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HullBreach Studios and Cthulhi Games Retract Claim to Sadness IP

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Others currently seeking to pick up the rights

Yesterday we posted the news and a short interview regarding a revival of the lost Wii game, Sadness, with independent Wii U developers teaming up to work on the project. It was news that excited plenty of download gamers, and there was certainly confidence of the project being on solid footing in our interview. In subsequent comments to Eurogamer, however, posted as an update in our original article, it was clarified that the developers do not, actually, currently hold the Sadness IP rights.

Now, following reaction to the announcement, Randy Freer of HullBreach Studios has provided an updated statement, with bad news for those hoping to see the Sadness brand, in particular.

The Sadness IP is in the hands of a consortium with 4 studios currently fighting for the bid, and that while we at HullBreach and Cthulhi would like to make a competing bid and secure rights to Sadness, unfortunately we cannot at this time. Sorry to fans for any inconvenience.

A quick descent from optimism to a retraction, then, and we can only hope that Cthulhi Games' Jeremy Kleve's comments to Eurogamer that not having the formal rights "will not slow us down" are indeed accurate, based on the principle that "most of their ideas were just ideas". A game inspired by Sadness but with a fresh title and storyline shouldn't, in theory, encounter any legal issues.

As for Sadness, it seems there is hope for a future for the brand, if Freer's assertion regarding other parties bidding for the rights is accurate.

Let us know what you think, and whether the potential loss of the formal Sadness name diminishes your excitement for, potentially, a project inspired by the idea eventually arriving in other form.

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Gerbwmu said:

This is highly amusing......while the original concept seems like it would make a great game......what has happened since then is nothing short of amazing. I feel like a documentary should already be in the works



Midayle said:

I world really like to know how much the Sadness IP is worth. If I were a video Game Developer I would be willing to pay over a thousand dollars for an IP with no games and minimal awareness. If they do not get the IP then maybe they can get the "Winter" IP from n-space.



siavm said:

Who is fighting for this? They only showed a live action thingy that looked cool at the time but was nothing else. I just don't see what you would be fighting for. It would be easier just to make your own version of the game.



vonseux said:

You feel sadness? That was the stupidiest couple articles on gaming this year. This guys should rot for trying to drag attention with false or slippery information what a joke.



gojiguy said:

This is good news. Hopefully another studio picks up the IP and develops a real 3D survival horror game.

No offense to Cthulhi and Hullbreach, I just think that their game would not be true to the IP.



Tops said:

Yeah that was just dumb. Why bother telling us about it as if it were a sure thing when the IP is still up in the air and they aren't even able/willing to put in a bid for it. Good going, guys >.<




Is the IP even worth spending money on when you a new indie developer and capital is low to begin with? Am I the only one thinking of it this way?



Peach64 said:

Still baffled a handful of guys with virtually no experience are making a game and people actually got excited.



Gerbwmu said:

@RCMADIAX - I think you're right in your thoughts. When I 1st read the article yesterday, I assumed they knew the original developers and were being passed the torch so to speak. I still think they could make their game though as it seem to be different enough from the original idea to be it's own IP.

Excited to hear about your new project after E3 BTW. Super Robo Mouse seems promising and I expect something grander in scope for the 3rd project.




@Gerbwmu My post E3 title will be tiny in scale, another $2 game. SUPER ROBO MOUSE is my big title for this year and I hope to have it finished up for a Fall release. Some cool ideas for 2015 but we are awhile away from that so no need to hype those plans up yet.



Wolf_Link said:

What a scam! He surely knew that there was going to be a misunderstanding, it was just low marketing strategies. If I'm still exited? Why would I? It pass from a revival of sadness to a completely new game. Pass.




@Gerbwmu Sorry Just don't want you to be let down if you were expecting some big new IP or something, lol. Think of it this way, revenue from smaller titles help fund the bigger ones. So although you may likely see a greater number of smaller titles from me, I am always working on something bigger, but that costs time and money. ...hands it over to Iwata, "Please understand the situation".



rbmoura85 said:

@Twiilight_Prince since you are here, let me tell you something about what i think captured the imagination of people back when Sadness was announced. It was suposed to be game where the player was going to be able to interact with any object he encoutered. The player was suposed to be able to investigate drawers, remove objects from tables and use them via motion controls anyway he could in reality, thats the idea that the developers had in mind. Eventualy, SH: Shaterd Memories was the game that came close to fullfiling this concept, but Sadness could improve this, use motion plus, real time physics, etc. Remember that if you end up with the rights...with a great concept for a motion control game, exclusive for the Wii U, maybe u guys could get financed by Nintendo. Seek partnership with Climax Studios, whom developed Shatered Memories. I sincerely hope for your success.



