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Feature: Braving the Queue At Nintendo's Best Buy Smash-Fest

Posted by Ron DelVillano

An account of Nintendo’s second foray into digital demonstrations

Not one to keep its ideas safely inside of the metaphorical box, Nintendo decided once again to forgo the standard E3 press conference this year and instead broadcast its own "Digital Event" directly to the consumers. While this caught many off guard last year during the first attempt, Nintendo's modern approach to the press conference in this digital age was embraced by the public with open arms this time around. Hosting its presser digitally rather than in front of a live audience of journalists may diminish the necessity for copious articles from news outlets around the world, but it does speak volumes towards catering to the fans' desire for information right here and now.

Keeping up with its own lightning fast pace, Nintendo once again allowed North American gamers the chance to play game demos that would otherwise be available exclusively to E3 attendees in an event called Smash-Fest; it teamed up with Best Buy stores to place the new game into the hands of eager consumers. Rather than allowing players the choice between four different games to demonstrate, everyone was instead given the chance to play a four-player round of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. There were also several 3DS consoles on-hand to show off the portable iteration of the new game. It should come as no surprise that even fans who didn't live anywhere near one of the stores hosting the event made the trek for their fleeting minutes of multiplayer mayhem. Just like last year, we were lucky enough to make it out to a local Best Buy this year to attend the event, but it wasn't all smooth sailing.

Wednesday started out without much surprise. The event began at 4pm, but there were already about 100 people in line by the time we arrived at 3:45pm. Attendees at the front of the line claimed to have been waiting for about five hours already, a true testament to the desire that so many Nintendo fans feel for the forthcoming brawler. After spending some time talking to attendees and checking out the area, we finally decided to get in the line that was now closer to 200 people and forming outside the store. There was only one Wii U set up for Smash Bros. to be played on, and only one brave Nintendo rep organizing the whole thing while store employees worked on crowd control. It was immediately apparent that the wait was going to be long.

The next several hours consisted mostly of talking to the gamers queued with us and collecting StreetPass hits. Occasionally a Best Buy employee would be sent out to visit with the line and sell pre-orders of the game we were all there to play. We were told that once the line inside was completely expired, then they would allow our outdoor line into the store. Everyone was in good spirits, excited to play their new favourite game and connect with other local Nintendo fans. The weather was beautiful, temperature was mild, and the proposition of standing outdoors for fours hours to play two minutes of a video game didn't seem too bad.

After some time, we began to notice a lack of communication from the Best Buy employees. Smash Bros. players were coming out of the store claiming that others had jumped into the inside line. The outside queue that we were a part of for four hours hadn't moved, but people just arriving to the store were already playing the game. Word was that we, the growing group patiently waiting out of sight, had been forgotten.

There was a murmur spreading through the crowd. The once calm and hospitable gamers around us were growing restless, feeling cheated out of their chance to do the one thing they had given up an afternoon to do. The murmur turned into yelling, the yelling turned into arguments, and the arguments eventually turned into a plan.

That's when the rioting began.

Maybe calling it a riot in the traditional sense isn't fair. Torches weren't lit, cars weren't flipped, and tear gas wasn't spread out into the crowd, but there was a certain amount of chaos. All at once, someone at the front of our line broke through the flimsy barrier that was keeping us at bay and the crowd charged forward. Falling into mob mentality, we all moved as a unit, making our way through the front entrance and to the back of the store where our long awaited Smash Bros. stood. The crowd neared its target when a barrage of Best Buy employees stepped in to block our progress and send us all back outside. Some attendees argued and threatened to get physical. They were thrown out of the store and asked not to return. The majority of us returned to our original post outside, waiting for our inevitable punishment.

After a few worried minutes, the store manager came out and explained the situation. The interior line was still working through their initial group, an employee was stationed inside the store to make sure no one was cutting into the line as we had suspected, and we had not been forgotten. We were assured that we would all get a chance to play, but we were also assured that if we acted out again, the event would be cancelled and the police would be called. It was around this time that the crowd calmed down once again, realizing the mistake that it had made. The absurdity that some among us were ready to attack simply to play a demo of a game that is still months away from release is astounding. It was both impressive and frightening to see how strong of a hold video games have over some people.

The rest of the evening went by calmly, as was originally intended. We were eventually invited into the store and had our chance at experiencing the main event. There was no more yelling, no more rioting, and those individuals who were the most problematic were not heard from again. At the front of the line we were pleasantly greeted by the Nintendo rep who handed us our Pro Controllers. We played a round, handed our controllers back, and were thanked for coming out to the event. When all is said and done, the day could have gone much worse.

