Tank_OG" (not me)?

@FubumblR Looks like I need to race more; I need to catch up to your score! BTW, I didn't quit the room, I keep getting disconnected for some reason.



FubumblR said:

@randomous Maybe not, sometimes I think I play too much. Not as much as some people, however! Also, I wonder why they capped it at 9,999 this time around.



SuBLiMe83 said:

Well that was fun. I managed to get just over 300 points in my first tournament. I agree with others that I hate CPU recovery time being almost instant. Ive hit guys ahead of me with a boomerang and yet i dont catch up to them one bit! Otherwise it was a good time, i saw Bonham in a few races



FubumblR said:

@randomous Or...lose purposefully for awhile, and then, "happy,, joy...I've a whole new goal to achieve!" Repeat repeat



FubumblR said:

@randomous If not, I'm gonna spearhead the trend! Btw, you're an unstoppable beast, hats off to you! Remind me never to attempt driving lightweight class again...oh, you've been knocked 50 ft. perpendicular to your course...oh, did I bash you off the edge, into grass/mud? So sorry! Gah!



randomous said:

@FubumblR Thank you very much! You had a lot of unlucky breaks; I'm sorry about that. And yeah, people go out of their way just to see you fly into orbit don't they? I go with upper medium weight just so that I don't have to suffer the same fate O.o



Jenraux said:

@randomous yeah, what's up with the red shells in this game too?

So often I fire them and they target someone 3 places above me, or I'm driving and a red shell flies past me and hits the guy in front.



ThomasBW84 said:

Some of you guys are too good at this game! In my second group I struggled to finish in the top 6 a lot of the time, and I thought I was decent at this game. Impressive stuff!

Thanks to all that took part, it was a lot of fun



randomous said:

@ThomasBW84 Thanks for putting this all together; it was a lot of fun! It's too bad I didn't get to race you or the guy who came in second overall. Second place (Alejandro) came really close to beating my score... I got scared.

So... do I get a medal? Haha, just kidding! Here's a picture of the final standings in case anybody doesn't feel like checking their Wii U (top 10):



FubumblR said:

@randomous Is it possible you were in first when the blue shell was thrown? Thought that was how that thing works. One of my biggest peeves is having a red shell come at you from the front despite you having a defense. Oy vey!



arderin64 said:

Had a lot on yesterday so only managed to do about 5 races. It was muchos fun however, the most I've ever been challenged playing online. Well done to everyone involved.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I was sharing my Mii amongst 4 people and we all did atrociously. In the end I was happy to get 250 points because after 16 races we had only accumulated about 70 points.

@ThomasBW84 was the only NL person I recognised. I doubt you remember the incident but a racer called Joey rammed you off the track in the Electrodome, just after you'd taken a few people out with a flower. I thought I was on to something good and then finished 11th.



SuBLiMe83 said:

I'm SuBLiMePaSsEnGeR, i know i raced Meatious and I think Edwin at some point, and i know i saw Bonham too. Great fun but so frustrating sometimes! You'll recognize me in the post match when im typically stomping my feet and saying "not fair" about a dozen times lol



MacMan said:

Was a lot of fun thank you NintendoLife community. 'I'll get you next time' . Finished 20th



Bulbousaur said:

Dang, missed out being in the top 10 by only 4 points! If only I got a place higher in a couple of races... I haven't played in just under a week so I was a little bit rusty. Oh well, it was a lot of fun and I can't wait for the next one!

@randomous Yeah, I think I did see you a few times along with Tank_OG. Congrats on winning! I think I would of done slighty better if @Squashy didn't show up, I always focus too much on beating him that my overall racing suffers, just nerves I guess since I know him in real life.



Deviant_Mugen said:

@randomous: Boo, that picture cuts me out! I tied for 10th with Tigus, damn it!

I'll probably take two screenshots of the top 10 and then Photoshop them together so that I'm in the shot...



Tasuki said:

@ThomasBW84: Are you going to post the results of the tournament in a few days? I would be interested to see who got what and how many people participated. Thanks again for setting this up.



randomous said:

@FubumblR Nah, I was never in first in that race (unfortunately).

@Bulbousaur Thank you! You did great; I'm pretty sure you beat me a few times. I have the same problem with Tank_OG; I always try to beat him, and it makes me lose sometimes because I get too crazy with items lol.

@Deviant_Mugen I'm sorry! It was late and I didn't think about uploading the second half.



randomous said:

Here's the top 20 players (Sorry @Deviant_Mugen for not doing this in the first place lol)


I know everyone's probably already seen the results, but I figured I'd do it anyway since I left out 11-20 before.

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