AyeHaley said:

lol they didn't even check before prancing around on this website.

Sadness as a 2D puzzle/platform game didn't sound that amazing though. I would've preferred something like the original concept. Lets hope another company tries to make that wish come true.



brandonbwii said:

Hate to go off topic, but it's hard to get you on Miiverse. There really should be a developer room for Blok Drop U.

Do you still plan to make more puzzles for the game? If so, I'd really like that and would even pay more money to get them. As it is, card games aren't my thing so I'm simply looking forward to giving Super Robo Mouse a shot.




@brandonbwii Hey! Weird you had an issue contacting me on Miiverse, I'm on ALL the time and must of missed your message. I agree I need a developers room and will look into adding that. The plan was to release 20 stages in Q3 and 30 in Q4, but now I'm just going to release all 50 in one patch. The theme of the stages is a secret for now but all will be revealed this summer when I have something to show. Also if you ever need to contact me and haven't heard from me on Miiverse, feel free to email me at bossguy[at]rcmadiax[dot]com. Thanks for the support!



Smooty said:

I knew this wouldn't happen, thanks again for nothing Daniel Gump and it's Hullbreach studios.



sketchturner said:

I feel bad for the developers, but given the history of this game, you can't help but recognize this is hilarious. It's like Sadness is simply not meant to be. The universe is fighting against it.



MagicEmperor said:

Some have said this already in the previous article, but I'll just chip in. Regarding the new Sadness ever being released, I'll believe it when I see it... available for purchase in the Nintendo eShop. I will not be satisfied with just screenshots and reassuring words, not with THIS particularly 'cursed' game. And as was also mentioned, this doesn't seem like the Sadness that was promised way back in 2006. At best I'm cautiously optimistic, but I won't get hyped either.



Henmii said:

So its all hot fuzz! When you don't have the rights, you can't make the game! Its as simple as that! Next!



manpretty said:

So should we expect to see these guys launch a Kickstarter campaign to make a Star Wars game next?



Smooty said:

@Twiilight_Prince Pretty sure TMJ was a game made initially by Daniel, i don't have any knowledge about who incorporates HullBreach studios but my annoyance is that games related to Daniel Gump (AKA Hullbreach) usually doesn't get to become actual finished games.
So i'm sorry



SKTTR said:

First it turned from 3D into 2D. Now the name Sadness can't be used anymore.
The developers should just make their own Sadness-inspired game, give it a different name, and then we'll wait if ther's progress on this project with trailers, gameplay, release dates, demos, reviews, and release as evidence.

On the upside, maybe one of the other developers who can acquire the franchise is able to make it 3D like it was originally intended to.



Picola said:

At least you are all getting responses from the developers, guys! Give them a break, they haven't deliberately misled anyone here...



rtr0GMR1 said:

Very disappointed. Hopefully whomever ends up winning the rights to it will actually release it on the Wii U.



Uberchu said:

I'm gonna by the IP and it will be DS4 exclusive....right after I tell SONY to rename the PS4 DS4 for massive sales profitz.



Dreamz said:

This reminds me of the System Shock IP issue after Looking Glass Studios closed their doors. It's the reason Bioshock was a 'spiritual' successor rather than a sequel - the IP rights were fragmented and scattered to the winds after the studio's demise.



ICHIkatakuri said:

well i'm certainly glad my stance was of a believe it when i see it frame of mind. I doubt the 2D game they wanted to make would breach any copyrights so should continue anyway (i hope).



Shambo said:

I hope the idea remains to keep the spirit of this game alive. When they first showed this idea, I was very much intrigued, and even today it remains at the top of games I'd really want to see happen. Not going to make any 'sadness' puns here, but I almost jumped when I saw someone still wanting to make this happen. Please, do so, with or without the name, and absolutely without losing the dark, lonely atmosphere.



JJtheTexan said:

I think this is good news. Clearly, HullBreach doesn't have the ability to actually create what the original Sadness was supposed to be, and wanted to do something completely different. Hopefully whomever does actually buy the IP will create an immersive 3D survival horror / puzzle game as the initial creators intended.



Arngrim said:

Why would people fight over this when its been lost for years? It's not like they'll do anything with it once they get it anyway.



darthllama said:

Glad to see this is making a comeback. I was interested in it when it was first announced, and wouldn't mind grabbing it. The Wii U needs a lot more diversity in its games. I'd love for someone to bring over the Fatal Frame Wii games and make them HD for the Wii U.

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