For as rough as the first day was, Saturday's event was surprisingly tame. The line was smaller from the beginning, but Best Buy had obviously learned from the mistakes made a few days prior. As patrons lined up outside, an employee would regularly come out to talk to the crowd and make sure everyone knew the plan. Rather than expiring the entire line inside of the building before inviting the outside line in, groups of about 15-20 players were shuffled into the store as the interior line shrank. This process ran smoothly and kept everyone patient enough to wait. There was no arguing, no pushing, and no hysteria this day. The line was still full of passionate gamers, many of who were present on Wednesday, but no one seemed interested in revisiting the problems that we had faced before. We once again made it to the front of the line without much hassle and had a second swing at the forthcoming game.

In the end, Nintendo and Best Buy's collaborative Smash-Fest should absolutely be considered a success. Between the two days, more than 700 people came out to a single store simply to taste what was coming. While we don't have all of the numbers, it's safe to assume that other stores around the country had similar results, doing well to keep the gaming public satisfied. Nintendo's odd approach to presenting information to their consumers is far from perfect, but at least it's trying something different. Only time will tell if events like this are worth the effort that they take, but for what it’s worth, we think that bringing the product to the consumer in a personal manner is exactly the sort of change that the games industry needs. Nintendo is a company that obviously cares about its customers and wants to bring the best possible experience directly to you.

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astros75 said:

Had a great time at the Best Buy in McAllen, Tx. Waited for about an hour in line but got a good amount of Streetpass hits and also got to play the portable smash for a bit.



B3ND3R said:

I waited two hours to play it! Was excited to play Sheik on the 3DS version and claimed victory with Pit on the Wii U version!



noctowl said:

I had a great time other than some "hardcore" players behind gushing like school girls over the emotionally unstable player M2K. They skipped the 3DS demo because they were "too good" for it and tried to cut the line while I was demoing the 3DS. Big talkers until I cut back ahead of them, looks on their faces was hilarious.

Nintendo and best buy handed out bottled water and snacks so I think that along with every body street passing made it a pretty pleasant event.

Even a guy from Nintendo Force magazine was there just like the year before. Sadly my picture won't be in the issue like it was last year!



JakeShapiro said:

Awesome article. I just wish Nintendo would do some of these in major cities instead of always fleeing to the suburbs



B3ND3R said:

@noctowl yeah, the hardcore guys in front of me (and one behind) were big talkers about "character statistics and stage selection" so they could have the highest chance of winning... I picked Pit and they all went Kirby.... I murdered.



B3ND3R said:

@noctowl that's exactly what they did! Best part was every time I was near they'd try to suck me up, all I had to do was dodge around em.. Too predictable. Best part was when I upper dashed the heck out of all three of em. They picked the Pilotwings stage and I would wait for the wings to be angled up so they were closer to the top... Then upper dash!! Really wish I could've used my main, my girl Sheik!



MikeLove said:

I clicked on this story hoping to see a photo of a guy in a fedora.

I was not left disappointed.



noctowl said:

@B3ND3R thank you so much for sharing, that made my day!

I didn't do that great haha. 2nd place with ZSS on a stage I don't remember then 4th with Samus on the megaman stage. Yellow devil is super annoying to deal with. But 4th place isn't bad when the shy, timid, and awkward guy your standing next to for hours takes first place and all he can do is shrug his shoulders when he's congratulated. Priceless.



sketchturner said:

Nice write-up! I'd be curious to know the statistics of which characters were used the most at these events. Did a lot of people go for their old favorites? Or did most people try out a new character like Mega Man?



BigH88 said:

It was kinda bad in Cedar park, tx. The controllers stopped responding to the wii u so they had to figure out what was the problem. That took 20 min then the game crashed. Took another 25 min to get it up and running. Other than those two things it was alright. But Nintendo really should put more than one kiosk for future events.



NintyMan said:

The Smash-Fest at Outer Loop, Louisville, Kentucky was entirely peaceful and fun, I'm happy to report. The only hiccups were that the Smash Bros. Wii U demo had a rare bug that caused it to freeze after a random match and so the Nintendo rep had to boot it up again, but after the first incident on Wednesday they were ready for it again on Saturday and it only took a minute or so.

