Nintendo's ever-evolving Miiverse social network has had another update today, tweaking the experience in customising your Activity Feed, improving the browser-based User Page and adding an option to embed posts on websites.

The latter option is a simple button at the end of a post that gives you some embed code, though it should be acknowledged that different websites work differently, so the default code may not always embed successfully. Other changes are included with the goal of improving the user experience, and will finally rid your Activity line of excessive Yeah notifications.

Details from the official post are below.

1) We've reduced the amount of Yeahs which show up on your activity feed. However, you'll now see the full post for each Yeah, rather than just a few words.

2) We've added an option to stop Yeahs from appearing in your activity feed. You'll find this option under User Page ⇒ User Menu ⇒ Miiverse Settings.

3) We've updated the User Page for the web version of Miiverse, so it now matches the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions and includes your favourite handwritten post.

4) We've added a feature that lets you embed a Miiverse post in a web page. Just open the web version of Miiverse, select a post and then click on "Embed this Post" to obtain the HTML code for embedding on your web page.

We're pleased to see the Yeah customisation option, for one, but let us know what you think of this update.