The crowd was very small compared to the one described here, apparently. The longest the line got was from the cash registers, but typically it was confined to just one stretch in-between a DVD and Blu-ray aisle and the appliances. It never spilled over into outside, and in fact, we were able to play the two games multiple times! Mega Man and Little Mac were the most popular characters. I mainly stuck to my familiar characters of Donkey Kong, Pit, and Bowser, but I also tried Rosalina & Luma and Mega Man. I also got to play Smash Bros. 3DS a few times.

It was just too bad that we couldn't watch the matches without joining the line to play. Last year we were able to watch people play while waiting, but that wasn't the case this year. It would've been nice if the line was set up to where we could see the screen with Smash Bros. while still waiting, but I guess that wouldn't really work with some locations having hundreds of people like this one.

Assuming Nintendo will do this again and have E3 demos of four or so games like last year, then I hope Nintendo and/or Best Buy allow more than one TV and chairs.



Luna-Harmony said:

Ouch i bet they let you have 5mins play and that's it for cueing up for hours but it's worth it for the street pass hit's alone



PieMaker said:

Went to the one in Buckhead, Georgia. I was the first to try the 3DS version and I was first in line and won the first battle of the day as Villager! Tons of fun, and I CANNOT wait for the released game.



mystman12 said:

I guess I got pretty lucky! Me and my brother went on Wednesday, and the line was so short we got to play about seven rounds on Wii U and I got to try Smash Run three or four times! I also got a $30 off coupon for a 3DS XL and picked one up.



NintyMan said:

The line at my event were also shorter on Saturday than Wednesday. The Smash Bros. Wii U demo was also louder after it being pretty quiet on Wednesday, so technically the second day was the best day. We could hear the music, sound effects, and characters, so that was great.



Phantom_R said:

I took a friend and made friends with the people next to me in line and talked about games, of course. And attacked my Streetpasses. As usual, I won best dressed by a mile with a vest and bowtie so it wasn't very difficult to make friends.

And the four minutes were totally worth it. I won both matches with my Final Smash and nabbed every goody from the swag table.

Hopefully there will be way, WAY more locations next time, because they really underestimated the turnout.



Hy8ogen said:

@Ryno Jealousy is a cruel mistress

I went to my local Bestbuy and holy shiet there was a lot of people. I played a few matches on the 3DS demo and went home happy. My wife wouldn't let me play the Wii U version because the queue was too long



rjejr said:

Too bad Ntinedo doesn't sell Wii U and have an eShop so people could download demos to our home to try them out rather than driving and waiting four hours online.



LoveSugoi said:

I had no idea about this. Well, probably would have been in some hick town a couple hours away anyway.

Hope everyone that went had a great time.



B3ND3R said:

Haha, one of the recommended articles says "guy builds coolest arcade in his home!", and it's all like i-devices and computers with arcade sticks. If that's news I deserve an award and global recognition for having 48 legit machines xD



SphericalCrusher said:

I went on Wednesday. My friend Jordan and I showed up an hour early (3PM) and played the game at 7PM on the dot. While in-line, I got to play two matches of the 3DS version of Smash 4. We got to play two, two-minute matches of Smash 4 on WiiU. We got over 100 street passes... and the line was out the door when we left at 7:30. It was an awesome experience. I know more than half of the people there didn't get to play the game though. The swag we got was pretty cool as well!



Ash_Anne said:

I went on the Saturday. I only had to wait an hour but my friend who went on Wednesday was there for like four hours.



B3ND3R said:

@SphericalCrusher I only got 38 passes sadly.. Most the people there were people who dont have Wii Us or 3DS' and were wanting to see how good smash is.. Of course they made fun of the 3DS games that were being sold... Dumbest one was "Ta-moe-day-chii Life? That's the stupidest name ever, what is this? Nintendogs with Mii's?"..



Ryno said:

@Hy8ogen: Indeed it is. However, standing in line to play a video game is not something to be jealous of.



enderboy221 said:

I played and got first place as the Wii Fit Trainer! Me and my friend waited out for 5 hours, but it was still worth it. (Even despite the lack of the 3DS version.) Everything went smoothly, and I quite enjoyed it. Seriously though, the guy in front of us played as Mario... Why he waited for 5 hours to do that is beyond me.



SphericalCrusher said:

@B3ND3R Dang, sounds like a rough group, sorry. Everyone at the one I drove to had 3DSs. lol. I drove an hour and a half to this Best Buy. There were almost 100 people in front of us when we got there an hour early as well.



Whopper744 said:

Wow! Your experience sounds pretty crazy! Well, my wife and I were crazy enough to drive 3 hours away to Lexington KY since Nintendo forgot WV is a state (not just for Smash mind you). We ha a good time, enjoyed the game, the Nintenod staff (my wife is pregnant and they kept checking on her but she was fine) and cool free stuff. But. It was not worth the 3 hour line. We were in line in front of the nerdiest, most dirty minded/mouthed, rude group of teenagers I have ever met. Never in my days have I met a more annoying bunch, but I kept to myself or just talked toy wife or the same guy in front of us.
I'm just thankful I have an awesome wife that puts up with stuff she really doesn't have to in order to make me happy.



B3ND3R said:

@SphericalCrusher I drove an hour and forty five minutes.. Conveniently it was my Grandmothers birthday and she lives near the one I went to. So I played smash and ate cake!



Smasher64 said:

All of you guys are so lucky, the nearest best buy that was showcasing smash was 4 hours from my house. And no way was I going to drive that far...



Remisio said:

My friends and I spent 4 hours waiting... Outside... In the rain... It was ultimately worth it.



luckybreak said:

I live in San Diego and waited in line for about 3 and a half hours and didn't get to play the WiiU version. I resorted to cutting (sorry folks) to play the 3DS version, which was sooooo LAGGY that our 2 minute match took about 5 minutes, and was all around a disaster...

But the "hardcore" gamers in line were priceless. "They better have fox's 1 frame shine!...etc." and they didn't even own a wii u or 3ds so i didn't really understand why they would wait in line in the first place.



MikeLove said:


"Seriously though, the guy in front of us played as Mario... Why he waited for 5 hours to do that is beyond me."

This quote reminds me of the time in high school when our fat friend Dave told us he was on the way to McDonalds on Christmas morning and he saw our gym teacher jogging, and how it was weird that someone would go for a run at that time of day....Ya Dave...THAT was the weird thing....



hYdeks said:

wow, nice to hear there are still tons of die-hard Nintendo fans out there! I feel like I live in a area where Nintendo is basically dead, and that's just sad



B3ND3R said:

@luckybreak yeah, the "hardcore" guys were hilarious. "Statistically, Kirby has the higher chance of winning because blah blah frame advantage blah blah.." And I'm all ".... But... Sakurai said that Samus was confirmed to be over powered in this demo..." And they laughed at me and called me a noob... Then I killed their Kirby's with Pit. Yeah. Totally "hardcore" guys..



umegames said:

as a best buy employee, im not at all surprised that it was poorly handled. but my afternoon at the smash fest was good, only waited 45 mins, well worth it!



WindWakerLink said:

This was an AWESOME read Ron! I felt like I was there by your writing! My favorite part in the article was:

"The absurdity that some among us were ready to attack simply to play a demo of a game that is still months away from release is astounding. It was both impressive and frightening to see how strong of a hold video games have over some people."

I happy for those that got to play at the event. I'll just wait until the games come out to play them.



Klunk23 said:

Here in Omaha, Nebraska they decided to hand out tickets with Numbers on it. The only issue is there was also a line for some reason(maybe to make it more orginized or something, I don't know). Which confused me and my friends and we ended up getting in line without realizeing we needed tickets. After about an hour and a half of waiting someone else in line informed us of how we needed tickets. When we went up to the Best Buy lady to explain our situation she saw how long we waited in line and instead of giving us tickets with number 250 or something, she asked what number the people in line we were behind were. They were 156 so me and my three friends got numbers 156.1, 156.2, 156.3, and 156.4. The only issue is that she didn't tell the employees who were over running the game about our numbers, so when we got up to the game for our turn, they were super confused. The one employee looked really ticked at us and looked ready to send us home. Luckily they did let us play. Which is great because we would of waited there at best buy for 3 hours for nothing.
Now on the subject of the actual game, it was fantastic. I ended up beating my friends and claiming 1st place as Little Mac. I had to resist playing as my favorite Marth, but I thought what was the point of coming if I'm not gonna try something new.



VIIIAxel said:

Wow, I can't believe all that actually happened. I went to the event on Saturday, and it wasn't nearly that bad. I was there an hour early with my brother, and we waited an hour and a half in line. The wait actually didn't drag on like it did at last year's event. Despite the Wii U version crashing as we started up our second match, I really had a lot of fun. Smash Run was better than I'd expected, and I've already decided to dedicate time to practicing with Greninja, since I had a bit of trouble using him in the Wii U version. I was also sure to reserve a copy of the 3DS version, which I'll be picking up on October 3rd!



Pokefanmum82 said:

I wish I could have gone but I have three kids and the nearest one was my old hometown Kingston which is 2 1/2 hours away from where we live now and have no car right now. Just have to wait until Oct 3rd to play this game.



KodyDawg said:

Over here in Ohio, I went on Saturday. I got there with my friend only an hour or two before the event, and we were still near the front of the line. We even got back in line and played again! It was also StreetPass Heaven there. The only weird thing was at my store, we had to wait outside the building, and they'd come out ever five minutes or so to bring in a group of eight to play. I guess so they wouldn't block the aisles for customers?



Mr_Video said:

Didn't get to go because there really aren't any Best Buy's nearby where I live and I'm not quite dedicated to go on long drives to wait in a long line to play a demo. Hope everyone that went had fun though! Hearing about everyone's impressions so far makes me even more eager to play it...



123akis said:

great read! but would it have been wiser to put two Wii U units? then the line would of went 2x quicker!



Williaint said:

There Were two pairs of the 3DS version set up...
The biggest problem I had was that I didn't like the control scheme.... I kept pressing the wrong buttons. It's too bad there wasn't a gamecube controller thing set up, and I hope there is the ability to change the controls.... or I'm going to wind up being a button masher.



FJOJR said:

Next year they ought to have an e3 demo for everyone at home to download. Put a play or time limit on it. Would be fun to try Splatoon for me that way. I know what SSBU will play like for the most part but Splatoon would have gotten all of our attention if we had a short demo or duration of e3 playthrough.



luckybreak said:

Exactly! As for the best characters in smash, its all up to Sakurai, who loves kirby and kid icarus, as well as being a huge fan of metroid series. So obviously those characters are going to be fairly good. His bias has always given his characters the upper hand. But seriously the pro players are all talk.



iphys said:

Riot, lol! Nintendo will never demo another fighting game in-store again. No Splatoon demo out of fear of crazy shooter fans showing up with guns blazing for their chance to play the game.



AJere said:

Coincidentally October 3rd is my birthday and Smash is one of my favorite game series of all time



Gorlokk said:

I just wish there were multiple demo units. Last year, they had Wind Waker HD, Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, and Tropical Freeze demos, and I thought the lines back then were huge, but wow, the line for one game of smash was 10x bigger than the other line.

Anyway, I went on Wednesday, but got there too late and didn't want to wait in the line, so my brother and I just watched some matches.
On Saturday, me and a group of friends got there at 7:30am and waited quite a long time, but it was worth it.

The group that went before us went all Mega Man, and one of them got the final smash, but he died, so my friends and I decided to all go Mega Man and let whoever got the final smash use it on the other 3-- for the fans (it would have been the first Mega Man final smash that day)!

And I got it! I used it and the crowd went wild! It was like the invitational, only not quite as hype. I still only got second place though. Lol.



NintyMan said:

Suckers were handed out in my location on Saturday. There were even Tomodachi Life demo codes passed out to anyone interested, and I got one.



Nicolai said:

I came 5 hours early, and no one was in line. So I went and got Chic-fil-e, and came back with 10 people in front of me. It totally beat waiting outside, and I got to play 2 games before they decided to keep it to one round per group. We had a blast playing Mario Kart 7 on our 3DS's while we waited, and there was no riot. I killed as Little Mac, struggled with Rosalina, but I got 2nd each time. It was a pretty great day. I met tons of new people, too.



TeeJay said:

Don't mind me, guys. Just seething in jealousy, no big deal, haha.



AshFoxX said:

I knew this was going to happen so I'm glad I decided to sit out the event. It would have been cool to meet some new people and maybe play a few rounds of MK7 while we waited, but in my neck of the woods you will meet a lot of seething a-holes that would sooner knock you out to get a cut in line. Besides, Mario kart 8 has kept me plenty busy, and I can wait for Smash Bros. It's a good franchise, but not one that I will be chomping at the bit to touch right away.



SCAR said:

I had to wait around 3 hours, and I only got to play like 10 minutes. It was fun. The Pro controller was very comfortable to play the game with. I don't see myself going back to the GCN controller, even though I have the option.



coolaggro said:

I love reading all the comments on here! I really wanted Nintendolife to do an article on this. Thanks!

I had a stupid business meeting and dinner on Wednesday but I was able to duck away for a bit. I planned a restaurant close to the Best buy and everything. They only had 2 best buys in a city of 4 million (Houston), a bit silly I think. The best buy did not manage it poorly. No one was assigned outside and so the line wrapped around literally the entire store. It must have been free reign for people cutting. I also can't imagine anyone who wasn't there for smash would have been able to do any shopping as their were smash people in so many departments and it was so loud.
They also did it on a small and pretty crappy TV. If you're going to have it at best buy, why not put multiple units on nice tvs so that you can show off your tvs and stereos and what-not?
They also could have done well to have a spectator section or allow the people waiting in line to watch. Maybe take out the washer/dryer section for an afternoon and put out more couches and what-not (which they have in their TV section anyway).
Overall very happy to see the game and that it looks good and is less lofty compared to Smash. I can't wait to get it! and I'm glad Nintendo is being supported so strongly by the fans



KingofSaiyans said:

I think a beta on the eShop should be considered if Nintendo wants to do something like this again.



WaveGhoul said:

Hahahaha Ryno.
Yeah, I'd go and check out Smash at a Local BB, but there's no way i'd wait in a long line up to try it out. I mean....It's not like it's Mega Man 11, Punch-Out!! U, StarTropics 3 or a new A Nightmare on Elm Street movie.



Ryno said:

@WaveBoy: Hmmm, I may have to reconsider my stance if StarTropics 3 were to ever come out and they had a BB event. But you and I both know no one would be there because kids these days have no idea what StarTropics is all about.



WaveGhoul said:

Heck, even Punch-Out!! would escape their mother brains. This generation is as lame and stale as the little debbie cloud cake cookies cruising underneath my WaveSofa of Doom. I'd imagine the Smash Line up consist of 50% approachable gamers who are genuinely friendly, kind and nice and 50% pretentious nose up in the air eletist smirking nerdlings' who come in debbie-downer doubles.

When it comes to gaming, waiting in a long line up for the launch of a new Nintendo console would be an absolute blast, but waiting in a Universal studios disney land ride-like line up just to get a taste of a Super Smash Bros demo? Nah, for me it just isn't worth it. i've got too many mullets to spray & slice.

Also, the new generation doesn't even appreciate the fact that Pac-man is now in Smash bros. if it weren't for pac man you guys wouldn't have your precious little playstation or xbox. Pac-man was there even before mario. He was practically there from the very start when video games started to take off. But instead they cry over captain falcon and Ness not being in the roster....'yet' OR somebody like GENO being more worthy than...i don't know, somebody as CLASSIC and legendary as pac-man. yeesh. Mascots don't get any more older than this yellow ghost eater.



B3ND3R said:

@AJere October 8 is my birthday, and on that day we are flying to Disney on a family trip!! AIRPLANE ENTERTAINMENT!!!!



Gashole said:

@rjejr Oh man, was I thinking the same thing!



CaPPa said:

I had a terrible day at the Smash event. I'd planned on taking 2 kids (aged 5 and 9) but ended up having to take a 1 year old baby too. We queued up for about an hour, were about another 15 or 20 minutes from getting to play but then the baby puked everywhere and we had to leave. So I didn't get to play Smash and they didn't have much swag for the kids either.



Gashole said:

"For what it’s worth, we think that bringing the product to the consumer in a personal manner is exactly the sort of change that the games industry needs." Could NOT agree more.
Anyway, my experience was at the Best Buy in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and was excellent. I went on the Saturday, about 1:15 p.m. (!), only expecting, like many others, just to play the Wii U version. NOPE! Someone told me there was a 3DS one, too! So, forgetting U, I played in 3D three times, with Little Mac, Mega Man, and Zelda, six minutes each, with a 45 min. wait each time, and my fellow gamers were friendly and approachable... for the most part.
I was told the following; on Wednesday, no one, and I mean NO ONE, at first, took notice of the 3DS version! Then, the Wii U crashed twice, and the 3DS crashed three times, to the point that one 3DS system BROKE! Then it was 3, not 4.
And as for the "coveted" gold coins? JUNK! They had to be recalled, because they were "of inferior quality", and if you STILL wanted that gold coin, you'd have to fill out a form, have Best Buy send it to Nintendo, and, maybe two to four weeks later, there's your REAL gold coin in the mail!
I'm REALLY glad I didn't play on the Wii U. Not because of the long lineups, but because of the ANARCHY! Oh man, the primal screaming EVERY TIME a final smash happened! And don't even get me started with Mega Man's final smash!

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